The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways, #1) by Liesl Shurtliff

The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways, #1)

When Matt, Ruby, and Corey Hudson discover their subway train is actually a time-traveling eighteenth-century frigate captained by a mysterious pirate, they are thrown into a series of adventures that offer cryptic clues about their past and their future.

Details The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways, #1)

TitleThe Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways, #1)
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Adventure, Mystery

Reviews The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways, #1)

  • Stefanie
    What a fun time traveling adventure!!! The Hudson children’s parents work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their frazzled start to the school day leads them to a subway car adventure they never imagined! Once they discover they have entered a time traveling ship, they don’t want to leave. They meet Captain Vincent and the ship’s crew and take part in stealing the Mona Lisa in Paris in 1911 (they think to save it from a future heist). As t...
  • Kales
    What a surprising and delightful book! I did not expect to love it do much and now it has turned into one of my favorite middle grade reads in a long time.I originally picked up this book because of the time travel element and the whole idea of time pirates appealed to me. It was slow to start, I mean seriously slow. We didn't get to time travel or pirates or anything weird until at least 60 pages in. But once we got there, the action just kept g...
  • Elevetha
    An enjoyable MG featuring time travel, betrayal, a creepy highly intelligent rat, and siblings(!). The plot twist was heavily predictable and the plot regarding anything actually having to do with the Key or Mona Lisa or what it unlocks was very slight. We spent a lot more time (lol) meandering through time or chilling on the magical transforming ship. That being said, I liked it, the sibling dynamic especially, enough to be back for book 2.
  • Sheery
    This is a fantastic, wonderful and imaginative book that my kids and I read together! Siblings, Mateo, Corey and Ruby go on an unexpected time-traveling adventure with a time pirate and his interesting entourage. The siblings learn a lot about one another while they go to different times and places through history. They are helping Captain Vincent of the ship Vermillion to uncover the mystery of the Mona Lisa Key.My kids and I loved every moment ...
  • Grace T
    Really fun middle-grade book! Time travel, pirates, betrayal, new friendships and old siblingships. You think it's tying up nicely, and then--it does, but you need the second book anyway because one very important question is yet to be answered.
  • Mindy
    I am a huge fan of Liesl Shurtliff's books. She always writes fun, sweet, all out wonderful books, so I was excited to read this new series from her! The Mona Lisa Key is a nonstop, time traveling, thrill ride of an adventure. I absolutely loved it. The characters are fantastic and the siblings are great together. Corey made me smile lots of times and Ruby is a doll. Mateo (Matt) is the anchor of the group. He is super smart and a bit of a myster...
  • michelle
    * Thank you to Eidelweiss and Harper Collins for an advanced DRC of this book. All opinions are my own.While a big fan of Liesl Shurtliff, this particular book didn't grab me the way I had hoped it would. The concept of three kids traveling through time seemed fascinating, but I kept waiting for something to actually happen. I was also waiting for their parents to become a part of the story, especially as I figured out their role quite early on i...
  • Nicole Wagner
    Disclaimer: did not finish.I received an advance reader copy of this book, and I'm aware that it's an uncorrected proof. But the continuity problems were bad enough to make this already bland book plainly unreadable. Example: trio of kids gets on subway on their way to school. It's April, it's New York, they're rushing, it's 8-ish a.m. The mysterious train is a time machine. They get off the train and it's Paris, 1911. The sky is blue, without a ...
  • The Grimm Reader
    This book is so cute! I have never come across or loved a fictional mom more than I loved the one in this book. This is one of the ridiculous cute middle-grade novels that just make you feel warm and fuzzy to read. And the plot is SO good. You get taken on a magical adventure that is unique and cute, and something completely its own. The main characters are super lovable, but I have say, (for the first time) the parents were actually my favorit...
  • Valerie McEnroe
    I'm giving this 2 stars only because it's written by Liesl Shurtliff who wrote the best fairytale series out there. I'm a big fan of hers, so this book is a major disappointment. She had me in the beginning. I love the idea of three kids with an overprotective mom who ironically collects old swords. She doesn't let them ride the subway, but kids will be kids. Late to school, they take the wrong subway train and end up on a time-traveling carrier ...
  • VIBookCrate
    The Hudson siblings have very few rules. They are not allowed to talk to strangers and they are definitely not allowed to take public transportation without an adult. One morning after their parents mysteriously take off in the early hours – the children decide to break those rules and take the subway to school by themselves – which turns out to be the time traveling ship the “Vermillion” that is captained by a mysterious time pirate name...
  • Erin
    Cute. Pretty light-hearted, but still had some action/fighting scenes. There were a couple fun twists, but not entirely unexpected ones. I guessed the main one pretty early on, but I did miss another. I didn't really get in to the characters. Partially because they didn't really always handle situations in the way I would think was best, and partially because they weren't particularly deep. Of course, this is meant to be a kids book, so I proba...
  • Teresa Osgood
    The idea of a time-traveling pirate with a small, handheld controlling device reminded me, immediately, of the old Voyagers show. Ah, happy memories. This story is actually completely different, which is fine. The device controls a shape-shifting ship, which is actually pretty cool. Matt and his siblings interact in believable sibling ways. The time pirate charmingly convinces Matt of his good intentions of stealing things from real thieves, with...
  • Mrs.Melaugh Melaugh
    When Matt Hudson and his slightly younger twin siblings Ruby and Corey board a Metro train in their home town of New York City, they learn why their parents have always strict forbidden them from taking public transit. The children wind up on the Vermillion, a time-travelling ship, headed by pirate Captain Vincent and a crew of orphans from different eras, each with his or her own special talent. The Hudsons willingly join the adventurous band pu...
  • Darla
    There are a number of moving parts in this book -- literally. The time travelling ship can morph into most any other type of transportation from a yacht to a train to a golf cart. Behind all the travelling is a magic compass. I got a bit of a Back In Time vibe from this book. This series will be appealing to both boys and girls and teaches a bit about history in the midst of all the action. I look forward to learning more answers to the mystery o...
  • Pam
    First book in her new series. This time her characters are time traveling pirates who steal treasures throughout the ages.The three main characters are children in the same family - one is adopted and hints are given that this will be significant in this trilogy. They are kidnapped by their mom's former partner and head out on adventures.Several chapters are devoted to character development and plot background. It's a long read for a middle grade...
  • Tirzah
    3.5 ratingThis was a fun, action-packed read with a mix of time travel and clue hunting. At times, it reminded me of the Castle Glower series, 39 Clues, and The Dead Gentleman. There is a theme of strong family bonds and sticking with family, no matter what. Readers also learn facts from different historical periods. Two things I personally did not care for was the brief, conversation about dinosaurs living hundred millons of years ago (erroneous...
  • Kristen
    I think this is the beginning of a great book series! First of all - the main characters are quite enjoyable. I think that middle grade readers will relate to parts of each of them. There are also secondary characters that are wonderful as well. I especially liked Jia and Pike.It feels has an early Peter Pan vibe to it - time pirates - orphans and betrayal!I am excited for the next one!
  • Anja
    This was a really intriguing juvenile fantasy book. I've read many time-travel books but this one wasn't overdone or too complicated so that was really refreshing. I really enjoyed Matt and his siblings, as well as Jia, Pike, and the rest of the crew. I really liked the fast-paced writing. I liked the cliffhangers towards the end. I'm excited to read the sequel (s).
  • Amy
    I really loved this book! The story was fresh and original, the characters unexpected and engaging, and the plot fast-paced and full of fun turns and surprises. I can't wait to read the other books in this new series!
  • Délice
    What a fun adventure! This time traveling story kept me eguessing at what would happen next. There were so many plot twists I lost track, and I loved reading about the growing friendships between the siblings. The ending was such a cliffhanger, I can't wait to read the sequel when it comes out!
  • Mary
    It took me awhile to get into this one but by the end I was hooked. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Lisa D
    Great book! Great adventure! I love a good adventure ! Totally different than her other series! Great start to a series! Well written! Loved it!
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusDid not meet the needs of my collection at this time.
  • Suzanne Maley
    I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected and look forward to future time traveling adventures by the Hudson family.
  • Michele Knott
    I really liked the story until the end. The end I loved because it was fast and fun but then I didn’t like it at all because it ended!!! Already looking forward to book #2....
  • Ken
    A most imaginative read. I think I may have taken that train. Excellent read for YA.
  • Lynn
    This is Liesl Shurtliff's best book yet! It's full of action, adventure, mystery, friendship, and a few MAJOR plot twists that will keep you hooked to the very last page.
  • PaleHorsemen
    Read for a review. A good book about time adventures and family
  • Ruth
    A fun read. Looking forward to reading more.