The Jade Lily by Kirsty Manning

The Jade Lily

In 2016, fleeing London with a broken heart, Alexandra returns to Australia to be with her grandparents, Romy and Wilhelm, when her grandfather is dying. With only weeks left together, her grandparents begin to reveal the family mysteries they have kept secret for more than half a century. In 1939, two young girls meet in Shanghai, the 'Paris of the East': beautiful local Li and Viennese refugee Romy form a fierce friendship. But the deepening sh...

Details The Jade Lily

TitleThe Jade Lily
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherAllen & Unwin
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Cultural, Asia, China, Literature, Jewish, Romance, 20th Century

Reviews The Jade Lily

  • Veronica ⭐️
    The Jade Lily is a dual time-line narrative.1938 Vienna, Austria – 11 year old Romy and her parents flee to Shanghai after one of her brothers is shot by German soldiers and the other is herded away with other young Jewish men. On the three month trip to Shanghai by boat, Romy meets Nina and they become firm friends. Their lives take very different paths but bonded by the unspeakable events of war they remain firm friends for life.2016 Melbourn...
  • Berit☀️✨
    ℭ𝔬𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤. 𝔄𝔟𝔰𝔬𝔯𝔟𝔦𝔫𝔤. ℜ𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤. Kirsty Manning has written a stunning story filled with secrets, sorrow, and resilience. 1939 Vienna Austria Romy’s family realizes it is in their best interest to leave the country. But the only place that will take them in without a visa is shanghai. Shanghai is miles away, a brief respite from the war, but it isn’t long before sh...
  • Brenda
    It was 1938 and Romy Bernfeld was forced to flee Vienna with her parents after the Nazis began rounding up Jewish residents. Shanghai was a different city completely – bewildered and afraid, Romy found friendship with a neighbour, Li and her brother, while Romy’s mother was shattered and depressed. Her father, a doctor, began working at the local hospital. Gradually Romy found her way around the French Concession where they lived. But with th...
  • Phrynne
    I ended up being a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! I knew before I began that it had dual timelines which is a technique I am getting bored with. I frequently long for a straight, continuous timeline told by one unchanging narrator. It would be refreshing. Anyway the dual timeline in The Jade Lily is okay as my interest in the past and the present was fairly equal throughout. Romy and Nina were fascinating characters when they were...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comKirsty Manning makes a triumphant return to the Australian historical fiction scene with her second novel, The Jade Lily. It is a novel that takes the reader from the precarious times of World War II Austria, to the cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai, through to modern-day Melbourne. If you are looking for a tale that will sweep you away into times gone by, look no further than The Jade Lily.The Jade Lily is a ...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Jewish families were fleeing Austria, and Romy’s family was on its way to China without her brothers Michael and Daniel. Michael had been shot, and Daniel was taken to Dachau Concentration Camp.China was the only country during the war that they could enter without a visa.We meet Romy and her family as they make the journey and settle in Shanghai in 1939.We then move to 2016 and meet Alexandra who has traveled to Australia from London because h...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:Alexandra spent most of her time with men on the trading desks, who walked around the office with their jaws clenched, veins pulsing at their temples. They smelled of adrenaline, expensive aftershave, and fear.Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.My Review:This beautifully written and masterfully crafted book turned me inside out and took my breath away. The writing was elegant, lavishly detailed, evocative, and a feast for ...
  • Marianne
    The Jade Lily is the second novel by Australian author, Kirsty Manning. Alexandra Laird had rushed home from London to be with her grandparents in Melbourne. Opa was dying, and she needed to be with him in his last hours, and to be there for Oma. Her husband’s imminent death brought to mind all the memories that Romy Cohen (nee Bernfeld) had been suppressing. Shanghai, and their years there as Jewish refugees loomed large in her thoughts. Once ...
  • Andrea
    Kirsty Manning has written a meticulously researched and sumptuously detailed story about an aspect of WWII that - like me - many readers might not be aware of. The Bernfelds are an Austrian Jewish family that suffers loss during the atrocities of Kristallnacht, but is able to escape to Shanghai before the war really takes hold. There, they initially live in relative comfort in the French Concession, and teenage daughter Romy embraces her new Chi...
  • Dale Harcombe
    This is another story told in two different time frames, which seems to be a popular trend these day. It starts in Vienna in 1938. Given the situation and the persecution of Jews, Romy and her parents are forced to flee. Romy and her family end up in Shanghai. There Romy becomes friends with the budding songstress Li. The other story starts in Melbourne in 2106 with Alexandra, granddaughter of Romy and her husband Wilhelm. When her grandfather di...
  • Annette
    At a time when no other country, including US, UK, Australia, would open its doors to Jews fleeing the concentration camps, Shanghai had opened its doors to more than twenty thousand refugees fleeing Europe during WWII. “It was possible before 1940 to be released from a concentration camp if you had a valid passport, visa, permit to take up residency in another country, and proof of transport. Such release was always subject to the prisoner lea...
  • Theresa Smith
    The Jade Lily is Australian author Kirsty Manning’s second novel, but it is my first experience of her talent. I’ve read a lot of WWII fiction but my choices have been predominately set in Europe. Even though I have studied WWII history, my knowledge of the war in the Pacific is still more limited than what I know of Europe, so reading this novel set in Shanghai over the war years was an enlightening experience. I had no idea, for example, th...
  • Mish
    I’ve read many novels based on WW2 but nothing from the perspective of Shanghai China. It was definitely eye opener for me. Generous and welcoming people who saved so many lives by opening their doors and hearts to European refugees. And for Romy and her family, seeing this country for the first time, so vastly different from their home in Vienna was both thrilling and scaring. I loved reading about their customs and spiritual beliefs - the Yin...
  • Nicole
    The Jade Lily is Australian author Kirsty Manning's second historical fiction book. It's the first book I have read by Kirsty and I absolutely adored it from the first page! A dual timeline, it alternates between the past and the present in the third person. Set from 1939 onward in both Vienna and Shangahi, I found myself becoming fascinated with both countries, especially Shanghai. I fell in love with Shanghai because of the time and effort Kirs...
  • Carolyn
    The Jade Lily is a brand new exciting, exotic novel set in Shanghai, China.The story starts in Vienna then goes to the Brenner Pass in Austria.It's told over two different time-zones in Shanghai and Melbourne.Find out the secrets held by two separate families over generations.What is the Jade Lily and it's meaning and what does it reveal?Hear about the area famous for its jade carvings. Will Alexandra be able to find her true past and heritage?Is...
  • Paul Lockman
    Kirsty Manning has written an interesting book of historical fiction and there is a lot to like about it. I really enjoyed when we were in Shanghai at the beginning of WWII as I hadn’t read anything about that city at that time. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why I wasn’t as engrossed with this book as most other people are, I almost feel mean only giving it 3 stars. I just felt a little detached from the characters and the story an...
  • Kate Forsyth
    I flew off to China on a research trip last month, and so Kirsty Manning’s new book arrived with perfect timing to pack and take with me. A parallel narrative moving between Australia and China, and modern day and the 1930s, The Jade Lily is a rich and evocative story of family secrets and love.In 2016, Alexandra returns to Australia to be with her grandparents, Romy and Wilhelm, in the final weeks of her grandfather’s life. As she spends tim...
  • Kathryn
    Thanks to Allen & Unwin for the ARC copy of this that was sent to me.Unfortunately I struggled with this one. It took me almost a month to read - I picked it up, put it down, and reluctantly picked it back up again.I’m not really sure what the problem was - the story was written in 2 periods, the WWII period and present day, going back to look at what happened to the grandmother of the present day period during the war period when she was a you...
  • Rachael McDiarmid
    Loved loved loved this book! Her previous book didn’t quite resonate with me but THE JADE LILY did. Her characters, her setting, the story, made me want to turn the page and see where everyone ended up. There was sadness, grief, tragedy but also strength and love and so many other wonderful things. I liked the little twist in the story and the two stories playing out - Romy’s extraordinary experiences during WWII and Alexandra’s in present ...
  • Nat
    In the simplest words... I loved this story!!Following the stories of Romy and Alexandra in Shanghai, China, it was beautifully written and unfolded at a great pace... It was a period of WWII I did not know about, so thank you Kirsty for shining light of how the mixture of cultures unfolded during such a turbulent period. I was hooked from the very start and it didn't waver... easy 5 stars for me and I look forward to reading more by this author....
  • Maggie
    A beautifully crafted story with well drawn characters which transported me to Shanghai. Kept me guessing to the very end. I loved this book!
  • Rosalie
    The Jade Lily is a compelling narrative that recounts the intersecting lives of several individuals who fled during WW11 from Warsaw to Shanghai and subsequently migrated to Australia. The novel cleverly balances the horrific atrocities that some people choose to inflict on others with the kindness and bravery of people who help and save others who are being abused and/or ostracised. The book commences with the Jewish diaspora following the Nazi ...
  • Claire
    Wow this was an absolute page turner. A beautiful yet confronting dual timeline narrative set in Shanghai during WWII and Melbourne and Shanghai now. It tells the story of survival at all costs, of love and friendship, hope and secrets. The Jade Lily let me visit Shanghai and experience the city both now and then, the descriptive language completely transported me to this large and confusing city, full of smells and sights I've never seen. What a...
  • Joanne
    This book is both a joy to read heart wrenching to read. I cannot remember the last time a book made me cry the way this book did.This is a story about love, loss, friendship and the lies we tell to protect those around us. It details the struggle of living through a war and the struggle of trying to find your origins and a place to belong.This book is one of the best book I have read in a long time.
  • Janine
    A fantastic dual timeline story with a lot of it based in exotic Shanghai during WWII.
  • Ashleigh
    Review to come onto my blog on publication date.
  • Christine Cheripka
    What an exquisite story about a lesser known slice of the horror of the 1940's...While other locations refused shelter, Shanghai allowed over 20,000 refugees a place to flee to. The song of the Jade Lily is a perfect blend of history and fiction about that period....The horrors catch up eventually even in Shanghai, but for a while Shanghai offers a safe harbor to so many.. this is a story of friendship, family love and all the fascinating sides o...
  • Vicki
    So grateful to have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Kirsty Manning's latest book The Jade Lily. It's definitely a must read. Manning weaves a great story that pulls you into the lives of her characters, moving from present to past seamlessly. Can't wait for her next book!
  • Teresa Ward
    “The Jade Lily” is a wonderfully evocative story centering around two young women, Romy and her granddaughter Alexandra. In 1938 teenaged Romy flees Austria with her parents to escape the anti-Jewish campaign. With no time to lose they decide that Shanghai will be their new home, as immigrants are accepted into China with no passport or visa. Here, they are welcomed into a very different way of life and community than the one they left in Vie...
  • Betty
    This story is sure to linger in your heart well beyond the reading of the last page. Beautifully written, Manning has given us a story of survival in the hardest of times, the strength of a friendship among three women (Romy, Li, and Nina), the courage of everyday people, and a love so strong one is willing to sacrifice her own dreams and desires.Historical fiction at its finest, this is a WWII tale few people are aware of – a tale of Jews tryi...