Breach by W.L. Goodwater


AFTER THE WAR, THE WALL BROUGHT AN UNEASY PEACE.When Soviet magicians conjured an arcane Wall to blockade occupied Berlin, the world was outraged but let it stand for the sake of peace. Now after 10 years of fighting with spies instead of spells, the CIA has discovered the unthinkable:THE WALL IS FAILING.While refugees and soldiers mass along the border, operatives from East and West converge on the most dangerous city in the world to stop or tak...

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Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate History, Adult, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Breach

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    3.75 stars! What a way to spice things up! A genre-bending novel with historical science fiction leanings? Breach sounded like the perfect way to test out science fiction and fantasy again. A wall is put in place to separate Soviet-occupied from unoccupied Berlin. After ten years, the CIA discovers the wall is being breached. Here’s where the “fun” stuff enters…Karen is a magician with the American Office of Magical Research and Deploymen...
  • Berit☀️✨
    This was an interesting story of alternate history laced with magic...This is definitely not my usual read, but it was a nice change of pace... as a child of the 70s and 80s and with a father who worked in aerospace I was always well aware of the Cold War... in fact after the age of 10 I was not allowed to go inside my father’s work, in case I were a Russian spy not even sure if I’m allowed to say this... They might have to kill me😉This bo...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    Today I'm sharing my newest journey into different book genres with my review of the debut historical fantasy novel, Breach by W. L. Goodwater. In a reimagining of the Berlin Wall, Breach proposes a world where the wall was created after the war out of magic rather than a physical wall. Bringing a clever twist on an historical event, Breach is grounded in a real scenario, but with an entirely new take on history--an urban fantasy based in magical...
  • Faith
    "Magic was never the salvation of mankind. It was our undoing." I think that a reader's reaction to this book might depend on two things: first, their unconditional love for all things magical, and second, their enthusiasm/tolerance for books that aren't written very well and contain the clichéd phrase "something terrible had been released".Karen O'Neil is a 26 year old magician doing research at the Office of Magical Research and Deployment in ...
  • Dianne
    Controversial at best, the Berlin Wall may be dividing more than a troubled city. As East and West operatives swarm like locusts, one thing has been discovered, the wall is failing, it must be shored up or the world may soon discover its true purpose… History, politics and an alternate universe bring a magical and new level of intrigue to the Berlin Wall in W.L. Goodwater’s BREACH. Magic, magicians and government machinations will collide as ...
  • Steven
    Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.Breach was a wild ride. It took me a while to get into it, but I'm glad I pushed through the slow beginning (which could totally have been due to my currently-on-the-way-out-finally two month reading slump) and kept going. I read the last 70% in one sitting!This was a crazy fun alternate history historical fiction magical realism urban fantasy. It's set...
  • Tammy
    I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The nitty-gritty: A slow-paced beginning turns into thrilling excitement at the end, which makes up for some of the more tedious sections.I’ll admit that when I first saw the cover of Breach, I thought it was science fiction. Maybe that’s why I feel like I got off on the wrong foot with thi...
  • Brenda Ayala
    I expected Breach to elicit mediocre feelings at best. I’m not usually a fan of spell-casting type books (with the exception of Harry Potter, weirdly enough) and it shows when you look at any of my reviews for urban fantasy. Breach ended up being a far better novel than I expected because it gave me the real world with its real problems and didn’t let magic be the instant solution to all problems. If anything, it proved how difficult things c...
  • Skip
    I really enjoyed this book. It's truly ambitious and fun: alternate history, urban fantasy, spy thriller (East vs. West), historical fiction, magic, good vs. evil. Great premise too: a re-imagined Berlin Wall, created after the WWII out of magic, rather than a physical materials. However, the Wall's super powerful magic is failing, starting with a small, but ever-growing breach, threatening global conflict. The CIA request assistance from the Off...
  • Munira
    First of all, I have never read a book about the Cold war. I picked this book for the Magic part of it, but as I got more into the book, I couldn't put it down! I wanted to know more about the war and Berlin wall and it's history. I honestly loved it and I recommended it to everyone around me, and im definitely getting my own copy since its out now!
  • Linda Romer
    What a great story! I loved Breach, A new twist on The War, Germany, Britain, France, American. The wall, a magical wall. They are trying to stop World War lll from happening. An original plot with well thought out characters with genuine personalities. I loved Karen, Jim and Arthur. I enjoyed this Authors writing and am looking forward to his next book.I give Breach 5 stars for its original content and great story.I would recommend this book to ...
  • Destiny | myhoneyreads
    3.7-4/5 RTC
  • Elyse
    Penguin First-to-Read ARC.2/5 stars.I thought the book was an interesting concept, the way magic works was interesting as well. But the story just did not capture me. It bounced around a lot between characters so the flow was off and it sometimes got confusing. I found myself putting it down a lot and reading something else. I didn't feel like I knew any of the characters and therefore wasn't invested in them or their outcomes. I wanted to like i...
  • Sherry
    This fantasy novel is a terrific mix of Cold War intrigue and magic.In the alternate world of the book, Berlin is divided, not by a physical wall, but by a magical one, and the United States and Russia are engaged in a Cold War that involves the talents of magical practitioners, an area where Russia has the edge. Karen, an American magician, is sent to Berlin when the wall develops a breach with orders to try to fix it. Nobody wants the wall to f...
  • Stephanie
    I received this book through First to Read in exchange for an honest review.This book was fascinating. It was interesting to see a historical event told through the eye of magic. Watching different countries, with different priorities, work together to solve an issue that they didn't fully understand made for a very interesting story. The different points of views and the strong female lead made for a great read that showed the strengths, weaknes...
  • Tom
    Interesting alternate history of the Berlin Wall with magic. My only complaint is the ending felt rushed, though it was left open so the author could continue if he wanted to write a sequel.
  • Mallory
    I very much enjoyed this book. It took awhile to get into. I felt the beginning was a little slow but it was setting up how magic works in this universe. Once things started happening it really picked up.
  • Alysa H.
    A fast-paced fantasy Cold War thriller! Is it a little heavy-handed with its villains among other things? Oh yes. But that's how these things tend to work best. Plus, the inventiveness of the magic system makes up for it.** I received an ARC of this book via Penguin's First to Read program **
  • Pamela
    I really enjoyed this read! The story is compelling and I liked how the characters develop over time. I really appreciate the writer's ability to explore the protagonist's impulses, reflections, choices. The people of this book were real and relatable and the fantasy elements seemed real, too. I didn't want the story to end and hope that there's more to come!
  • Allen Adams
    1970-01-01’s probably no subgenre in all of speculative fiction that I enjoy more than alternate history. For whatever reason, the notions of experiencing familiar events filtered through an unfamiliar lens and seeing different ideas of how the world might move if there were subtle – or not-so-subtle – alterations are endlessly fascinating to me.That isn’t to say that every effort is a good one. There’...
  • Purplemanatees
    purplemanatees.orgpurplemanatees.orgTitle: BreachAuthor: W. L. GoodwaterPages: 357Genre: Fantasy, Historical FictionRating: 4 out of 5 stars*This is an Advanced Readers Copy so parts of this book can be changed before publishing with the quote at the end being included (there is still a whole page in italics lol).A woman protagonist living in a world of misogyny and magic prejudice. This novel follows Karen, a magician working for the government ...
  • Marzie
    3.5 StarsBreach, first in a new series, Cold War Magic, is an alternate history in which magic was used to create the Berlin Wall at the end of the Second World War. Karen O'Neil is a young magician at the Office of Magical Research and Deployment, doing research on beneficial uses of magic. She is called to Berlin by the State Department and CIA because of a breach in the Berlin Wall. Over a short period of time, and a series of betrayals, Karen...
  • Lauren
    I read this book through Penguin's First to Read program.Cold War Fantasy seems to be on trend lately. The most recent Big Library Read centered around it as does this book. The premise: The Berlin Wall is magic in origin. And there's a hole. Young American magician Karen is sent to help find a solution and finds herself in over her head. An enjoyable story with a wonderfully strong female protagonist. The author does not shy away from having Kar...
  • Anita Boeira
    “Arthur didn’t like to admit it, but he didn’t have a clue what the help was going on.”This was interesting. I’m giving it a 3/5 stars for now, to give me a neutral place to start off with. I love this mesh of magic and history, and this new world building that is equal parts fantastic and real. I think there’s potential for a great series and something I’d be interested in. I picked up a discovery of witches hoping for something a ...
  • LadyTechie
    This was a phenomenal, engaging, original, action-packed, and I cannot come up with more adjectives at this moment but, I am sure there are more. I loved it and I cannot wait for the next book. I have read one other series where a book has a mind of its own, but, this story had its own niche and manages to find a way to tell an original story. The characters are very engaging and thanks to magic you cannot always tell the good "guys" from the bad...
  • Holly Barker
    Karen is a magician in post WWII USA and is sent to Germany to investigate a breach in the Berlin Wall. In this reality, the wall is made of magic. As Karen starts working with the CIA to try to determine the cause of the growing breach, she encounters the non-magical variety of secrets and lies and has to figure out if there is anyone she can trust. This book is reported to be part of a new series.I really liked this book. I found it interesting...
  • Brenda
    The Berlin Wall during the Cold War combined with a magical twist made for an interesting read. Spies and magicians seem to appear from everywhere. And yet none have the ability to stop what is coming. Karen doesn't even begin to realize the magic she has inside. Her magical research is just the tip of the iceberg to the magician she becomes. This is not my normal type of novel I usually read but was intrigued by the thought of the Berlin Wall be...
  • Amanda
    I received a free advance copy of this book at San Diego Comic-Con.I love a good magical alternate history. Cold War era isn't always my thing but this one sounded intriguing. I'm glad I picked it up. It was compelling (it only took so long to finish because I stopped in the middle to read several other things and then forgot where I'd left the book) and never failed to hold my interest.I would have liked to have a better understanding of how the...
  • Ashley
    This is a fun and unique magic story that involves the Berlin Wall and Cold War. I really enjoyed the spin on magic, the way magic works in this world is slightly different than typical which adds to the uniqueness of this story. The history and politics of the time also add a nice spin to the magic storyline. I do think the ending was really rushed, it seems once the characters reach a certain destination things start to go really fast and I fel...
  • Sarai Henderson
    See the full review at Confessions of an ExBallerinaA fantastic blend of history and magic. If you are looking for something new and fresh, look no further. This book throws you into a world full of magic. An incredible world where mystery and intrigue intertwine with our main character line. Its incredible really. The historical elements are spot on. Its an alternate timeline that feels like real life. Well done. Received an advance reader copy ...