Navigating the Stars by Maria V. Snyder

Navigating the Stars

Navigating the Stars is the first book in a new science fiction series. Terra Cotta Warriors have been discovered on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. And Lyra Daniels' parents are the archaeological Experts (yes with a capital E) on the Warriors and have dragged her to the various planets to study them despite the time dilation causing havoc with her social life. When one of the many Warrior planets goes silent, and looters attack her resea...

Details Navigating the Stars

TitleNavigating the Stars
Release DateNov 19th, 2018
PublisherHarlequin Australia
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

Reviews Navigating the Stars

  • Maria V. Snyder
    Of course I'm going to give my own book 5 stars! ;) This is a new SF series - as if you couldn't tell from that gorgeous cover!! I had so much fun writing this book - Lyra's voice is so strong and she has this new kind of snark. She just refuses to be ignored. Another thing I love is that both her parents are alive and well and involved in her life (much to her chagrin). Plus the science of traveling through space very fast is accurate as there's...
  • Holly
    3.5 starsI've read two other series by this author (Healer and Study), so when I saw she had started a new series I of course gave it a try. This time she went the route of going more YA and also switched to sci-fi instead of her usual fantasy. While I still overall enjoyed the plot/characters, I'm not sure the world building was quite as effective. The only thing that really stood out as being solidly not of this world is the concept of 'time di...
  • Charlie Holmberg
    I LOVED this book! Normally sci-fi isn't my first choice of tea, but I got sucked into this one really quickly. Snyder foreshadows things SO well, and I was routing for just about every character I met. XD There's such fantastic mystery woven through this, and I'm DYING for book two to find the answers! (And to, uh, you know. Get some something-something in the romance. Just saying.) I loved how she showed the effects of time-space distortion. We...
  • Lynette Noni
    I had the privilege of reading an early draft of this a little while ago and OMIGOSH IT IS SO GOOD!!! No words!! Maria V. Snyder has done it again!!
  • Janelle Dazzlepants
    I received an e-ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Navigating the Stars has such a cool premise: China’s infamous terracotta warriors are discovered throughout space, and it’s a mystery as to who created them. Throw in some cool hacking, space travel, and time dilation science, and it sounds like a recipe for a great story!But overall it’s terribly executed. The writing is juvenile and I wasn’t surprised to see in the ackn...
  • trufflebooks
    4.75/5 ⭐ This review can also be found on my BLOG!I loved this book wayyyy more than I expected to and wow, it was such a fun and action-packed journey! Sci-fi books are hard to write and boy did this hit most the right notes for me.Let’s get some categories up:World Building & PlotThere’s a lot in this category; sorry not sorry.I love a good sci-fi read and as a bit of science nerd who knows like 2% about science and space, it was fun lear...
  • Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    Check out Happy Indulgence Books for more reviews!As my first Maria V. Snyder book, I was quite disappointed, especially since the blurb promised an exploration of Terracotta warriors in space (which reminded me of Unearthed)! The sci-fi elements flew over my head, particularly when it came to the space time differing from Earth time and people being too old when you came back to them after being in space. The thing that really interested me abou...
  • Becky
    Oh my stars! I bloody loved that. It’s 4:09am. I just finished. I have to get up early for work in a few short hours. Do I regret it? Not even a little, tiny bit. I can’t give justice to what I’m feeling or thinking right now. Just read it. READ IT!So I love Maria V. Snyder. I wait in anticipation for the day her books are released and then I read them in one sitting. So its a few weeks later now, and I've read it again, and now feel able t...
  • Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism)
    Now that was surprisingly awesome!Why surprising? Well, I struggled at the start. My biggest hurdle? Physics. I'm more of a biology nerd and never quite reached the same level of "ahh, I get it" with physics. My brain couldn't fully immerse itself in the story while part of it was still trying to understand how time worked. The first third of the book was a lot of setting up the world and trying to explain time dilation and what it meant for rel...
  • Linda
    This new series is quite a departure from Snyder’s Poison Study books. This is SF rather than F and, with a seventeen-year-old protagonist, definitely YA. But Snyder brings her usual attention to detail in world-building and characterization to make this newest venture a very satisfying read.Lyra is the daughter of archeologists who specialize in the baffling appearance of Terra Cotta warriors nearly identical to those in Xian, China on Earth o...
  • Chloe
    I seriously didn't know if I would love this book - YA sci-fi is so hit or miss for me (and I've come across far more misses), but she delivered. The characters were great, humorous and read like real people. I loved getting to see some adult characters in the book playing major parts (yay for family dynamics!!) The book wasn't bogged down in sci-fi language and technology either, but it still was distinctly spacey, and had a beautiful mystery el...
  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    Let it be known that Maria V. Snyder is one of my all time favorite writers and I was positively ecstatic when she told me she was writing a new book! Imagined my devastation when I heard that her US publisher didn't want it, luckily there's the Aussie and New Zealand one that helped to bring this story to life! She is having the book printed in the US, so never fear my friends!We all know and love Maria for her amazing fantasy reads but this tim...
  • James
    This book was absolutely amazing. This is Maria V Snyder’s first attempt at Sci-fi so I curious about how it would be. Absolutely no need to worry. Lyra and Niall were both such an interesting pair to follow. Lyra just kept doing bad things but for the right reasons. She was also so intelligent for the entire novel. She’s definitely a competent character, but not perfect. Definitely not perfect. Sometimes there are serious consequences. That ...
  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryAlthough I prefer to read fantasy these days, sci-fi was actually my first love (please don't tell my fantasy books). I've read and loved almost all of Snyder's books, including her original sci-fi Inside Out, so I was pretty keen to dive into this one, especially since it was starting with a younger, mouthier heroine than I'm used to with Snyder. And Lyra's voice is incredible! So differe...
  • Danielle
    Actual rating 3.5Navigating the Stars started off, in my opinion, a little weak. For starters, it's VERY young, and the MC is very much an angsty teen. While this is clearly what Snyder was going for, it just didn't quite do it for me. However, once we were aboard the star ship everything finally started coming together. It never really felt like anything special, but it sure got intriguing, and was a super enjoyable read. So, here go my loves an...
  • Bubbles
    Review up after the Inky Awards shortlist!
  • Madison
    I am a huge fan of Synder’s Ixia Chronicles and her Outside In series, so when I heard she was writing a new sci-fi novel I knew I just had to read it. I am so glad that HarperCollins Australia went ahead with publishing - yay Australia! Navigating the Stars is full of adventure, awesome advanced technology, romance, archaeology, hacking, code breaking and trouble-making. With Synder’s signature writing style and touch of humour and banter, N...
  • Lisa Mandina
    I've heard a lot about this author in the past, and always meant to read them. But I never did get the chance. When the opportunity to read this one popped up, I jumped on the chance. The science fiction aspect was what really grabbed me. I can tell you that I was not disappointed at all! In fact, now I know I've got to read the other books, not to mention that since this is the first in a series, I need to have the next book now! While this does...
  • Karsyn
    The bad thing about starting a new series as soon as it comes out, is waiting for the rest, because this book was sooooooooooooooooo good!! It did have romance (bleh) but it wasn't too typical and was a slow thing rather than an inst-thing, thankfully!! The story was great, the characters were great. Everything was great. Loved it, want more!! Want more now.
  • Annette
    I never thought there is going to be a time I’m gonna say that I prefer sci-fi over fantasy. I like this so much better than Maria V. Snyder’s fantasy books. Only, I regret reading it now cuz it’s going to be torture waiting for the next book.
  • Audrey
    Since Maria is one of my top five favorite authors, I was thrilled to get my hands on this book. Even better, I enjoyed it. I recommend skipping the blurb. So what’s it about?Archaeology!in space!The book involves time dilation, ancient Chinese terracotta warriors, and lots of mysteries — I loved the mysteries because there was always something to keep me guessing. Several things I did not see coming, but I am that good at that sort of thing....
  • K.
    Trigger warnings: violence, death of a friend.So it's probably no secret by now that archaeology in space ticks basically all of my boxes. And in the case of Unearthed, I was hooked from page 1 and loved every second of it. The premise of this - terracotta warriors are found on planets all over the galaxy - was SO GREAT but unfortunately this just...didn't work for me. It took a long ass time to get going, and there was a lot of focus on how spac...
  • Linzi
    Very, very few books send me into an "Oh-No, what the hell will I read next? It's gonna be hard to follow that one..." panic when I finish them. This is one of those books. I want to be clear here - this is not ... I want the next book in the series NOW! I do ... but that is different.And it's not because of some horrific and pointless cliffhanger - this book finishes properly. (Yeah!) The feeling that the cartoon above captures perfectly could ...
  • Sam
    As soon as I saw Maria V. Snyder has another book coming out I knew I had to have it, so I was over the moon when I found out i had been approved for an ARC!!Maria is one of my favourite authors and she really has a way of making you connect and feel like you're walking in the main characters shoes. Her mannerism of writing has just a beauty around it that you can't help but be drawn in completely.Navigating the Stars tells the story of Lyra Dani...
  • Morgan | Mashleas Reads
    Navigating the Stars was brilliant! An amazing 5-star read, one of my favourites for this year! It was an Indiana Jones space adventure with dark twists, amazing characters and a supremely swoon worthy romance. If you love adventure, romance and a little bit of mystery wrapped up in space, this is certainly the book for you. I'll admit that when I first started reading this book, I was not sure I would enjoy it. The language and terminology used ...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    NAVIGATING THE STARS is an exciting beginning to this new SciFi series from this bestselling author! The characters are fully drawn and easy to relate to, while the story is compelling from beginning to end. Full of intrigue, danger, family, and romance makes for a perfect story for SciFi YA readers!I've been a fan of this author since I read POISON STUDY years ago and was excited to see a new release from her. This story did not disappoint. I fo...