The Bone Garden by Heather Kassner

The Bone Garden

“Remember, my dear, you do not really and truly exist.”Made of dust and bone and imagination, Irréelle fears she’s not quite real. Only the finest magical thread tethers her to life—and to Miss Vesper. But for all her efforts to please her cruel creator, the thread is unraveling. Irréelle is forgetful as she gathers bone dust. She is slow returning from the dark passages beneath the cemetery. Worst of all, she is unmindful of her crooke...

Details The Bone Garden

TitleThe Bone Garden
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherHenry Holt and Co. (BYR)
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal

Reviews The Bone Garden

  • Toni
    What a flight of imagination! A truly original story. Spooky, scary, perfect for a camp cabin or a sleepover story sharing.I loved the protagonist of the Bone Garden, aptly named Irréelle (' Unreal'). Made of bone dust and her creator's magic imagination, Irreelle is courageous, loving, and loyal. The beginning might scare you because it takes place in underground tunnels under a graveyard, and Irreelle is on her mission to collect (extract) bon...
  • Hannah Greendale
    DNF at page 88. Intriguing idea from a debut author, but comparisions made to Neil Gaiman's work are too great a stretch of the imagination. Tried to push through this one but couldn't get past the clumsy writing.
  • Lily ☁️
    The Bone Garden is an atmospheric, haunting, and wondrous tale that conjures up memories of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, as well as Victoria Schwab’s City of Ghosts, and leaves a trail of goosebumps on your skin, as you follow the main character Irréelle through winding underground tunnels, and a graveyard even eerier than you’d expect.Irréelle’s existence, as her creator Miss Vesper never lets her forget, is made up entirely of bone dust an...
  • Kai
    All I want is for this to become a stop motion horror film á la Coraline.I knew from the very first page that The Bone Garden was going to be special. It immediately pulled me into a sinister world of dark magic, evil caretakers, and cemeteries brimming with shadows. The first few chapters set a hair-raising atmosphere, one that I hoped would be maintained until the final pages, but feared that it would crumble sooner than later. And I wasn't wr...
  • Aly (In Wonderland)
    “Remember, my dear, you do not really and truly exist.” If you ever wondered what would happen if Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton had a baby, then look no further. Heather Kassner’s debut The Bone Garden is a deliciously twisted middle grade tale of a girl who doesn’t truly exist and her quest to become something more. Irréelle has known nothing but Miss Vesper and the bone garden for as long as she can remember. One day she was nothing, and...
  • Gabrielle Byrne
    I was so thrilled (and lucky) to have the opportunity to read an early version of THE BONE GARDEN. In Irreelle, Kassner has built a heroine who is both eerie and sympathetic, hypnotic and disturbing. The way Miss Vesper wields her cold power is on par with the Mother from CORALINE, or the Father in MONSTROUS. Readers who love Neil Gaiman, Marcy Kate Connolly, or Jonathan Auxier are going to love THE BONE GARDEN. The writing is lyrical. The settin...
  • Joan He
    It's been a longgg time since I've read any MG but Heather's book brought back all the creepy yet heartfelt elements I loved in old timers such as Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket's books. The writing feels classic yet perennial, the atmosphere so rich that you can smell the mold of the graveyard's underbelly but also the fine tea laced with vanilla, and the characters were so sympathetic. Irreelie's wishes and fears are clear yet complex, and I lov...
  • Amélie Zhao
    I've had the absolute privilege of reading an early copy of this, and ... wow. Let me first say that I have not read a middle grade book for about ten years. But THE BONE GARDEN grabbed me from the very first chapter and would not let go.Heather writes with a gentle magic and breathtaking beauty, and it's the exact sort of fragile, hopeful feeling that we get from the main character, Irreélle (a beautiful name meaning "unreal" or "surreal" in Fr...
  • Kelly Coon
    If Tim Burton and Lewis Carroll and the Grimm brothers wrote a book about a misfit girl, THE BONE GARDEN would be it. Only it was the brilliant Heather Kassner who composed this gift. I was hooked from page one, and could not shake myself loose through the rest of the story. It read like a fairy tale full of dark magic and eerie delights (THE HAND!!!!!!), but the sweetness of the off-kilter MC and the fiery spirit inside of her when she realizes ...
  • Marie
    An entertaining, unique tale overall :) Full review coming soon!Thank you to Titan Books for sending me a review copy of this book. This did not, in any way, influenced my thoughts and rating. My Blog - Drizzle & Hurricane Books - Twitter - Bloglovin'
  • Toya
    Do not be fooled by the middle grade genre, this beautifully dark story is chocked full of horror, despair, adventure, and hope.The story begins with Irréelle raiding coffins to gather more bone dust for Miss Vesper. Miss Vesper is Irréelle’s creator, and she makes some of the vilest villains seem like a walk in the park. She is unbelievably cruel, constantly reminding Irréelle that she is not real and can be returned to the bone dust from w...
  • Chloe
    This was a charming little spooky middle grade tale. It was an easy and quick read, and while it didn't blow me away, I would recommend it for its target audience who want something a little dark and unusual to read!
  • Museofnyxmares
    *I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinion.The synopsis for The Bone Garden sounded so good and the cover was so striking, that I immediately wanted to pick it up and I’m so glad that I did. This was honestly such a great middle grade story, that can be enjoyed by all ages. It had a depth to it that older readers can appreciate, but it was still a story that was not over complicated and was just...
  • Joanna Meyer
    Lovely, lyrical, and creepy, but in a cozy kind of way. Lovely, lyrical, and creepy, but in a cozy kind of way. 🖤🖤🖤
  • Jenni
    I have to tell you, I absolutely love this eerie, odd tale. It’s the kind of book I would love to have read when I was younger – the main character is odd and unique and brave and seeks approval until she realises that she is strong and brave and doesn’t need approval, she is real and she matters. I feel a real connection to Irréelle and the story is so much richer because of that connection. So many of us are, in some way, seeking approva...
  • Katie Zhao
    Guys, trust me, you are not ready for Heather Kassner's THE BONE GARDEN. I devoured it in one sitting and I already can't wait to re-read it. This is one of those classic books that you know you will return to again and again, just to relive the magic of the world and characters and writing. Heather masterfully spins the dark tale of Irreelle and Miss Vesper in THE BONE GARDEN. Not only is the world of graveyard tunnels so vivid and haunting (fan...
  • Gita Trelease
    Step into THE BONE GARDEN, where skeletons await, old houses hold dark secrets, and magic abounds. Irréelle spends her days venturing into creepy underground tunnels to gather bone dust for the mysterious Miss Vesper’s magic. All the while she longs for friendship and the chance to becomes something more than a girl made of dust and imagination: she wishes to be made real. But as the story unfurls, Irréelle finds she may have gotten more than...
  • Jodie Lynn Zdrok
    Heather Kassner's THE BONE GARDEN is beautifully haunting and spookily poignant. It has the feel of a classic, rewarding on many levels from start to finish. I absolutely loved this book!With elegant, nuanced prose and an inviting MG voice, Kassner paints a world that's simultaneously dark and hopeful. The characters are distinct and memorable (wait until you meet The Hand--so well done!), and Irréelle will clasp your heartstrings from the first...
  • Gabriela Pop
    3.5/5Such a wonderful, quirky, eerie little book! Dark, touching and just mysterious enough to keep you engaged, I think this one is definitely one that fans of Neil Gaiman's middlegrade-reading fans should be on the lookout for; it definitely gave me the Graveyard Book feels that I went into it looking for. I absolutely fell for Irréelle in no time and was rooting for her and wishing for her wellbeing since the very beginning and following her ...
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    This book has a gorgeously evocative atmosphere, very similar to Gaiman’s Coraline. It was a wonderful MG read, but frankly I just wasn’t in the mood for it? I just couldn’t get invested. But even so, I know the setting balanced cleverly between gothic and spooky, and the characters were fascinating. If you like MG horror/gothic things, this is one for you.*I see the US editions has illustrations (?) but the UK edition doesn’t and I feel ...
  • Lillian Clark
    I had the incredible fortune to read Heather Kassner's debut THE BONE GARDEN early, and wow, what a beautiful book. The writing is lyrical and gorgeous. The story is both macabre and sweet. I fell in love with Ireelle, who is so perfectly imperfect. If you're a fan of Gaiman's GRAVEYARD BOOK and CORALINE, add THE BONE GARDEN to your tbr now! You will not be disappointed.
  • No One
    Beautifully haunting and compelling book my heart was hooked from the first page. I honestly couldn’t get enough I hope the author writes more books like this in the future.
  • Kate (beautifulbookland)
    The Bone Garden is a middle grade book, which I didn’t know going into it, and also kind of didn’t know when I finished it either. I usually associate middle grade books with really childish and silly writing, and so I usually try to avoid it – think Diary of a Wimpy Kid.I’m happy to report that this book is nothing like Diary of a Wimpy Kid; it is breathtaking and beautiful and completely and utterly creepy, and I absolutely loved it. Th...
  • Addie Thorley
    This book is SO delightful! It's creepy and whimsical with some of the most gorgeous writing I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Kassner's descriptions paint such vivid pictures that really bring Miss Vesper's house and both the under and over side of the graveyard to life. The fabulous characters absolutely leap off the page. I adored Irreelle and her group of bone-and-dust misfits, and I was ardently cheering them on as they learned to lov...
  • Alyssa
    Was this book somehow written just for me? It has everything I love: magic, mystery, a sentient hand (!), friendship, and an utterly ghoulish atmosphere. Heather Kassner does such a remarkable job of balancing the spookiness of the story with heartfelt characters and deep sadness with great hope. Irréelle is a sweet and enchanting heroine that you'll want to follow into the dark and out the other side into the light. An imaginative and original ...
  • Mila
    3,5 starsThis book had a ton of original and creepy ideas plus the writing was beautiful but the execution was lacking in a lot of ways. The characters weren't very developed and the plot was agonizingly slow sometimes for such a short book. Overall, it was worth a try but I'm still a bit diappointed.
  • Alex (PaperbackPiano)
    This was a delightful read perfect for the run-up to Halloween and I definitely agree with the comparisons to Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book! There was a wonderful sense of atmosphere from the very beginning.Some of this atmosphere did fade out a little as the book progressed; I found that the action began to take more of a focus. Something about the story made it feel more middle-grade in tone than the young adult it was billed as. Not that ...
  • Kelly deVos
    A richly plotted fantasy perfect for fans of Coraline and Tim Burton. The writing here has a special, almost ornate feel and I feel in love with Irréelle from the first page. This is a stunning debut that also includes gorgeous illustrations.
  • Gemma
    I was gifted a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for review. When I requested a copy of this one from the publisher I wasn't aware it was a middle grade story. I was just really drawn in by the synopsis but it being a middle grade I think really aided in my enjoyment. It fit really well with the story and the author did a great job at making it appeal to both children and adults. I really enjoyed this story. It was quite macabre an...