Silent Witness by Lindsay McKenna

Silent Witness

IN THE NAVY, BLOOD RUNS THICKER THAN WATER ...FBI criminal profiler Ellen Tanner transferred out of Washington, D.C., to escape the grief of losing a husband. But her new partner, San Diego navy JAG lieutenant Jim Cochran, is a challenge she never expected.The last thing Cochran wants or needs in his world of order and duty is a woman. After a nasty divorce, he's convinced he's through with relationships. Then along comes Ellen. He knows opposite...

Details Silent Witness

TitleSilent Witness
Release DateNov 29th, 2005
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Fiction

Reviews Silent Witness

  • Anna Lee
    Book title: Silent witnessAuthor: Lindsay MckennaPage #: 11~105#1.It is a story about one woman and one man. The woman whose name is Ellen is psychologist, and in this novel, she is the first tiime to work as licensed psychotherapist in the JAG where is located in San Diego. In the place, she met Jim Cochrane who is navy. He divorced two years ago, so he had the hurted mind toward women. When he met women, he just say only official things, and no...
  • Anna's Herding Cats
    Hm. This was my first time reading Lindsay McKenna and I ended with some mixed feelings about it. There were parts I enjoyed and found fascinating and then others that leaned towards the 'eh'. The writing was fairly easy to follow though a guide in the back for some of the military terms and events would have been very handy (Google helped me out a lot on this one). I was a bit too young when some of the events referenced actually happened so did...
  • jenjn79
    Silent Witness was an okay book. It had a good point or two, but also a bunch of negatives.The storyline was pretty interesting. It's very "military", lots of twists and turns. It was a well-thought storyline, easy to follow and it kept me reading. One issue I had with the whole plot though was what I call "author assumption": the author assumes we, as readers, should know something, when we don't. She refers to real-life military scandals of the...
  • Viathenavy
    Just awful. Poorly written, overly preachy, and lack-luster plot. Wow. Bad.
  • Sarah Shacklette
    Silent witness was a disappointment that even the intriguing 'murder' mystery couldn't save. I had to actually look at the publication date to make sure it wasn't written before 1990 because the author has her main characters swerving so hard into prude territory that I had to assume it was an old fashioned setting. The main characters were cardboard cutouts and lacked any sort of connection to each other or to themselves as a personhood. It feel...
  • Bev Walkling
    This book is classified as a romance and that is certainly a part of it but it is also very much an investigative novel. I really liked how FBI profiler Ellen Tanner and JAG lieutenant Jim Cochran came together to try and understand why a female top-gun aviation instructor died. There were numerous characters to dislike in this story and dysfunctional family relations galore but I liked how everything was pieced together and would be happy to rea...
  • Jennifer Wardrip
    Lindsay McKenna is a master of military romantic suspense, and each subsequent story she writes proves why. SILENT WITNESS is no different, with its mix of intriguing characters, a thrilling story line, and ever-growing passion. Agent Ellen Tanner is a redhead who likes long denim skirts, loose blouses, Birkenstock sandals, and dangly earrings. She's also a licensed psychotherapist, not to mention employed by the Office of Inspector General in th...
  • meara
    Got this from the library. The mystery part was pretty decent (other than one issue that I kept thinking would be the smoking gun and turned out to not have much to do with anything) but the romance was awful. No chemistry, and the characters were just...weird. I mean...would someone raised by an FBI agent and a cop, who worked for the FBI for years, show up on her first day of work with the military wearing Birkenstocks?? Seriously? It was suppo...
  • Liz V.
    Received from Tanner and JAG Lt. Cochran team up to investigate the death of a woman who was a Top Gun instructor, in an interesting study of familial and institutional coverup.My quibbles: 1) the back cover summary (thus, Goodreads') is inaccurate in ways that can't be summarized without spoilers; 2) the leisurely pace of the investigation is inconsistent with the intermittent references to pressure to wrap the...
  • Maryann
    I thought this book had a good story. One of the things I didn't like about it was when the main male character called the main female character "gal". I know it was supposed to be because of where he was brought up, but I just don't care to hear an adult woman referred to as gal. I know, this is petty of me. Other than that it was a good book.
  • Morgan
    Torn between 2.5 and 3 stars. The layers kept the book interesting, but the head-hopping drove me nuts! Am I the only one bothered by the constant POV switches? The hopping back and forth slowed the pace considerably and didn't help build romantic tension.
  • Tintin
    Themanya tentang penyelidikan terhadap kasus pembunuhan seorang penerbang Angkatan Laut. Cukup menegangkan. Dibumbui oleh kisah cinta antara para penyelidik (lho? Gak aci!! Kan jadi gak prof lagi kerjanya..)
  • Amanda Carruthers
    This book was hard to follow and I normally catch on to a plot fast. The writing was very cheesy and not much put into it. Jim said "Gal" and "Reckon" way too much. I'm still not certain as to what the plot actually was.
  • Thelma
    I thought I wouldn't like this book but to my surprise I did
  • Lois R
    Difficult material that was very well handled
  • Janie
    Lindsay McKenna, always a good read.