Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit (Kopp Sisters, #4) by Amy Stewart

Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit (Kopp Sisters, #4)

Trailblazing Constance's hard-won job as deputy sheriff is on the line in Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit, the fourth installment of Amy Stewart's Kopp Sisters series.After a year on the job, New Jersey's first female deputy sheriff has collared criminals, demanded justice for wronged women, and gained notoriety nationwide for her exploits. But on one stormy night, everything falls apart. While transporting a woman to an insane asylum, Deputy Kopp disc...

Details Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit (Kopp Sisters, #4)

TitleMiss Kopp Just Won't Quit (Kopp Sisters, #4)
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, Historical Mystery

Reviews Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit (Kopp Sisters, #4)

  • Linda
    "Insane is such a mean word. I prefer mentally creative." (Unknown)Constance Kopp, the first female deputy sheriff in Hackensack, has one challenging assignment. She and Deputy Morris must accompany two individuals to the local insane asylum. The male prisoner sits in the front seat of the vehicle reacting with wide eyes as the rain storm lets out its fury. The female patient must be picked up at her home after a judge has committed her. As they ...
  • Marianne
    Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit is the fourth book in the Kopp Sisters series by NYT best-selling American author, Amy Stewart. It’s 1916 and Deputy Constance Kopp has been in the job for over a year. She’s very satisfied with her position as Matron of Hackensack’s jail, looking after the female prisoners. She also finds her role as probation officer for certain wayward girls fulfilling, although she doesn’t hesitate when there’s more activ...
  • Susan Johnson
    I was really sad when this book was over because I really wanted to know what is going to happen next to the Kopp sisters, Constance, Norma and Fleurette. They were at such an interesting turning point in their lives and I can't wait to see what happens next. What makes this such an interesting series is that it is based on a real life character who was the first female deputy sheriff in New Jersey in 1916 before women had the right to vote. They...
  • Linda
    Another excellent book about Constance Kopp, a ground breaking woman deputy in Hackensack, NJ at the beginning of the 20th century. Using the historical record about the real Miss Kopp, Amy Stewart continues a fiction series aiming to flesh out Deputy Kopp and draws her readers in with every book. Deputy Kopp is starting to feel like she knows what she is doing and is expanding her duties into ways that she feels is helping women who need help. T...
  • Cindy Burnett
    I love this unique and clever series loosely based on the real Constance Kopp. However in this installment, there are numerous plot lines, and I struggled to follow some of them and was not particularly intrigued by others. The story is set during 1916 which is an election year for Kopp’s boss Sheriff Heath, and I felt the portion of the story devoted to the election was the least interesting and the most detailed. Every series has its ups and ...
  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    In book four, Constance is busy kicking butt and taking names as usual! One evening she's sent with Deputy Morris to accompany two people being committed to the Morris Plains Asylum.  She arrives at the home of Anna Kayser, who is being committed to the asylum by her husband and physician, and immediately feels that something isn't right; Anna is clearly not insane and Constance's instincts tell her that she needs to look deeper into the woman's...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: On the day I took Anna Kayser to the insane asylum, I was first obliged to catch a thief.Deputy Constance Kopp is a target of politicians who don't believe women belong on the police force. With her boss, Sheriff Heath, running for higher office, she is in a precarious position. Jumping into a river at night to save a prisoner who escaped from another officer is bad but becoming personally involved in the case of a wife whose husb...
  • Nicole
    I loved this spirited novel, the fourth in what must be an excellent adventure of a series featuring female cop, Constance Kopp and her sisters as well as a colorful cast of characters. This historically accurate series is great for fans of Maisie Dobbs and Stephanie Plum - I love the fearless female who stops at nothing to solve the mystery and overcomes all odds to be the heroine of her own story. Amy Stewart is a best-selling author (The Drunk...
  • Kate
    Thank you to the author, Amy Stewart and The Kopp Sisters Literary Society for an advance reading copy of this fourth novel in the series. This novel takes place in the Fall as the election for Sheriff and Congress looms closer. Sheriff Heath is term limited and is now running for Congress which leads to much stress for Constance Kopp, the first female Deputy in Hackensack, New Jersey. The men both running for Sheriff are not happy with the idea ...
  • Pamela
    A truly fascinating historical-fiction/mystery series, based on real characters, locations, and events. Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit is every bit as good as the first three books. Highly Recommended to readers who enjoy history and mystery equally - without need of psychological contrivances or ploying plots; just straight forward, great writing of integrity featuring the fascination Constance Kopp and the early days of women deputies. FOUR **** His...
  • Linda
    I hope this isn't the last one of these books, but if I follow the actual biographies of Constance Kopp and Sheriff Heath, I'm afraid it is. I so look forward to these episodes. It's ironic how what happens in a book of fiction parallels what is happening in real life.
  • Antonia
    Miss Kopp Keep ‘em coming, Amy! I couldn’t read this fast enough. Loved it all, and I’ve loved the whole series. Wonderful historical fiction that combines social issues of the day (some of which have persisted for the past 100 years) as well as a spunky, no-nonsense heroine — a woman well ahead of her time with respect to women’s rights and abilities. I’m crazy about Constance Kopp!I’m sure, from the way this one ends, that a #5 is...
  • Sarah Zama
    The fourth novel in the Miss Kopp series by Amy Stewart is a strange story. It is promoted as a mystery (all the series is), but it is hardly one. I mean, there is a mystery - not a very mysterious one - but that’s not the main plot. In fact there are a few threads running alongside each other and in the end they do all come together, but so late in the story that for the most part I kept wondering what was this story I was being told all about...
  • Wendy Bunnell
    This might be my favorite book I've read all year, and it's book FOUR in a series. That's unheard of. But, I love these books. The inter-dynamics between the three sisters, Constance, Norma and Fleurette continues to be a delight and also very sweet how they love and annoy each other. I'd love to live next door to these sisters and snoop on their conversations about pigeons and dresses and who ate all the roast beef. What I love about them, among...
  • Biblio Files (takingadayoff)
    Don't expect any murders in this series, let alone mysteries. The only mystery in this book is who will win the election for a congressional seat and for sheriff of Bergen County, New Jersey. We already know that Woodrow Wilson will win his bid for reelection as President with a campaign slogan of "He kept us out of war." I love this series of historical novels about a woman who becomes a sheriff's deputy before women even had the vote nationally...
  • Quirkybookworm
    How come I never heard of The Kopp Sisters? Of all the years of browsing the bookstores, I still haven't heard of these books until my request was approved to read this. I'm mighty glad I read this book. I intend to read the previous 3 books before this one. Even though, it's a 4th book in the Kopp Sisters series, I was able to get the hang of everyday going on in this story with Constance Kopp. It can be a stand alone book in my opinion.This sto...
  • Rebecca
    Ms. Stewart, please keep writing these books. I laugh out loud by page 2 in each Kopp Sisters novel and feel like my life is a little more pleasant when I get buried in the lives of Constance, Norma & Fleurette. Personally, I'm hoping for a BBC-esque miniseries of these stories.
  • Karen Kay
    I received this from netgalley.com in exchange for a review. In book 4 of the series, Deputy Kopp has gained notoriety nationwide for her exploits and her controversial career makes her the target of political attacks.My newest favorite author. Love this series.4☆
  • Beth
    MISS KOPP JUST WON’T QUIT is historical fiction, the latest in a series about Constance Kopp, a deputy sheriff in New Jersey at a time, 1916, that is still early enough to refer to her as “lady deputy sheriff” rather than just “deputy sheriff.” Most of the characters in this book really did exist, and most of what happens is based on actual events that occurred either to these characters or to someone there at that time.For these reason...
  • Harriet
    Another great installment in the series! Written in the same matter-of-fact and humourous style. Can’t wait to see what happens next to the Kopp sisters.
  • Karin
    Constance is still on the job and under constant scrutiny by the press and by those opposed to women in police work. Nevertheless, she perseveres at her job even as the election process has begun and Sheriff Heath cannot be re-elected so her position is up in the air depending on who wins. While I prefer listening to this on audiobook and my library didn't have that in, I still enjoyed this. I hope that a #5 will be coming (view spoiler)[now that...
  • Lisa Wolf
    Four books in, the Kopp Sisters series is going strong! Constance Kopp is an independent, strong, career woman -- at a time when these were not considered desirable attributes for a female. She works as a deputy sheriff at the Hackensack jail, where she essentially does double duty, both capturing criminals and carrying out deputy funtions, and serving as the jail's matron for female inmates, whom she views as her charges.Both Sheriff Heath -- a ...
  • Jan McClintock
    This one fell a little flat for me. There wasn't a mystery at all, and although Miss Kopp's continuing story is fun and interesting, the plot (as much as there was one) just wasn't enough. Major changes take place in this book and the Kopp sisters must adjust. World War I is about to start, and that will apparently figure prominently in future stories. Themes include women's rights (or lack thereof), infidelity, loyalty and friendship, and politi...
  • Bonnie
    Short Summary: When Sheriff Heath decides to run for Congress after his term as Sheriff is up, the man running in his place is extremely vocal about his opinion on Miss Kopp and her presence in the jail, but she can only hope that the town will vote against him. The election, unfortunately, doesn’t go as planned and it puts Constance at a crossroads in life.Thoughts: The fourth installment has the intensity that I was missing with a story still...
  • Richard Gartee
    Constance Kopp is an interesting historical figure who has been featured in a series of fictional novels by Amy Stewart. I liked the characters and the dynamics between the sisters, but thought they were more engaging in the previous three novels. In this book seems to just go along. I stuck with it to the end because I liked the previous ones so well.
  • Barbara Schultz
    I am an [Author: Amy Stewart] fan. I love the research she has done regarding Constance A. Kopp as New Jersey’s first female deputy sheriff and the time period in which she lived. Although this is a historical fictional, it is Not all fiction. This is the 4th in the Kopp Sisters series. I totally enjoyed the other three. This one didn’t have the “oomph” the others did. But I certainly will read #5.
  • Dawn
    "Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit" is a solid, energetic addition to the Kopp Sisters series and I enjoyed it as much as, if not more than, the others. It was well worth my time to read and kept me interested and involved from beginning to end.Without giving too much away (making the journey through the book and finding out what happens on your own is too much fun to spoil!), the main emphasis in this installment is on the politics involved. Constance (...
  • Mary Casey
    The newest addition to The Kopp Sisters historical fiction series, Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit by Amy Stewart (book 4 of the series) is delight to read and a must have for fans of the ballsy character Constance Kopp and her independently minded sisters. I have read all four of the books in the series and enjoyed each one. I would recommend reading the first book in the series, Girl Waits With Gun, to learn more about the characters, the background ...