Big Game by Mark Leibovich

Big Game

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of This Town, an equally merciless probing of America's biggest cultural force, pro football, at a moment of peak success and high anxiety.Like millions of Americans, Mark Leibovich has spent more of his life than he'd care to admit tuned into pro football. Being a lifelong New England Patriots fan meant growing up with a steady diet of lovable loserdom. That is until the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era ...

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TitleBig Game
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherPenguin Press
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Nonfiction, Football, Literature, American, Abandoned

Reviews Big Game

  • Richard de Villiers
    Let's start with the good stuff. Leibovich is an engaging writer, even when his subjects have little to say he still makes it interesting. The last four years, the time he dedicated to writing this book, have been chock filled with controversy in the NFL so there are no shortage of issues or stories to cover. Finally, the book is filled with characters that even the casual fan knows. Overall it's a book that goes down easy and serves as a rather ...
  • Jolene
    Rich people suck. Jerry Jones is a cartoon. The Lambeau Leap is one of the greatest traditions of human achievement. Ultimately, this book didn't really SAY anything, but I was endlessly entertained.
  • David
    Could not have enjoyed reading a book anymore than I did this oneLeibovich has a keen eye at studying other humans. Fortunately he is able to share these keen and witty observations with us mere mortals. I loved this book and can hardly wait for his next offering.
  • Kyle
    Gets a little too one-note as it goes on, but it is a good reminder that rich people are the absolute worst.
  • Jim
    This book was a mostly interesting but not really too surprising series of anecdotes about the NFL.The two parts of the NFL that have more mostly turned off from it - a) Their lack of grace and caring about the concussion issue, and b) whiny bitches of owners who just want corporate welfare to build new stadiums, were both highlighted in bold relief.Goodell on the risk of the game: "There is risk in life,” Goodell concluded. “There is risk in...
  • Mac
    I like reading Mark Leibovich, and having read This Town and Citizens of the Green Room, I found Big Game to have all of the author's signature moves...and his signature flaw as well. Leibovich's take on the NFL (really his takedown of the NFL) is full of his trademark snark, criticism, irreverence, and hostility. As examples, in the author's eyes, Roger Goodell, the Commissioner, is an inept bumbler (though good at generating revenue), and Jerry...
  • Brian Calandra
    For a guy who spent four years embedded with NFL owners and athletes, Leibovitch came out with very little in the way of anecdotes except for getting wasted on Jerry Jones's bus and seeing Giselle Bundchen congratulating the Eagles. Almost all of this is stuff that anyone could have written after reading ESPN NFL coverage for a few years and then summarizing. And he's got nothing but loathing for the beat writers who cover the game.Most irritatin...
  • Joshua
    Mark Leibovich is just a pleasure. This book is basically a long, romping magazine story about the NFL. You learn little that did you didn't already know, but it's a pleasure to be reminded about things you read about in less entertaining forms elsewhere, and what you do learn (like what Jerry Jones talks about while piss drunk in his trailer, or what it sounds like to hear Tom Brady and Gisele bicker) is just the best. Leibovich refers to the ti...
  • Ross Mckinney
    You have to be a football fan. And it's pretty much a standard issue non-sports writer spends a year hanging out with the NFL story. He's astonished, a bit flabbergasted, and the owners come across like a bunch of spoiled billionaires. I wonder why! But he writes really well, the stories are entertaining and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and he thinks hard about the meaning of football and sports in our politically fraught times. He spends more...
  • Aidan Renaghan
    Meh. I loved his last book "This Town," but I found this very underwhelming. Not a lot of new information about the NFL. Just reinforces the idea that the owners are greedy madmen who are destroying the league for their own self interest, that the league has no interest or ability to deal with the existential threat of head trauma, and the race politics of football are problematic and a huge rift between players and fans. If you watch football an...
  • Robin
    This book was great. I laughed had a good time listening to it. The narrator did a great job.I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a Tom Brady or a Patriots fan and I still enjoyed it. I've watched professional football as long as I can remember and enjoyed it, but a few years ago I started to feel.....disillusioned I guess. The league handles problems poorly, Ray Rice is a prime example. I'm not much of a football fan anymore but I still enj...
  • Luke Hooper
    Awesome look at the NFL over the last 4 years. Leibovich inserts himself into his story and it makes all the difference as he is a Patriots fan and an expert at reading people. I laughed all throughout this book at his observations of Roger Goodell and the ridiculous and often petty behavior of the owners.
  • Steve Nolan
    It's mostly about the Patriots, which is nice because that's the team I used to really really like. (I am sports franchise apathetic now. Players are cool, teams are whatever.) Lots of good Brady, Belichick and Kraft nuggets, though Brady is incredibly interesting to me. Just a hollow husk of a football player, but an effective one at that.
  • William Krasne
    I’d heard great things about this book and it didn’t disappoint. Leibovich is an engaging writer and this is a rollicking read. He pulls no punches and spares no one - as he says in the book when he sees a parade he feels compelled to rain in it. He highlights the NFL’s hypocrisy in numerous ways, particularly with player’s health. Highly recommend this
  • Charlie Fenwick
    Pretty good story about the NFL today. Two principal subjects were reviewed here. First the gigantic ego‘s with the 32 billionaires who owns the NFL franchises, and second The impact concussions have and will have on the league in the game. He tells a lot of entertaining stories and seem to have pretty good access.
  • Richard
    Lots of amusing anecdotes about NFL owners and their money. Which is their most important asset except for Jerry Jones who loves himself and his HOF election more than another Super Bowl win -- if that were possible.Every current owner is torched with only the likes of Wellington Mara and Dan Rooney (the best of the old families) escaping.
  • John Scherer
    Agree w other reviewers that there is no overriding theme to this book. But, I enjoy Leibovich’s irreverent tone toward these egotistical blowhards (owners, Goodell, etc.). And, I share his guilt about enjoying a sport w obvious health consequences for its gladiators. Leibovich’s writing style and humor overcome other weaknesses.
  • Steve
    A great look at inside the NFL. Leibovich takes the reader inside the league offices, and describes the billionaire owners as well as current and former players with a great deal of humorous detail. Fun read!
  • Joefrohlinger
    Highly entertaining. Enjoyable, great stories about dysfunctional owners and a real fraternity. If you're a football fan, you won't be able to put it down. Woody Johnson does not come off well if you're a Jets fan :)
  • Emily
    If you like the NFL, this is a must read. I follow the nfl very closely and my team is the author’s team. I knew all the “characters” so this book was a blast for me. There are lots of juicy stories and funny lines. “Dueling Caligulas” made me laugh out loud. Definitely recommend.
  • Darrell
    Some interesting nuggets about what the "Membership" (NFL Owners) are like, but mostly this book is just a dreary march through tailgates, stadiums, owners meetings, and parties.
  • Kimberley
    3.5 stars
  • Darren Lipomi
    Hugely entertaining. I haven't watched football since 2010 and just can't after the CTE crisis broke, but read this because I enjoyed This Town. Mark Leibovich is hilarious.
  • Jack Goodstein
    Disappointing..a little snark, and little that's new.