Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech

Saving Winslow

Indie Next List Pick · ALA Notable Children’s Book · Texas Bluebonnet Award Winner“A winning tale of love.” — Kirkus (starred review)Perfect for fans of Charlotte’s Web and The One and Only Ivan, Saving Winslow is an uplifting modern classic in the making about a young boy who befriends an ailing newborn donkey and nurses him back to health, from New York Times bestseller and Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech.Louie doesn't have th...

Details Saving Winslow

TitleSaving Winslow
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Animals, Fiction, Family

Reviews Saving Winslow

  • Paul Hankins
    Review closer to release date, but. . .this is Sharon Creech. You're already heading away from this post to pre-order. I won't keep you any longer.
  • Jessica
    I wanted to love this so much more. I feel like, much like a tiny premature donkey, I wanted this story to get fatter as it went along, but it just felt too light, to short. Some heavy topics were brought up, but then just sort of pushed away again. I feel like, even for a book for young kids, she could have dug deeper.
  • Patrick
    So great to have a new Sharon Creech novel out in the world. Sweet, heart-felt story.
  • Elly Swartz
    Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech is a heartprint book that is masterfully told. And, while this is a story about saving a donkey, Creech has woven in so much more. It is a tale about a boy who struggles to find his purpose, a girl who’s afraid to love for fear of loss, and a family who misses a son who’s away serving our country. This is a story of believing and loving and finding ourselves. I highly recommend.
  • Heidi Burkhart
    A tender story about a boy who raises a tiny donkey. Perfect for elementary students.
  • Leonard Kim
    I thought this was a better showcase for Creech’s formidable talents than some of her other recent books. Maybe a shade too “literary” at times, but I think both broadly appealing and unsurprisingly masterful.
  • Madison
    A heartwarming story of a young donkey, the boy who is determined to save him, and the way in which small things can sometimes have the biggest impact. Lyrical and sweet, Saving Winslow is a simple but touching story for young and middle-grade readers. When Louie is given another of his Uncle Pete’s orphan animals, a newborn donkey, everyone warns him not to get too attached, as it will probably die anyway. But there is something about the tiny...
  • Jillian Anderson
    What a sweet read! Sharon Creech has done it again. Louie’s Dad brings home an orphaned donkey and Louie volunteers to raise it despite everyone telling him that the donkey may not make it. Nora, a neighbor girl, won’t even touch the donkey because she is afraid Winslow is in for a short life. But slowly Winslow makes his way into the hearts of Louie’s family and neighborhood. The way Louie believes in this spindlely Winslow is admirable.
  • Lorie Barber
    I find it nothing short of incredible that Sharon Creech continues to pack so much heartfelt emotion and incredible life lessons into a short-ish space. I have fallen in love with Winslow, Louie, and Nora and I know my students will, too. What a pleasure to read this summer morning.
  • Michele Knott
    Sharon Creech is always able to pack so many things to talk about in her books in a smaller number of pages than most. She's that wonderful with words.
  • Lynn
    Sigh! Louie and Winslow won my heart. Lovely!
  • Nora Winterton
    This book was really sweet. I mean, one of the characters is named Nora, so what can I say? ;) I do think it was a super quick read (like 45 minutes) and the plot wasn't very thick. However, the ending was cute.
  • Christine
    Not my typical 4 star review for Sharon Creech. This was a cute, feel good story that was just a little too short to flesh out the good stuff. But a fun read for the younger crowd, say 1st-3rd graders.
  • Marie
    Now I want to adopt a donkey. Thanks, Sharon Creech.
  • Sandra
    Louie has never had success with raising animals, but he decidedly takes on the mission to nurse a newborn donkey to health. His friend Nora, who has experienced difficult losses of her own, finds it hard to get close to Winslow. This is a wonderful story for children who love animals. It is an affirmation to daring to take on challenges, to love, and to hope.
  • Linda
    Fantastic--I highly recommend this book. Do you love animals? So does Louie, and he is determined to save this donkey--yes, donkey--that is brought to his home by his well-meaning Uncle Pete. Louie names the donkey Winslow, and Winslow goes about saving everyone, including himself. Creech manages convey so many emotions--Louie's brother in the military, his shy & grieving friend, a cranky neighbor, Louie and his parents--all while telling you abo...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusWhen his somewhat irresponsible Uncle Pete's miniature donkey is ailing and gives birth prematurely, Louie's mother and father let Louie try to nurse the baby back to health, warning him the whole time that it is likely the animal won't make it. Since Louie is missing his brother Gus, who is in the army, and feels like his track record with keeping animals alive isn't great, Louie does his best. Louie hangs out with his b...
  • Marathon County Public Library
    When his father brings home a sickly, half-dead baby donkey in the middle of winter, Louie, who has not had luck keeping things alive like goldfish, worms and bugs, is determined to do whatever it takes to save it. Suffering the loss of his brother, Gus, who recently joined the army, having a baby donkey to love helps soothe Louie's lonely heart and gives him something to take his mind off his brother. But Winslow becomes so much more than that, ...
  • Sandy Brehl
    I can't imagine any reader not being a fan of Sharon Creech's books, but this latest is ideal for independent young readers and for use in classrooms. I'm a fan of read aloud novels in class, but particularly of high quality SHORT novels, allowing many more to be read over the course of a school year. In this case, the compelling main plot regarding a remarkable miniature donkey's survival will have listeners (and readers) on a page-turning frenz...
  • Libby Ames
    From birth, Louie has been considered fragile. Maybe that is why he is drawn to the small, motherless donkey brought home from his uncle’s farm. Everyone predicts the animal will die, but Louie is determined to prove them wrong. In spite all odds, Louie and his donkey Winslow will show the world the strength inside things sometimes considered the most fragile.Sharon Creech is back with another beautiful and heartwarming story. In Saving Winslow...
  • Karen Parisot
    When Louie’s dad brings home a newborn orphaned donkey, Louie is immediately smitten and volunteers to take care of him. The thing is though, Louie has a terrible track record when it comes to caring for small creatures. As in a zero percent success rate. He’s an enthusiastic and loving young caregiver though and is determined to save the baby donkey he names Winslow.An excellent book for middle grade readers. It’s all about responsibility ...
  • Jill
    Louie (10) hasn't done a great job of taking care of pets in his lifetime. A few of his pets that have died or went missing were a snake, hamster, goldfish, and lizard. One day Louie's dad brings home a weak, orphaned mini-donkey from his Uncle Pete's farm. He knows that his luck with animals is about to change. Louie wants to make a difference like his brother, Gus, who is stationed out of state in the Army. His new friend, Nora, has doubts that...
  • Jordan Henrichs
    There's something nostalgic about reading a Sharon Creech novel. I've used so many of her books as mentor texts in the classroom. I place her alongside Spinelli as an all-time favorite. Saving Winslow shows she's still got it. When you're a master of your craft, you don't need 350+ pages to tell a complete, thorough story. Great character development and an efficient plot. Kids love animal books. This will make for a fantastic read aloud.
  • Terri Floccare
    Winslow is a runty donkey. Louie is a boy in need of a friend. He decides he'll take care of Winslow and help him grow. His quirky neighbor Nora develops an interest in Winslow too. After a few ups and downs things seem to be going well, until the neighbors decide that a small backyard in a regular neighborhood is NOT the place for a donkey.This is a delightful story that reminded me a bit of Charlotte's Web. Louie is a sweet child and Nora bring...
  • Michelle
    Saving Winslow was a fairly quiet story. The beginning of this book sucked me right in. I enjoyed the way Louie adapted to the situation as the story progressed. The characters seemed underdeveloped, which made them seem distant. There are some heavy topics broached, but only at surface level. In the end, this felt rather disjointed.
  • Heather
    A short but lovely tale of a boy and his donkey. Louie is a winsome hero... gentle yet determined that nothing bad will happen to his precious Winslow. Pessimistic and prickly Nora is an excellent foil for the optimistic Louie, but she's likable just the same. Recommended for fans of barnyard creatures and lovable underdogs.
  • Melissapalmer404
    Book #74 Read in 2018Saving Winslow by Sharon CreechThis is a sweet, cute read, geared towards middle school readers. Louie takes over the care of a poor, pitiful donkey that he names Winslow. He bottle feeds him, takes care of him, sleeps by him and hopes that Winslow will make it. This book shows the effect that a sweet animal can have on people...both young and old. I borrowed this book from the library.
  • Kris Patrick
    Sharon Creech makes every word count. I found myself rereading chapters to slow down and appreciate the writing perfection. Starts strong, finishes strong. I would read the first page as my book talk. A beautiful cover.I’ve been mighty generous with my stars this week. Maybe fall break fever is kicking in? Have I mentioned that I get two glorious weeks!?!?
  • Vanessa
    This was a cute book about a donkey which needed extra care to survive after its birth. Younger brother took care of donkey named Winslow. Older brother joined the Army and was going to war.Good friends helped out.