Click by Kayla Miller


A debut graphic novel about friendship and finding where you "click" in school.Olive wants to get in on the act . . .. . . Any act! Olive “clicks” with everyone in the fifth grade—until one day she doesn’t. When a school variety show leaves Olive stranded without an act to join, she begins to panic, wondering why all her friends have already formed their own groups . . . without her. With the performance drawing closer by the minute, will...

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Release DateJan 8th, 2019
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Childrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Comics

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  • Lorraine
    What a cute middle grade graphic novel! I loved the story and the artwork. Olive was such a likeable character and I can't wait for the next book in this series!
  • Jenn Marshall
    Click isn't really my type of story, but I can see my 6th graders living this book. It's the story of Olive, she has tons of friends but when it is time for the 5th grade variety show all of her friends have plans and no one has asked her to join their group. It's a story of her finding her way and still being true to herself. A super cute story.
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusOlive's fifth grade class is having a variety show, and all of Olive's friends seem to have put groups together. There's an instrumental act, martial arts, cheer, and singing, but no one asks Olive if she wants to be part of a group. She isn't happy and sulks a bit, leading her mother to ask if she should call some of the kids' parents and ask if Olive can join. This is, of course, not what Olive has in mind as she...
  • R. G. Nairam
    It was really cool that this addressed the whole feeling of having friends but not belonging to a group, or always getting the feeling that they like you but care about someone else more. Though I resent somewhat being told that the mentor character didn't find her group "until college." Ha. Ha.Other than that, there was a lot of this book where there just wasn't that much going on. (I picked up an ARC of this at a bookstore I volunteer at.)
  • Kristy
    3.5 stars. This is a cute book with a very simple plot about finding your place in a group of friends. It’s super low stakes and will appeal most to the 2-5th grade set. Great for all those super young Raina Telgmeir fans! We needed a younger elementary age graphic story like this that was geared at younger kids. The story is a little too simple but it will do just fine, you know?
  • Damian Alexander
    A colorful graphic novel about friendship, but with a twist. Ever feel like you have lots of friends...but they're all hanging out without you? You see pictures of your friends going to the movies or the faire on Instagram and Facebook and you wonder, "Why wasn't I invited?" You thought you were friends...but maybe you're not...? Then you learn the difference between a "friend" and a "best friend" and realize you maybe don't have a best friend. T...
  • Liz
    Great for those who are in desperate need of Smile readalikes. The conflict is very mild and the characters are older elementary aged students so might even be great for those younger ones wishing to read Smile, but who might not be quite there yet.
  • Ampersand Inc.
    Wonderful gentle graphic novel that really nails how tough it can be in middle grade fitting in.
  • Kerry
    How could I not love this!? Main character is named Olive! ❤ How could I not love this!? Main character is named Olive! ❤️
  • tony dillard jr
    Poor Olive. Even though Olive is one of the most popular students in her class, she is all alone. There’s a big talent show coming up and all of the other students have partners. Just not her!Feeling like the odd person out, Olive is stressing out big time. Even though she clicks with everyone, she just doesn’t fit into a clique. (See that clever play on words?) Will Olive come up with an act before the talent show starts? Even more important...
  • Julia
    Sweet children's comic book about the beginnings of cliques and social grouping, and finding your place while negotiating different friendships. Unlike Telgemeier's works, Real Friends, El Deafo, and Awkward/Brave/Crush, this isn't a book about middle school - the characters are fifth graders and this book is emotionally perfect for 1st/2nd graders and up. My critiques fall in two areas: believability and execution. First, the plot seems almost t...
  • Kim Bongiorno
    Olive is in the 5th grade, and like many kids around that age, gets along with a bunch of her classmates. She has a happy home life, and is in a good place, overall.When the teacher announces a talent show, kids around her immediately start pairing off into acts. She's not asked to join any, and starts to get sad. Why didn't anyone ask her? Do they not like her all the time, only some of the time? Why doesn't she have that one best friend?It's a ...
  • Emily
    This was set in the 90s and NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.The book kind of bothered me, though I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe everything worked out too well? Maybe the fact that cliques were not described as excluding people but simply as a group that shares your interests? Maybe because I was a weird kid who wasn't super well-liked but I got along with everyone just fine, I just didn't really have a bunch of friend-friends, and thi...
  • Kristin Crouch
    Thank you to Kayla Miller for providing an ARC to #collabookation for review. Click is a wonderful graphic novel, perhaps one of my favorites. Olive has lots of friends, but when the school variety show is announced, she finds that no one asks her to be a part of their 'group.' She feels isolated and alone, and struggles for a bit. A helpful aunt helps her deal with her feelings, and Olive ultimately finds the perfect solution. I loved that the b...
  • Carmen
    I received an ARC copy of this book through the #bookposse Twitter book club. I loved that this graphic novel addressed real friendship and confidence issues without cruelty. Olive is a fifth grader with a wide variety of friends. When her teacher announces an upcoming variety show, these friends separate into groups to plan their talents. Without malicious intent, Olive is left out. It will take a compassionate aunt and some DVDs of old variety ...
  • Marisa
    Thank you to the publisher HMH Kids for providing a physical arc. Able to read over a lunch break. I can see 2nd to 6th graders reading this book. The main character is in 5th grade and at the beginning life seems pretty good, Olive seems to be friends with...everyone. But the fateful Friday the 5th grade variety show is announced and everyone rushes to pair up or team up and no one asks Olive. Cute ending. Fun, unique aunt character who helps gi...
  • Weston Humphreys
    Click is a fun and meaningful story featuring Olive, a fifth grader who is loved by everyone yet still struggles with her sense of belonging and what it means to be her. The art is super cute and endearing all the way through! I really appreciated the way Kayla Miller approached Olive's family dynamics, especially when it came to conflict. She gave us a gentle glimpse into what conflict can look like among people who love each other well but don'...
  • Susan
    3.5 stars. Pros: It's a very nice depiction of the life of a 5th grader who is well liked by everyone in class, but doesn't have a special friend or group. Loved the character of the aunt who listens to her and helps her find inspiration. The naggy mom rang true. Cons: It's very very basic, and could be unrelatable for kids who are not universally liked (which is many, many kids). Just too happy-go-lucky for me. Needs even a taste of drama. This ...
  • Katie Reilley
    A must read graphic novel about friendship, fitting in, and belonging for middle grade kids. I recognize Olive in my own ten and thirteen year old daughters and in my fourth and fifth grade students. Had to buy two for school, one for home. Grateful to the author for sharing the situations and conversations that are happening in my home and school (and similar places everywhere)! Looking forward to reading more about Olive in her cam...
  • Sharon
    3rd&upWhat a super sweet graphic novel- perfect for elementary/early middle school readers!Any child who has had a fear of being on the outside, of being the extra friend, can absolutely relate to Olive's need to find her place and her own way to shine.A delightful, quick read that will find many fans.Thank you to HMH Books for Young Readers/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review
  • Erin Scott
    Story is mostly contained in one weekend and shows supportive family relationships and attempting to assert independence as a kid. Olive is a friendly girl who has a variety of friends but no one she's completely "clicked" with yet and tries to find a way to showcase her talents in the upcoming fifth grade variety show. When she isn't invited into groups she's uncertain of what to do but wants to find a resolution to it herself, rather than letti...
  • Erin O'Donovan
    Super cute graphic novel about finding yourself. Very low key drama. I loved that I identified with Olive with her having lots of friends from various cliques but seeming to belong totally to one group. It was later in life I found a close circle of friends that I really connected to and I think that is an important lesson for kids today to try out all kinds of different things to find themselves.
  • Em
    A couple sweet themes in the book- definitely best suited for a mid to upper elementary age student as the language is quite simplistic. I like how similar it is to a lot of the other great graphic novels out there for middle school readers but there were a few things that could have been a little more detailed or packed a bit more of a punch.
  • Kristin
    Fifth grader Olive is trying to figure out how she "clicks" with all of her friend groups at school and in the neighborhood, especially now that the fifth grade variety show is happening and no one has asked her to join their act. I liked the topics of friendship and fitting in, but felt the dialogue was a bit hokey and not authentic to kids this age.
  • Alison
    Cute story of a girl who is friends with multiple groups of people and doesn’t find a group to be with for a school variety act. She does end up finding her place!What I liked about this was it went into the subject of cliques without doing the normal bully plot.
  • Michele Knott
    Perfect for fans of the "Babysitters Club" graphic novel series or Roller Girl.Olive is trying to find where she clicks - with friends and with what she enjoys doing. This middle grade graphic novel is going to click with a lot of readers!
  • Steph
    Super cute and very accessible graphic novel that alllll of our little readers who love Smile & Sisters will absolutely adore! I’m so glad it’s completely appropriate for any age, and I’d say 2nd-6th graders will all greatly enjoy this book. What a find!
  • B
    Cute 4-5th grade graphic about fitting in, sometimes you dont "click" with a certain person. Olive finds a way to click with all of her friends at the school Talent Show. The graphics are fun and colorful, and the message is good.
  • WKPL Children's/YA Books
    Miss Lori devoured this Graphic Fiction novel! What a great way to show the struggles middle school children have trying to "fit in"....even among their friends! Very quick read with a strong message to stay true to yourself.Great for 4th grade through 6th grade kids.
  • Kristen
    Lots of smiling characters help the main character, Olive, through a minor social problem in this very gentle realistic fiction story. Recommended for people who like Smile by Telgemeier but who wouldn't be comfortable with Sunny Side Up or Roller Girl.