Penguinaut! by Marcie Colleen


Orville lives at the zoo, surrounded by animal pals who go on exciting adventures. A hang gliding rhino! A deep-sea diving giraffe! Orville struggles to keep up, until one day he concocts an adventure all his own: build a spaceship and fly to the moon all by himself. Can one tiny penguin get there alone?Penguinaut is perfect for every child who's said, "I can do it myself!" and comes to find that the rewards are much richer when shared with frien...

Details Penguinaut!

Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Space, Storytime, Animals

Reviews Penguinaut!

  • Aneesa
    Believe it or not, this is not the only book about a penguin going to space that we own.
  • Andrea
    This is an engaging story with gentle humor and simple but fun language: “perfectly penguin-sized” anyone? The author has managed to bring out several different emotions within the adventure theme, making this a versatile read aloud for an educational setting. Some of the elements that are great for discussion include perseverance, independence, creativity, goal-setting, feelings of anxiety and excitement and being kind to others.I love the i...
  • Kareena
    Silly, fun, good friends, lots of action. Fantastic for a storytime.
  • KC
    A penguin is determined to fly into space and land on the moon...
  • Ann
    Adorable. Kids are going to love this book!
  • Viviane Elbee
    Such a fun picture book for young fans of outer space, the moon, astronauts & zoo animals! :) Kids loved it.
  • Carmen Zeisler
    I had the change to see this book at NerdCampKS and I just LOVE IT! The illustrations and the story are fantastic! This is a must have in elementary classrooms!
  • Colorado Buck
    one book colorado choice for 2019. interesting story about a penguin who has big dreams and goes off on his big adventure to the moon only to discover that he is alone and he misses his friends. loved how he imagined he saw them as he looked into the constellations.
  • Barbara
    Orville was a small penguin who longed for big adventures. So, he decided to build a spaceship! His friends were a little worried about him going it alone but they were still supportive of his interplanetary travels. Children ages 2 - 6 will enjoy Orville's spunk and determination in Penguinaut by Marcie Colleen.
  • Laurie
    Interest Level: K-3Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something so big but you didn't have the support of your friends? Would it stop you or make you more determined? This is the problem that Orville had. Even though he is small he wants to go to the moon. When his zoo friends discourage him it makes him more determined to do it on his own. When the big day comes will Orville make it all the way to the moon all by himself? What if he finds ...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Penguinaut! By Marcie Colleen, illustrated by Emma Yarlett. PICTURE BOOK. Orchard Books (Scholastic), 2018. $17. 9780545848848BUYING ADVISORY: Pre-K, EL (K-3) - ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGEOrville the penguin has lots of friends at the zoo, but he is always jealous of their BIG adventures. When he announces that he plans to fly to the moon, they all keep reminding him how small he is. Can such a little penguin really make it all the way to t...
  • zapkode
    {My thoughts} – Who doesn’t like to go on an adventure into outer space. This is a nice little book about a Penguin that builds a Rocket ship so that he can blast off into outer space. Once he’s there he messes around some and then he makes the trip back.The story tells about his nice adventure and about how what he did while he was on the moon. He seemed to have had a lot of fun and enjoyed himself. The illustrations and the words go toget...
  • Amanda Harrison
    I love how the penguin tries so hard to get to the moon, but in a moment of doubt needs an encouraging word from his friends. Is this the lost concept in failure leads to success? That maybe we need to keep trying even when things are hard, but also that we need to lean on our friends?Will be recommending this one to a number of circles.
  • Gabi
    Any child (or adult) who’s ever been told she’s “too small” to do something or who’s envied the big adventures her friends are having will identify with Orville. And Marcie Colleen’s wordplay is masterful. I love that Orville “flippered out” and gave a “trembling flipper salute”!Emma Yarlett’s mixed-media illustrations depict Orville’s world with whimsy and charm. Who can resist big-hearted Penguinaut?
  • Nicole
    This book is super cute!!! I have a little patron that is OBSESSED with Penguins and Summer Reading '19 is SPACE, so this book is perfect for my library. The illustrations are great and the story is cute, while still using space vocab that could be a new intro for your kiddo or a review. Librarians this is a must have for your space collection for next summer!!
  • Lucy Branam
    This adorable, heartwarming book is a great reminder of the friends that we all have right under our noses. It also shows readers that the grass on the other side (or on another planet!) isn’t always as green as what’s already under our feet. There’s great variety in the layout of the fun illustrations. The drawings are done in a cheery palette with lots of blue and yellow/orange.
  • Megan - Alohamora Open a Book
    Cute. Cute story about reaching your dreams and not being afraid to do hard things.It could make a fun Family Storytime or read aloud for school age kids. Great vocabulary/word choice. Fun story to read. Sweet story of friendship. A bit of a STEM aspect as well with comparisons.
  • Miss Pippi the Librarian
    Orville the penguin wanted his own big adventure, so he made plans and build a spaceship. He traveled to the moon! Fun story about traveling on an adventure and a sweet story about friends.Reviewed from a library copy.
  • Alyssa Gudenburr
    None of the zoo animals thought he could do it but penguin made it to the moon all by himself. Once he made it did penguin realize doing things with others is better than by yourself. Would made a great first storytime story for space or friendship theme.
  • Erin
    The main story hits on themes of independence, big dreams, and quite literally reaching for the stars. Penguin is supported in his endeavors by the rest of his zoo friends. Eventually, though, penguin realizes that he's lonely.
  • Lynn Davidson
    The other animals in the zoo had exciting BIG adventures, but Orville, a small penguin, had small adventures and big dreams. He decided he was going to blast off to the moon - an adventure bigger than anyone's - and he was doing it himself. Fun story and illustrations.
  • Liz
    A penguin makes it into outer space and learns going out there is better with friends.
  • Sara
    Cute story demonstrating life’s better with friends.
  • Tracie
    A penguin wants to have big adventures like their friend and decide to try to go to the moon.
  • Jesse
    Penguin wants to have big adventures like his friends. Will it be satisfying, though, if he's alone when he has them? Read to find out. :)
  • Barbara
    Orville is a penguin who longs to travel to the moon. After all, he's watched the other animals in the zoo who are his friends have all sorts of adventures. They try to persuade him from his plans, but he persists. Eventually, he lands on the moon, has a blast, but then he starts to miss those friends, and decides to head back to Earth. There are some great word choices in the text as well as some word play and playful use of fonts and letters th...
  • Marie
    Orville the penguin lives at a zoo and has lots of animal friends. All of his friends have fun adventures. One goes hang-gliding; another goes deep-sea-diving.... (and, apparently, the zookeepers are just ok with this?) Orville, however, hasn't had an adventure. Poor guy.One day he decides what his adventure will be: he's going to space! He'll be the first ever penguinaut! And he's going to do it all by himself !I'm a good reviewer, so you'll ha...
  • Diane
    Orville is so much smaller that his friends ... his friends who always have such BIG adventures. He wants an adventure of his own. And so Orville announces that he will be going to the moon. His friends aren’t sure that Orville’s idea is a good one, but Orville is determined. And after several failed attempts, he manages to make it to the moon. Now what? He missed his friends. When he returns home, his friends are waiting to celebrate his suc...
  • Katie
    A little long for little ears, but great for preschoolers. A little penguin is determined to go into space, and he works till he makes it happen, with the support of his friends. Those same friends are missed while in space, and a note from them showing their support and love of the penguin convince him to return back home, and plan for other adventures.
  • Alex Lindsley
    I think this book was great. It showcases the importance of friendship while highlighting that just because you CAN do something alone, it doesn't mean you HAVE to. The illustrations were cute too. I think this would be a good book to use to talk about the moon landing, space in general, science, and the animals in zoos.