The Escape Artists by Neal Bascomb

The Escape Artists

Neal Bascomb, New York Times best-selling author, delivers the spellbinding story of the downed Allied airmen who masterminded the remarkably courageous--and ingenious--breakout from Germany's most devilish POW camp In the winter trenches and flak-filled skies of World War I, soldiers and pilots alike might avoid death, only to find themselves imprisoned in Germany's archipelago of POW camps, often in abominable conditions. The most infamous was ...

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TitleThe Escape Artists
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War I, Military Fiction

Reviews The Escape Artists

  • ||Swaroop||
    Stone Walls do not a Prison make. Nor Iron bars a Cage.You are a beloved hero, adored and respected on one side of the fence/wall, and you are a villain, hated and tortured on the other side... Your face is idolized on one side and you are beheaded on the other...Strange and weird are the ways we, humans, create divide and hate among ourselves!This thoroughly researched and well written collection of World War I breakout memoirs is about the stru...
  • Karen
    A riveting story is about prisoners of WW1 and the efforts/commitments they made upon being captured to try to escape from the German prison camps. One of the fascinating things learned in the book was the reciprocal agreement between the Germans and the allied troops (primarily English) that if an officer was caught trying to escape, he would just be assigned to another prison camp, unlike the enlisted who were summarily executed. Fascinating st...
  • Carlos
    I sped through this book, it was that interesting. The way the story is narrated and the fact that as a usual history reader I am familiar with most of the battles, sites and offensives mentioned in this book made for a most delightful read . If you are interested in WWI and the roles POW played in the conflict then this is the book for you , you will also read about many attempts at escape from allied prisoners which will make the case that whil...
  • Paul
    The Escape Artists can easily be envisioned as ready for the big screen. The author builds up the story with painstakingly researched details of the fliers lives before the war, while imprisoned, and afterwards, including the reunions decades later. This book joins Bascomb’s other great pieces of wartime nonfiction, and rivals Hampton Sides’s Ghost Soldiers as one of the best accounts of POW escape.For my full review:
  • Bonnye Reed
    GNAB This is a excellent history of the POW situation in Germany in the First World War, and the intrepid pilots and air crews who did their all to escape and get back into the planes that would win the war. I found it very enlightening and even entertaining at times, with never a dull moment. We forget, in this day and age, just how fragile were the planes in the early twentieth century, and how nasty that war got before it was over. The Geneva ...
  • Martin
    Bascomb is one of my favorites. This is an exceptional WWI thriller that tells the story of British POWs and their exploits trying to escape captivity. As is the case with the author's previous works, there is exceptional quality research and prose that read like good fiction. Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the Advanced Copy
  • Ms. Yingling
    Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralWorld War I was a harrowing war, but is not covered as frequently as World War II. This is a shame, since there are so many facets of the war that have not been covered. For instance, I had forgotten that the Hague Conventions laid out very clear and extensive rules about how prisoners of war should be treated. During WWI, the Germans violated these on multiple occasions. The Grand Escape tells how prison...
  • Leigh-Anne
    I enjoyed reading "The Escape Artists" by Neal Boscomb. It was and interesting and engaging story I was unaware of set in WWI. I am so grateful when authors write these types of stories because a time will come when the memories of these events are completely erased and these books are all we will have left of such important events. The story follows several British military men during WWI as they make several attempts to escape POW Camps in Germ...
  • Barry
    3.5 stars if I could. This book is a great true story which could potentially be an even better movie.
  • Christopher Hayes
    This book was absolutely spellbinding. I read it in two days and found myself struggling to pull away. With superb editing and an extensive history of reasearch, Neal Bascomb was able to transport me to another time. The Escape Artists is a nonfiction account of prisoners of war held in Germany during World War One. This was a time when the gentlemanly agreements of the Hague and Geneva conventions were unenforceable, and prisoners were treated i...
  • Nate Hawthorne
    This book made me uncomfortable to read, but I learned a lot. The conditions of prison camps during WW 1 were interesting. I did not know that officers were treated differently than the enlisted men. I also didn't know that prisoners were allowed to get mail, get paid and buy things. There was a part of me that could not help but think of Hogan's Heros. The most uncomfortable reading was the description of digging and escaping through the tunnel....
  • Dave Wright
    Awesome read
  • Schuyler Wallace
    When you ‘re down and out and feeling blue (is that a song?), you need a book such as Neal Bascomb’s “The Escape Artists” to get you rejuvenated. It’s the story of heroes who never give up. The horrors of German prison camps are, once again, presented in miserable detail but there’s something different. There’s optimism, courage, ingenuity, persistence, and humor that overcome the bleakness experienced by most captives.During the wa...
  • Lisa Shultz
    This book was about POW prison camps in Germany during World War I. The escape attempts and the drive to keep trying even after re-capture and solitary confinement was amazing. The biggest attempt in which the end of the book focused, was interesting. I was a little bored and sometimes confused earlier in the book. The story would probably be a great movie. I finished reading it because I wanted the history lesson. Ironically, I finished it on No...
  • Gilbert
    I was lucky and got to read this and two other history books as advance copies, and The Grand Escape was definitely the best of them. Stories of history can be just as engrossing as a novel if the author "gets it" and Neal Bascomb "gets it". The book is really well written and the research is obviously deep, but doesn't come off as dry facts - instead it adds depth to the real-life characters and narrative. There's a lot to learn here, and it was...
  • Casey
    I liked it. 4.5 stars -- wish they'd let us do that.Why not 5? Having a hard time pinning it down and putting it in to words. It is just more of a feeling that it is a great book, certainly well worth the read, interesting and engaging and if you are at all familiar with later escapes say in WWII -- you will see where a lot of those lessons were learned (and later taught).Alas, still can't give it that 5. But please do not let that detract you. T...
  • Clay
    Meticulously and tirelessly researched and read by one of my favorite readers, Simon Vance, this finishes strong. It is also a book about escape-hungry men confined in a concentration camp with an obsessive commandant, who are further confined doggedly and relentlessly digging a long, narrow tunnel that eventually takes 29 of them to freedom--so a certain sameness and claustrophobia is built-in to the subject matter. Recommended for fans of do or...
  • Carlee
    This had me on the edge of my seat, especially the last part as they made their way to the Dutch border. Written with great detail and thoroughly researched. Glad I picked it up to find out about these war heroes and their amazing escape.
  • Robin Mandell
    Round up to 3.5 stars. Well written and fascinating story.
  • Amy
    The most interesting part of the book is the last 100 pages which is actually about the escape. Much of the rest of the book felt a bit boring and repetitive as it mostly talked about foiled escape after foiled escape.
  • Steve
    I have read the book about the famous Great Escape of World War II from a German POW camp. However, I have never heard of the Great Escape of World War I until I read this book. This book was amazing and very interesting. British and other Allied pilots were being held in German POW camps. One of the POW camps was Holzminden, a landlocked Alcatraz that held Allied POW's who made several escape attempts from other prisons. The camp commandant was ...
  • Lynn
    Wonderfully told and researched! Narrative non-fiction done so well as always with Bascomb and this is a story that was very new to me. The details of the plan and its execution is so well described that I almost felt as if I were digging and half suffocating with the plotters. Gripping and suspenseful, the action keeps the tale going while also providing plenty of historical and cultural background.A fascinating read for young historians!
  • The Irregular Reader
    So have you seen The Great Escape? The 1963 film is a virtual who’s-who of ’60s movie stardom (including Steve McQueen (yay!), James Coburn, Richard Attenborough, and James Garner). The movie is a dramatization of a real-life mass prison break from a Nazi prison camp during World War II. The Escape Artists tells the story of the men who laid the foundations of such escapes.World War I brought warfare into a brutal, modern era. The trenches...
  • Jill Meyer
    Neal Bascomb is the author of many books about WW1, WW2, and other 20th century events. He's a superb author; writing about complicated history with an ease it's a pleasure to read. His new book, "The Escape Artists", is about British airmen and soldiers captured by the Germans in WW1 and sent to a hell-hole POW camp, Holzminden. The subtitle of the book is "A Band of Daredevil Pilots and Greatest Prison Break of the Great War", and that's what B...
  •  Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Jenn Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
    This is my first time reading Neal Bascomb and he offers so much of what I want in a book. I love historical novels, fiction or non-fiction, that are well researched and are well written. I enjoyed learning about aviation during WWI through the multiple story lines and rich character development. Will look for more books by Bascomb in the future. Thanks!
  • Lghiggins
    War is such a horrible thing—vicious, destructive, and despicable. It brings out the worst and the best in man. We see both in Neal Bascomb’s true recounting of the largest escape of WWI by the British at one time—twenty-nine officers of whom ten actually made it out of Germany to Holland without being recaptured.Bascomb’s well-researched tale The Escape Artists is divided into four major sections. In the first, “Capture,” he provides...
  • Jim Gallen
    Standing before another generation of British air warriors, Jim Bennett spoke to them “of the possibility of their being taken prisoner by the enemy, and stressed that if captured, they had a ‘duty to escape.’ Britain need them back in the ranks.” He then told them of another war, of months of digging a tunnel, smuggling materials and their 150-mile journey across Germany to the Dutch border. “The Escape Artists” is the story of Benne...
  • Jeff
    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. SynopsisBritish pilots of rudimentary airplanes are captured by Germans during WWI. As prisoners of war, they are shuffled to various prisons and subject to brutal conditions. Lack of food, clean water, adequate shelter, and cruelty on the part of the prisons’ commanders’ force many officers to plan elaborate escapes. These plans, if they fail, will yield corporal punishment, solitary confinement,...
  • Jim Gallen
    Standing before another generation of British air warriors, Jim Bennett spoke to them “of the possibility of their being taken prisoner by the enemy, and stressed that if captured, they had a ‘duty to escape.’ Britain need them back in the ranks.” He then told them of another war, of months of digging a tunnel, smuggling materials and their 150-mile journey across Germany to the Dutch border. “The Escape Artists” is the story of Benne...