Trick Play (Mavericks Tackle Love, #3) by Max Monroe

Trick Play (Mavericks Tackle Love, #3)

Booze, women, and brotherhood—that’s what my good friend Quinn’s bachelor party should have been.Booze, one mysterious raven-haired woman, and an arrest—that’s what it was.As Cam Mitchell, a New York Maverick and one of the best tight ends in the professional football league, my to-do list should be pretty simple.Play ball.Get laid.Have fun.But after one hour with a stripper named Trixie, that list of mine has shifted dramatically.Tell ...

Details Trick Play (Mavericks Tackle Love, #3)

TitleTrick Play (Mavericks Tackle Love, #3)
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
PublisherMax Monroe LLC
GenreRomance, Sports, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Football

Reviews Trick Play (Mavericks Tackle Love, #3)

  • Shayna
    "If anything in my life is worth fighting for, it’s her." If you are a HUGE FAN of the ‘Mavericks Tackle Love’ series by the wonderful ladies of Max Monroe, than you gotta know how absolutely ECSTATIC I was to have my hands on Cam Mitchell’s story! I mean, it’s Cam FREAKING Michell, people! I’m swooning all over the damn place here! Trick Play had all of the ingredients that make up a fantastic Romantic Comedy! It also had Max Monroe...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Full review can be found HERE -->*ARC provided for a voluntary honest review.* ~Sonal
  • Ari
    This twist in this book was such an unexpected surprise but I loved it! And that ending has me in my feelings right now. This twist in this book was such an unexpected surprise but I loved it! And that ending has me in my feelings right now. 😭💕
  • Shelby
    Cameron (Cam) Mitchell is the tight end for the NY Mavericks. He’s good at what he does, and he sure as hell knows it, too. When one of his teammates is due to be married, the team ends up at Skins, the local strip club for some last-minute celebrating. Cam isn’t usually into exotic dancers, but since he’s single, he decides to unwind and enjoy himself. And that’s when he spots the most beautiful raven-haired woman he’s ever seen—a wo...
  • Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog
    4 stars. This was a cute book! Trick Play is Cam Mitchell and Lana's story. Cam is one of the pro-football players on the Mavericks. When his friend Quinn (from Wildcat) has a bachelor party at a strip club, Cam meets the woman of his dreams. He can't get her out of his mind and goes out of his way to pursue her. The only problem is the woman of his dreams, who he thinks is a stripper named Trixie, is actually Lana and she's way more than just a ...
  • Escape into a Booksite
    *3 Stars* ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. I don’t like to say this, but unfortunately with Trick Play, I just couldn’t really get into it. This is a first for me with this series and Max Monroe, but something about the book just didn’t hook me the way I normally expect with their stories. That said, there’s nothing wrong with the story itself, or the plot. It’s all about wondering when Trixie will come clean with ...
  • Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile
    SpoilersUnfortunately another book in this series I just couldn't get. Cam and Lana had spent very little time together aside from a couple of lap dances, then they have sex. He determinedly tries to get further with her but because of her "jobs" she holds back. The big conflict occurs as Lana takes the word of her sleezeball boss,who she knows very well is untrustworthy, about Cam's actions when he came looking for her at the club. I just don't ...
  • Treena
    I'm not having the best luck with the Mavericks series. Sigh.Instead of finding the shenanigans of the MC's cute and amusing, I thought they were silly and annoying. I also need to fall in love with at least one of the MC's (better, of course, if I love them both) for me to fully engage and enjoy a book. Especially because I read romances and for me, it's all about love and the HEA. So if I can't fall in love with one of the MC's, well... then......
  • Jeannine
    Yay Cam and Lana! Another fun one and these two are so adorable together. “Sometimes brief encounters are meant to have the biggest impact.”Cam met Lana while she was shaking what her momma gave her. It didn’t end very well but she made a huge impact on him. Lana has reasons why she has to keep Cam at arms length but boy is he persistent. Seriously, I can’t even with Cam. His favorite movie is Notting Hill and he quotes from it! See, can...
  • Laura Johnson
    4 Bo Mavericks stars! This story was a lot of fun to read! I loved the story on how these two characters meet and how the story developed. It made for a great read. The story was all the things you love in a Max Monroe novel - funny, sexy, engaging, heart-warming, suspenseful and so much more. I can’t wait to read more about the Mavericks!! This can be read standalone.
  • Jane super booklover📚
    Not as good as the first but a nice read! On to the last one
  • Liz
    Trick Play by Max Monroe is the third book in their Mavericks Tackle Love series and the first I have read by this writing duo. This can definitely be read as a standalone, however, I am very excited to go back and read the previous books in this series as I loved all the characters. Cam Mitchell’s life could not be more perfect. He plays for the New York Mavericks and he loves his job and teammates. When they are out celebrating the upcoming w...
  • Brandi
    Those Mavericks sure know how to fall in love. Each man has been his very own brand of sweet. And Cam Mitchell is no exception. I just love him. I loved him from the beginning, but seeing him fall for Trixie is something special. Have you met the New York Mavericks yet? You know you want to.
  • Flo Grugel
    Sweet read but it wasn't one of my favourites from MM.
  • Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog)
    My heart, I tell ya, my heart is swooning! I'm always excited when a Max Monroe book lands on my Kindle, but I was especially excited for this one. This whole series has been so amazing, but I have to say that Trick Play is the best of them all. It's got MM's signature rom-com humor mixed with sizzle, but in this case, there's an added layer of emotional feels. This time it's Cameron Mitchell's turn to fall hard for a special lady. Cam's a specia...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    *I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*5 “Funny, Sweet, and Addictive” Stars!!!Max Monroe's Mavericks Tackle Love series has become one of my most favorite series. Low on drama and heavy on the laughs. And let's not forget the sexiness, because lord knows it's fire. And the characters never cease to amaze me. They're a group of fun loving people who I can't get enough of. Honestly, fell good stories that leave the biggest smile ...
  • Emma
    Cam Mitchell can be a little impulsive and a lot playful, to say the least. Although recently he has found himself wanting more, with his best friends finding the love of their lives, Cam can't help being envious of thebond his friendshave with theirsignificant others. So when faced with irresistible attraction Cam just goeswith his instincts, and his instincts are telling him this could be something special.The circumstances to Cam's first meeti...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    A stripper and a football player meet at a bar. Uh, no, that’s NOT the opening line of a joke. Trixie and Cam meet at a bar. A strip bar to be exact. And whoa, do the sparks fly!I have adored Cam Mitchell from the very first time I met him in Wildcat and I couldn’t wait until it was his turn to find love. And holy moly does love come banging on his door! Or maybe thumping through a heavy bassline, is more accurate.Trixie. Damn. I have a serio...
  • Shannon
    4.5*So fun and sweet and swoony, and Cam is quite delicious. He and Trixie have so much chemistry, sweet lord have mercy! But more than that, they had a great connection. I enjoyed their banter and the back and forth, the teasing.I really liked that Cam didn’t shy away from Trixie because of her career choice. It didn’t deter him from pursuing her and I think that showed a lot about his character, because it's not every day a man would be so ...
  • Kylee
    The third book in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series takes us on the journey of Cam Mitchell finding love. However what we don’t expect is for him to find love falling into his lap, or in this case a lap dance with a stripper by the name of Trixie. Their story is less about the football aspect and more about two lonely people who have put their careers first. As Cam tries to find out what lays beneath the g strings, stilettos and a fake name, Tri...
  • Louisa
    The newest book from Max Monroe is a little different from the past in the Maverick's series. Pick Six and Wild Cat was more like the Billionaire series, funny and sexy and Trick Play had a more serious tone to it. Don't get me wrong, the sexy is ON POINT in this book but if you are looking for some serious silly, this book may not be for you. There are definitelysome light moments and absolutely some LOL moments with Trixie/Lana's family - I wan...
  • Mel Knight
    WOW! When any book by this duo is released, you better believe that I am all over it! This is the third book in the Mavericks series and Trick Play was a touchdown!We get the story of Cam Mitchell and Lana "Trixie" Simone. Their story isn't like the others. They meet in the most interesting way, at a bachelor party that just so happens to be at a strip club! That's right, Cam gets his eye full of Trixie and immediately hungers for more. But in or...
  • Grey
    I received an ARC of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so I giggled. No spoilers, this happens legitimately in the VERY beginning of the book... But, a NFL-football player meets a stripper in a bar... sounds like a punchline to a funny joke, right? Or a funny book... We know Max Monroe, they do it all. Rom-com, angst, hot and naughty... and now that their real identities are out in the open, we know that they are p...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Authors***3.5 StarsCam and Trixie (not her real name) meet in a strip club, and she is a stripper.But, a stripper isn't really a great match for a NFL player, and one who spends time on the news, in the spotlight, and in the public eye.Try telling this to Cam. Trixie tries, and really doesn't get far, as his attraction to her is one that he doesn't want to fight.Max Monroe either works for me, or they don't. I enjoyed this ...
  • phoebess
    Sigh. I enjoyed this story at the beginning (and partly in the middle as well) but the more I read the more I felt like Max Monroe didn't know how to end this book in exciting way—And of course it had to be exciting! *eyeroll*—so they decided that ending (view spoiler)[it with a raid and heroine's groveling (hide spoiler)] would be sufficient. But to me, it looked like one last puzzle piece that just wouldn't freaking fit into its place.
  • Nicole P
    I loved this! It had a different feel and tone for a Max Monroe book and I totally love this route the authors have taken. There's still the fun side but it also had a serious tone. I wasn't too happy with the previous book, Pick Six, but this one reaffirmed my belief in Max Monroe. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
  • Mel
    4 stars!!Cam Mitchell is the tight end for the New York Mavericks. He’s a responsible guy so when he gets arrested on the night of Quinn’s bachelor party, it’s definitely out of character. He just couldn’t stand by watching someone manhandle Trixie, the stripper who mesmerized him; now, he has to behave if he wants to remain on the team and he knows pursuing Trixie isn’t the best idea. Too bad he can’t seem to get her out of his mind....
  • Lenore Kosinski
    2018-08-14 received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.4.5 stars — Okay, so I admit I haven’t read the previous 2 books in this series, but other than making me want to read them now, it didn’t affect my enjoyment WHATSOEVER!! So I can confidently say that when they say it can be read as a standalone, it totes can!!I think 80% of the stars earned in this book a...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewCam's story is here! I repeat, Cam's story is here!Now, I know absolutely nothing about the game of NFL, and couldn't tell a tight end from a loose one (well, actually, I have a very loose and flabby end!) however I am a sucker for a sports romance and love these MavericksI found Trick Play wasn't as light and fluffy as Wild Cat and Pick Six, however this did not make me love this book any less. Some of the things...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is the third book in the series, and follows on from previous stories, but with a different lead, so it is great reading in its own right too. Do read the first two though, as they are great fun. Cam is a good guy, evidenced by him offering to take all the lap dances at Quinn's bachelor party so he doesn't feel guilty! The evening does not end as planned, but Cam is ...