Fence #3 (Fence, #3) by C.S. Pacat

Fence #3 (Fence, #3)

As Nicholas works to become a better fencer, Seiji takes an unexpected interest in his journey.

Details Fence #3 (Fence, #3)

TitleFence #3 (Fence, #3)
Release DateJan 17th, 2018
PublisherBOOM! - BOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Lgbt, Sports and Games, Sports, Young Adult, Contemporary

Reviews Fence #3 (Fence, #3)

  • Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰
    "You want to tell coach we kissed and made up?" ok ok oko okokoko. BEFORE you kill me for giving this anything less than 5 stars. hear. me. out. (then go ahead and run me over, I'll give you the gas money ;) __________ A Brief Summary of why Alex is being a little shit I find it really hard to rate comic series that come out in installments. Furthermore, it becomes even harder when each installment contains 20-30 pages. It's hard because I rate ...
  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    I loved that we got to know so many details in this one! Finally fencing was explained a little more and the relationships between the characters were broached and clarified more clearly. For instance who rooms with whom and which ships to expect! And I gotta tell you, I’m on board with ALL of those awesome ships!!! <333I love the friendship between Bobby and Nick and HA! Is it just me or did I finally glimpse some of the chemistry between Se...
  • ⚔ Silvia ⚓
    In many ways this was my favorite out of the three issues already out (but I feel like that's gonna be the case for every new issue).I can't really make a coherent review this time but one thing I will say is that, if it wasn't already clear from issue #2, this is really fucking queer and what else do you need to know really?Things I loved (SPOILERS!!!):🤺 We finally learn a bit more about school life! The different uniforms and dresscode for d...
  • Marpapad
  • rin (lorenzo)
    me, an hour before release: so i want this, this and thisthe issue: here's this, this and this BUT ALSO THIS AND THIS AND YOU'RE GOING TO COMBUSTdamn boi it's getting better and betterbeautiful show-stopping stunning heavenly amazing spectacular breathtaking gorgeous ethereal i can't believe we nailed our headcanons about aiden to the point of almost predicting jay's namei would also sell my soul for bobby, and nicholas and seiji being causally g...
  • Laura
    akjdhflakndf;abdfas I LZOVE THIS FREAKIGN SEREIS "Actually to blame for this" omg
  • Shin Mon Thway
    Oh god! One thing is for sure and things are heating up real quick. The national tournament is coming and only 3 people are making the team. The question is who? Undoubtedly, Seiji is going to make the team since he’s the second best fencer under 16 in the country. But I feel like he had some issues previous year and he seems to be battling some inner demons or a trauma. We don’t know. We will have to wait and see. Meanwhile Seiji is fascinat...
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    NOOO ! STOP 📣 THE 📣 CLIFFHANGERS 📣 IM 📣 SUFFERING 📣 cries these graphic novels are TOO SHORT im so sad. I need more asap as possible. QUICK SUMMARY if you don't know these graphic novels are about these boys who go to this boarding school for Fencing and only three can make the team this year and one of the boys Seiji is like, a prodigy Fencer and this other boy Nicholas got totally beaten by him once and now he's determined to bea...
  •  ✨ Dianna ✨ (mylifeasannaidreading)
    "You want to tell coach we kissed and made up?" Still really good. That's all you need to know. P.S. READ THIS SERIES! It's my new addiction. <3
  • The Girl Murdered by Her TBR
    This is soooo good! Nicholas reminds me of someone very special to me... (ahem, Neil Josten)Who could it be?
  • Shan(Littleirishbookcat)
    Every issue gets better! The cliffhangers also get worse. I do have to admit though even if the wait kills me I look forward to this comic every month and it's nice. In this issue the competition heats up and we get to know the ins and outs of Kings Row school. We finally meet Dante and more characters. The art was amazing as always and honestly this whole issue was hilarious. Bobby is so precious and Nicholas is still my favorite. Bobby & Nichol...
  • vibraniums
    5 starsUm yeah I have a lot of love for Nicholas my boy !!
  • Maria
    oh my god REALLY????? that’s it???? this comic keeps getting better and better with each new issue, I need the next one right now 😩P.S. let the gay begin! 🌈🙌🏽🎉😌
  • Lost in a Book
    This installment series  by C.S. Pacat is such an interesting concept that I couldn't stay away. A M/M comic series? Yes, please!!! I dove in head first and was finished in less than 30 minutes. Each installment is super short as we follow Nicholas and Seiji on their fencing journey.Installment 1 (4 Stars): This is where Nicholas and Seiji first meet. I was giddy after reading this just dreaming about the potential.Installment 2 (4 Stars): This ...
  • Anali
    ¡¡Nooooo!! Ahora tengo que esperar otro mes para el duelo de Nick :( Este tercer capítulo de Fence me parecio un poco más informativo con toda la explicación sobre esgrima y los miembros del equipo. Bobby es mi favorita, es tan linda. Nick también, lo está intentando con todo su esfuerzo. Estoy curiosa por saber quienes serán los tres seleccionados para el equipo.GO! GO, Nick!
  • Meags
    4 StarsThe competition is heating up as the boys of Kings Row School begin to battle it out for the top three spots on the fencing team. We get to know a few more of the characters as the early stages of the in-school competition unfolds, and we get to witness a few more relationship dynamics between the boys, which will surely be fun to explore further as the series progresses.I’ll mostly remember this third story as Fencing: 101 because this ...
  • Emma
    hahahahahaha yeah ok Nicholas, you're definitely staring at Seiji just bc he's good at fencing
  • Hamad
    3 or 4 Maybe 3.5I don't know but this was good and I am definitely continuing the story...But it is too short to give an accurate rating!
  • Chelsea
    I'm really loving this series! It's interesting to get even more insight into why Nicholas wants to be great at fencing. I really feel for him having to basically relearn all of his techniques. There are quite a few lgbt+ characters in this series and that's lovely to see! I love Seiji! I'm so interested to see what happens in Nicholas' first bout!
  • Bárbara
    Okay, this one was slightly better than issues #1 and #2- I'm still not crazy about it, but it seems the story is starting to rely on its potential and discovering how to use it. I just wish for this Bobby kid to be less annoying- the character doesn't really add anything of importance to the story, it's just there to appear to be all cutesy and shit but it's just not happening. I'm startting to get invested in some of the other characters, at le...
  • Ishmeen
    That cliffhanger is frustrating me ahhh I want to know more now 🌚 i wish the plot was moving faster.. or maybe that these issues were longer because waiting a whole month between them is torture :))))
  • Ashleigh | Wild Heart Reads
    This just keep getting better and better. And Bobby my smol son 😍
  • ˗ˏˋ eg ˎˊ˗
    Me, before every issue: there's no way I can love these characters any more than I already doPacat: [rihanna winking gif]
  • juliana
    It was ok, but nothing really happened? It doesn't feel like it is going anywhere and I want more!
  • celeste
    How can you end this issue like THAT?! And Seiji watching Nicholas' first match ~dies~ I seriously should have waited till at least 5 of them were already out before reading them, because I CANNOT HANDLE THE WAIT IN BETWEEN ISSUES!
  • Romie
    I'm definitely the worst at reading monthly releases, I want the entire thing all at once! Problem: I'm not good at waiting, oops.Moooooooore.3.75
  • Ashley Brooks
    This whole concept is just a big fat yes from me.
  • Kindling Micky
    The story is building now, the competition is on. I want a little more tension.
  • Venus Maneater
    Feet firmly planted in the LGBT-zone. The story is more solid and the characters are growing on me. The MC isn't too bland and it's easy to imagine the antagonist making the big 180 and turning out to be a likeable dude.
  • Sonder
    In love with the art. Can't wait for the next one! They are so short, it's frustrating.