Little Red Rodent Hood (Hamster Princess #6) by Ursula Vernon

Little Red Rodent Hood (Hamster Princess #6)

It's Little Red Riding Hood as you've never seen her before in this funny, feminist spin on the fairy tale, from award-winning author Ursula VernonMost monsters know better than to mess with Princess Harriet Hamsterbone. She's a fearsome warrior, an accomplished jouster, and is so convincing that she once converted a beastly Ogrecat to vegetarianism. So why would a pack of weasel-wolf monsters come to her for help? Well, there's something downrig...

Details Little Red Rodent Hood (Hamster Princess #6)

TitleLittle Red Rodent Hood (Hamster Princess #6)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherDial Books
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fairy Tales, Animals

Reviews Little Red Rodent Hood (Hamster Princess #6)

  • Lata
    Harriet’s back, and she has to protect the girl in the red hood and fight the were-weasel. Or was it the other way around?...Either way, ridiculousness ensues whenever Harriet and Wilbur are on an adventure, resulting in many laughs and Harriet waving her sword about and calculating to what fraction they’ve solved a problem. Harriet Hamsterbone is my hero!
  • Stephanie
    I am always so happy when a new Ursula Vernon book arrives! I know my kids will both adore it and I know I will too. (In fact, I've sometimes sneak-read them on my own even when buying them for my kids, because they're so funny and bracing and uplifting and cozy. I just love them.) This one teaches you all about how dangerous "sweet little girls" can really be (woot!) and made me laugh out loud again and again - and I loooooved Harriet finally co...
  • Kendra
    Oh no so cuuuute
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusYou want it. You need it. It doesn't matter what fairy tale this covers, your students (even middle school ones!) are going to want this story!Unfortunately, the E ARC I had turned the pages sooooo sloooowly that I sort of lost track of what was going on; I would quote some particularly delightful lines, but even the bookmarks take forever to load. I made an entire plastic needlepoint coaster while waiting for the pages t...
  • Lis Carey
    Ursula Vernon is, as always, a delight.In this case, she takes the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and turns it inside out and sideways, with wonderful results.Princess Harriet Hamsterbone and her friend Wilbur respond to a plea from a very odd young hamster girl, dressed all in red, and mount their riding quail to go to the aid of her grandmother. Grandmother's cottage in the woods is surrounded by weaselwolves of nefarious intent...Well, of co...
  • Linda Quinn
    I love this series and always take a break from adult books when a new one comes along. Harriet the Hamster Princess is a great role model for young readers; she's brave, upstanding and usually ready to take advice from her sidekicks.
  • Kenya Starflight
    I've read and loved a lot of work by Ursula Vernon -- her "Dragonbreath" series, her fantasies written under the pen name of T. Kingfisher, and of course her "Hamster Princess" series. Despite the cutesy name and adorable art, these books are delightful and clever twists on well-known fairy tales, with a strong and capable heroine, plenty of humor, and memorable characters. And "Little Red Rodent Hood" continues the tradition, and promises much m...
  • Diana
    Harriet's still kicking ass, and I hope these books never end. I am actually now forced to buy hamster calico critters to make an action figure for my kid. (andmaybeoneformeshuddup) But the conversations between Harriet and Gray, and Wilbur's reaction to them are priceless. Honestly. Shit got surprisingly real here, and I loved it, as did my five-year-old, with whom we have now spent hours debating what tale should come next and what should happe...
  • Elizabeth
    Another great entry in this fractured fairytale series. My kids love these.
  • Lily (latestreads)
    *Thank you to Penguin Young Readers for providing me with a copy of the book. Please note that all of my thoughts are my honest opinions.A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a sassy, sword loving hamster princess, a suspicious little girl in a red coat, "querk"-y riding quails, and strange weasel-wolves, what could be better?Little Red Rodent Hood is the first Hamster Princess book I have read. I was slightly worried that I wouldn't underst...
  • Becky B
    Princess Harriet is asked to come help a little hamster and her grandmother who live in the woods and are being harassed by weasel-wolves. But when Harriet and Wilbur get to the woods, they find the weasel-wolves not very scary, and one of them even approaches Harriet asking her to keep them safe from another monster in the woods. Weird little girls and were-weasel-wolf-hamsters both asking Princess Harriet for help. What is going on? One thing H...
  • Melanie Dulaney
    Vernon’s Hamster Princess books make me life. The 3rd through 6th grade students reading them will laugh, too, if they stop trying to be so grown up and cool and just enjoy the silliness. But this silliness actually take some thought to catch all the jokes so parents and librarians do not need to dismiss them and simply “fluff and stuff.” And why not take any Vernon Hamster Princess book and match it up its same story in the picture book se...
  • Ames Public Library Youth Services
    I don't know how to properly express my love for Princess Harriet the Invincible. She's the princess we always needed and just didn't know that we did. She rides a battle quail. She fights monsters. She spends a lot of time in this book wishing to be turned into a were weasel-wolf. She's amazing.I definitely recommend this book. A hilarious adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, Harriet and her best friend Wilbur end up traveling into the forest t...
  • Meyari McFarland
    I had no idea this one was out until I spotted it on Amazon. I bought it instantly.Princess Harriet is one of my favorite always-buys. This story was just as wonderful as all the others. Harriet not only gets to do battle (her favorite thing), she also does some problem solving and (maybe) learns a bit.Grey is my new favorite and I hope we see more of him.Highly recommend this entire series!
  • Naomi Ruth
    I pre-ordered this and was so excited when it came in the mail last weekend! Loved it. I laughed multiple times (especially the clown part, ahahahaha). Love the twist on the traditional tale and how it almost has "Hansel and Gretel" elements. So much fun with a great message about not treating people differently because they're "dumb", about making sure to hear the whole story, and about having good friends around who will stop you from becoming ...
  • Kim
    If you haven't had the chance to meet Harriet Hamsterbone, Mumfrey, and Wilbur, make some time. I look forward to these hilarious fairytale retellings and so do my kids (8, 5, and 3). We read these aloud but they would be great for a bridge from chapter books to early middle school reading. We rarely get through a chapter without giggling aloud.
  • Amanda
    Very weird story line. I didn't read this all in one sitting so I had a hard time remembering which characters were were-weasels, weasel-wolves, or were-hamsters and I didn't quite understand why Harriet kept asking to become a were-hamster. I liked the other books in the series better. This book still had some LOL moments in it.
  • Danielle Hammelef
    I have read each book in this series and have loved each one. Harriet is so much fun. I enjoy the illustrations that accompany the text and find myself smiling and laughing out loud at the funny text and comments Harriet makes. I highly recommend this series and can't wait for another Hamster Princess book.
  • Pam
    I generally love this series but this book fell a bit flat for me. It felt too repetitious, that is the same scenes played over and over and then it never came to a solid conclusion. I hope the open ending is a result of book #7! Overall this series has been so strong I am sure to read the next one when it appears!
  • Sandra
    So excited to get an e-arc from edelweiss! (Even though it loaded so slowly i was able to finish a decoupage project waiting for it!)Adorable and clever with a fair dash of moral dilemmas for a fast moving middle grade book. Wonderfully fun and snarky. So many quotable moments, and plenty where I had to stifle a snort. So many kids I want to rec this to once we get it in.
  • Rachael, The Green Tea Librarian
    7 cups of tea out of 11This was another hilarious volume. I continue to enjoy Harriet and Wilbur as characters and their friendship. It was a little predictable though because we know from the beginning that Red is suspicious. For more of my thoughts check out my blog post https://thegreentealibrarian.wordpres...
  • Connie
    This is a really different take on the original. I love the series and the author.Harriet doesn't seem to travel too far from home this time, but still gets into a big predicament that she has to "weasel" her way out of.Enjoy!
  • Mary Catelli
    The return of Princess Harriet! Wielding her sword, saving the day, sometimes even listening to her friend Prince Wilbur's good advice!A little hamster-girl in a red cloak comes to her and asks for her help against weasel-wolves -- there's a great big one that threatens her poor helpless granny.But at the forest things don't add up. It involves physics principles demonstrated by swings, a crayon, the Howl every time the moon returns after a new m...
  • Jennifer
    I loved the dedication: "For all the little girls who grew up wanting to be werewolves." This is a good indication of the tone and humor of this book (and series). It's not a graphic novel, per se. More of a hybrid.
  • John
    Princess Harriet Hamsterbone takes on weasel-wolves, an urchin with hypnotic powers, and shapechangers of various sort in her continuing quest to find things to hit and crush. Unfortunately, nonviolent or at best semi-violent solutions keep turning up...but be strong, Princess!
  • Yapha
    Another great episode in the adventures of Harriet Hamsterbone! Full of adventure, humor, friendship, and a pack of weasel-wolves, this is not to be missed. Highly recommended for grades 1 & up.eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss
  • Vasil Kolev
    The main problem of these books is that they're too short. Otherwise - it was funny, quick to read, has a good story, and left me annoyed that I have to wait a year for the next one. I refuse to accept that I'm somewhat older than the assumed audience.
  • kerrycat
    snarky and adorable - Princess Harriet is devoted to her subjects, focused on doing the right thing by them, but still a sharp-witted and equally sharp-tongued girl who wants adventure and excitement, and is fearless as she pursues both goals. a very entertaining story.
  • Jen
    This is Harriet TO THE MAX! I loved it.
  • Kelly Dalton
    This series is always a delight.