Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5) by Kelley Armstrong

Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)

Mallt-y-Nos. Matilda of the Hunt. The lone woman who rides with the Wild Hunt, tasked with finding killers who've escaped justice and letting the hounds reap their souls. For Olivia Taylor-Jones, Matilda isn't just a legendary figure from Welsh lore. She is Olivia's past, and her future, one she's finally embraced.Having accepted her role as Matilda, Olivia must now lead her first Hunt. Seems simple enough. But when she questions their target's g...

Details Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)

TitleRough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)
Release DateJun 30th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Novella, Mystery, Dark, Fairies, Fae, Short Stories, Fiction

Reviews Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)

  • Maureen Carden
    Fans of Kelley Armstong’s recently ended but fabulous Cainsville series will accept any crumb from the Cainsville table. In Rough Justice we have a tasty, rich, heavily iced cupcake. A cupcake, not a cake because this is a novella.Olivia is on her first Wild Hunt (Cŵn Annwn) serving as the Malit-y-Nos, Matilda of the Hunt. The Wild Hunt secures justice for the fae by having their hounds harvest souls of those humans who have killed fae but esc...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I was surprised and delighted to see ROUGH JUSTICE, a new novella in the Cainsville series, which I thought had ended with Rituals. Getting a new, although short, story about Olivia Taylor-Jones and Gabriel is a dream come true because I have truly enjoyed all of the books in this series.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!
  • Kaila
    "An eye for an eye seems all well and good until everyone's blind." I love when authors flesh out their series with novellas ... as if we needed any more proof they're just as addicted to their characters and worlds as we are. And it's already a given that I'll read anything Kelley Armstrong cranks out, so even though the Cainsville series has always had its highs and lows for me, I was more than happy for even a brief glimpse back into the lives...
  • Michelle
    I received a copy of Rough Justice from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. As per usual, Kelley Armstrong is fabulous. I really liked Rough Justice, and it was so much fun to get back into Cainesville. My biggest hope is that Armstrong keeps giving us these novellas (and maybe another novel?!?!?!?) because I will buy and/or read anything that she puts out!Like the blurb says, RJ picks up with Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky after the events of R...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this urban fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings . . .The cover drew me in and three things convinced me to read this book:1. I love Kelley Armstrong! I discovered her through her young adult book, sea of shadows, and she became me most read author of 2016;2. It is a Subterranean Press book and they do great work; and3. This story is set in the Cainsville series...
  • Katie
    I love that Kelley Armstrong writes novellas for her finished ("finished"?) series and of course I was glad to see more Olivia/Gabriel, however a couple of things about how the Hunt determines guilt bothered me. If you kill someone in battle, you're not guilty because that person signed up for battle. But if you kill someone in a drug fueled rage, you're guilty because you made the choice to take drugs. But addiction exists. It is not always quit...
  • Lorena
    I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley.It's lovely to get another, novella-length story about the Cainsville crew, after the official completion of their series arc in Rituals. In this story, Olivia participates in her first Wild Hunt, which doesn't go exactly as planned. There's a mystery to investigate, and some space to see how the characters are growing and adapting to their new roles in the world and in each others' lives.
  • Maranda
    Love Armstrong's Cainsville series!! This takes Olivia on her first hunt and reveals the power her attendance emits. She possesses blood of two powerful fae groups and her challenge to embrace both. Loved reading about the characters and what has been happening since the last novel. Powerful author with skill at creating amazing characters and their worlds. "A copy of this book was provided by Subterranean Press via Netgalley with no requirements...
  • Kathy Davie
    A short story, 5.5 in the Cainsville urban fantasy series based in and around Chicago and revolving around Olivia and her first Wild Hunt.My TakeHow lovely to have another Cainsville novel to read! Especially one that shows us what Olivia, Gabriel, and Rick are doing now, six months after Olivia and Gabriel moved in together."'Our cloaking devices,' Ricky said, shaking his out. 'Appropriately in the form of an actual cloak.'"It's a mix of first p...
  • ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme
    Trust in Ms. Armstrong to bring a faery tale into modern times. The way she can blend the supernatural into white colour jobs is impressive. In this story, the fae, specifically the Hunt have come into the corporate world. Their "day" job perfectly fits their dark persona. I am not sure if this story is an off shoot of another one because it did feel like I was missing some back stories. I was still easily able to get caught up to speed. Ms. Arms...
  • Mimi
    I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A great continuation of the Cainsville series. I liked seeing how Liv's decision from the previous novels is working regarding her continued relationships with Gabriel and Ricky. In Rough Justice, Liv has to confront her feelings regarding her first hunt as Mallt-y-Nos, Matilda of the Hunt. She delves into the concept of guilt as viewed by the Cŵn, specific as to whether Keith ...
  • Caitlin
    A novella continuing the story, so it's a great peek at how the three are dealing with Olivia's choice. Full of spoilers if you haven't finished the series, be warned. It deals with an issue Olivia worried over before, and her role in connecting the worlds humans and fae. Lots of maneuvering and withholding information, as always.Also includes a few illustrated scenes, but not so many that the story is shorter than the slender volume promises. A ...
  • Melindeeloo
    Rough Justice is a nice little follow on to the Cainsville series. It has just enough of all the elements of the series - the Fae in the form of the Wild Hunt, visions, Liv, Ricky and Gabriel - all wrapped up in a case for Liv to solve when her first Hunt leaves her with doubts about the guilt of the hunted. I really enjoyed returning to the world and seeing life after Liv's big decision, this short worked so well that I would love to see future ...
  • Karissa
    This is a novella that takes place after the fifth and final Cainsville novel. I loved this continuation of the Cainsville series. It was wonderful to be able to go back and re-visit all these characters that I know and love. It was a great story and I liked seeing how everyone had adjusted to their new positions in the Hunt.We get to see how Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky are making their interesting situation work to their advantage. We also see ho...
  • Deborah Ross
    Continuing stories that center on the same cast of characters, advancing their relationships yet complete in themselves, face a number of hurdles. Whether linked short stories, novellas in this case, or entire novels, they must furnish enough backstory and setting to orient the reader. The first episode is in many ways the easiest; everything is new, nothing taken for granted. Often the protagonist explores the world via the plot, taking the read...
  • Chrissy
    In my review of Rituals I said that it was everything I had hoped for - that it had everything I love about the Cainsville series. Still, if there's one thing I was missing in Rituals, it was Olivia and Gabriel investigating a mystery together. So, I am incredibly happy and satisfied with this novella because it had that again - and what a mystery it was! It also added more info to how the Hunt works, and what Olivia's choice means for her life a...
  • Marty Tool
    Novella for the completed Cainsville novels, you do need to have read the previous books for a comprehensive read. It's always a great read with these characters and most of them are here, even in cameo. Olivia is on her first Hunt, she trusts the Wild Hunt, but doubts the "justice" for the man's crime. If you remember Olivia is pretty black and white in her thinking, and always requires proof, now once that has happened she's not morally bothere...
  • Sarah
    A quick visit back to Cainsville!I thought we'd seen the last of Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky after Rituals, but I'm so glad Ms. Armstrong decided to give us a peak into their world again. Rough Justice was a fast paced story, with a little bit of a twist as Olivia throws a monkey wrench into their first Wild Hunt. She's determined to prove the quarry of their hunt is indeed guilty before justice is served. There's a little personal business thrown ...
  • Henry Lazarus
    Kelley Armstrong has a short tale of Rough Justice (hard from Subterranean Press) that with a little rewriting could easily have been just a mystery. Olivia Taylor-Jones is a detective and a member of the Fae who has joined the wild hunt. On her first ride, she questions whether their victim is guilty. So she convinces her lawyer and boy friend, Gabriel to take a case of a woman, Heather Nanson, who had shot and killed her husband by accident. Te...
  • Tracy
    I received this ARC for an honest review. I love novellas especially when the main series is over. It gives a peek to their lives. I love Kelley Armstrong's writing. This novella is about Liz's experience with The Hunt for the first time. She thought she could just follow on blind faith, but she learns that she needs a reason why this person deserves the hunt. After she stopped the hunt, Liz started to investigate Keith Johnson's guilt on murder....
  • Johanna Sawyer
    Thanks to the publisher for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion. I was absolutely astounded to receive a copy of this until I figured out it was a novella and book 5.5.I had never read anything of the Cainsville crew, and let me tell you....this was not the book to pick up as a starter. I was completely lost, but as an rabid fan of this author I felt I could do this book justice even if I hadn't read the first five. Well I was wrong...I was...
  • Debra
    Olivia has accepted her role as Matilda and is about to go on her first wild hunt, where the fae chase a person guilty of killing a fae or a person with fae blood into the woods and the hounds tear him or her apart. She says she trusts that the man is guilty, but then has doubts. She spends the rest of the book investigating before coming to a decision.I really liked the colored print pages with scenes from the story; I've followed the Cainesvill...
  • Deborah E Kehoe
    Rough Justice is a novella revolving around Olivia’s first Hunt as Matilda for the Cwn Annwn. The Hunt provides justice to those who have killed descendents of the fair folk and the Matilda leads that hunt as witness when justice is served. Olivia’s day job is as an investigator for her boyfriend lawyer Gabriel, so admittedly it’s hard for her to accept their prey’s guilt without proof, and because of that he goes free. Olivia investigate...
  • Diana Brown
    Loved it!!!!! I read the ebook, and I must admit I miss having the illustrations included (I am not sure why they took them out of the ebook). This novella saw Liv on her first true hunt as Matilda. The plot was excellent but as always was too short (yah I know its a novella)! With the main series wrapped up, the novellas are a great way to keep the characters developing and I love the interaction between Gabriel and Liv.
  • Renee Mcintyre
    First off, Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC! I love reading Gabriel and Liv. We join the crew for Liv first Wild Hunt and of course she has questions over the guilt of the accused. I have missed these characters! I don't want to give anything away but the questions get answered and there are a few twists too. Can I say I really dislike Gabriel's mother? I hope there will be more Cainsville stories to come!
  • Laura Metz
    I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Iabsolutely love anything written by Kelley and this was no exception. Read it in less than 3 hours and it was incredible. I loved finding more about Gabriel, Ricky, and Liv after she made her decision. The way the balance is working because of her. I really enjoyed reading this and I cannot wait to read more Cainsville Novellas. Also I just can't get enough of it ...
  • Suzan
    I really enjoyed this novella, I love Olivia and Gabriel. It's great to see how they're getting on since the series ended. I love how things aren't completely perfect, there are still issues and insecurities of a sort to be worked out. However I love how all sides are compromising and getting on. Hope we get more novellas though!
  • Kim
    A great follow upThis is a lovely follow up story to the Cainesville series. I loved “hearing” the voices of the main characters and watching them settle in to their lives post-series. Plus, the story is a good fae mystery. So happy to revisit this world!
  • Brenda
    Sometimes when you read a novella, you're left with that dissatisfied feeling that there wasn't much to the story. This is not the case here. Rough Justice is tightly written and delivers a complete story that will leave fans of the Cainesville series very happy.
  • Teresa
    I loved getting back into the Cainsville world and seeing those lovely characters again but as it always is with Kelley Armstrong books, it left me wanting more! Hopefully there’ll be more *fingers crossed* I’m always up for more content if she’s willing to write it.