The End of Animal Farming by Jacy Reese

The End of Animal Farming

A bold yet realistic vision of how technology and social change are creating a food system in which we no longer use animals to produce meat, dairy, or eggs.Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals brought widespread attention to the disturbing realities of factory farming. The End of Animal Farming pushes this conversation forward by outlining a strategic roadmap to a humane, ethical, and efficient food s...

Details The End of Animal Farming

TitleThe End of Animal Farming
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherBeacon Press
GenreNonfiction, Science, Animals, Food and Drink, Vegan, Health

Reviews The End of Animal Farming

  • Ben Davidow
    I’ve been closely tracking the Clean Meat Revolution, Effective Altruism, and factory farming for years but still learned a ton from this book. Reese is a rigorous thinker and has packed these pages with powerful ideas. This book is a great read for anyone but especially (aspiring) entrepreneurs, scientists, activists and Effective Altruists. The next decade will be monumental in bringing down factory farming and those on the right side of hist...
  • Alfredo Parra
    A must-read for anyone interested in the most recent developments and discussions on how we can bring about a world free of animal products. Sober and well-researched.
  • Josh
    It's a fascinating read on how everyday people are trying to change the world using innovation to make a difference. It's a new frontier of activism and it's hard to stop reading once you start. It brings hope for a better future!
  • Ricardo Lopes
    As a YouTuber and promoter of science, and having been a vegan for more than 4 years, I have very much appreciated Jacy's book. He shows that he took the painful job of going through the relevant scientific literature in order to deliver a book to the public which, I think, has been longed for. I have been part of vegan groups, many of which I eventually had to distance myself from because, unfortunately, members very rapidly start associating wi...
  • Henry Cooksley
    61 key insights and thoughts after reading Jacy Reese’s new book, The End of Animal Farming(Disclaimer - while I am part of the effective altruism community, I have no special incentive to give this a high rating just because I have interacted with the author before. My words are mine alone, although I thank Jenny Burrowes for her comments and suggestions.)1. The scale of animal suffering is in the hundreds of billions killed *every year*. Most...
  • Rosie Campbell
    This book was fascinating from both an animal advocacy perspective and a food technology perspective. Rigorous and evidence-based, yet entertaining and easy to read. I particularly appreciated the thoughtful analysis of effective and ineffective advocacy strategies. Paints a compelling picture of a future food system without animal cruelty, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in this possibility.
  • Lila Rieber
    This is not your average vegan book. Despite the moral urgency of the issue of animal farming, Reese is thoughtful and reflective, not preachy. A fascinating book on the history and science of the animal welfare movement, with clear ideas for advocates and ordinary people to help end animal exploitation.
  • Jonathon Tree
    I can't recommend this book enough for anyone who views themselves as open-minded, or anyone interested in our modern food system, environment and social justice, or new technologies.Throughout the book, the author presents a logical and well-structured case for replacing conventional animal farming with non-animal alternatives. It is a compelling and thoughtful look into a rapidly changing and often overlooked area of society, diving headfirst i...
  • Mimi Tran
    The End of Animal Farming is a great read. I enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to anyone who is intellectual curious, regardless of your level of interest in animal welfare or the world’s modern food system. Having read /books and watched documentaries on the scale of animal suffering resulted from factory farming, I appreciated that the author stated right in the beginning of the book: “This is a book about exactly how we can solve ...
  • Antti Värtö
    Fantastic book that made me fantasise about quitting my job and starting a cultured meat business.Reese is always polite in his book, but he does not mince words when it comes time to analyze the activists of the past (and, to lesser extent, present). Too often the focus has been on the individual and lifestyle choices: "Go Vegan". But this is a mistake, says Reese. Instead, activists should focus on institutional change. Vegan days in schools. A...
  • Sean
    Full of inspiring ideas about the future of food system. Factory farming is outdated and no longer a logical solution to meeting the rising global food demands. This book sheds light on the transformation that is taking place.
  • Angelina Li
    Fantastic book for anyone who wants a clear, level-headed introduction into the world of animal advocacy!