Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores, #3) by Melissa Brayden

Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores, #3)

Gia Malone wants one thing and one thing only: to be the best surfer in the world. Her biggest obstacle is the annoyingly perky Elle Britton. Not only is Elle number one in the rankings, she’s also a fan favorite. But there’s a lot about Elle that Gia never noticed, like her surprising sense of humor and picture-perfect mouth. Elle Britton is tired. After tournaments, fan meet-ups, and nonstop media requests, all she wants in the world is a l...

Details Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores, #3)

TitleSparks Like Ours (Seven Shores, #3)
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherBold Strokes Books
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Lgbt, Glbt, Lesbian

Reviews Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores, #3)

  • Lex Kent
    I loved the characters, but didn’t like the storyline as much as I hoped. I’m a huge Brayden fan and I did enjoy this, I just didn’t OMG love it. Ever since the first few pages of book 1, I wanted to know more about Gia. Gia was more mysterious than the others and I loved that she was a pro surfer. When it came to Gia as a character, Brayden didn’t disappoint. Gia is a pro surfer and currently number 2 in the world. Elle is her archrival ...
  • Lexxi Kitty
    *I received this book from Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley for an honest review*A weird thing happened when I turned to this book. I was getting flashes of the most recent previous work I’d read, unexpected as I didn’t expect any real similarity. I kind of had a ‘darn’ moment there, but the fact that both books start off with a heterosexual woman and a lesbian eyeballing each other is similar-ish, but everything else was/is different. Fo...
  • Tiff
    I want to start this review by saying how glad I am that this is not a trilogy. There is one more and oh how I cannot wait for Hadley. Don’t get me wrong Hadley’s story is going to be outstanding but aren’t all of Brayden’s stories. Let me tell you Gia Malone and Elle Britton bring the heat. Hell yes they do, the heat they bring is hot, smoking hot.Gia and Elle are fierce competitors. Elle is the currently the number one female profession...
  • Rosi
    This is the third episode of the Seven Shores quartet, formed by Isabel, Autumn, Gia and Hadley. Of the two previous books, the first tells the relationship between Isabel and Taylor and the second develops the relationship between Autumn and Kate. So there will only be Hadley to match (this last chapter has already been announced on the publisher's page, to be published in October 2018)For those who do not want to read the complete series, each ...
  • vacatedboat
    I’ve tried to write four reviews on this book and it just isn’t working. I end up getting a little...grrrr...and how in the world can I be grrrr when Brayden books are so sticky sweet that I feel like I’m drowning in a cotton candy machine? I have nothing much to add to the reviews except to say that I wasn’t a fan of this one. Even though it’s supposed to have some ‘know what’s important’ moral, the entire (view spoiler)[this-is-...
  • Joc
    This is the third book in the Seven Shores series and is Gia Malone’s story. Slowly by surely Gia has worked her way up the surfing ranks to being second to Elle Britton, her cheerful and annoying nemesis. Being second has put her in the spotlight and circumstances force them into having to work together.I’m surprised by how much I like Brayden’s books every time I read one. I don’t know if it’s the covers or the titles that make me thi...
  • Danielle
    Gia and Elle are competitive surfers. Elle is number one in the world, and Gia has always envied her. Gia is coming into her prime, and her skills are getting better and better. This could be her year. They have the opportunity to do some promotional work together, and sparks fly between the pair. Neither has been lucky in love. Elle is trying her hand at dating, but something has always been missing. Her new guy is ok but a little dull around th...
  • Heinerway
    A rather good enemies-to-lovers story with a very promising beginning and a so-so ending.
  • Sprinkles
    ☆ The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. in exchange for an honest review. ☆What on earth has Melissa Brayden done? Did she...write a sports-themed romance that I can call a favorite? Maybe because it's surfing, which isn't a staple sport I hear about all the time, so I loved it. Even the competition parts which, frankly, had my competitive pulse racing. Good stuff.Okay, so how about Elle Britton? Number one in the world o...
  • Gaby
    This is book 3 of the 'Seven shores' series featuring four friends living in Venice beach, California which I recommend to read chronologically. 'Sparks like ours' is the story of Gia Malone, a professional surfer, and Elle Britton, world champion surfer and Gia's fiercest competitor. As number two in the world, Gia is determined to beat Elle whom she considers superficial and too perky. But when an advertising campaign brings them working togeth...
  • Starsandsun
    Goodness! Can’t believe I gave this a 4. Spoilers ahead so If you’re not up for it avoid this one big time.After eating ice cream and jogging around I’ve settled with 4. I love Gia and Elle actually they’re my favorite couple in this series but I feel bad for them. Start of book is awesome. You can really feel the sexual tension between them and their chemistry. Off the charts kind of chemistry well, until they were together.They were lik...
  • Agirlcandream
    Wonderful dialogue and lots of inclusion of our favourite couples from the past two books, Gotta love Autumn and her wonder and joy at the impending arrivals along with her ability to eat guilt free with the athlete that is Gia. My favourite conversation involved all four Seven Shores friends and their “Sparks” debate. Too funny. No question the rivalry between Gia and Elle quickly moves through longing to lust after they are forced to work t...
  • Anja
    Wow, what a ride (even literally ;) I loved this story, the setting and the main characters. All of them, but especially Elle and Gia. Their chemistry goes through the roof, it's not only sparks, it's a complete fireworks of emotion. Definitely 5 stars!
  • Sandra
    Part three in the Seven Shores series, which follows the lives of four friends in Venice L.A.This story is about Gia, the pro surfer. I was looking forward to her story, as I was intrigued by her from the first moment she was mentioned in book #1. She belongs to the top ten in the surf world and wants no more than to be the number one. For that, she sacrifices a lot. She can’t stand her archrival, and actual number one, Elle. Her bubbly persona...
  • Dee
    There's no doubt about it, Melissa has the gift of the gab. If you're looking for a feel good story, low on angst, with a great supporting cast, this might be just the ticket. Why not five stars? Although I was thoroughly entertained, I'm know next to nothing about surfing and found those scenes exhilarating, the relationship between the leads was wishy-washy (no pun intended) at best. I didn't feel the 'sparks' I expected to. Is that on me, who ...
  • Catherine
    Add another extremely sweet romance to this series. I'm loving that in the last two books of this series the two couples have separated unhappily but mutually without the major drama, it just felt more real to me. The characters in these books are awesome and I just can't get enough of this world of seven shores! One thing I would say is as a competitive person I would have liked the surf competition part of the story to play out differently. I u...
  • Danni Mladenovic
    What really amazes me with Melissa Brayden’s books in general is her magical ability to write dialogues! I have a big problem with long dialogues in the books because usually to me they seem kind of forced and artificial, without a natural conversational fluidity, but that is simply not the case with Melissa Brayden! The woman is a Goddess for friendly banter, eloquent flirting between characters and charming replies to provocative teasing! I j...
  • Stephanie
    My favorite in the series so far! Though, I think Hadley's could be the sweetest...we will see.I was highly anticipating this story as Gia has been the most mysterious of the group of friends...And this was pretty hot I have to say. The chemistry was great. The dialogue was witty. There was a nod to a couple if the Soho Loft girls. Just a really great read!!4.5 stars rounded up....because when do you read a character dressing up as a cow? I recei...
  • Yoly
    Another wonderful story by Melissa Brayden. I had been waiting for this one as soon as I found out it would be a series because I wanted to know more about Gia. It was worth the wait :) Only one more book until the series is complete! I'm already looking forward to Hadley’s story.
  • R
    Melissa Brayden’s latest book, Sparks Like Ours, dealt with competitive surfing, job pressures, pregnancy worries, and of course, relationship problems. This is what I love about her books. She places her characters in many different realistic situations with dialogue to match. The key word here is realistic, especially in terms of life, and in this story, competition. The two characters spotlighted in this story were Elle and Gia, who were ini...
  • Rach (Les Rêveur)
    Another fantastic novel from the pen of the formidable, Melissa Brayden.Gia Malone has worked for years to climb the surfing championship ladder and she’s finally one win away from being number one in the world. The only person standing in her way is the current number one, Elle Britton.When Elle and Gia are thrown together in a new marketing campaign they begin to let their competitive guards down, ultimately seeing each other in a way they ne...
  • Len
    I’m somewhat selective on which book to read because as emphasized by one of my favorite authors, you should never waste your time on non-quality books. Quality for me has to have at least, among others, a good story, good writing and good storytelling. With Melissa Brayden, you can never go wrong. Her stories are always fun and light. She doesn’t write heavy stories with major plot twist that will make you fall off the sofa, she writes stori...
  • Alena
    Netgalley I think I’m finally tired of the Brayden formula. I just didn’t care about the characters.There‘s witty dialogue, even though I still can’t find the voices of individual characters, there’s believable conflicts, even communication, but I didn’t feel it at all.In addition to her formula what annoyed me was setting up Hadley for the next novel. Little things that were neither here nor there for this book.At least the book offe...
  • Kennedy
    This is a read addressing the question, is it possible to simultaneously have a work life and personal life. Some would say of course while others would disagree. I believe it all depends on what is acceptable and perceived as good enough. In a relationship, there can be numerous challenges with one of those being regret. As I was reading, I thought both Gia Malone and Elle Britton were interesting and likeable characters. They were easy to cheer...
  • Clare Ashton
    I've virtually inhaled this series. Can't wait for Hadley's finale.
  • Chand
    A NetGalley reviewSparks Like Ours is Melissa Brayden’s nth book, but unfortunately she seems to be losing her touch as a storyteller. This book is nowhere near the quality of How Sweet It Is, Waiting in the Wings or Strawberry Summer.Brayden’s characterisation is usually quite impeccable, but Gia Malone and Elle Britton seem incomplete as characters. There is a half-hearted attempt to posit one as extremely organised and the other as messy, ...
  • Allison
    World Cup brainStarting off, I’m a huge fan of Brayden’s books. I’m not sure if I’m too into the World Cup right now or what but I was having a harder time getting the motivation to get through this book. The disappointing thing to me was that I love surfing, so I was really looking forward to this book. I wish there would have been more about the feeling of surfing and what it does to a person and their mindset. Surfing is more than bein...
  • V
    Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden is the third book in her Seven Shores series. While the book can be read as a stand-alone, its better to read them in order, so that it isn’t one big giant spoiler for books one and two. As always, Brayden brings something a little extra and refreshing to the romance formula that she has perfected.Gia Malone is hitting her stride as she rises in the ranks of women’s professional surfing. The biggest thing, ...
  • Female Person
    This book did not excite me or reach me at all, there wasn't anything that particularly stood out. It's almost like I skimmed the book. All of Brayden's characters blend into each other. Despite the fact that their personalities are somewhat different, her formulaic approach to these stories negates all that. She's reached Radclyffe levels of formulaic now. Also it was clear that Brayden was setting up for the next book with Hayden. But I've neve...