Evening in Paradise by Lucia Berlin

Evening in Paradise

A collection of previously uncompiled stories from the short-story master and literary sensation Lucia Berlin.In 2015, FSG published A Manual for Cleaning Women, a posthumous story collection by a relatively unknown writer, to wild, widespread acclaim. It was a New York Times bestseller; the paper's Book Review named it one of the Ten Best Books of 2015; and NPR, Time, Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune,...

Details Evening in Paradise

TitleEvening in Paradise
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Literature, American, Female Authors, Literary Fiction, Audiobook, Contemporary, Womens, Short Story Collection

Reviews Evening in Paradise

  • karen
    this is one of those times i feel lousy for having accepted a free copy of a book. not only for taking a month to read it and then an additional two months to actually sit down and review it, but (and this is tied in to why it has taken me so long to actually sit down and review it) because im not sure i have anything useful/interesting to say about it. no, i mean more than usual, meanie. there was a lot of excitement around lucia berlin when A M...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    3.5 stars. Lucia Berlin's first set of literary short stories, A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories, was posthumously published in 2015 to great critical acclaim. Hence this second set of twenty mostly slice-of-life tales by Berlin, who wrote mostly in the 1960's-80's.With colorful characters and typically bleak stories, Evening in Paradise is a walk on the seedier side of life. Berlin wrote well, in a spare style that reminded me of Ern...
  • Fabian
    At the fringes of different worlds... These stories are reports by an inquisitive & magnificently profound voice, from and about PLACES this reviewer himself holds dear, as actual memories. (El Paso, Juarez, Puerto Vallarta, Albuquerque, Mexico D.F., Paris.) Berlin writers about place like no other short story writer (Faulkner, yes)...Hers is the life of a traveler; she is a part of a troupe of artistes. Tales of wives that stand firmly by their ...
  • Meike
    Lucia Berlins short story collection A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories, published posthumously in 2015, caused quite a stir and turned the author into a worldwide literary sensation. Evening in Paradise is the follow-up and offers 22 more stories that often refer to Berlins real life: We meet literary doppelgängers of her, her parents, her four kids and her three ex-husbands, and among the recurring themes are alcohol and heroin addi...
  • da AL
    An apt follow-up to Lucia Berlin's masterful collection of short stories, "A Manual for Cleaning Women." Even the stilted audiobook performance, mispronunciations included, of audiobook reader Kyla Garcia (sing-song flat and slow, it helped slightly to listen with the audio track sped up) can't dull its shine.
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Three years ago, I was blown away by A Manual for Cleaning Women, a compilation of stories by Lucia Berlin, gathered by her publishers and friends ten years after her death. I mentioned at the time that I felt a short story collection in which every story is good presents a challenge to a reader that novels do not. Each immersive piece requires more of an effort, whereas once under the spell of a novel, a reader can have a smoother experience. Th...
  • Ellie
    Reading Lucia Berlin is like listening to a really good storyteller. The narrators' voices ring real--especially women who, like her, live in New Mexico, Albuquerque, or San Francisco/Oakland and are mothers and, often, alcoholics (similar to Berlin's own personal and life). I loved those stories the most.The stories are not as uniformly magnificent as I found those in A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories but all are good and several are...
  • Francesca Marciano
    Such good writing. More humour and less sadness than in Manual for a Cleaning Woman, this is another gem.
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    Via my blog: https://bookstalkerblog.wordpress.com/'Missed moments. One word, one gesture, can change your entire life, can break everything or make it whole.'I have been wanting to read A Manual for Cleaning Women for a long time, having read glowing reviews so when I saw this one up for grabs I tucked in and wasnt disappointed. Reading that many stories were based on her real life made them all the more satisfying. I was tickled by Tiny on the ...
  • Cátia Vieira
    Why should you read this book?I was extremely excited to dive into Lucia Berlins work for the first time. Although I have A Manual for Cleaning Women waiting to be read in my shelves, I decided to start with Evening in Paradise. After reading this book and some reviews on Goodreads, I am left wondering if I made a mistake.Evening in Paradise is a posthumous collection of 22 stories that can be described as raw. Theyre funny at times, but theyre a...
  • BookGypsy
    I never read anything by Berlin before this book. It starts with an into by her son that moved me. I loved all the stories and the vivid view of the places she took me reading it. Remarkable collection. A true treasure.I won this on Goodreads. So glad I did.Dawnny -BookGypsyNovels N Latte Book BlogNovels & Latte Book ClubHudson Vallley NY
  • Spiros
    I approached this collection with some trepidation, fearing that these were just the table scraps left behind when the stunning A Manual for Cleaning Women was assembled. Reading the first story, "The Musical Vanity Boxes", quickly disabused me of that fear: the stories in this shorter collection are all of a quality which would have allowed any of them to have been collected in the previous volume. Once again, almost all of the stories are refr...
  • SueKich
    The uncollected Lucia Berlin.Lucia Berlin died in 2004 and found posthumous fame in 2015 with A Manual for Cleaning Women, a collection that could persuade even the most committed short-story-phobe of the merits of the genre. Im afraid I found this new collection disappointing and was left in little doubt as to why these stories had not been chosen for the earlier compilation. With the exception of one or two, I was confused with the characters a...
  • Stef Smulders
    A very mixed bag. Some very good stories but also quite a few bad ones, not fit to have been published imho. Not a very careful selection at all!
  • Bert
    A perfect blend of the nonchalance of contemporary Latin American short story writers and the steadfast solidity of their American predecessors from the 60s-70s. Never sure which sentences came from Berlin's wild imagination and which were picked from her own life. Honestly, it doesn't matter.
  • Anja Nicolaus
    Simply beautiful! I just love Berlins (mostly autobiographical) stories, her broken yet tough, always very human characters. Simply beautiful! I just love Berlin‘s (mostly autobiographical) stories, her broken yet tough, always very human characters.
  • Hillary
    In her Paris Review article "But I Don't Ever Lie: On Lucia Berlin," Rebecca Bengal aptly writes "There are masters of the paragraph and masters of the sentence; Lucia Berlin is the master of the fragment." Berlin's skillful use of sentence fragments propels her stories, bringing them uniquely alive. I can't wait to read more from this prolific and talented, but until recently, under appreciated writer.
  • Julie (boogsbooks) Chigbrow
    3.5 starsThis was my first experience with Berlins work and it wont be the last. Her writing has a way of turning the banal or tragic elements of everyday life and giving them, if not hope, at least some strength and perseverance.My favorite stories in this collection included Andado, The Adobe House With a Tin Roof, Cherry Blossom Time, and, especially, Lost in the Louvre.I sat there wishing I could talk to somebody about everything I had seen. ...
  • Theresa Smith
    I had never actually heard of Lucia Berlin prior to receiving this collection of short stories. Her short bio indicates that she led a colourful life and the stories included in this collection are reminiscent of the experiences indicated in her bio. Her style is rather conversational, witty and desperately honest, sometimes painfully so. Not all of the stories were to my taste, some were a little difficult to follow, almost rambling. Others were...
  • Amelia
    This mood matches my mood, at least this week. The first story gave me pause, and took a few false starts before I could get into it, but once I dove in the rest was easy.
  • Pamela Mikita
    In awe. She never disappoints. Was a quieter version of A Manual for Cleaning Women. Glad she is being recognized for the great writer she was.
  • Eleanor
    Berlin's earlier collection, A Manual For Cleaning Women, is the book that changed my mind about short stories. She uses the raw material of her own life--alcoholism, young sons, constant moving, the American West and Southwest--in stories that constantly circle around similar themes and characters. They are written in startlingly lucid yet straightforward prose, vivid with imagery, often illuminated by a single unexpected word or phrase. Eveni...
  • tortoise dreams
    A sequel of sorts to the remarkable collection A Manual for Cleaning Women.Book Review: Evening in Paradise contains 22 more stories by the recently rediscovered Lucia Berlin (1936-2004). This is both a blessing and a curse (though I won't lie: more Lucia Berlin can only be a good thing). The biographical note states that Berlin wrote 76 stories. Her previous collection, the beyond brilliant A Manual for Cleaning Women (2015), contained 43 storie...
  • Latkins
    I really enjoyed A Manual For Cleaning Women, the book of selected short stories by the late Lucia Berlin, and I also enjoyed this follow-up of more stories. The tales are arranged in a kind of chronological order of Berlin's life (helped by a mini-biography at the end of the book), as, although fiction, most of the stories are clearly based on her own experiences. Ranging from El Paso to Chile, to New York, Paris, California and Mexico, from the...
  • Peter Landau
    Who wouldnt want to party with Lucia Berlin? The women who populate her short stories, EVENING IN PARADISE, the second collection reprinted by a major publishing house, are all a hoot. Most of them, I think, are her. The stories dont reek of autobiography but are richly seasoned by a truthful focus on her own life. Its a life that doesnt get typed up on neat pages and displayed on bookshelves, which makes these stories even more vital. Look, some...
  • Lauren
    I don't know if the 5 stars is for Berlin's writing on it's own, or for how the entire collection comes together as an example of very good story writing AND a portrait of a deeply fascinating life led by an extraordinarily observant and self-aware person. I don't feel frustrated or bothered by the lack of delineation between fiction and memoir in general, least of all when Lucia Berlin creates such beautiful mosaics out of "real" "truth" and tru...
  • George K. Ilsley
    This collection starts off strong and ends strong but there is some sponginess in the second half. A couple of pieces are only a page long, and others are iterations of the same themes. Overall, though, combined with Manual ... this is an impressive selection of stories. Here is a paragraph from Dust to Dust: There are things people just dont talk about. I dont mean the hard things, like love, but the awkward ones, like how funerals are fun somet...
  • Clem Paulsen
    An utterly charming collection of stories about passion and common sense. It's the 'common sense' part that's tart and refreshing: a world furnished without limitless underground lakes of evil tendency.But not saccharine. Human needs do lots of gripping: they command. Bright lines drown by resourceful, needy characters told in sometimes trippy ways. Decay is wistful. Communities reckon with moments of need. Everyone lives in their own present, an...
  • Ilse Wouters
    I copy my review of "A manual for cleaning women" : "I can only agree with most of the reviews : 1/ Why hadnt I heard of Lucia Berlin before?2/ The stories in this collection are so touching, or should I say that LB manages to write them in a way that you laugh out loud at one moment, while youre empathetic and enjoying the language, and the sudden turns, at another. Because, lets face it, quite some of the mainly autobiographical stories sketch ...
  • Pat Pujolas
    Disappointing compared to "A Manual for Cleaning Women," which was brilliant. If you like Berlin's writing, you'll still appreciate some stories in this collection. For me, this compilation lacked the brutal honesty and desperation found throughout MFCW. The stories here are tamer, more youthful, and not nearly as compelling. Almost like the publishers put all the good stuff in the previous collection, but had enough material left over to promote...