The Au Pair by Emma Rous

The Au Pair

Seraphine Mayes and her twin brother Danny were born in the middle of summer at their family’s estate on the Norfolk coast. Within hours of their birth, their mother threw herself from the cliffs, the au pair fled, and the village thrilled with whispers of dark cloaks, changelings, and the aloof couple who drew a young nanny into their inner circle.Now an adult, Seraphine mourns the recent death of her father. While going through his belongings...

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TitleThe Au Pair
Release DateJan 8th, 2019
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Au Pair

  • Melissa
    *3.5 stars*The Au Pair is more than a decent read, the difference between good and great coming down to the reader’s acceptance of the serpentine ending—a la V.C. Andrews—and the author’s reliance on a particularly weak plot device.Stylistically, Emma Rous blends contemporary fiction with domestic noir, setting her mystery at a country home. A yellow-bricked, seaside, family estate, Summerbourne's history and its inhabitants shrouded in...
  • Holly B
    Mystique, atmosphere, and surprising twists! This novel was so captivating that I did not want to put it down! There is a compelling aura of mystery that hovers around the birth of the twins- Seraphine and Danny.The twins were born at home at the family's beautiful, sprawling Norfolk estate. A photograph is taken of the parents, their older son Edwin, and their mother, Ruth. Although, she is only holding only one of  her newborn twins.  Where ...
  • Meredith
    3.5 starsTwisted, compulsively readable psychological thriller that centers on deeply hidden family secrets. 25-year-old Seraphine buried her father 3 weeks ago and is struggling. While she has her twin brother, Danny, and older brother, Edwin, to offer support, she feels like an outsider in her family--she always has. Her mother committed suicide the day she and Danny were born, and now parentless, she seeks to find answers to the questions she ...
  • Berit☀️✨
    An exquisitely spun web of spellbinding secrets and dark deceit! This suspenseful story Will keep you riveted from first line to last... a magical tale that will awaken your imagination and stretch your mind....Emma Rouz has woven together an enchanting story that will make the unbelievable believable....This book is like a walk on a foggy morning... when you start out you can barely see your hand in front of your face... but as you go on the fog...
  • (Bern) Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
    Oh, what a tangled web! 🕸 3.25 convoluted, family secrets filled stars ⭐ for The Au Pair Within hours of her birth Seraphine Mayes' mother Ruth had thrown herself from the cliffs near their family home. 25 years later, as Seraphine mourns the death of her father she comes across a hidden, old family photo. Seraphine never had a photo with her mother but in this photo dated on the day she was born her mother sits, smiling, cradling an infant,...
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    FIVE STARSThe Au Pair is a delicious, old-fashioned mystery complete with a gothic setting and a clever plot puzzle that just begs to be solved.While not exactly a psychological suspense type story, I found it to be just as page-turnable as any thriller. I thought I had most of the puzzle figured out, but it is a bit complicated and I could never work out one piece of the puzzle. That piece, indeed, turned out to be the biggest reveal at the end....
  • Michelle
    Seraphine Mayes recently lost her father in a tragic accident. When cleaning out his belongings from their home, Summerbourne, she finds a long lost picture she had never seen before. In it is her mother, Ruth, and her father, Domenic, holding a new born baby. It was taken the day she was born but where is her twin brother Danny? Why wouldn't all four of them be in the picture? And why did her mother throw herself off the cliffs into the sea belo...
  • Katie B
    4.5 starsSuch a page turner, I ended up finishing it in a day. It's just one of those good old popcorn eating reads in which you can't wait to see how everything unfolds. Seraphine and her twin brother Danny were only hours old when their mother committed suicide off the cliffs of the Norfolk coast. Now an adult, Seraphine is mourning the death of her father. While going through his possessions at the family estate, she uncovers a family photogra...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 Doesn't it just figure that after making the decision to read many less psychological thrillers next year, I would finish this year with a couple I actually liked. This one begins with a death and a picture. A picture that sends a young woman, one of a set of twins, scrambling for answers. One baby, when there should have been two.A gothic toned storyline, a past that holds many secrets and deceptions, and a determined young woman bent on fin...
    Thank you to the publisher Berkley who provided an advance reader copy via Edelweiss.Summerbourne is an English country estate set against the beach and cliffs, a beloved refuge of the Summerbourne family. However, over the years it has suffered heartbreaking tragedies involving the death of a twin, and the suicide of a mother. In 1992 Ruth Mayes (Summerbourne heir) threw herself off the cliff in back of the house on the same day she gave birth t...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 gothic and complex stars to The Au Pair! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Seraphine and Danny, twins, are born on the coast of Norfolk, England. Not long after their births, their mother commits suicide, and their au pair flees. After that, the village goes wild with rumors about dark things that may have happened within the grand estate. Seraphine is now an adult grieving the loss of her father when she finds a mysterious family photograph. The photo is from t...
  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister
    4 stars! A gripping, atmospheric and jaw-dropping read!This novel follows the Mayes family, whose history holds many secrets. Seraphine Mayes is grieving the death of her father. While helping to clear out her father’s vast estate, she stumbles across a photograph that leads to some unrelenting questions. Seraphine knows that on the day of her and her twin brother’s birth, their mother took her own life, leaving the family in complete devasta...
  • Mackey
    The Au Pair by Emma Rous is part gothic suspense with a full measure of domestic noir!if I were asked to choose the perfect suspense novel, it would There is absolutely nothing that I love more than dark, domestic tales of suspense and murder. The Au Pair has it all. Seraphine and Danny are twins who, along with their older brother, Edwin, have been raised on an old Victorian estate in Norfolk (UK.)  Their lives would appear charmed to the outs...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    This was a gripping, mysterious, and captivating read. Once I started it, I could not stay away from it.Seraphine is mourning the death of her father and looking through old pictures when she stumbles upon an odd photograph, in it her mother is posing with a baby the same day she and her twin brother were born. She asks herself why is only one baby in the picture when her mother has just given birth to twins? And she won’t stop until she finds ...
  • Linda
    A House of Mirrors......You know the experience. Where things are completely distorted and take on highly exaggerated shapes of their own. What exactly is real and what is not?Seraphine Mayes returns to the family estate on the coast of Norfolk. She is joined by her twin brother, Danny, and her older brother, Edwin, for their father's funeral. There was a terrible accident when Dominic fell off a ladder while repairing the garage roof.But the May...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    Even deeply buried secrets have a way of coming out. It takes only a small thread of information to unravel a tightly woven web of lies. And when we find those threads, it’s pretty hard not to pull them. But what if the truth is worse than the lie? That’s always the problem with secrets… Once a secret comes to light, it can’t be reburied.In the stunning debut novel by writer Emma Rous, an old photograph leads to the discovery of a terribl...
  • NZLisaM
    An eerie, claustrophobic family saga. Cross V.C. Andrews with Agatha Christie and you have The Au Pair. On the day twins, Seraphine and Danny Mayes, were born, their mother jumped from the cliff at their Norfolk estate – Summerbourne. Twenty five years later, mourning the recent death of her father, Seraphine stumbles across a photograph among his belongings that she’s never seen before. It’s a family snapshot taken the day of her, and Dann...
  • Meredith B. (readingwithmere)
    4 Stars! Why did he say I was impossible? Who Am I? Seraphine is mourning her Dad's death with her twin brother Danny and their older brother Edwin. They recently buried him when Seraphine starts searching through his things. She comes across a questionable photograph that sends her mind into a million questions. The biggest one is Am I who I think I am? Seraphine starts to do some research and finds out who the Au Pair was the day she was born a...
  • Felicia
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. Yay me!I entered the giveaway because the blurb compared it to V C. Andrews work which, we all know, is beyond compare. I know, you don't need to say it. Lesson learned.I kept putting off reading it in favor of other books that I felt I would enjoy more. Then all of the raving reviews started coming in and I quickly moved it up my TBR list. Again, I know, you don't need to say it. Lesson learned.As usual I...
  • Kendall
    Happy publication day to this mysterious read!! WOW...... what a book! Mysterious, beautiful, and addicting! Ok... let's all acknowledge that cover... ok it's fantastic! This was one of my most anticipated reads for 2018 and I have to say that Emma Rous did not disappoint ;).There is a underlying mysterious story to the two twins Seraphine and Danny. Both twins were born at the beautiful family's estate in Norfolk. A picture is taken of the mothe...
  • Book of Secrets
    4.5 Stars → Seraphine and Danny are twins, and on the day they were born back in 1992, their mother jumped from the cliffs behind their coastal estate of Summerbourne. Much later, after the death of their father, Seraphine comes across an old photo from that fateful day that raises suspicions about their family. The one person that may have answers to her questions is Laura, the au pair who disappeared shortly after her mother's suicide. But as...
  • Nazanin
    4.5 StarsEverything began with a photograph…Seraphine has a twin brother, Danny, and an older brother, Edwin. The day they were born their mother died. Now after 25 years their father is dead and Seraphine found a family photograph from the day they were born when they were only a few hours old. But something is wrong with that photo! In the photo, their mother had held just one of the babies and there wasn't any trace of the other one! And the...
  • Suzanne Leopold
    Seraphine returns to her family's home after her father's funeral. She is joined by her twin brother Danny and her older brother Edwin. While cleaning up her father's possessions, she discovers an old photograph that raises some troubling questions. The photo is dated from the twins’ birth but their mother is only holding one baby. Which child is her mother holding and why aren't both babies in the photo?The photo also shows her mother very hap...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    3.5 Stars! Gripping, twisted & captivating!THE AU PAIR by EMMA ROUS is an engaging, dark, mysterious and gothic tale of suspense that immediately piqued my interest and took me on a thrilling and bumpy roller coaster ride. I definitely found the premise of this book quite appealing and totally embraced the feel of this novel. I felt all those dips and curves while I was reading this story but then the ride took a drastic turn near the end to leav...
  • Reading.Between.Wines
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5If you want a book that ends with a huge, unbelievable twist, then The Au Pair by Emma Rous is going to be the one for you!What it's about: Seraphine Mayes and her brothers Danny and Edwin lost their mom to suicide when she and Danny were newborn twins. Their older brother Edwin's au pair disappeared shortly after that, and the surrounding village buzzed with gossip. Now at age 25, Seraphine has just lost her father to a freak acc...
  • Selena
    I received an an advanced readers copy of The Au Pair by Emma Rous from Goodreads for my honest review.The Au Pair, was a wonderfully twisted and sinister read. It is the story follows two women, Seraphine Mayes and Laura Silveira. Seraphine finds an old family picture, taken on the date of her birth, in her deceased father's belongings. But, there is something very wrong with this picture. There is only one child in the picture and Serpahine is ...
  • Jen
    This read was out of my normal daily reads routine; but I am glad that I picked it up and gave it a try. I am finding that it is nice to read something a little different as it is getting harder to find unique books in the romance genre lately. "The Au Pair" is not a romance. of a mystery/thriller, and it was described to me kind of like a VC Andrew's kind of book! I have always loved her books, so I definitely had to give this a go. I was kept i...
  • Lori
    This was definitely a page-turner that had me up until past my bedtime trying to squeeze in one more chapter. A complex storyline of who’s who. Only reason for the 4 stars is that I thought the ending was a bit tedious. Overall, a good novel.
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comThere has been a significant amount of hype attached to The Au Pair, the debut family mystery come thriller from British author Emma Rous. Touted as ‘the biggest debut of 2019’ on the front cover, it certainly has some great initial pull power! What first presented to me as a thriller novel concerning a long hidden family mystery, actually developed into something much more surprising. I would be more inc...
  • Judy
    Totally entrancing domestic drama! This is quite the page-turner and will keep you racing through to the end. You will be rewarded with all kinds of surprising twists. This entire story revolves around what actually happened on the day Ruth Mayes fell/was pushed from the cliffs on the same day she gave birth to twins. Seraphine is determined to unravel the truth, especially after finding a picture of her mother with just one baby. The story was p...