A Year Off by Alexandra Brown

A Year Off

"Have you ever dreamed of quitting the rat race and taking a year off—and then swiftly jolted back to reality? If so, A Year Off will give you the inspiration and the courage to make it happen in real life." —The IndependentWait for me... Who knew these three words said to a near stranger would start an international travel adventure?A Year Off is one part travel guide, one part travel essays and photos, and one part memoir documenting the st...

Details A Year Off

TitleA Year Off
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherChronicle Books
GenreTravel, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews A Year Off

  • Shelley
    Loved this recap of Alexandra and David Brown's travels in the world. This is something I've wanted to do forever. Not sure I'll ever take it to this extreme, but my strong desire in retirement is to go set up shop for 3 months of the year in some of the countries I've visited in the past that I would like to see in depth. There are a number of tips in this book related to planning and budgeting that I will be capitalizing on in the future.
  • Tracy
    Gorgeous pictures and a neat story. I may not travel the world as the Browns did, but it does make me want to travel more instead of vacation.
  • Anne
    I read this on a whim and some of the travel strategies in this book are genius. I am going to buy this book as a reference guide. One thing is it is way too hard to read the map in the e-book. The other thing is that you mention relying on Wikipedia for travel information. As someone with a background in libraries, I don't think this is the source you should use or at least the only source you should use. I'll admit I've relied on Wikitravel for...
  • Carol
    I wAs intrigued by this book because I love the idea of just taking off and traveling. It was fun to see how they accomplished their goal if traveling for a year. The book is very beautifully put together and visually a treat. I would have liked more detail about their travels but this was a good entry level book into the idea of traveling for an extended period of time and the ups and downs associated with it.
  • Lauren Parker Johnson
    I read through this book in two days. I laughed, I cried, and I probably dreamed way too much. This book was about the journey of Alexandra and David, who decided to spend a year traveling the world. Ugh talk about ultimate goals! The book was so easy to read, and yet it was full of some really good advice and beautiful stories (and photographs!) from their trip. They even broke down how much the trip cost, how much they spent in each location, a...
  • Robin
    This travel book made a nice change from my mystery reading. It is full of tips in addition to telling how the young authors took a year away from their jobs to travel the world. Especially helpful are the packing lists not only of clothes but incidentals, the average costs per regions to help plan daily budgets (organized by which regions burn through your money quickly or slowly), and an incredibly helpful world map which tells sunniest months,...
  • Denise Chojnacki
    What an intriguing idea! A year off to travel the world. It's what drew me to this particular title. The book wound up being a little bit of a how-to manual and a little bit of a memoir. Some of the 'things to think about' sections were a little too common sense while others were very helpful and something I wouldn't have considered. The memoir parts were enjoyable to read and make you wonder what parts of the world would be great to visit. The b...
  • Jenny Esots
    As an Aussie and a traveller from way back I was not won over by this memoir.I have quit my job to travel when younger, there was no fear in coming back to find a new job. It was not something that I worried about!This couple from the US decide to spend a year travelling, there is quite a bit of mulling over conflicting desires of travel. Plus not a lot of practical nut and bolts of this process. The budgeting process for instance.Contain more in...
  • Jessie
    3.5 stars, rounded up because of the GORGEOUS photos. Part travelogue, part guide for planning and executing your own trip around the world. I found the tips useful, as I'll be leaving my home country for a year very soon. Most of the personal stories were quite charming, but there were some that left a bad taste in my mouth, particularly the anti "adventure pants" bit. Major eyerolls.I wish this book had gone more in depth with both the tips and...
  • Ms Mathilde
    Great read: lovely love story of two people on a great adventure and very practical advice that makes the planning and dreaming to recreate it easily imagined. We are very inspired to try to plan our dream trip as well based on info provided. Easy to find graphics and sections to really think thru. Makes it all seem less daunting which is wonderful to foster our imagination. Thanks for sharing your story Alexandra and David.
  • sssnoo reads
    Not fine literature but this book delivers on its mission better than most travel books. The book is full of practical formation including good advice on the emotional side of long travels - front and back end. I don’t think I have come across a thorough re-entry discussion before. If you are dreaming about or planning a lengthy trip this is a good book to add to your reading list.
  • Carrie
    I enjoyed this. At first I was a little put off by the "tips" -- I just wanted to read their story and glean my own takeaways -- but by halfway through I started enjoying the way the pulled the insights out. For anyone thinking of taking time off from "regular life" to travel extensively, this is a great read. Thanks to Patte Shetler for the recommendation.
  • Grace
    This book offers zero insight or introspection. The authors don't reveal much about themselves. It's a shallow look at taking a year off to travel the world, which is generally a privileged fool's errand. The layout and design are nonsensical. To be fair, I read this while I was recovering from a concussion.
  • Cindy
    I generally enjoyed this book. It gave some good food for thought and the stories were good. But I was disappointed that, as other reviewers have said, the tips were very high level. I wanted more. At least it would've been nice to include a bibliography of resources, websites, etc that could help folks planning such an adventure (like me) to dig in deeper with the planning.
  • Stephanie
    Not only are the photos and general presentation of this book excellent, but the information is highly useful and practical stuff. It is less a travelogue and more of a guide on launching your own excursion and what to expect both from you and others. Many other books dance around these topics but few take them on, head on and in an enjoyable way.
  • Jessica Goodman
    I really enjoyed this book about a couple who took a year to travel the world and included a few well-written essays by each of the authors, lots of travel tips and lovely photos. I hope they write more - would be fun to read a more detailed version of the book, plus if they could give their perspective on the same situations, that would be fun too. More please.
  • Jessica
    My husband and I are about to embark on a six month trip and this book gave insight into the emotional challenges of leaving and returning, as well as how to plan the trip. It’s a bit more how-to than I was expecting, which was appreciated by me. If you’re not planning a trip though, this may be too tactical of a book for you.
  • Judy Monchuk
    Breezy memoir from a couple who opt to take a year and travel the world. Lovely photos plus high-level travel tips and observations about how to quit your job, the emotional rollercoaster one may go through and the difficultly of returning to "real life." I found the book empowering and encouraging, not preachy or prescriptive. They didn't seem to have any relationship meltdowns or travel disasters, so perhaps they were truly superior planners.
  • Dave Humphrey
    I found the authors (especially Alexandra) alternately whiny and braggy. Too much emphasis on how they were able to do it (half the book!) and not enough about these amazing adventures they bragged about in the first half. Definitely one of the least enjoyable travel books I've read.
  • Melissa
    I picked up this book because I've dreamed of taking the leap, quitting my job, and traveling the world! It was a joy to hear their story and made me consider what it would take for me to embark on travels of my own.
  • Deanne Townsend
    There was nothing wrong with this book. I just didn’t enjoy it very much. I was wanting more of a story telling of the couple’s travels, but that wasn’t what this book set out to do. It was more of a how-to guide for traveling for a year.
  • Evan Swingholm
    If you're thinking about taking time off to travel during a gap year, sabbatical or after retirement, read this book! It's full of solid advice on a number of issues that you'll confront along the way. Full of good data, advice and authors' vignettes, it's a wonderful, easy read.
  • Elizabeth
    This book chronicles the year the authors spent traveling. It also details how they were able to do it, and how the reader can as well. Some of the personal stories fell flat, but overall it was an interesting read on travel with some good tips for travel of any length.
  • Michelle
    This was full of tips for your own round-the-world trip; not being an international traveler, I didn't get much out of these. I came for the travel stories, and liked those.
  • Jeannette
    A skimmer of a book. Not much useful info other than a peek at their budget. Mostly like hearing a stranger's travel stories...not that interesting.
  • Jeri Neumann
    Makes me want to start traveling even more.
  • Hazel Leu
    Fun advice and great tips!
  • Collin Rhea
    A little self-helpy, but good encouragement that it's possible to pull off.
  • Colleen
    I can’t wait till my girls are old enough to take months off for an adventure like this!