Robbie (Confessions, #1) by Ella Frank

Robbie (Confessions, #1)

Relationships are complex.Love ever-changing.And when it comes to rules of the heart,they were made to be broken…That’s what Robert Antonio Bianchi was telling himself, anyway.Otherwise, he really had no excuse for what—or who—he’d done.No excuse, except for his lonely heart, a pitcher of margaritas, four Bitter Bitches, and the apparent need to confess all his weaknesses to the two men he knew would bring him nothing but trouble.But tr...

Details Robbie (Confessions, #1)

TitleRobbie (Confessions, #1)
Release DateMar 7th, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Menage, M M M, Contemporary

Reviews Robbie (Confessions, #1)

  • Wendy
    I absolutely loved the "Temptation" series and I have been a big fan of Robbie, since he was introduced in "Try". I loved how he loved Logan, and I enjoyed his teasing ways ,when it came to Tate. But what I really wanted for him, was to find someone to call his own.... and boy did he !!He didn't just find someone though....he found two someones ;)Those of you, who have read the last book in the Temptation series, already know Julian "The Prick"...
  • Shile
    Audiobook Review6++++++++stars for the AudioCharlie David was:He brought the characters to life. I loved Priest's deep commanding voice 😊, Julien's French and Robbie's sassiness. This is the best MMM Erotica romance ever. *******************************************************Book Review5++++++++++++++++++++++ stars “Smile, mon cher petit. You make everything that's dark fade to nothing when you smile.” Warning: This is Gushing I call re...
  • Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth
    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG “Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you." Confession (nope, no pun): I have never read MMM. Heck I don't read MMF or MFM all that much. It's the idea of one person usually being added to an established relationship. It makes it difficult for me to believe that all partners in a three-way relationship are equally well loved and there is no imbalance and one of them is left...
  • *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time
    I think I loved this one even more the second time around. Bumping up to 4.5 Stars! And now I reaaaaaally can’t wait for Julien’s book!!! 4 Stars!I haven't read Ella Frank in awhile. And while I really loved the first two books of the Temptation series, by the third I was kind of over it. The fact that it ended up being 6 books....#overkillSo, with that being said I didn't know who Robbie was. Truth be told I found him a bit bratty throughout...
  • Meags
    4.5 StarsI doubted it would ever happen, yet here I am, shocked stupid by how much I found myself enjoying a romance that revolved around three men forming a committed polyamorous relationship. Trust Ella Frank to be the one to knock me on my ass and win me over with a theme that previously (and repeatedly) just hasn’t proved to be “my thing.”She made me root for Robbie, Julien and Priest, and the burgeoning relationship they were tentative...
  • Jen
    ****4.5 Stars!!!!****It seems like it has been a long time since I devoured a book... this book written by Ella Frank... captured my attention and then some! I couldn’t put it down if my life depended on it! It also has been ages since I have read a m/m romance!!! “Robbie” is a m/m story and it involves three men and an unconventional situation!Apparently Julien, Priest, and Robbie were introduced in Logan and Tate’s series, and because o...
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰
    This is my first Ella Frank and it sent me into the reading bat cave. There's not a much higher compliment I can give than that.However, if you are like me and have not read the Temptation series, be prepared to be a little off kilter. Priest, Julien and Robbie seemingly were all introduced in that series and have history, which made me feel at a disadvantage. I was able to glean some but I now feel I need to backtrack and read that series to ful...
  • * A Reader Obsessed *
    4.5 Stunned (but I should know better) Stars!!Most people who know me know that I like my romance pretty staid. That doesn’t mean boring. I like it just as sexy and explicit as the next person but when it comes to a dynamic that involves more than 2 people, that doesn’t automatically float my boat. At all.Whelp. I’m eating my own words because Ella Frank is pretty much a freaking genius. She made me accept a married couple who is very much ...
  • Sanaa
    5 stars. "Regrets only happen when you aren't brave enough to try something new..." My heart. Holy Jesus. Don't read this in public, guys. LOLI've been waiting for Robbie to get his book for the longest time, since I met him in the Temptation Series. You also meet Julien and Priest in those books as well. If you've read those books you also know that this is a M/M/M series.And I couldn't have loved this book more if I tried. "You looked go...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We're back in the world of our darlings Logan & Tate! Well, not really - this is a spin-off thingy, but we all met and fell for Robbie & Priest & Julien in the Temptation series ....If you haven't read TRY & TAKE & TRUST & TEASE & TATE & TRUE you should definitely do it!!(it's not necessary to understand this, buy why would you want to miss meeting those guys? Huh? READ THOSE BOOKS!!!!☺)Robbie!The little barkeeper troublemaker who was in love w...
  • Jan
    Hawt as fuck but hey, it's Ella Frank ;-)
  • Elsbeth
    Sue me, I read it again...*********************************************** First read; 2018 March 1 ”Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you.” ~~ RobbieI have always loved Robbie in the Temptation Series . His humor and his infatuation of Logan was adorable. So I was so excited him getting his own series. And what a surprise it was, learning Robbie would be in a MMM relationship.I...
  • Erth
    Confessions: Robbie was an interesting concept. I wasn’t expecting what I got, but I enjoyed the ride it took me on, and I’m looking forward to continuing this crazy journey with Robbie, Julien, and Priest.
  • Claude
    4,5 stars!!! This book is so good. I was so impatient to read this!! Since the first scene I’ve met Priest i was so curious about him. This handsome new lawyer, so arrogant but so fun and also attaching. When I saw him with Robbie: all fire and all flames I was becoming impatient to see them together! But you know if you’ve read Tate and Logan’s story that it would be so hard to “beat” them (in my heart) or to be as good as them. These ...
  • Chris
    I loved it - loved everything about it. Robbie, Julian & Priest. This was a beautiful transition from Tate & Logan’s books and seamlessly moved into the continuing story of their lives. Robbie finally found the courage to contact Julian and both he and Priest came to collect the extremely drunk Robbie from a club. The story unfolds and the relationship develops. The chemistry was off the charts and while tame ( more often than not ) there was a...
  • Christelle
    **3.5 stars** Spin-off of the Temptation series from Ella Frank, this new series is about Robbie and his lust for Julian, a cook who appeared on a TV show and that Robbie met a couple weeks ago at a party but didn’t originally pursued when he realized Julian is married to Priest, a lawyer Robbie knows but doesn’t get along with so well (although me protest too much !!).However, Julian and Priest didn’t hide the fact that they are looking fo...
  • Dia
    4,5 starsThe first book in the Confessions series was extremely HOT!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I've been super curious about Robbie's story ever since I've read the Temptation series. And this one didn't dissappoint! Joel and Julien are a perfect couple, but they needed Robbie and well they finally got him. Julien was so sexy with his French accent and easy going personality, but I was more curious about Joel Priest. He's so hard to read... I was dying for ...
  • Lost in a Book
    4.5 "holy shit that was hot" StarsBuckle up Y’all, this is going to be another gushfest. It’ll also be a quick and dirty summary of all the things I had heart eyes for while reading (and only one that threw me off). I had a lot of love for PRIEST, Julien, and Robbie. *let the gushing begin*I LOVE that cover. Robbie is so freakin' beautiful!!I LOVE these broken characters. All of them. Priest hit all my yes, please- every day and twice on Sund...
  • Cadiva
    Full review tomorrow when my Kindle isn't in danger of exploding from the heat!When Robbie Bianchi appeared in Ella Frank's Temptation Series he was one of those side characters who caught my attention and when Joel Priestley, aka Priest came onto the scene a few books later, the sparks were electric.The UST in this book is palpable, it oozes off each page as Robbie aka the Princess, Priest and his husband Julien aka The Prick, dance around each...
  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    I have to wait until May for the next book?!?!? Noooooooo!!! I need it now.Reread 3/29/2018 bumped up to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because I’ve already read it again.Reread 8/11/2018 I needed a little Robbie after a long weekReread 10/30/2018Reread 1/16/2019 there can never be enough Robbie.Reread 10/10/2019 i adore Robbie so much. I truly hate that the audio for this didn’t live up to the book. It would have been on constant repeat.Comf...
  • Bati
    💜💜💜Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you.💜💜💜I love Priest, the Prick and the Princess. That was delicious. 💜💜💜Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you.💜💜💜I love Priest, the Prick and the Princess. That was delicious.
  • CaRo
    OMG how cute are these three :)When I started this book I was not sure if I will like it because I normally don't like threesomes that much. But as a lot of my GR friends reviewed Robbie this good I had to give it a try. I am a sucker for the bad tempered guys which you not get from the beginning so Priest is it for me in this book but also Julien and Robbie himself are loveable and greatly written. You can see them in front of you while reading ...
  • monika
    *2,75 stars*quite hot but not sure I’ll read the next one instalmenttoo sweet and too little plot
  • Eugenia
    3.5 Stars...It was really hard to read this spin-off of the Temptation series without craving Logan and Tate. Maybe it would have earned more stars without that unfair comparison. As it was, the extra .5 Star I gave the book was simply because it was connected to my favorite MM couple of all time (although, Ty and Zane give them a run for the money).As the title states, this one focuses on Robbie, who we met in Try as the saucy, flirty barista wh...
  • Helen
    Actually , more like 4.5 stars .
  • Snow
    Hawt damn...Ella Frank the creator of my fave M&M (yeah, i did it on purpose😂) couple , Logan & Tate brought another hawt sexy drama between Priest ( aka hardass lawyer Priestly), The Princess (aka Robbie) and The Prick (aka Julien Thorton), a married couple who wanted/needed a person to fulfill each of their inner missing parts, and they found it in Robert 'Robbie' Bianchi.But of course, besides the thrilling sex, they each have a baggage and...
  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    *****5 Three Men for the price of One Stars*****I do not know how Ella Frank does it but every time I start one of her books she puts me under a spell, she has me hooked so much so that even when I am not reading about her sexy men I find myself thinking about them and I cannot wait to get back to my kindle, I read this in under 4 DAYS and for me this is FAST.I loved every second of Confessions: Robbie, I have read one other series like this when...
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA hot sexy male-male-male menage!!! Ummm...yes, please!!! Ella Frank has me grinning from ear to ear as this book was just everything. Yes, this may not be your typical love story since it involves a married couple that welcomes Robbie with open arms. Honestly, it may take some adjusting to the concept of a threesome but don’t fret Ella Frank works her erotic magic as she makes the sexual c...
  • Lorraine Lesar
    This wasn’t a Threesome, it was a Completesome.The 3 P’s - The Prick, The Preist and The Princess.The Prick: Yep, Ella had me laughing even at the synopsis. We all knew who she was talking about - the one who was going to have a cactus named after him because he was such a prick. Or was he....The Priest: Always ready to take a Confession - of the legal kind. Stoic, with a strong tendency towards selective Dickism, but never for his husband, T...