Evening in Paradise by Lucia Berlin

Evening in Paradise

A collection of previously uncompiled stories from the short-story master and literary sensation Lucia Berlin.In 2015, FSG published A Manual for Cleaning Women, a posthumous story collection by a relatively unknown writer, to wild, widespread acclaim. It was a New York Times bestseller; the paper's Book Review named it one of the Ten Best Books of 2015; and NPR, Time, Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune,...

Details Evening in Paradise

TitleEvening in Paradise
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux
GenreShort Stories, Fiction

Reviews Evening in Paradise

  • karen
    this is one of those times i feel lousy for having accepted a free copy of a book. not only for taking a month to read it and then an additional two months to actually sit down and review it, but (and this is tied in to why it has taken me so long to actually sit down and review it) because i’m not sure i have anything useful/interesting to say about it. no, i mean more than usual, meanie. there was a lot of excitement around lucia berlin when ...
  • Fabian
    At the fringes of different worlds... These stories are reports by an inquisitive and magnificently profound voice, from and about PLACES this reviewer himself holds dear, as actual memories. (El Paso, Juarez, Puerto Vallarta, Albuquerque, Mexico D.F., Paris.) Berlin writers about place like no other short story writer (Faulkner, yes)...Hers is the life of a traveler; she is a part of a troupe of artistes. Tales of wives that stand firmly by thei...
  • Meike
    Lucia Berlin’s short story collection A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories, published posthumously in 2015, caused quite a stir and turned the author into a worldwide literary sensation. “Evening in Paradise” is the follow-up and offers 22 more stories that often refer to Berlin’s real life: We meet literary doppelgängers of her, her parents, her four kids and her three ex-husbands, and among the recurring themes are alcohol and...
  • da AL
    An apt follow-up to Lucia Berlin's masterful collection of short stories, "A Manual for Cleaning Women." Even the stilted audiobook performance, mispronunciations included, of audiobook reader Kyla Garcia (sing-song flat and slow, it helped slightly to listen with the audio track sped up) can't dull its shine.
  • piperitapitta
    Kind of BlueCapsule del tempo, questo sono i racconti di Lucia Berlin, come quelle lettere che la protagonista del racconto Itinerario e le sue amiche si consegnano a vicenda con l’intento di aprirle e rileggerle dopo trent’anni, per ricordare a se stesse quello che erano e scoprire se sono diventate quello che immaginavano; momenti di vita sigillati e incastonati nel presente, per essere ritrovati altrove, in un altro tempo e in un altro vis...
  • Sara Cranwell
    No es Manual... pero es que me fascina la escritura de Berlin, quiero más
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Three years ago, I was blown away by A Manual for Cleaning Women, a compilation of stories by Lucia Berlin, gathered by her publishers and friends ten years after her death. I mentioned at the time that I felt a short story collection in which every story is good presents a challenge to a reader that novels do not. Each immersive piece requires more of an effort, whereas once under the spell of a novel, a reader can have a smoother experience. Th...
  • Laura
    Upeita, mustalla huumorilla ja äärimmäisen tarkalla otteella kuvattuja tarinoita alkoholismista, kuoleman sairaista ihmisistä ja elämästä noin ylipäätään. Ensimmäinen osa hurmasi jo vuosi sitten, mutta tämä viimeistään sai rakastumaan täysin. Luin näitä novelleja melkein kaksi kuukautta, koska halusin säästellä kirjaa mahdollisimman pitkälle, mutta nyt todennäköisesti tulen kuitenkin lukemaan kummankin osan lempitarinoita...
  • Ellie
    Reading Lucia Berlin is like listening to a really good storyteller. The narrators' voices ring real--especially women who, like her, live in New Mexico, Albuquerque, or San Francisco/Oakland and are mothers and, often, alcoholics (similar to Berlin's own personal and life). I loved those stories the most.The stories are not as uniformly magnificent as I found those in A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories but all are good and several are...
  • Jurgen
    Een fantastisch goede korteverhalenschrijfster die Lucia Berlin. Terecht herondekt in 'Handleiding voor poetsvrouwen', Berlin heeft een scherpe observatie en pen voor details en weet verhalen en de soms vele personages erin snel op te zetten om dan het echte verhaal te vertellen dat soms zelfs binnen een bladzijde alweer afgelopen is.Berlin schreef 76 verhalen en ik hoop dat er nog wat zijn die niet in de nu uitgebrachte twee bundels staan.
  • Sofía
    Nunca tendremos demasiado de Lucia. Cada que la leo, comprendo aún más la incongruencia, la ironía y la belleza de una vida irreverente pintada por una pluma excepcional.
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    Via my blog: https://bookstalkerblog.wordpress.com/'Missed moments. One word, one gesture, can change your entire life, can break everything or make it whole.'I have been wanting to read A Manual for Cleaning Women for a long time, having read glowing reviews so when I saw this one up for grabs I tucked in and wasn’t disappointed. Reading that many stories were based on her real life made them all the more satisfying. I was tickled by Tiny on t...
  • Rafa Sánchez
    Lucía Berlin enamora con su personalidad, tan patente en sus vivos relatos. La edición de todos ellos en dos tomos aúna las virtudes de los libros de cuentos con la novela, puesto que todos ellos comparten situaciones o personajes, la calidad humana de todas las narraciones te llevan siempre hacia adelante, quieres más... Es una pena que se acaben con este segundo libro, aunque siempre podremos gozar de su relectura porque no me cabe duda de ...
  • Francesca Marciano
    Such good writing. More humour and less sadness than in Manual for a Cleaning Woman, this is another gem.
  • Laura Gaelx
    Temía que este volumen recopilase los relatos no tan buenos de Berlin pero por suerte siguen siendo igual de espectaculares. "Andando. Un romance gótico" me ha parecido una pequeña obra maestra sobre la feminidad, el significado social de ser mujer y sus ambigüedades. Ojalá queden aún más relatos de esta autora por publicar. Ojalá hubiese conocido el merecidísimo éxito que está alcanzando en vida.
  • BookGypsy
    I never read anything by Berlin before this book. It starts with an into by her son that moved me. I loved all the stories and the vivid view of the places she took me reading it. Remarkable collection. A true treasure.I won this on Goodreads. So glad I did.Dawnny -BookGypsyNovels N Latte Book BlogNovels & Latte Book ClubHudson Vallley NY
  • Helena
    Elämänmakuinen ja värikäs kirja, joka on täynnä kaikkea kurjuutta, mutta tarkasteltuna niin valoisasta ja huumoria pursuvasta näkökulmasta, ettei tästä voinut olla nauttimatta. Kirjoitustapa on poukkoileva ja hypähtelevä, mutta niinpähän se on elämäkin - ainakin tällä autofiktiivistä tekstiä tuottavalla kirjailijalla. Mustaa huumoria kuvastaa pätkä, jossa kirjoittaja kertoo äitinsä itsemurhakirjeistä - varmaan ensimmäine...
  • Alba Cantón
    Libro acariciable. Me quedo con el relato ‘Perdida en el Louvre’.
  • Gretavonpanzer
  • SueKich
    The uncollected Lucia Berlin.Lucia Berlin died in 2004 and found posthumous fame in 2015 with A Manual for Cleaning Women, a collection that could persuade even the most committed short-story-phobe of the merits of the genre. I’m afraid I found this ‘new’ collection disappointing and was left in little doubt as to why these stories had not been chosen for the earlier compilation. With the exception of one or two, I was confused with the cha...
  • Stef Smulders
    A very mixed bag. Some very good stories but also quite a few bad ones, not fit to have been published imho. Not a very careful selection at all!
  • Catalina L
    Luego de leer estos cuentos no puedo dejar de sentir una profunda admiración por Lucia Berlin, no sólo por su ingenio, valentía, humor y capacidad de relatar, sino también por su historia personal. Hay muchos libros que me han gustado, pero estos relatos me dejan con las ganas de haber querido conocerla personalmente. Como no se puede hice esta lista en spotify con (casi) todas las canciones referidas a lo largo de este libro, comparto por si...
  • Spiros
    I approached this collection with some trepidation, fearing that these were just the table scraps left behind when the stunning A Manual for Cleaning Women was assembled. Reading the first story, "The Musical Vanity Boxes", quickly disabused me of that fear: the stories in this shorter collection are all of a quality which would have allowed any of them to have been collected in the previous volume. Once again, almost all of the stories are refr...
  • Luis
    Una serie de cuentos donde la vida a las afueras es la norma. A las afueras de la infancia, del hogar o de la tradición familiar, en estos relatos de Lucia Berlin prima la inclusión de formas de vida un tanto inquietantes: borrachos que juegan con niños, adúlteros que simulan vivir con varias mujeres a la vez, juegos de dudosa legalidad para los jóvenes y vecinos sin sentido de la propiedad la cual invaden. Bien centradas en ella misma, en s...
  • Simone Subliminalpop
    I carillon ★★★★★Momenti d'estate ★★★Andando. Romanzo gotico ★★★Polvere alla polvere ★★★Itinerario ★★★★★Lead Street, Albuquerque ★★★★Noël, Texas 1956 ★★★★★Una casa di argilla con il tetto di lamiera ★★★★★Una giornata nebbiosa ★★★★Il tempo della fioritura dei ciliegi ★★★★Una sera in paradiso ★★★★★La barca de la Ilusión ★★★La mia vita è un libro aper...
  • Marina Alonso
    Aunque es una autora que siempre merece la pena leer, este libro no llega a la altura del anterior compendio de relatos, Manual para mujeres de la limpeza. Hay cuentos maravillosos, y esa sensación de complicidad que despierta con sus historias autobiográficas, su sentido del humor y la catársis de sus finales están aún ahí, eso sí.
  • Tuike
    Lucia Berlinin novellit ovat parhaita koskaan lukemiani. Niiden ihmiset ja tilanteet ovat valtavan totta. Berlinin kyky huomioida yksityiskohdat ja katsoa tätä kamalaa maailmaa ilolla hätkähdyttää. Kokoelma on surullinen ja hirvittävä kuvaus alkoholismista, luopumisesta ja osattomuudesta, moni tarinoista on niin kauhea, että tulee fyysisesti paha olo, mutta silti ne jotenkin kohottavat sielua huumorillaan ja valollaan. "Hymyilisit vähä...
  • Hillary
    In her Paris Review article "But I Don't Ever Lie: On Lucia Berlin," Rebecca Bengal aptly writes "There are masters of the paragraph and masters of the sentence; Lucia Berlin is the master of the fragment." Berlin's skillful use of sentence fragments propels her stories, bringing them uniquely alive. I can't wait to read more from this prolific and talented, but until recently, under appreciated writer.
  • Julie Chigbrow
    3.5 starsThis was my first experience with Berlin’s work and it won’t be the last. Her writing has a way of turning the banal or tragic elements of everyday life and giving them, if not hope, at least some strength and perseverance.My favorite stories in this collection included Andado, The Adobe House With a Tin Roof, Cherry Blossom Time, and, especially, Lost in the Louvre.“I sat there wishing I could talk to somebody about everything I h...