Iron Princess (Savage Trilogy, #2) by Meghan March

Iron Princess (Savage Trilogy, #2)

New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author, Meghan March, continues the story of her next devastating and damaged anti-hero in Iron Princess.He’s a mystery. An enigma. His very identity is a secret buried beneath layers of deception.He’s also an addiction I can’t shake. An attraction I can’t fight. And then I found out exactly who he is—a man more dangerous than the devil himself.Now I need him in order to ...

Details Iron Princess (Savage Trilogy, #2)

TitleIron Princess (Savage Trilogy, #2)
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherRed Dress Press
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Erotica, Bdsm, Adult Fiction

Reviews Iron Princess (Savage Trilogy, #2)

  • Val Shameless ⚓️ Steamy Reads ⚓️
    4 Expensive StarsThis series is very good, I am thoroughly enjoying it, and I can't wait for book three. I am not arguing that. HOWEVER. When I think about the fact that, when it's all said and done, I will have paid three cents short of $15.00 for what really amounts to one book, page count-wise, I flinch on the inside.
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Every man has one thing that could lead to his downfall. I’ve always been so fucking smug that I didn’t. Until I met her. I should be cursing her, but all I want to do is make her feel the same storm that’s raging inside me. I want her to feel this addiction. Fuck. I want to keep her. And that would be the final nail in my coffin. But not tonight. Tonight, we steal whatever we can get.I...
  • Jen
    Oh wow, what an ending!!! Thank goodness I can dive into the final book of the trilogy immediately!!! Again I’m patting myself on the back for waiting for all three books to be out!!!In this instalment we find out what our hero’s name is and a bit more background on who he is! All I know is that Kane is a major alpha and extremely possessive of Temperance! I loved how their passion ran so hot! There are quite a lot of secrets though and the b...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    LIVE AMAZON,5 stars What a wild ride, I loved this one a lot!I don’t even know where to start my review with this one, I want to say so many things but I can't because I don't want to give anything away!Iron Princess was an intense,passionate,emotional and fast paced story!I loved every minute of it, Kane and Temperance stole my heart with their passionate romance!They were intense,full of tension,angst...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    I don’t know what to do with my life right now!! Meghan March just blew my mind! This is the absolute best of the series. Just when I think things can't possibly get more interesting in this dark and sensual universe she's created, she amps the ante!! It’s SEXY, EXCITING, and completely stole my breath away! The situation for Temperance gets even more complicated and I wouldn't have it any other way. The story is multi-layered, sexy as sin, a...
  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    4.5 STARS He’s big and forbidden, but somehow, that makes him infinitely more striking. And he’s struck me so hard as to knock me completely off-balance. Sweet mother of god! I feel like I need a xanax, a hug, and a room with padded walls after that ending. How? HOW?! How does Meghan March continue to come up with these mind blowing cliffhangers? Every time I think it was crazy in one book, the next one comes along and BAM! Head exploding!I...
  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    ‘IRON PRINCESS:’ This is the second book in Meghan March’s ‘Savage Trilogy’ series and needs to be read in order. It picks up right where ‘Savage prince’ left off. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ Over the last fifteen years, I’ve convinced myself that no woman walking this earth, except possibly one in my same line of work, could fit into my life or overlook what I do. I definitely shouldn’t be thinking that Temperance could...
  • Mads
    Really good series will try to do review this week
  • Penny
    I liked it.This time, I gave it one less star because all the mystery and intrigued that we had in the first installment is gone here. Again, the story has a great pace. But once we learned who Temperance's Stranger really is, I felt let down. I was hoping for something less expected and more exciting. I didn’t see him as much as the hard, impenetrable, hot, badass I was imagining before. So all that appeal disappeared for me.Temperance doesn...
  • Aisling Zena
    4 stars26/4/18Review maybe later when my migraine isn't making me incoherent. Prior to reading
  • Sophia Triad
    The book starts with a funeral and finishes with a gun shot.Everything in-between are distressful situations nonstop. Which is a good thing. Because you cannot stop reading while you think and guess how this mess will be sorted out. Lots of guessing. Well, now we know things. We will know Mysterious Savage's real name His profession His past His motivation for becoming who he is His feelings for Temperance Moreover we will learn about Temperanc...
  • Hanne
    Iron Princess starts where Savage Prince ended. I couldn’t start this book fast enough after the way Savage Prince ended. I needed to know what happened next. I wished I waited a little longer, because the cliffhanger of Iron Princess makes me need the next one right now. I don’t know how Meghan March does it, but each cliffhanger is so unexpected and makes every wait very long. But each book is so worth the wait, and Iron Princess isn’t an...
  • Coco.V
    4.5 stars - I was rocked by book one in the Savage Trilogy and the second installment took me to a new level of intense ride! There's a huge cliffhanger here and I just can't wait to get my hands on the next book.... "He doesn’t know how long I’ve dreamed of this—a man strong enough to take control and bend me to his will, but masterful enough to make me love every second of my submission. An alpha female only bows to a man strong enough to...
  • Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    I'll review the whole trilogy once book #3 comes out.
  • XxTainaxX
    It’s possible I may be experiencing a book hangover because I couldn’t get enough of this book. Book one gave us a whole lot of sexy. It built up the mystery and established the relationship. Book two builds on the relationship and gives us insight into our mystery hero. However, I’m definitely getting the vibe that there’s so much more to know. The chemistry between the MCs is explosive. The plot is interesting. The writing and editing o...
  • Holly
    This probably deserves a 4 star, but this is not a trilogy it's just one kinda long book broken into three arbitrary pieces and because of that it's really annoying me and I'm giving it only 3 stars. I'm not even going to quasi-review this, I'll wait until I actually finish this trilogy long book.
  • Snow
    You can't do no wrong with Meghan March's book...She's on a roll, delivering in this second sequel hawtness, passion and thrill pent up with a final stroke of a cliffy...where will that final outcome leave Temperance Ransom and the 'forbidden' man she came to care about but who is still unclear of his final actions and plans, her dark and dangerous protector/hit man Kane aka Saxon...we'll hopefully find out in the thitd and final installment!
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    OMG. I'm Done. And Dead. I swear Meghan March made like Britney and DID IT AGAIN!! But there was no Oops here folks. This woman killed it!!! After that AMAZING and dramatic cliffhanger in book 1 we jump right back into all the shocking twists and turns and awe inspiring moments. I didn't think Savage Prince could be beat but be prepared to get knocked flat on your ass down and out because Iron Princess is here and she's taking ALLLL the names.Gah...
  • Shayna
    “You’re sexy as fuck when you’re threatening to end me.” Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE scrolling through the reviews for IRON PRINCESS! Everyone is so damn excited about it, as they should be. It’s so great that they are experiencing all of the feels that I felt while reading the second book in Meghan March’s Savage Trilogy. Now, after absolutely DEVOURING Savage Prince, I know everyone is ready to get their hands on this. It...
  • Kim
    5.5 stars! SPOILER FREE (I am not going to give away his name either. lol)This begins right after the climax of Savage Prince.He is an enigma...a hot, intense, secretive, dirty, and dominant man of mystery. And all of a sudden he is more involved in her life that is spinning out of control, and she has no clue what to believe, who to trust, and what to do. Temperance Ransom is not sure she can trust him, but her choices are limited and he is sent...
  • Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮
    Needs more sex.
  • Julie
    Explosive is one way to describe this book! From the beginning to the end, the suspense will keep you hooked. More scorching scenes and I am dying for book 3!
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewBefore I begin my review, might I just say Meghan March is the queen of gritty,intense and original cliffhangers. I (insert expletive) love her for that. With that being said, Iron Princess is amazing. Amazing isn’t enough as this book was intense, passionate, steamy, sexy, and suspenseful. The storyline kept your hearts palpitating, toes curling and over the top obsessed with the chemistry...
  • Kahea
    ***5 ‘Unstoppable’ Stars*** So, for those of you who remember the cartoon Ren & Stimpy (God. I know I’m totally dating myself) and that annoying ass song they always played? The Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy one? Yeah.That’s me now and the entire time I was reading this one.I swear I was even bouncing around a little in my seat.(Now I sound a little craycray, but…)This book starts off right where Savage Prince ended and all kinds of goodness f...
  • K. Ramjohn
    Its official....Meghan March is the Queen of cliff-hangers and I love it. Iron Princess is book two in the Savage trilogy and it continues right where book one left off. We learn so much more of Temperance and her man in this story and OMG was it hot. I can safely say i love Temperance and her mystery guy.This novel was passionate, steamy, angsty and emotional. This engrossing page-turner will have you riveted from beginning to end. And when we g...
  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    BR with the Geishas.Hello plot twist.
  • *TANYA*
    Yup, I am really into this series. It’s like a REALLY good, over the top soap opera. Lol.
  • Anahita
    4.5 Stars This is even way better than the first book! :) The storyline was great and the cliffhangers ending was fascinating.
  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 4.5 SOLID STARS"I see you, Temperance. I see every single part of you - even the ones you don't want to see yourself." I just finished this book and I am writing this review on my high of "WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING EFF JUST HAPPENED!!!!" I actually was betting this went a different way, but then Meghan March sure enough sent my thoughts packing and now my heart is reeling for Temperance!!! My head and my heart are spinning because of that t...