Duck on a Disco Ball by Jeff Mack

Duck on a Disco Ball

Bedtime has never been so silly!Every night it’s the same old story. A boy wants to stay up late, but his parents won’t let him. But sometimes in the morning, he notices things look a little off—like when he sees a disco ball in the kitchen…with his toy duck on it. So one night he decides to stay up. And that’s when the fun really begins.Silliness builds with each page of this high-energy, pun-filled companion to Duck in the Fridge unti...

Details Duck on a Disco Ball

TitleDuck on a Disco Ball
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
PublisherTwo Lions
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Humor

Reviews Duck on a Disco Ball

  • Heidi
    A young boy doesn't want to go to bed at night because he suspects that his parents are up to mischief at night. He keeps finding his stuffed duck in unusual places and thinks his parents are doing fun things without him. So one night he sneaks out of bed to spy and sure enough he discovers his parents are party animals. And yet the next morning the mess is completely cleaned up. Except for the stuffed duck in an unusual place. Jeff Mack has crea...
  • Roo Barb
    Such a laughI'm not the right age group for this but who cares, it was such fun. What a great book. I love the jokes and the colourful pictures. Get this for your kids, your grand kids or just for you. It's a very quick and very silly read.
  • Michelle
    I hate that the cover is based on that Miley Cyrus song. Cute art
  • SammiSue
    I liked itMy favorite part was the toys. Also I liked telling my dad the donut joke. The duck was my favoriteCharacter, especially when he was on the disco ballAdrianJames
  • Joy
    Not quite as good as the original but still entertaining. A boy discovers his stuffed duck on top of a disco ball when he wakes up in the morning so he sneaks downstairs to find out what his parents really do at night.
  • Kirk Mahoney
    Cute book for small children
  • Wendi
    My 5yr old enjoyed this book. It's just as good as Duck In the Fridge and I loved reading both books to my son. The pictures are so amusing!I chose Duck on a Disco Ball as my Kindle First Reads pick for October for my son since I've got plenty of books to read right now. He loved it and then I found Duck in the Fridge on Kindle Unlimited which made it even better! Woohoo!
  • Lesley Davison
    How disappointing!My first purchase of a children’s book for my Kindle! Totally disappointed! I bought this to read to my 3 yr old grandchildren, totally unsuitable! Want my money back! It’s not really a story book, more of a comic!
  • Baby Bookworm
    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Duck On A Disco Ball by Jeff Mack, a story that imagines just what it is that grown-ups are up to after their kids go to bed.A little boy resists his bedtime, citing a number of serious (yet unlikely) events that he would miss if he were sleeping: what if a giant boulder smashes the house? Or a bunch of cows com...
  • Kristi Bernard
    There are a lot of parents on a lot of different nights that have to convince their children that they need their rest when it comes to bedtime. This little guy is no different. He likes to make excuses as to why he shouldn’t go to bed or why he wouldn’t be able to sleep. In the mornings when this little guy wakes up he notices things that are just a little odd. One particular morning his favorite duck was found in the kitchen atop a disco ba...
  • Terrie Case
    Duck on a Disco Ball is a story about a boy who wakes up mornings to find things just a little bit off. His parents won’t let him stay up to find out what is happening because he is just a kid. One night he sneaks out to discover his parents having a party and even flying through the night sky. In the morning, he can’t decide if it was just a dream or not.This story is cute but the main attraction is the illustrations. They are fantastic. Eve...
  • Aeicha
    What happens after I go to sleep? What do mom and dad really get up to? And why was my duck on a disco ball this morning? These are the unusual questions one little boy sets out to answer as he stays up past bedtime, sneaks downstairs, and sees...something unbelievable! Jeff Mack’s Duck On A Disco Ball is a giggle-snort inducing page turner from start to finish! With pitch-perfect storytelling, Mack takes little readers on one wildly unforgetta...
  • Roslyn
    To give this book a fair review the words must come from the ones reading it; the kids, the grandkids.I received Duck on a Disco Ball on a give away. The book arrived the weekend my 6 and 9 year old grandsons were sleeping over. The 6 year old P found it hilarious and the 9 year old tried to be more sophisticated, but enjoyed reading out loud over and over again the jokes.They enjoyed the action illustrations. The images always seem to be in a st...
  • Jan McCullough
    Really fun bookMy first grader and I read this together the first time. We had fun reading the voice balloons from each character. It really tickled my son. The illustrations and writing are both excellent. I think the way it is written keeps a child's attention, and also adds an additional teaching element in that close attention must be paid to keep track of which characters are speaking. I recommend this book.
  • Laura
    Another adorable duck storyI have several duck stories and I enjoy the cute antics that duck gets into that are typical of children. This book tells what duck gets into with the child's parents at night. The illustrations are so cute and there are lots of speech bubbles to read on most pages.
  • Jessica
    My 4 year old picked this out at the library. It is a cute little story about a boy that wants to stay up past his bedtime and every morning when we wakes up, his stuffed duck is somewhere else in the house (think Elf on a Shelf). So one night he decides to stay up and find out for himself what his parents do after he goes to bed. (Dont worry, it's clean).
  • Susan
    Cute storyNice illustrations, some quite busy. Depending on the child's age, the puns will be appreciated. After they are tucked in, I'm sure more imaginative children do wonder what their parents are up to. This story is one child's imagination running wild, filling in the blanks (or...could it be real?)
  • Doctor Doom
    Not quite sure what the target age of the intended audience is supposed to be. It seems like a children's book but what child knows what a disco ball is? The adults in the book are drawn to resemble Junior High kids instead of actual adults [perhaps on purpose, but to what end?]. Story is mildly amusing so I shall give the author the benefit of the doubt and grant him... 2 stars.
  • Angela Lambkin
    Why do grown ups insist on making their little ones go to bed?I liked the way the author had so much action also was able to have large Images and easy to read or to keep the reader reading it to the end. Probably those who love to read funny animal cartoon books.Because of the above statements this is how I cam up with giving this a four star rating.
  • Seymone Brutus
    Fun story, great quotesI chose 4 stars because of the bubble quotes versus a traditional story layout. But this is a perfect bedtime story! And the jokes are funny for adults. My 6 year old said 5 stars. My 5 year old said 4. Fun book!
  • Deena
    EntertainingDuck on a Disco Ball is a fun read aloud children's book that offers a unique answer to an old question: What happens while I'm asleep. The story is whimsical, the illustrations are bright and colorful, and oh! the puns!
  • Brennan H Evans
    AmazingI highly suggest reading this! It is so cute! Great Book!! I wish I could read more. I was sad when it ended. Read this book to your kids if they ask why adults get to stay up later.
  • Mary Brace
    Fun Story With Lots of ActionI'm sure my grandson would live this book. He's at the age when he feels he's missing out.Great art and fun comics...jokes, puns. Just wish the words would have been a bit bigger for kindle.
  • Gloria
    The book is hillariousThe book is hillarious. Kids couldn't stop giggling since they can relate so well with the main character. I guess every child is extremely curious about what parents do after they put the kids in bed.
  • S
    Too Cute!I read this adorable book to a very special little person . I had story time with my great nephew. We laughed as we turned each page! This is a must-read to any little person in your life
  • Marie Lown
    An okay bookAs a retired reading specialist I would not read this to my students. I didn't find it interesting and I think the students would agree me. It wasn't appealing at all. Cute illustrations and too many speech bubbles.
  • Toya Taylor
    Funny!!!!Definitely going to read this to my boys. On the other hand, they might think all this excitement is going on while they are sleep. And the jokes were laugh out loud funny.
  • Juliana
    Super cute book about a child wondering what his parents are up to at night. He has a very vivid imagination as to what they do, including eating junk food and partying all night. The illustrations made the book. I look forward to reading this one to my niece when she's older.
  • Peter Zackowski
    Free book for me on kindle because of amazon prime. I have no kids of my iwn but ive got a few nephews. Figured it would be nice to be able go read them something when i see them( the ildest ones are 3 years old). This book fits the bill well enough.
  • Anne
    So much funI got this book to entertain my grandchildren. I read it out loud to them and we all had fun. Then we talked about the duck and his adventures. It was fun and silly and one of my favorite things.