Possession (Perversion Trilogy, #2) by T.M. Frazier

Possession (Perversion Trilogy, #2)

Coming November 2018From the USA Today bestselling author of The King Series, T.M. Frazier. The story of Grim and Emma Jean continues. War is coming. We've come so far. We'll have to fight for what we have. Or die trying. Book One: PerversionBook Two: PossessionBook Three: Permission

Details Possession (Perversion Trilogy, #2)

TitlePossession (Perversion Trilogy, #2)
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreDark, Romance, Sociology, Abuse, Contemporary, Suspense, New Adult, Mystery, Crime, Contemporary Romance, Adult, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews Possession (Perversion Trilogy, #2)

    5 Til death do us part ★'s “We aren’t the kind of thing that can just be over. You and me Tricks. We. Don’t. End.” ♥My Tricks & Grim♥ Buddy Read with my girl, DesireéT.M. Frazier you have done it yet again! I mean seriously how in the hell do you do it? It's masterpiece after masterpiece, you never disappoint especially when it comes to the dark and gritty! You're the motherfuckin QUEEN but you don't need me to tell you that ;)...
  • ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books
    MY REVIEW: can also be found on my blog: ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS 'POSSESSION' is the second full length book in T.M. Frazier's 'Perversion' trilogy. It picks up where the first book left off. Spoken in 'dual perspectives.'I'm not going to write up this review in my usual way because so much happens in this, it's a crazy fast paced high octane ride that will grab you by the throat from that very first page. Grim and Tricks have not ...
  • ✰ Liz ✰
    "Those who have a strong sense of belonging have the courage to be imperfect." Possession is the second book in the Perversion Trilogy. With a mind-blowing action-packed gritty romance, T.M. Frazier delivers another heart-stopping read. After the QUEEN of CLIFFIES from the first book in the series, I was DYING to get back to Grim and Tricks and see how would find their way back together. Tensions with the feuding gangs are intensifying and Grim w...
  • Jen
    *** 3.5 Stars!!!***This was the second book in the dark trilogy by TM Frazier. I usually have no complaints when I read one of her books but this instalment came with more than a few inconsistencies with her wording and with spelling and grammar. There was also a part in the story where one thing was happening and then another scene came about with not a very smooth transition ( if that makes any sense!!! I don’t want to give details as I don...
  • Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩
    Possession had me on the edge of my seat and I'm still waiting for my heart rate to slow down!Grim's love for Tricks has me feeling touched. I didn't think there'd be time for my emotions to get involved with this dark read. This man, who never used to speak, says words that make me smile oh so sweetly. "I need you, baby. You're my other half. I'm nothing without you. I'm yours." - GrimI think the hood of Bedlam is aptly named. There is never a d...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    I was left dissatisfiedI started Book 1 a little excited to be getting into another dark and gritty story. There's this initial buzz of getting away with something naughty. For a while, you thrive on the dark and seedy side of life. The drinking, smoking and recklessness seem like a party and everyone's invited. You close your eyes to the bad editing, try to convince yourself that the $5 per instalment will be worth it, and you leave reality far,...
  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    💚💚4 Tricks Stars💚💚I can’t deal. WTF just happened?!!! I had no idea that this was going to turn out this way color me shocked when I read that cliffy! How are we not supposed to pull our hair out in the mean time? How will we function for the next few weeks? Seriously, WHAT.THE FUCK Just happened?! I’m going to keep this one short and hopefully spoiler free. Grim and Tricks were caught up in this web of utter hurt that was fill...
  • Anas Attic Book Blog
    Possession (Perversion Trilogy #2) by TM Frazier Gritty Dark Romance. #2 in a Trilogy. Does Not Stand Alone. “No killing kids. Or women, unless they shoot first. Understood?” “Everyone else fucking dies.”  We are back in the supper gritty and violent gang-run town of Lacking, FL and I couldn’t be more excited to be there. After doing a re-read of Perversion via Audible, I jumped right into Pos...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    This was a great second instalment and one I have been highly anticipating since the events that transpired in the previous book: I was also on pins to see if my previous hunch regarding certain actions was in any way correct and yay I'm pleased to say that it was.Here we are back again with Grim and Tricks and Possession itself is just as Dark and gritty as its predecessor throwing me right back into the fantastical and imaginative world of Bedl...
  • Michelle
    Omg this is brilliant!! This book just hasn't come quick enough after the way the first book ended. I 've been dying to read it after the biggest cliffy was dropped on me. This was well worth the wait. Grim and Tricks/EJ are again faced with so much drama and abuse. Things are never easy but there love for each other just keeps getting strong. Grim has to deal with so much in this book. After the death of his father figure he has to take over B...
  • B.B. Easton
    The Evil Ginger, has lived up to her nickname once again. I don't know HOW T.M. Frazier manages to find new ways to shock and surprise me in every single book--other than the obvious explanation which is that she sold her soul to Satan for that kind of talent--but regardless, if you love twisty-turny romantic suspense, you NEED this series in your life!
  • XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy
    The story of Grim and Tricks continues to intrigue me. T. M isn’t afraid to make her heroes and heroines suffer and this story is no exception. What we get out of their suffering are characters that you fall in love with for how they deal with their adversity, how they overcome the challenges, and how they seek what allows them to be at peace. They’re not perfect, but are perfectly flawed. This time around the connection between Grim and Tric...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    So good! I am enjoying this trilogy so much!! This second installment was intense, gritty and dark. Grim and Emma Jean's love keeps getting stronger and they need that love to overcome so many obstacles and dangers. This book is dark but in between all that darkness their love is a beacon of light. I love them so much and can't wait for them to get their happily ever after. Also a few of my favorites characters from previous books make an appeara...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    Well damn....I’m not sure what to do with my life until Dec 11th. I need book 3 NOW!It’s not often that I’m left speechless, but it happens from time to time. This is one of those times.Tricks and Grim’s story is not an easy one. They face obstacles that, at times, are utterly heartbreaking, but their love is pure and undeniable. I loved experiencing them together! They were explosive. But the love story, while brilliant, takes a back sea...
  • Sammy Loves Books
    2.0 "Struggled to finish this one" starsGrimNot much better than the first. I'm not a fan of unnecessary drama...and this one is ridiculously full of it. Found myself skimming. Thank goodness it was short!Emma Jean 2.0 "Struggled to finish this one" starsGrimNot much better than the first. I'm not a fan of unnecessary drama...and this one is ridiculously full of it. Found myself skimming. Thank goodness it was short!Emma Jean
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    ❤4-4,5 ❤This series is so good, the first book was phenomenal and now Possession left me speechless.It is dark, intense and it has twists that I didn't see them coming. Grim and Emma’s journey is full of surprises.There are many intense and heartbreaking moments. My heart was aching for both of them.I'm looking forward for the next book!!     ❤4-4,5 ❤This series is so good, the first book was phenomenal and now Possession left m...
  • AJ
    “We aren’t the kind of thing that can just be over. You and me Tricks. We. Don’t. End.”4 badass dark romance starsAfter devouring and loving book #1 in this trilogy, Perversion, I have been so desperate to get my hands on this book, and whoa, what a whirlwind! This book plunges us straight back into the dark and violent gang world that Grim and Emma Jean inhabit, and all of that intensity is present once again as the story winds and twist...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***AVAILABLE NOW- full review ***5 SHOCKING CROWNSTM Frazier continues to shock and astound with book two of the Perversion Trilogy, Possession. Every single page was a new revelation I never saw coming, leaving my mouth gaping for a majority of the book. The characters are still ones to love. Tricks remains strong and protective of those she loves, and Grim is still the honorable criminal willing to crush the world in his palm to save Tricks. Th...
  • Peyton
    Dafuq did I just read?(view spoiler)[Just how many rapes in a single book is too many rapes? Not gonna lie, I actually have a bit of a rape fetish, but I have to say, I don't understand the author's obsession with rape. Especially considering that she has demonstrably never actually been raped.You know how I know?The way one processes having been raped in no way looks like someone going catatonic for a couple of weeks and then waking up fine. And...
  • Shayna
    “We aren’t the kind of thing that can be over. You and me Tricks. We. Don’t. End.” T.M. Frazier gives us a heart wrenching and suspense-filled beauty with book two in her incredibly captivating Perversion Trilogy. The epic dark and sexy journey of Grim and Emma Jean continues and it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. All I can say is try your best not to blink, because you’re sure to miss out on something vital. In Posse...
  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 4 STARS"Loyalty is everything. Without it, you're nothing. For being the second book in a trilogy, I don't know whether to be excited or just plain mad. This book just dangled more of Emma Jean and Grim's love in front of me while teasing me that I have to wait for more!! Argh! HAHAHA!! I am *really* liking this series and have enjoyed what I've read so far.I feel like I keep saying this, but: GIMME MORE!! I need to know how Grim and Emm...
  • Alecia (The Staircase Reader)
    Warning: Possession is the 2nd book in T.M. Frazier's Perversion Trilogy. It is crucial that you read the first book (Perversion) before diving head first into this one. Also, though this book (and Trilogy) are freakin' kick ass, this book does deal with issues that may be triggers for some. I highly recommend you go into this one with your eyes wide open.Tricks finds herself in a situation she can't get out of. After desperately trying to find a...
  • Jessica
    Seriously, how does TM Frazier do it? Everything I read by her is dark and angsty and I can never get enough. As soon as Perversion ended, I was DYING to get my hands on Possession! Grimm and Emma Jean met and never forgot one another. Now, they're on opposite sides of a gang war. They will do anything it takes to get back to one another, even if it means killing everyone who stands in their way. So much happened in book one, so I was ready for e...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Christ. Will I ever ever come to realise that TM Frazier is the fucking queen of cliffhanger’s and will most likely have one in all of her damn incredible stories? I just, I NEED answers, now! UGH. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewPossession is part two of Grimm and Tricks’ story ( Perversion being the first ) and packed with even more action and twists. I’m not going to say much about the storyline as I don’t want to give any...
  • Richelle Robinson
    Possession picks up right where we left off in Perversion and talk about intense! Grim and Tricks have been through hell and back and just when you think things will get better, it doesn’t. This book was a bumpy ride filled with so many emotions. The characters have gone through so much and all I want is for them to have a happy ending. There were some twists I didn’t see coming and had my jaw dropping. We also got to catch up with some other...
  • Shabby -BookBistroBlog
    You had me at MotherFecker!!Intense love story set against a backdrop of mayhem and bloodshed. It will grab you by the throat, choke your breath till you feel knocking on death's door. “No killing kids. Or women, unless they shoot first. Understood?”“Everyone else fucking dies.” **gasp**😱Lots of heat, oodles of surprises and heavy dollops of double crossing intrigue will have you glued to the pages. Riveting and compelling, this acti...
  • NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books}
    ***4 “We. Don't. End.” stars*** "Despair is a disease that rots the soul a little at a time. A disease where both the culprit and the cure, is hope." Well.... Honestly, I don't know what to say about the second book in the Perversion series....Everything turned upside down for everyone, but especially for Tricks!!!Poor girl, her fate couldn't become worse!!!! I felt so sorry about her...Damn, i want to say so many things, but i don't like ...
  • Deborah Obida
    “Happiness is not out there. It’s in you. - Anonymous.” That quote is my favourite in the book. Emma Jean and Tristan aka Grimm will do almost anything to be together but the odds are against them. Another great and fast read from T.M Frazier. Book 3 here I come.
  • Elfina Renee
    Once again T.M Frazier delivers one hell of a grand slam home run. The second book in the trilogy was action packed and had me hanging on the edge of my seat while knuckle biting my fist. Love the way this crafty author stays true to form, nothing off limits and no one being safe. Once again T.M Frazier delivers one hell of a grand slam home run. The second book in the trilogy was action packed and had me hanging on the edge of my seat while k...