No Place Like Here by Christina June

No Place Like Here

Ashlyn Zanotti has big plans for the summer. She’s just spent a year at boarding school and can’t wait to get home. But when Ashlyn’s father is arrested for tax evasion and her mother enters a rehab facility for “exhaustion,” a.k.a. depression, her life is turned upside down.The cherry on top? Ashlyn’s father sends her to work with a cousin she doesn’t even know at a rustic team-building retreat center in the middle of nowhere. A se...

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TitleNo Place Like Here
Release DateMay 21st, 2019
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Retellings, Realistic Fiction, Fiction

Reviews No Place Like Here

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I freaking loved it!!! Its so freaking fluffy!!! Its on my favorites list and Im gonna buy it!! Oh, this is the book I never knew I needed! I have missed reading a good fluffy book from time to time! When I read that this book was basically about a girl that was being sent away to a camp I was hooked, but Im jumping ahead! Backtrack....Ashlyn is in boarding school for some things she did in her past. Shes hoping to come home to spend her senior y...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 After really enjoying Everywhere You Want to Be in April 2018, this was an insta-click for me. Teenage Ashlyn has a father in prison for tax troubles and a mother being treated for depression. So she is sent to her uncle and aunt's who in turn have arranged for Ashlynn to join her cousin as employees at a outdoor wellness center in Pennsylvania . This is not the summer she imagined, but it is a summer that Ashlynn won't...
    10/5 stars No Place Like Here became an instant favorite of mine! If you're looking for this year's YA summer reading, look no further! What a riveting and compelling story!!When Ashlyn's parents have to go away, - her father going to prison and her mother in rehab - Ashlyn were sent to her father's relatives in Pennsylvania and for her to work in Sweetwater Overlook Retreat Center along with her cousin. "Maybe absence does the heart grow fonder...
  • Christina
    NO PLACE LIKE HERE:- inspired by Hansel & Gretl- set at a wilderness retreat center- a cousin story- complicated family dynamics- second chances- finding your voice- quotes- kissing- a zipline scene that actually happened to meThis book is dedicated to "the quiet girls" and came out of my experiences helping kids in my day job find their voices.
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book after reading on a different review that there's not a big focus on romance. The author dealt so well with the themes and I was captivated as I read about Ashlyn's journey that was at times difficult, uncomfortable, healing, and empowering. I appreciated being able to see the family dynamics that brought Ashlyn to the point she is at mentally at the beginning of the book, flaws and all. F...
  • Lisa Mandina
    I'd enjoyed the other two books by this author, so was happy when this next one came out. And once again I was not disappointed! Ashlyn was someone that while we definitely felt for her in the beginning, with what she was going through with her family, she also did a lot of growing and changing through her summer. The other people she met at the summer camp were a great cast of characters. Her cousin, while abrupt at first, grew to be a great fri...
  •  Amelia
    This was a completely unexpected read and I really liked it. It was very unpredictable and there were no cliches which is a big plus. There are interesting family dynamics, summer camps, new friendships, exes and new boyfriends. Basically, all of the teen drama you want in a summer read without the cringeness that sometimes comes with it. Ashlyn was an interesting MC. She definitely had layers and I can't even describe her XD She's shy but also n...
  • Donna Hines
    Summer is so damn challenging!It begins with daughter Ashlyn whose sent to boarding school while her father is caught up in a crime.If this isn't quite enough to wet the palate we have the mother whose depressed and about to enter rehab.But wait there's more...She's now sent off to work for the Uncle alongside the cousin at a rustic retreat in the middle of nowhere.For the love...Now wait there's more....She can either continue marching to the be...
  • Toya
    Thank you NetGalley and Blink publishing for an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own. So I went into this book thinking that it was a modern Hansel and Gretel retelling. And I guess it is as long as your definition of retellings is incredibly loose. I guess I was expecting some sort of magic, which is definitely NOT what this story is about. I would classify this as a YA contemporary tha...
  • Katy Upperman
    Three Things I Love About NO PLACE LIKE HERE1. Steep character arc. In the opening of this novel, MC Ashlyn reminded me of myself as a teenager: quiet, resigned, and stuck in my head. As the story progresses, though, she becomes a strong, take-charge girl who makes big decisions and takes risks. Teen readers will be able to relate to her, and I think they'll love cheering her on.2. Unique setting. Ashlyn's summer job at a retreat center is really...
  • Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)
    ~*Check out all my reviews over on The Bent Bookworm!*~ No Place Like Here was so much more than I expected! I went into it thinking I was getting a somewhat fluffy summer camp novel (at only 272 pages I finished it in half a shift at work yes, my job is that slow). While there were fluffy aspects, it was so much deeper and touched my heart in ways I was completely surprised by.Ashlyns entire world has been turned upside down. All her plans for ...
  • Melanie
    No Place Like Here was different than I expected. I don't know if it was because of my reading mood or what, but I found myself easily bored with the story. I didn't connect with the characters and couldn't even tell it was a retelling. The story was written well, it was just that I personally didn't connect with the story.*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope t...
  • Lana
    This was a great YA summer camp story from the perspective of a wealthy teenager forced to take a summer job at camp. Ashlyn is juggling a lot while going straight from boarding school to a summer job she didn't ask for. She struggles with speaking up to her parents about how she feels, coming to terms with her parents' own shortcomings and fighting off the boys at camp. This is a quick and fun camp story dealing with family issues such as depres...
  • Heather
    No Place Like Here was an absolutely amazing book from the very beginning. I wasnt sure how fast Id be able to get attached to the characters and the storyline. But, I was easily able to read the book and follow the storyline. The main character absolutely had my heart and then when we met the love interest who got the short end of the stick, I felt terrible for him until the last few chapters of the book. This book was beautifully written and I ...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    NO PLACE LIKE HERE is about a girl trying to find herself after her life implodes when her dad goes to prison for tax evasion. It's a coming-of-age story full of interesting characters and a plot of self-discovery. Themes of family, friendship, self-worth, depression, and emotional abuse woven through the story make for a read with depth and plenty of heart.It took me a little bit to love Ashlyn, but she eventually grew on me. I think some of tha...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Ashlyn thought she had served her time, and would be able to return home after spending a year away at boarding school. But, then she learned of her father's arrest online, and in the blink of an eye, all her summer plans, and maybe her future plans, were altered. She was quickly whisked away to the woods of Pennsylvania to work at a wilderness retreat with her cousin, Hannah. This indoor girl was dreading her new outdoor job, but it would prove ...
  • Suzie Waltner
    A story about the longing for home even when its not perfect or you dont feel worthy of it, No Place Like Here is a poignant and moving story.Ashlyn Zanottis summer plans (and her unforeseeable future) go up in smoke when her father lands in prison, her mother checks herself into rehab for exhaustion, and shes sentenced to working at a summer retreat camp. Over the course of her time there, Ashlyn discovers support in unexpected places and the co...
  • KayCee K
    Christina June is slowly becoming one of my favorite authors. Every book I read, I love even more than the last one. This time we follow Ashlyn who we see a big off in It Started with Goodbye. However in No Place Like Here its a modern Twist on Hansel and Gretel, I can see where that plays in. Ashlyn wasn't a character I liked much from her first book, so the lead character had to win me more. She did! She goes through a lot, well still being bel...
  • Inge
    Cute read! I love books set at summer camp - they provide the perfect cosy background while still having some adventures.Ashlyn's character development was really nicely done, and I especially appreciated two things. 1) The book emphasised how important therapy can be to improve your mental health. 2) There was some light romance, but mostly the story focussed on building friendships and improving family relationships.I caught a few Hansel & Gret...
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Rating: 3.75/5Review to come!
  • Melissa
    I loved the first two books in this modern fairy tale series by Christina June and was excited to read No Place Like Here. As soon as I finished, I reached out to Christina to ask her for a fourth book (perhaps about Ashlyn's cousin Hannah). I am NOT ready for this series to be done! This is another wonderful story from Christina. I enjoyed getting to know Ashlyn better and learning about what her life is like. I liked the setting of Sweetwater a...
  • Klancy
    Me the past few minutes trying to decide if I was going to rate this book one star or two stars.I just never really connected with the book. The protagonist, Ashlyn, never felt real to me. Sent to boarding school after unknowingly helping her then-boyfriend shoplift, Ashlyn's father sends her off to boarding school. A year later, her father is arrested for tax evasion, her mother is sent to rehab, and Ashlyn finds herself working at a camp retrea...
  • geena
    Well written book, if a little safe. There were a few moments in the narrative where its played more realistic than Id anticipate, but its not a bad thing. Some characterization was flat, such as those opposing our main character, where the author just didn't bother going beyond the surface. This could contribute to the book's safety too.The breadcrumb quotes thing is a little put on, though, like a high schooler would have the perfect, sometimes...
  • Kay
    super cute giving me all the best summer vibesThis book was super cute and gave me all the best summer vibes, for dreaming of a time when we're finally let out of quarantine and maybe we'll see the sun again. The setting of the book is at a wilderness retreat, basically a summer camp type setting, including zip lining, going to the swimming pool, and bonfires. It was so fun to read about, especially seeing the teens who are working there for the ...
  • Mari Johnston
    This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a (Book) Girl.No Place Like Here was the first book Ive read by Christina June, and while I didnt love it, Im definitely interested in reading more. Her writing style was light and care-free, making this a quick story perfect for a lazy summer day. It reminded me a lot of Leah Konens Happy Messy Scary Love, but a much better version of it.The characters were really great. I was worried a...
  • Nay Denise
    Received a finished copy for reviewThis was a pleasant surprise. At first I wasn't enjoying this at all. I thought that the characters were all whinny and mean, but as the story progressed I began to truly enjoy the characters and family dynamics.Ashlyn is such a strong character. She starts off a bit weak and quiet, but she reminded me of a quiet storm. She was much stronger than she gave herself credit for. She was thoughtful, kind, hardworking...
  • Nicole M. Hewitt
    This review (along with a giveaway) and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionAshlyn has lived her life trying to measure up to her fathers expectations, but its always been a losing battle. So, even when he ends up in prison for tax evasion, he somehow still has a hold over her that she cant quite break. Shes shipped off to work at a wilderness camp with her cousinsomething she never would have chosen for herselfand she s...
  • Arceli
    What a beautiful and powerful novel by an amazing author. It is amazing seeing the growth in an author's book the more books she publishes. First off, what a great MC. Ashlyn is someone who actually I would look up to. The best part about her character is how she grows. She grows from being a weak girl to a strong person who is willing to stand up for what is right. Ashlyn was completely relatable in the issues she was going through. But, how she...
  • Arceli
    *I have received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. What a beautiful and powerful novel by an amazing author. It is amazing seeing the growth in an author's book the more books she publishes. First off, what a great MC. Ashlyn is someone who actually I would look up to. The best part about her character is how she grows. She grows from being a weak girl to a strong person who is willing to stand up for what is right. Ashlyn w...