13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do by Amy Morin

13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

International bestselling author and leading global expert on mental strength Amy Morin turns her focus to feminism, explaining what it means—and what it takes—to be a mentally strong woman in the age of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.The emergence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have awakened society and encouraged women to find their voice and claim their power. But to do this, women must learn to improve their own mental strength. ...

Details 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

Title13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do
Release DateDec 31st, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Psychology, Womens, Feminism, Personal Development

Reviews 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

  • KC
    An average score as far as self-help books go. That being said, I can see how many would benefit tremendously from her words and suggestions. The format is simple and is broken down in an approachable manner. A huge complaint I have though is there is so much man bashing in this book and no women bashing. Women can treat other women just as horrendously as men but it's not mentioned.
  • Rachel
    I'm filing this one away for future reference, but my quick and dirty read of this Advanced Review Copy is positive. Morin is re-treading familiar territory, but manages to put a new spin on the topic with her case studies and examples in each chapter. The book is perfectly fine in a normal straight-through read, but could also work well as individual topics for introspection or journal explorations. I also think it could work well for a reader t...
  • Andrienne
    I am a huge fan of Amy Morin’s 13 Things Mentally Strong...series and this is a great addition. Even though the list contains familiar precepts, the meat of the text is in the examples and in the sound advice. Her expertise really shines through. If anything, this book is a great reminder when unhealthy thoughts creep in. Thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy.
  • Lily
    I love Morin's books. I think this one is something women everywhere must read because it tackles a lot of ways women are brought up and the downsides of leaning into those tendencies. But she does so with illustrative examples and positive action items everyone can learn from. I know there are plenty of stories in this book that felt relatable and many questions I seriously want to sit down and ask myself. A great book for reflection and action.
  • Christina Cawrse
    Great book! Highly recommend for any woman at any age!
  • Lee Woodruff
    I’ve covered this series of books before, but I found this one particularly interesting as the mother of three daughters during a time when it seems more important than ever to help women find their own voice and channel confidence that can lead to lives with more joy and meaning. OK, that was a mouthful and it sounded like shrink speak, but there is a lot in this book that’s relevant to the mature woman as well. Morin covers everything from ...
  • Carl Handy
    I've had past relationships and friendships with women who weren't mentally strong and it was both confusing and frustrating to deal with. These were amazing women with great potential but always spoke negatively about themselves. This book helped put into perspective why they were that way and what I can do differently to better help. More men should be reading this!
  • Rebecca
    The format of this book is one that doesn't need to be read chapter by chapter, the reader can shuffle and choose what one to go too. I especially liked that it was celebrities telling how they have it all and still get to have meals with the family and solo vacations. Never mentioning the assistants and nannies who make it possible. It is everyday people, even the author shares her moments of being blindsided by life. I think it is a good book f...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com
    A great book to help you navigate through life using you own gifts and powers. It also helps you to become an authentic person who has authentic relationships. I love that it is well laid out, with some great tips, in an easy to reference way. You can read this book cover to cover or reference tips along the way. I think this book is fantastic for those woman wanting to instill more confidence into daily interactions and to face challenges with s...
  • Erin
    This book was just “ok”. I didn’t have any new revelations while reading it and didn’t feel overly empowered to change my life because of it. But if this is your first “self-help” book ever, you might benefit from it more than I did.
  • Jacquelyne
    This book is solid with research references that open engaging discussions on unique challenges women face and ways to overcome them. This would be an excellent choice for a women's book club.
  • Christy
    I picked this up as I thought "what woman doesn't need improvement and to believe in her mental Strength?" Tried to parse it out to a daily chapeter-a-day thing, but ended up reading non-stop. Plenty of highlighted sections to work on!Passing on the sisterly strength love by giving this book to a friend. Fully intend to tell her to pass it on!
  • N.
    I'm not big on self-help books but I've seen 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do everywhere and was curious about whether it might contain some helpful tips. So, when it came available for review I signed up (my thanks to HarperCollins for the review copy). I found that many of the chapters absolutely don't apply to me. I am, for example, completely open to reinventing myself and love trying new things. So, I occasionally would begin skimmin...
  • Tammy
    Love that she admits she hasn't mastered all of them but still tries. She talks about things I didn't even realize I did! I'm so thankful for this advice and now walk and feel more confident.
  • Megan Rosol
    A very good, methodical, instructive advice/practical tips by a therapist on women dealing with sexism, misogyny, social pressures, professional disadvantages, and more. A frugal way to get some extra therapy.
  • Tonyalee
    I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I had never see this series of self-help titles before, but I am sold! I love that each chapter is one of the “things women don’t do.” Also, how she gives us an example, WHY we should change it, and how. I think back on this every day and need to get a physical copy for reference! I recom...
  • Autumn Iris
    Helped me see the root of my problems.
  • Rachelle
    13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do... breaking down stigmas associated with female mental health, the author challenges the reader to apply small changes to everyday situations for a more confident and successful life. The stories from her therapy clients focused on friends, career, marriage, and social anxiety; the conversations were empowering, and solutions are easy to find bits to apply to my own life.
  • Candace
    Her case studies my it feel like a great counseling session. I'll re-read/listen to this to reinforce the lessons
  • Leonore
    This does have great advice, but it's stuff I already understand. It's still nice to refresh though.