The Preacher's Son by Lisa Henry

The Preacher's Son

Jason Banning is a wreck. His leg’s been blown to hell in Afghanistan, his boyfriend just left him and took the dog, and now he’s back in his hometown of Pinehurst, Washington, a place that holds nothing but wretched memories…and Nathan Tull. Nathan Tull, whose life Jason ruined. Nathan Tull, who will never believe Jason did what he did for a greater good. Nathan Tull, whose reverend father runs a gay conversion therapy camp that Jason onc...

Details The Preacher's Son

TitleThe Preacher's Son
Release DateJan 11th, 2018
PublisherLisa Henry and J.A Rock
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Religion

Reviews The Preacher's Son

  • Wendy
    The blurb really peaked my interest. I am not a big fan of religious reads to be honest, but that was not what caught my attention. When I read what Jason actually did to Nate....I really wanted to know how that would turn out...I am a very big fan of groveling, and I was hoping to get some here....because man did Jason ruin Nate's life !!Jason and Nate meet when they are younger. Both are gay, but Nate is deeply in the closet, and one of the rea...
  • River
    3.5 starsI find that making a review for this book is a bit hard, I find a lot of things about the book very interesting but at the same time it's very hard to get past Jason's actions. In the end, I'm left wondering what were the authors thinking, not in a bad way, just curious. If you read the blurb then you know what happened between Nathan and Jason. As a person I hate Jason's actions, there's no way around it, it was awful and I would say ev...
  • Chris, the Dalek King
    Wow…do I have thoughts about this book. Many many thoughts. Unfortunately I am also in the middle of fighting off the plague and so those thoughts are not quite as coherent as I would hope they would be for this review. Nonetheless, I shall go on.So firstly…Jason Bannon is a self-righteous douchebag. Why? Well the fact that he knowingly and purposefully taped–without consent–Nathan Tull having sex with him, doesn’t help. Nor does the fa...
  • Debra
    The blurb does a good job of laying out what this story is and yes, religion plays a large part in the story. This book won’t be for everyone based upon that (and I should also warn that there are references to and on page scenes of suicide attempts) but those who enjoy getting into the heads of characters and being fully engaged in the struggle within them that will lead to the ultimate payoff will be pleased.What Jason did to Nate, how he use...
  • Aeren
    No considero que esto sea romance, debería estar indicado, aparte, es un completo disparate.
  • Samington
    The happiest ending here would be for Nate to get enough therapy to dump both his awful dad and his shithead "boyfriend" for good.
  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    A completely emotional book to me. There is much here that, if it resonates, will make you tear up and really think and ponder and question. I get why some don't want to forgive Jason - I mean I appreciate they have that thought. It's not about forgiveness though or pushing aside terrible actions. It really isn't. What it is about is the understanding between two people, that love can exist side by side with hate, and that there is a gut level ho...
  • Sunne
    This book…obviously not everybody is happy with this book.I’m not sure everybody who commented has actually read the book or read it properly.Why? Because it is a complicated book about a serious matter. So I’m going to try and get my thoughts in line:The people in this book are real – they are not stereotypes, good or bad. They are both.Jason is an a** - when he films and outs Nathan, he is driven by the self-righteous urge to expose Tim...
  • Stephanie
    3.75*How profound. I can't say this is my favorite, because I've decided stories involving religion (not to be confused with faith) makes me uncomfortable, but it is very well written and makes you think about things. I can't even say I liked Jason or what he did and the way he thought he could change the world...but the fact that he even tried to is commendable. His and Molly’s conversation at the end of the book also made me think. They talk ...
  • Natosha Wilson
    I am on the ledge of trying to decide if I liked this book or if I didn't. I honestly do not know which way I am leaning so I will just stay in the middle on this one where I do but I don't like it.Nate and Jason are both young when they first meet each other. Nate is looking into college and Jason already attending the college that Nate is visiting to see what college life is all about. Jason knows who Nate is but he has never had anything previ...
  • Manfred
    When I read the blurb for this one, I immediately knew it would be right for me, and it was! Once I started reading, I wasn't able to put this book down, I just had to know what would happen next.Still, the ratings are not really soaring, so what's the problem with this story?First and foremost it is not a gay romance. It is probably a novel with gay protagonists and (a little) sex or rather making out included.Second it doesn't have your typical...
  • Bev
    This controversial story was really well written. The subject matter?? Well, as far as I'm concerned, the more information there is out there about these camps the better, and that can only be a good thing surely?? No, I'm not gay and am lucky to live in a country where religion and the churches don't hold anywhere near the power that they used to [and thank goodness for that]....but I consider myself to be a member of the Human Race, and that do...
  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review. **3.5 stars**Apologies for the length of this review. I just had things to say. So I did. When I read the blurb for this one, I thought it would be interesting, timely, and provide MCs that I could love. Well, what a surprise that turned out to be! There is so much here! There’s an MC I loved to hate, and one that I should ha...
  • Jax
    It was interesting to see a gay person of faith come to terms with the idea that they can have a relationship with God and be true to themselves. And I liked how Nate’s dad is not portrayed as a monster; it’s much more complicated than that. The preacher loves his son, he’s more misguided than evil. Like Jason, he does harm by doing what he believes is right.I think the consequences of conversion therapy and outing are clear and handled wel...
  • Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews
    Soooooooooooooo.......................I'm very very very much on the fence with this one. I don't know if I liked it or if I didnt. And that really really makes me sad on this "Blue Monday"Rock & Henry are 1 of my fav colabs ever. They work so freaking well together and I honestly have no idea who wrote what. It normally flows. And TBH it was not the writing. It was more so the story........I just ....... could not see the 2 MCs together. AT ALL....
  • Alex
    Just no. I think there are many here who have explained why and i don't need to rehash it.
  • Lisa
    This book really gives you a lot to think about. Its something I suppose in this day and age to remember that these camps really do still go on. Although the camp in this book diesnt seem as radical as some I have read about.At the beginning I really didnt like Jason, I couldn't believe that he would do that. And Nate, I know he got to know God but I am not sure I would be as quick to forgive somebody that had done something like that to me.I fel...