Live Long and...What I Learned Along the Way by William Shatner

Live Long and...What I Learned Along the Way

Star Trek legend and veteran author William Shatner discusses the meaning of life, finding value in work, and living well whatever your age."I have always felt," William Shatner says early in his newest memoir, that "like the great comedian George Burns, who lived to 100, I couldn't die as long as I was booked." And Shatner is always booked.Still, a brief health scare in 2016 forced him to take stock. After mulling over the lessons he's learned, ...

Details Live Long and...What I Learned Along the Way

TitleLive Long and...What I Learned Along the Way
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherThomas Dunne Books
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Media Tie In, Star Trek, Biography Memoir, Audiobook

Reviews Live Long and...What I Learned Along the Way

    Thank you to the publisher St. Martin's Press for providing an advance reader copy via NetGalley.I am an original Trekkie. I fondly recall watching repeats of Star Trek with my Mom on a nightly basis that ended at one in the morning. I also remember helping my older brother dress up like Spock for a Halloween party, diligently creating the golden "Enterprise" symbol that I sewed upon his shirt. To this day, I still make the iconic symbol with my ...
  • Carol
    As a fan of Star Trek, it was interesting to find out about the life of the now 86 year old William Shatner, but somewhat disappointing too as there was so little about his relationship with the cast of the Starship Enterprise and friendship with Leonard Nimoy. One thing is for sure though, this man is a hard worker and talented free rides for him, and it doesn't sound like he's planning to stop anytime soon. He has a great passion for ...
  • Margaret
    Another interesting little book from Bill Shatner. This one looking at what he has learned throughout is long life.Interesting, entertaining, whimsical, and also though provoking.Highly recommended.
  • Regina Mastrogiacomo
    An absolutely wonderful autobiography from a person I have watched on Television for years. It is an uplifting and encouraging view of the world and is right on, at least for me in how I see the world too.I like that he continues to say through the book that this is his opinion and that those who read this book should make up their own minds. I love that he loves to work and enjoy his life and he describes how he does it.Congratulations on a grea...
  • Karen
    Hard to believe that William Shatner is now in his mid 80’s. Love his style, sense of humor, passion and the ability to reinvent himself. He has lived an interesting life and I would love to be able to adopt his philosophy of just saying YES! That small word has opened so many doors for him. Shatner is an inspiration. Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
  • Keith Chawgo
    Live Long and …What I Learned Along the Way is a book that is less autobiographical and more about the lesson of life from the great man himself. Told with empathy and able to keep his tongue firmly in his cheek but with a message that is inspiring and in depth.Although this is not a straight forward autobiography, it does share aspects of his life through the guidance of lessons learned whilst on his journey of life. There are times that the s...
  • ellis
    i like conversational, but even this was too much for me. i'm glad i listened.or am i, because honestly, this book did not appeal. it's definitely a good insight into how depressed and self absorbed he is (and yet, kind. he is all over the place..)it baffles me that he can't see why nimoy stopped talking to him, and while i would like to say it's nice to hear his side of the story, all he did was lament!2 stars instead of 1 bc i didn't hate it, a...
  • Dakota Deady
    I can't say Shatner is the greatest writer, but what he has to say about living well and his career is entertaining and insightful
  • Andrea Stoeckel
    “With age supposedly comes wisdom. I read that a long time ago. But I am now deep into my eightiess and I can with some sadness admit that I know very little. I have gained only enough wisdom to dismiss the belief that wisdom comes with aging. With aging, mostly, comes aches and pains.”William Shatner is 86 years old. He figures between Star Trek and Priceline, he’s easily recognized by 4 generations... not to mention his award winning Twil...
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    Honest open totally revealing.William Shatners personality come shining through just as it does on the screen,Perfrct for all the masses of Shatners fans .
  • Laura Reading
    While not fully a 5 star, this book deserves more than 4 stars. I read a digital copy from Netgalley which may not have been the final copy. There could have been a bit more editing as there were a few repetitious sections, but overall this book left me feeling satisfied.I especially enjoyed the first few chapters. The final chapter, with thoughts on death, could have left me feeling sad but Mr. Shatner managed to bring me back up before the book...
  • Pam
    WOW! What can you say about William Shatner that hasn't already been said? This was a fun book to read. It was laugh out loud funny and there were a few times that I wiped away a tear.My thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Dunne Books for this advanced readers copy.
  • Bookworm Erica
    I won this book as an arc thru goodreads. I was super excited! Overall a really enjoyable book. I haven't read any of his previous work and had no idea about his third wife. The book is actually pretty funny. A very pleasant surprise!! I literally giggled out loud. Some parts of the book seemed to repeat a bit and I skimmed the last chapter. That may just be preference of reader. I'm not a big what about death person. Overall. Very good!!
  • Donna Hines
    William Shatner has a secret he's a workaholic who loves animals especially horses and has been married numerous times over the course of his lifetime.He also has some insight --though he asks we not follow his advice-- as we are all uniquely different.What we can do is leave our mark on the world and show we were here.With age of course comes wisdom and William shows no signs of retiring as he enjoys following his passion.It clearly shows in his...
  • Joe Pranaitis
    Author's William Shanter (Captain or Admiral James T. Kirk) and David Fisher bring us William's latest memoir. With Live long and what I learned along the way we get a glimpse into the life of Actor, Horse breeder and trainer/rider, singer, director, etc. As he faces death with the knowledge that he at one point contracted cancer. he remember's his parents and how they struggled. He gives his thoughts of  everything from making Star Trek V to ho...
  • John
    I enjoyed the book and liked that Bill reads it himself in the audiobook version. There are a few pearls of wisdom in there and it's fun to listen to the many events that shaped his life. He's reaching the end of his life and he's really upbeat about making the most of every day and vigorously living to the fullest which I think is good advice. It's not going to change much in the way I live my life because I already feel that passion about life ...
  • Rod Brown
    Road trip! 2,500-mile round trip taking my daughter to college and driving back alone calls for a whole lot of audiobooks. (5 of 7)Shatner waxes philosophical about life and death at 87. I found nothing real deep or profound here as he bandies about advice and old adages that wouldn't be out of place in Polonius' speech in Hamlet. I probably would have given this two stars in book form, but I'm just a sucker for Shatner's voice, and the audiobook...
  • Daniel Kukwa
    A bit of a pick-and-mix of bromides, anecdotes, and personal thoughts. Some of it feels like daytime talk show material, but on more than one occasion it becomes incredibly poignant...and I would have preferred much more of the latter. A short but easy read, with a side dish of pleasant melancholy.
  • Mollie
    It was a little bit less pontifical than Shatner has always tended to me. I heard him in an interview Friday night and the book was right in front of me at the library, so I read it. He seems genuinely puzzled that Leonard Nimoy wasn't speaking to him when he died - they had been such good close friends. Or so he says. Not anything earth-shattering but a pleasant and quick read.
  • John Wood
    I listened to alternating refrains of "Beam me up Scottie" and "Denny Crane" dancing in my head as I read William Shatner's recollection, reflections, and thoughts on his life and what works for him. I was surprised by his self-effacing style, but not by his wry sense of humor. He admits that he has been very lucky to have the opportunities and experiences that he has. He presented his philosophy of always saying yes, even though many if not most...
  • Jane
    I am not a fan of Shatner. I was handed this book to read by someone who is a fan. I admit I would have given this quick read five stars if not for one thing: Shatner tends to repeat himself. But his ideas, beliefs and philosophies are extremely interesting and enlightening. I was very surprised to find that I agree with almost everything he has to say.I enjoyed this very much.
  • Linda Smith
    William Shatner has, indeed, lived long and prospered so I am more than willing to sit at his feet (hypothetically) and listen to his pearls of wisdom. From Shakespeare to Star Trek to becoming the face of Priceline (with a smooch on the patio from James Spader on the side) the tales are sad, funny and typical Shatner.This was a pleasant read, much like spending time with an eccentric uncle who revisits the highs and lows of his life. Now in his ...
  • David
    I won this book on Goodreads. The best part of the book was that it reminded me of Shatner’s live one man show which is awesome. Unfortunately, it lacks the personal feel of the live show. His personality filtered through the printed word loses a little in translation.
  • Nick Armstrong
    William Shatner is one of my favorite people to listen to.
  • Shirley Eiswerth (Quackenbush)
    Always a fan of Mr Shatner 💙
  • Teena in Toronto
    Everyone knows who William Shatner is ... he is an actor, author, producer and director originally from Montreal. He was in Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Practice, Boston Legal among others. He has been in plays, including the Stratford Festival early in his career. He is also a musician, author, screenwriter and director, celebrity pitchman and owner, trader, breeder and rider of horses.There are ten chapters in this book:1....
  • Lesley
    Shatner shares his heartfelt and emotionally honest lack of wisdom in this funny sweet memior.
  • Lori Quick
    Live Long And... By William Shatner was such a great book. I really enjoyed it. The stories about his life and the things he has done is quite amazing.
  • Suzanne Braam
    I listened to this audiobook and it was very entertaining to hear about Shatner's life lessons along with Star Trek anecdotes. It's the perfect geeky biography. Shatner shares his insights about getting older as well as how he's handled tragedy and grief. He shares about some of the low times in his life and a few of his regrets.