Desolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor, #17) by William Kent Krueger

Desolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor, #17)

New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger delivers yet another “punch-to-the-gut blend of detective story and investigative fiction” (Booklist, starred review) as Cork O’Connor and his son Stephen work together to uncover the truth behind the tragic plane crash of a senator on Desolation Mountain and the mysterious disappearances of several first responders. This is a heart-pounding and devastating mystery the scope and consequ...

Details Desolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor, #17)

TitleDesolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor, #17)
Release DateAug 21st, 2018
PublisherAtria Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Desolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor, #17)

  • Diane S ☔
    When Cork's son Stephen has a vision, one he doesn't understand he turns to the now ancient midi, Henry. Love his character, though he is now a hundred years old. A senators plane crashes, a senator whose agenda angered many. She was sympathetic to those on the Iron Lake reservation who were against the mines being reopened. The runoff from the mine would pollute the crystal clear water that was depended on by many.This is another series of that ...
  • Phrynne
    Having read my way through the whole series I have been waiting for this book to come out and boy was it worth the wait!It was so good to visit with old friends again. Stephen gets a lot of mileage in this book and hopefully begins to see himself as he really is. Waaboo continues to lay claim to our hearts and gets a burger named after him. Cork is still enjoying his marriage to Rainey but Desolation Mountain does not spend much time talking abou...
  • Jean
    William Kent Krueger writes of a mountain in northeast Minnesota called Desolation Mountain. There are no peaks in the state that could actually be considered “mountains,” but the highest point is one in the far northeast corner called Eagle Mountain. I’m not sure if it’s near the town of Aurora, population 1646, but Desolation Mountain is a fictitious rock; Desolation Mountain is a work of fiction.“Desolation” is defined as “a st...
  • Darlene
    This book, Desolation Mountain is the 17th book in the Cork O'Connor series by William Kent Krueger. The setting for this series is northern Minnesota and in particular, Tamarack County and the Ojibwe Iron Lake Reservation. I have read several books in this series and I advise that although you CAN read this installment as a 'stand-alone' novel, I believe 'Desolation Mountain' will be more enjoyable and understandable if you start at the beginnin...
  • Jonetta
    It all seems to begin with a troubling vision Stephen O’Connor has that is burdening him. He seeks answers from Henry Meloux but when a plane carrying their US Senator crashes on nearby Desolation Mountain, Stephen believes that event is connected to what he’s seen. When he, Cork and his brother-in-law Daniel English head to the crash site to help search for survivors, that sets off a chain of dangerous reactions. I so love this series with i...
  • Skip
    A lot of controversy in the Goodreads reviews. Not for me. Solid 4.5 stars. The local U.S. Senator is coming to town to speak against a planned mining operation (and perhaps her broader agenda against arming violent regimes in unstable places around the world), but her plane crashes mysteriously before landing in Tamarack County. The locals are cleared off the crash site and agents from all sorts of different federal agencies appear. When nobody ...
  • Brenda
    Just a few paragraphs into this book and I could feel myself relaxing and melding into its atmosphere. Cork O’Connor’s son, Stephen, is explaining to Henry Meloux, the Ojibwe elder and healer, a vision he doesn’t understand. This vision is recurring, and it is menacing. I gradually came to understand parts of Stephen's vision, and I also feared what it meant. My dread increased as the end of the book neared.A plane carrying a U. S. Senator ...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: He watches the boy on the steep rise above him.A private plane crashes on Desolation Mountain. Among those on board was Senator McCarthy and most of her family. Getting to the crash site and investigating the wreckage isn't as routine as normal as barriers are erected, first responders disappear, and it appears to Cork O'Conner and his son Stephen that something darker is at work. Cork meets up with private security consultant Bo ...
  • Jeanette
    I barely finished this one. But I plodded along and fought the urge to quit it. Now, I'm sorry I did finish. Because the explanations were as poor as the confusions were humongous.The joylessness of this group has become overwhelming as a "mide" characteristic, IMHO. But that's not the entire problem. It's not only the woo-woo element that has gone ballistic. His last one was over preachy. This one is just a combination of conspiracy theories far...
  • Truman32
    William Kent Krueger’s Desolation Mountain is the 17th mystery in the Cork O’Connor series. In the woods of Minnesota, a senator’s airplane crashes killing all aboard including her family and aids. Multiple government agencies rush to the scene. A number of locals from the area assist in the search as well including a number of native Americans from the nearby reservation (including our hero Cork). Before you can say, “hey isn’t that th...
  • AC
    Cork O'Connor and his family are back in Desolation Mountain, the newest release in the series. A plane carrying a senator and her family goes down in Tamarack County. Cork and son Stephen - who has had the same, recurring vision about an eagle being shot out of the sky by a young boy and an egg falling from it - end up at the crash scene. Various locals, including two tribe members who were the first to report seeing the plane go down, and Sheri...
  • Dorothy
    I read a review of this book recently that intrigued me. So much so that I decided to break my cardinal rule for reading series: Start reading with the first entry and read the books in order. This is the seventeenth book in the series and I decided that life is just too short for me to go back and read those other sixteen books before I get to the one that I'm really interested in. So, new rule: Read what you want to read when you want to read i...
  • Eadie
    This is my recent read from my favorite genre which is mystery suspense. It is book 17 in the Cork O'Connor series. If you haven't started this series, you should by reading book 1, Iron Lake. Krueger's writing beautifully captures a sense of place but with a powerful emotional punch. Believable characters well-drawn and excellent plots. Recommended for those who love mystery suspense.
  • Judy Churchill
    My expectations were sky high as I started reading this book. I had read and loved Krueger’s Edgar Award winning book entitled “Ordinary Grace” and this was my standard. This was a different genre and was good but, well, different. Still it was well written and good enough.
  • Gloria Feit
    Stephen O‘Connor, Cork O’Connor’s young son, has always had visions presaging tragedies. This novel is based on one in which he sees an eagle shot from the sky and a menace he can’t identify at his back. And then a plane carrying a U.S. Senator and her family crashes on Desolation Mountain. Cork and Stephen subsequently join others attempting to find survivors and clues.Soon, some of the first responders go missing, and father and son beg...
  • Deb M.
    Another great William Kent Krueger book. What I like most about the Cork O'Connor books is they are a quick read, have excellent plots and the violence that is in the book is left to the reader's imagination. The very last paragraph gave just a wee little peek of things to come in the next book. It left me sad 8(
  • Donna
    Stephen O'Connor, Cork's son, has a recurring, ominous vision of a boy shooting an eagle out of the sky with his bow & arrow. Stephen feels great danger and is unsure what the dream means. A senator's plane crashes on Desolation Mountain and everyone on board is killed. Former sheriff of Tamarack County Cork O'Connor is one of the search and rescue team, as is son Stephen and son-in-law Daniel. Government agencies quickly take over the scene sinc...
  • Joyce
    Another fine entry in one of my favorite series. Cork O'Connor, his son Stephen, and several friends (members of the local Anishinabe tribe) become involved the investigation into the plane crash that killed a prominent senator--even though every possible government agency that could be involved tries to keep them at arm's length. Stephen, who carries on his father's part-Indian heritage, has been having terrible dreams--and now, perhaps, they're...
  • Lori
    Cork and his family have such dedication to each other and those they share their community with. The love of their land the sense of peace that they feel there is beautiful. Holding his family close Cork and an his old friend Bo are going to find the truth of what threatens this precious life and that puts them all in danger. As their surroundings are filled with the unknown, they set out to discover that all men are not as noble as they are. Mu...
  • npaw
    Not going to lie, haven’t really been a fan of Stephen’s in the last several books so when I read the first chapter and realized he was going to play a bigger role in this one I put it down. Glad it was on the night stand as it was close by when I finished a book last night and needed another one. Basically read it in a day. If you are a WKK fan, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Really happy to have had more people from the Rez involved and M...
  • Jon Koebrick
    Desolation Mountain returns Cork and his family to northern Minnesota and the roots of the series. Stephen plays a bigger role and demonstrates more capabilities. I enjoyed this book far more than Sulfur Springs but less than earlier books in the series. While this book is a solid 3.5 stars, the books are tighter and better in this series when they relate to local things rather than bringing in ties to defense contractors and foreign affairs.
  • Roxy
    Krueger’s Cork O’Connor never disappoints me. This series is full of an appreciation of Native American beliefs, love of nature and of family, and morality in the face of evil.
  • Laura Hoffman Brauman
    The plot line on this one was a little far fetched, but I love the Krueger's characters and writing so much that I was willing to suspend disbelief.
  • Lin Salisbury
    Desolation Mountain by William Kent KruegerDesolation Mountain is the 17th book in William Kent Krueger’s Cork O’Connor Series. If you’ve followed this series, you know that Cork O’Connor is the former sheriff of Tamarak County turned businessman and part-time investigator. He's also half Irish and half Ojibwe. Many of the books in the series are based in Northern Minnesota.In Desolation Mountain, Cork’s son, Stephen, has a vision of a ...
  • Lou
    This tale could have been named To Kill an Eagle.There is tragedy on Devil’s Eye.“On official maps, Desolation was the name of the mountain, but the Ojibwe called it Majimanidoo-oshkiinzhig, which meant, more or less, Devil’s Eye.”We are back again with our main protagonist Cork O'Connor, he is married to Rainy Bisonette, she’s a healer, his son Stephen has visions, dreams, many monstrous, and one truly haunting him till the end of this...
  • Lynn
    The story of Corcoran O'Connor [Cork], formerly Sheriff of Tamarack County and now a Private Investigator continues. Tamarack County is located in the deep North Woods, where the Ojibwe Indian Reservation is located. Desolation Mountain contains the usual cast of characters: Cork, his wife Rainy, his daughter Jenny and her husband Daniel, their son Waaboo, Jenny's brother Stephen, and, of course, Henry Meloux, the Mide, the sage, the wise man, th...
  • Joan
    Stephen O’Connor’s vision is a frightening one of an eagle shot from the sky, an egg dropped, and horrific, menacing danger. Troubled by his inability to understand the vision, Stephen seeks out Henry Meloux, an Ojibwe elder and healer. When a plane crash on Desolation Mountain kills a senator and her family, it’s not long before several of the first responders to the crash mysteriously vanish. Stephen joins his father, Cork O’Connor, and...
  • Linda
    I haven't read this series in order - I read the novels as they turn up on the library shelf. This was a good find and it wasn't a problem reading this as a stand-alone.The characters all have a history but I wasn't hampered not knowing it. Krueger gives us a good look at their relationships, telling how they connect with one another so that there is no problem if you haven't read the books that precede this one. The thriller plot is a bit convol...
  • Brent Soderstrum
    This is the 16th book from Krueger's Cork O'Connor series set in Northern Minnesota.This story starts out with Cork's son Stephan having a vision that he doesn't understand. This vision keeps haunting him. It turns out the vision represents the state senator's plane crashing into a mountain. Many people immediately go out to investigate the crash scene. The Government shows up and sends all who want to help away. Those who were at the scene start...
  • Pat Camalliere
    I always enjoy Krueger’s books and this was one of his best. When a senator’s plane crashes on an isolated mountain, too many people come out to investigate, and some start disappearing. Cork O’Connor, his son, friends and other members of his family are picked up, beaten, threatened. The reasons are not apparent, nor are the multiple parties that seem to be involved. I liked meeting Cork’s son and friend Bo, and hope they will be include...