From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

From Lukov with Love

If someone were to ask Jasmine Santos to describe the last few years of her life with a single word, it would definitely be a four-letter one.After seventeen years—and countless broken bones and broken promises—she knows her window to compete in figure skating is coming to a close.But when the offer of a lifetime comes in from an arrogant idiot she’s spent the last decade dreaming about pushing in the way of a moving bus, Jasmine might have...

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TitleFrom Lukov with Love
Release DateFeb 1st, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Sports, Contemporary Romance

Reviews From Lukov with Love

  • Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️
    Have you ever seen the amazing 1992 movie that was The Cutting Edge?No?Well, I loved this movie growing up. LOVED it.ADORED it. So much in fact that I had it on VHS - for you youngun's, that was like a big tape cassette that played movies. Oh wait, young people might not know what a tape cassette is either. Here's a visual:Those were the days, folks. Such amazing clarity...Such clear and concise user instructions...But anyrewind, as I was saying....
  • Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰
    "If I can’t skate with you, I don’t want to skate with anyone else.” Well this is awkward...This started off as a solid 4 star read for me, and it all went downhill from there. Not to say that this was not a fun read - because it was. I was just expecting more*ahem* Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to one of the slowest slow burns in the history of slow burns. ____________ Here's what I think's going to happen This was a unique...
  • A.
    I give up.And I feel like a traitor. Maybe one day, many, many years from now, when I retire, I will decide to finish this book while I wait for my georgeous future grandkids to wake up from their midday nap. Maybe.Not today, though. The thing is, right now I don’t have time nor patience for this story and this heroine. I can't spend one more second in her head.When you've got a lot of shit going on in your real life, you don’t need annoying ...
  • Bibi
    A conversation between ignorant Bibi and slightly less ignorant Bibi, let's call them B1 and B2B1: Five stars? Really? After all the bitching and moaningB2: *smiles at her e-reader*B1: But you hated Jasmine at the beginningB2: *widens smile*B1: You also said and I quote "what kind of fuckery is this? No 30-yr-old man speaks like this"B2: *ignores bitch1 B1*B1: *wrings hands* dislike slow burn romanceB2: *casts a pitying look at B1*B1: ...
  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    5 stars!Review at Of Pens and Pages.I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. Make way, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Kulti, From Lukov with Love is joining you in my 're-read all over and over and over again' pile. This book had Mariana Zapata's signature slow burn that I can't get enough, characters I can't help but absolutely love, and fantastic banter that made me laugh out loud, all the while set in a sport world I don't usually encounter in romance novels (I...
  • Christy
    4.25 stars!!! I am obsessed with Mariana Zapata's audio books. I'm kind of just obsessed with her books, period, but I love listening to them. They have the amazing narration and make my heart happy. From Lukov with Love was the best enemies to lovers/friends to lovers/slowburn/sports romance. Ivan Lukov and Jasmine Santos have been in the same ice skating circuit for many years. Not only that, but Jasmine's best friend is Ivan's sister. Still,...
  • jessica
    i have seen nothing but good things about mariana zapata, so i was really excited to finally read one of her books. and knowing that this was a goodreads finalist in the romance category only got me even more hyped. so maybe my expectations were a little too high because ughhh! this was a massive let down. and thats mainly because i wouldnt consider this a romance book (which is what i was in the mood for). i honestly would just call it contempor...
  • Chloe
    4.5 starsA slow burn hate to love SPORTS ROMANCE!? UGH! This was everything.
  • Tweebs♥️ (hiatus)
    ✨4.5 stars✨ “My mom said I had serious trust issues, but honestly, the more people I met, the more I didn’t want to meet.” I don't know what's more sad:1) finishing this book2) my love life3) or this gif If I were to become the Prime Minister of Canada; every citizen will be required to read all of Mariana Zapata's books. I heard reading at least one book written by Mariana Zapata will clear your skin, make you hear colors, bring wor...
  • Snow
    So, on Feb 2, 2018, I HAVE SAID:on Feb 3, 2018, I'm kinda speechless...This was the fastest long slow burn romance book I have read by Mariana Zapata, and I have read them, i would know *wink*This was as equally or even more beautiful as the rest of her stories, but more closely this story is closer to the cult status KULTI & The Wall of Winnipeg and me have in my heart.And most of all, after reading it, I feel this tremendous joy and fu...
  • bella farren
    5/5 starsreread:06/06/1804/01/1927/06/19reread comment 27/06/19: instead of studying for my exam, I fell into a youtube black hole of figure skating videos, which of course meant I had to reread this. So there you go, an insight into my unfailing thought process. it's no real surprise that I loved this one, although I did go into it a little more apprehensive than I usually do with MZ books. I knew nothing about figure skating other than I wasn't...
  • lucie
    1st re-read... and I fell in love with Ivan Lukov once again. 💚***I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! 'No shit.' From Lukov with Love is hate-to-love story about Jasmine and Ivan that features figure skating. You can feel the hate between those two from the beginning. They throw sarcastic and hateful notes at each other like it would be an olympic sport. But in pair (figure) skating you have to trust your partner if you want to win and they both k...
  • N.
    "If I had to choose anyone to help me bury a body, eat dinner with, or watch television with, it would be you, every time for everything." MY HEART IS SO FULL.I have laughed, cried, fumed, cringed, swooned, and had every other reaction in between while I was reading this book. Mariana Zapata has been so good to me - gracing me with such wonderful writing - that I actually feel guilty that my first impression of this story and these characters ...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    3.75 Stars Mariana Zapata gifts an ice skating slow burn romance. This novel does deliver on the banter, family, puppies, however for me fell a bit short feeling the love. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining read! 3.75 Stars Mariana Zapata gifts an ice skating slow burn romance. This novel does deliver on the banter, family, puppies, however for me fell a bit short feeling the love. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining read!
  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    First things first, if you love slow burns, you know Zapata is your go to. And this book will definitely leave you with a burn. I burned. Holy shit did I burn reading this book. I not only burned for the love, I burned to get Ivan’s POV. I wanted in his head so fricken badly. Again slowwww burn... We are gifted with getting to know the ever lovely and beautiful lost soul of Jasmine. She’s a professional Ice Skater that hasn’t had luck on he...
  • Lucia
    I love slow burn romances and I was looking forward to reading this novel. Then surprise happened. Not only whole story was too slow, but there was no burn and definitely no romance for almost whole book. To say the truth, real romance didn’t start until last 15% of the book. I expected enemies-to-lovers trope and hot chemistry but all I got was not so special, slow-paced self-discovery story with juvenile banters and distant romantic undertone...
  • Irina
    This was one of the best enemies to lovers book that I read. I have no words to discribe it. Even though the slow burn romance killed me the last chapters were amazing. If you like this kind of books I highly recommend this one.
  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    Love to me was honesty. Being real. Knowing someone’s best and worst. Love was a push that said someone believed in you when you didn’t. Love was effort and time. Story 🌟🌟🌟🌟Jasmine hates quitting. But she’s alone now. Her partner and her coach left her some time ago. It’s hard training for partner skating if you don’t have a partner.She thinks that maybe she doesn’t have a choice. She needs to give up. But then her frenem...
  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳
    ⭐️⭐️ 2 STARS ⭐️⭐️ From Lukov With Love was... like : The Wall of Winnipeg and Me—on ice, Wait For Me—on ice,Kulti—on ice. And Kulti was my least favorite book by Zapata.From Lukov With Love wasn’t necessarily bad, just a copy carbon of situations and scenes from the author's previous books, only transposed to the figure skating world.There were really golden moments in From Lukov with Love , the banter and bickering ...
  • ✰ Liz ✰
    “We both know you love me.” From Lukov with Love is a unique sports romance with complex characters and a lot of heart! With love and skating in the mix, what could be better? “Give me all your competition dates in advance. It’ll be the Hunger Games on ice. I’ll buy everyone in the family front row seats,” Jasmine Santos is a competitive skater who has spent her whole life striving to be the best. When her partner suddenly drops ...
  • EmBibliophile
    4.25 starsMarian zapata has taught me patience and discipline. I feel like a well trained dog who has to be such a good little puppy to get his treats."Because I’m okay with you having ten other people be your favorite. But you’re always going to be my favorite person,” he finished. “Always. No matter what.”This was an enjoyable enemies to lovers story that got me so hooked! I loved jasmine’s family and her relation with them so much....
  • jaime ⭐️
    ➽ book 29 out of 100jasmine santos is a snarky little bitch and i love for my reading romances video on youtube! youtube ❀ twitter ❀ instagram ➽ book 29 out of 100jasmine santos is a snarky little bitch and i love for my reading romances video on youtube! youtube ❀ twitter ❀ instagram
  • chan ☆
    “Because I’m okay with you having ten other people be your favorite. But you’re always going to be my favorite person. Always, no matter what.” CUE THE BIG SLOPPY TEARS. I fucking loved this. I can understand why people don’t love it, Jas can be annoying and this was a true slow burn.But damn if I didn’t relate to Jas’ passion and her attitude and her need for support and validation. And it didn’t help that Ivan’s quotes were ba...
  • Warda
    I'm considering myself confused here. I wanted to fall in love with this book, because who doesn't love a slow-burn romances?! I was expecting something along the lines of ACOMAF or The Hating Game, but the characters and the plot had little substance and neither was their relationship convincing to me. It took place in a span of a year (I think) and jumped from season to season. Was that meant to be the slow-burn aspect? I mean, this is close to...
  • Riley
    the romance in this book was so slow burn it literally gave me a stomach ache.
  • Kristen
    THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING. It's 2am and I just need to share my love for another fantastic Mariana Zapata book. “If I had to choose anyone to help me bury a body, eat dinner with, or watch television with, it would be you, every time for everything.” “Are you two ever going to get along?” Ivan said, “Yes” at the same time I said, “No,” giving him a dirty-ass look as I said it. I absolutely LOVED IT. I was nev...
  • Effy
    My exams have finally come to an end and I can hopefully read more. I thank Mariana Zapata for keeping me highly entertained during my exams.The book bears an uncanny resemblance to the movie "A Cutting Edge". I kept picturing the two main actors as the movie's protagonists while I was reading the book.Jasmine and Ivan are forced to collaborate by becoming figure skating partners, although they seem to be unable to be in the same room or breathe ...
  • Evgeny
    Jasmine Santos was a very talented hard-working dedicated figure skater. She was good enough to perform on the national level, but was never able to win anything. Not even close. I think I know the reason: she was in the wrong competition. She should have been participating in a competition for the title of Bitch Queen; she would leave everybody else far behind. I am really sorry to call her a bitch, but she behaved exactly like one: open any dic...
  • Sentranced Jem
    As I write this review, I have officially binged watched something I never thought I'd be ever interested in- ice skating. Yup. I place the blame on Mariana Zapata's from Lukov with love. I'll tell you something, there's a reason why Mariana Zapata's books are a one-click / no brainer for me...I'd read just about anything she ever writes...and yes, even if there were toilet papers in collaboration with her, I'd buy it. I don't know how she does i...