A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1) by Mike Omer

A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)

A chilling thriller of serial murder and dark secrets that will leave you wondering, is the past really in the past?Three Chicago women have been found strangled, embalmed, and posed as if still alive. Doubting the findings of the local PD’s profiler, The FBI calls on forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley to investigate.Zoe quickly gets off on the wrong foot with her new partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray. Zoe’s a hunter, intense and focused; Tatu...

Details A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)

TitleA Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)
Release DateAug 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Crime

Reviews A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)

  • Meredith
    3.5 stars “Corniest serial killer ever.”A Killer’s Mind is an entertaining, easy to read thriller about “the corniest serial killer ever.” This book is full of snarky characters, wacky murderers, and quirky characters (including a cat and fish). Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist who consults for the FBI, has a unique connection to her job. She loves what she does for a living, which allows her to get inside the sick and twisted mind...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    I loved Zoey and Tatum as a team who complete with each other. One of them is methodical, focused, obsessed, rational, as the other one more sensitive, smart, play by the book. I loved to read the upcoming other series which I hope coming sooner that I expected.
  • Dita
    Coffee slugging FBI agent/psychiatrist chases corny, macabre serial killer. I wonder if she'll catch him?Snore.
  • Matt
    My first venture into the world of Mike Omer’s writing will surely not be one I forget. A serial killer novel that flips the genre on its head, Omer keeps the reader guessing throughout, in a piece that loses no momentum the deeper the plot. Dr. Zoe Bentley is an accomplished forensic psychologist with a passion for her work. When she is contracted to consult for the FBI, she leaps at the opportunity, getting neck-deep into a case that has been...
  • Dee Arr
    Like many books in this genre, “A Killer’s Mind” began with a description of the killer at work, putting the finishing touches on his latest conquest. What was refreshing was that author Mike Omer gave us just enough of a taste in the first chapter to entice readers to keep turning pages.The author introduces us to Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist who is good at her job but doesn’t feel she gets the recognition she deserves. Tatum Gre...
  • Joey R.
    4.0 Stars—- I just finished my first book by Mike Omer and for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book tells the story of FBI consultant/psychologist Zoe Bentley and her work assisting the FBI and Chicago police in working the case of a serial killer with the worst nickname ever —-“The Strangling Undertaker.” Bentley is assigned to work the case with FBI agent Tatum Gray, who is an enjoyable cut-up and the antithesis to the no-non...
  • L.A. Starks
    An FBI serial killer book, interesting characters, that I liked for the Chicago setting.Some of the best mystery-thriller Chicago books are authored by Sara Paretsky--suggesting readers start with those if they haven't already read them.
  • Jess☺️
    A Killer's Mind by Mike Omer is a great start to the Zoe Bentley series.The characters in this first book are character's I'm looking forward to reading more about and watching them grow into a fantastic team.It's a dark twisted story with two different killers, one from Zoe's past(who is probably going to be around a while) and a crazy killer who likes embalmed his women It's a fast read that keeps you guessing because there's no clue who it cou...
  • Alaina
    Pretty good but predictable ending.A Killer's Mind was one of those kindle books that jumped at me. Having no idea what it was actually about - I was still intrigued to read it. Yes, I am one of those people who barely reads the synopsis before clicking the book. It usually ends up being a good.. but for the terrible ones. Well, I end up having trust issues with myself.In this book, you will meet Zoe. She basically grew up around murder mysteries...
  • Suze
    A KILLER'S MINDI loved this book, it was my pick of the Kindle First books for July- I did not even have to agonize over the choices this month, loved the brief description.Zoe and Tatum make a great team, albeit not exactly willingly. There is a lot of humor spread throughout the pages making this a fun read even though it's about a serial killer. Looking forward to the next book.
  • Adah Udechukwu
    A Killer's Mind was boom shakalakabambam. It was a fantastic read. Its one of the best thrillers I've read in a while.
  • Lynn (Smile24k)
    I really enjoyed this book! It is one of the most interesting and entertaining books I've read this year. I wish I could give half stars (I find myself wishing this a lot), but this book for me is 4.5 stars. The basic plot isn't anything new, but it was well written and for me it had just the right amount of suspense. There is a serial killer on the loose and the FBI is sent in to assist a police department. Of course the agent is set up to be a ...
  • Fiona
    3.5 stars, really, this was a bit of a rollercoaster of a read - pieces I liked followed by bits that bothered me, all wrapped up into a decent package."Till death do us part" was an unambitious concept at best. True love should ascend beyond that point.A Killer's Mind is the first in a series of FBI/serial killer hunter novels, centering around Zoe Bentley, a civilian consultant to the FBI, and forensic psychiatrist. I'm a bit of a sucker for th...
  • Pat
    This was good, really good. Seriously good. I don't even like the synopsis, maybe I didn't read it. But I did read the book.
  • Jim
    3.5 starsThis story left me with mixed feelings. This is one of my favorite genres. In this story a serial killer is on the loose and terrorizing the citizens of Chicago. But here the writing often felt juvenile. The characters and dialog unrealistic. At one point the Chicago police are close to capturing “The Strangling Undertaker.” They put up roadblocks and are stopping every vehicle. The killer gets stopped. The police officer shines a fl...
  • ChopinFC
    full review...A Killer's Mind was easily one of the most 'surprise-reads' I've read all year! The book is a real page turner, and I can't recommend it enough for all suspense-murder-thriller lovers!The book came to me as a freebie with 'prime book of the month', and I literally picked it up in a whim! You know they say never judge a book by its cover or title...but that's exactly what I did! The book tells the tale of 'Zoe' a forensic psychologis...
  • Ruthy lavin
    A really well written crime thriller with an original concept, I sailed through it and have already pre-ordered part 2!Something very Silence of the Lambs about it - which is praise indeed. Edge of your seat stuff, believable, gripping, a great read.
  • Ceecee
    Rating between 1 and 2 stars. This was Amazon Kindle First and thankfully free. It never ceases to amaze me when there are so many really good authors out there that many of these offerings are so second rate. This was like a tepid version of Criminal Minds and should therefore with serial killer material have been exciting. It was about as exciting as watching paint dry. The prose was often turgid and so full of unnecessary detail that it bored ...
  • Melissa Carlson
    Are you serious?!I was enjoying this book up until the end it went downhill quickly. In what world would a doctor that is untrained in hostage situations decide that running into a crime scene and stripping was a good idea. Seriously?! The entire situation would have never worked. Zoe would have never been a suitable replacement for his current victim as she was badly beaten from a previous altercation. The author basically contradicted his entir...
  • Laurie Buchanan
    I didn't "like" A KILLER'S MIND by Mike Omer, I LOVED it! Hooks. Cliffhangers. And an incredible twist (or seven) kept me riveted to the pages—with a blanket nearby to hide under when it got too intense!
  • Lady Delacour
    Really liked the beginning. Then the story took on a perverted unclean feeling. To much 12 year old boy junior high mentality. Listened with TTS. Not Clean. Crude and Foul Language.
  • Kylie H
    I picked this up on Kindle First and had no expectations of it. This was an intriguing story about a serial killer who tries to embalm his victims to keep them with him as long as possible.Zoe is a psychologist who is working as a profiler with the FBI. She met her first killer at the age of fourteen, but no one took her seriously. As she gets closer to this current killer she starts to see a connection from the person who got away from her when ...
  • Anastasia
    A Killer's Mind by Mike Omer is the first book in the Zoe Bentley Mystery series. FBI consultant fornsic psychologist Zoe Bentley joins special agent Tatum Gray in the hunt for a serial killer who is embalming his victims and posing them. She is also receiving envelopes with links to murders from her childhood. I loved this book. Zoe and Tatum make a great team and I hope that they stay together. It was interesting to read of Zoe's past and how s...
  • Robyn
    Zoe Bentley, a civilian forensic psychologist for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is pulled into a murder investigation along with Tatum Gray, recently assigned to Quantico from the Los Angeles Field office. There is a killer embalming women in the Chicago area and so far there are no suspects and no leads. It is up to Zoe and Tatum to lead the local police on the right track to finding the killer. But, when Zoe gets too close to the investi...
  • Patiscynical
    What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground..This was my Amazon First choice for July. Zoe Bentley is a forensic psychiatrist who is a civilian consultant for the BAU. She has been fascinated by serial killers since coming into contact with one, when she was fourteen. Agent Tatum Gray was just 'promoted' to Quantico from L.A., after making too many waves. Tatum and Zoe are sent to Chicago to consult with police about a bizarre serial ki...
  • Sláinte Wanderlust
    I started this book without reading the reviews or other works by the author. It was recommended via kindle unlimited to me. I read a lot of books, 300+ a year so I do love when I get a new author suggestion. A few chapters in to the book I was concerned that I had already read it and forgot to mark it but I continued anyways, Thank goodness i did! It has some parallels with a book I have read before but it is definitely unique. I loved the writi...
  • E. H. Nathasia
    My new favourite series! Will definitely get the rest in the Zoe Bentley Mystery.
  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    I didn't love this Kindle First book, but I didn't hate it, either. I am on the fence as about reading the next book (thank you Mike Omer/Amazon for making it clear this was the first in a series).The majority of this book is set in present day, but there are a few chapters that take place in 1997, when Zoe is a teen and there have been multiple killings in her small town. I actually liked those chapters the most, because Zoe seems to have a lot ...
  • Stacey mann
    A killers mind is an amazing thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. I love that the story is told from all points of view, from Zoe Bentley (profiler), the FBI agent, to the killer and even the victims, this give a truly excellent and well rounded account of the crimes and detective work. I feel this is how all thrillers, crime, and mysteries should be written. I found the characters endearing and made you care what was going to...