Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3)

Dear Lady Truelove...My twin brother and I need a new mother, though Papa insists he'll never marry again. Must be nice, brainy, and fond of cats...Lady Truelove may be London's most famous advice columnist, but James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, knows his wild young sons need a tutor, not a new mother. They need a man tough enough to make his hellions tow the line, and James is determined to find one.Miss Amanda Leighton, former schoolteacher ...

Details Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3)

TitleGoverness Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3)
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove, #3)

  • Mei
    It was a sweet story of a man who lost his beloved wife, has been left alone and heartbroken with two twin sons and a woman who lost everything because of a betrayed love.As I said, it was sweet and full of beautiful moments where Amanda teaches the children and suffers their pranks! It was fun to read how the boys act with both Amanda and their father!Amanda first disguises herself as a man and is hired as tutor to James' sons. Obviously she's s...
  • Desi
    Charming story. I was looking for a quick foray into reading after a bit of a break and this was just what I was looking for. Slow build, minimal angst, sufficient humour, discernible personalities rather than stock characters, a respectably handled, loving first spouse, cute kids, kind servants, interesting backstory, and a gimmick that was not dragged out too long. Seriously the big reveal was hilarious, the best ever. Followed by a reasonable ...
  • Rowena
    This was a fun read that took me no time at all to get read. Oh man, Mr. Seton was the bomb! Haha. I'm not normally a fan of secrets in my stories but Amanda had good reason and Jamie's reaction when he finds out the truth then seeing them fall in love with each other made for a wonderfully romantic story. The boys were great too. Lots of goodness in this one.
  • Jultri
    Enjoyable story. Amanda Leighton jeopardised her career as university qualified and respected teacher after jumping naively into a heady affair with a peer, which needless to say did not end well for her. Two years later, she is wiser albeit significantly poorer and struggling to find a job as a governess with her reputation and respectability torn to shreds. The widowed James St Clair, Earl of Kenyon, is struggling to retain a governess/nurse fo...
  • Amy ~ Love At 1st Read
    I love anything Laura Lee Guhrke writes but her Dear Lady Truelove series has to be my favorite. And her newest, Governess Gone Rogue, is the most spectacular yet. I fell in love with every single character, except the villain of course, almost immediately. I admired and loved Amanda. She was such a unique character. She had an education to rival any man but her employment was limited due to her gender. Had she been a man, she wouldn’t have lo...
  • Stacee
    I requested this one on a whim because the synopsis was just too much fun...and it didn’t disappoint. I loved Amanda. She knows what she wants and has the smarts to figure out how to get it. I loved that she was tenacious enough to portray a man, especially in this time period. Jamie was stoic and stern and it was amusing seeing the two of them interact. Of course, the twins stole every scene they were in. Plot wise, I was expecting repetitiven...
  • Miss Rail
    32 years old Earl Kenyon, heir to the Marquess of Rolleston, has been widowed for 3 years and he's father of ten years old twins.His boys are hellions just like he was at their age.He'd promised himself he'd never treat them as harshly as his father did with him but, since his wife's death, he's lost control over them altogether.28 years old Amanda Leighton is a woman of the world, accomplished in a lot of things.She's earned a university educa...
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: I was honestly bored by this book that unfortunately didn't live up to the promise of the series. Readers who want the story of a woman who overcomes all sorts of historical prejudices and limitations placed on woman this story is good, but the romance was undeveloped and there was no chemistry. The hero had no real personality and was just a foil for the heroine.THE STORY: Amanda Leighton is ruined and turned out from her life's ...
  • kris
    James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, is a widows father of two hellion boys who want a mother and so decides to hire them a tutor to prepare them for school Amanda Leighton overhears his laments and applies for the post as Adam Seton, knowledgable dude. Her disguise works until it doesn't and then the boners commence followed by feelings and sex and declarations and all that mushy crap. 1. This was engaging and decent, even if it does rely on cer...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    Another Justine Eyre narration. Ok so I do adore her narrations, and I know I have listen to her a lot lately, but it is really by accident! But ok if I do see her name it does sway me towards the book, so maybe I choose books without knowing it.Also look at that cover, short hair! They really got it right, I am impressed. Yes, our plucky heroine cuts her hair, pretends to be a man and becomes a tutor to two wild boys. I would have run screaming,...
  • Kwan
    The Cover Story: I dig the cover, because being an Asian I like ladies with black hair. Hey! don’t cry racist. I’m not. I just like black hair, sue me. But the dress needs to go, like stat. The balloon sleeves just make me cringe. Cringe with bugging eyes and strained neck! And what’s up with the purple background anyway? *rolling my eyes**disclaimer* My first review exclusively for this blog! Yay! Yahoo! Whoop Whoop! Yowza! (I think I exha...
  • Sharyn
    A Historical Romance between a widower (Jamie), who loved his first wife(!), and Amanda, a unmarried college-educated teacher who is not a virgin(!). This was so refreshing to read and seemed very REAL for a late Victorian Romance. Jamie has two very rambunctious 10 year old twin boys who he doesn’t know what to do with. Amanda, after being disgraced in a scandal, is desperately looking for a position as a nanny or governess, if she can find so...
  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    Could this one have been any more fun. I laughed a lot and just fell hard and fast for a couple of small people. Amanda and Jamie were each in their own rights appealing and luring to the tale but I think the children made the magic happen. They were the extra sparkle that made it all work. This read went too fast and that was because I found it hard to put it down. I wanted to know what was coming next. Amanda breaking down the barriers to her g...
  • herdys
    Cross dressing tutor? Cute but mischievous boy twins and a starchy hero? It was so good even if it was not as much of a slow burn as the other one.
  • Tracy Emro
    3.5 rounded upAmanda Leighton was once a well respected teacher, but when she foolishly followed her heart, she was left shamed, ruined and disgraced. When she learns that widower James St. Clair, Earl of Kenyon is in need of a tutor for his twin sons, she knows she is perfect for the job and will not let something as trivial as not being a man stop her.James knows his sons want a new mother, but his heart died with his beloved wife. He is dead i...
  • Elley Murray
    I am a total sucker for a story about a woman disguised as a woman. I don't know why I love them, I just do. So when I saw the latest in the Dear Lady Truelove series was a woman disguised as a man/mistaken identities trope, you'd better believe I jumped on it. And I'm so glad I did, because this is my favorite book of the series so far!I really enjoyed Amanda. I love an unconventional woman in historical romances, and she's got that double prong...
  • Sonia189
    Completely silly and unlikely plot but so sweet at the same time. This is filled with scenes and situations between an employer and his employee (different classes too since it's historical - but only on the label because the interactions were no such thing) that no matter how ridiculous they look, I still couldn't stay away. A book I'd say is worth not by its literary depth but because it's perfect for those days you feel like there's no goodnes...
  • Zubee
    A sweet story about how an educated h decides to cross dress and apply for a job as tutor to H's very, very naughty twin boys who made absolutely adorable plot moppets ...H was a serious man who had had a wild youth and was reformed by his first wife's loveh was an educated but repressed woman who was seduced and dumped by a man and created a huge scandalThe deception doesn't last long but H and h become friends ..OM villain gets a good comeuppan...
  • Brandy
    I just finished this at my desk and I am crying and I have a meeting in 20 minutes!! This was wonderful, I loved Amanda, she was brilliant and funny and kind and I totally admire her. Jamie was fabulous, though he needed a bit of help. Thank goodness Amanda came along! I also thought the twins were so sweet....and mischievous and a bit lonely, but excellent characters. I loved this book!!
  • Amanda Siegrist
    This was a fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed Amanda and her fight to survive after such a scandal. I stayed up super late just to finish this book!
  • Auggie
    I’m not sure how to rate this book. I enjoyed the basic plot but felt it took much too long to tell the actual story. I assume this was done to help elongate the sense of time and create a better atmosphere for “slow burn”.Holding off rating for now. But currently it’s a “meh”.Update: Even after letting it sit for a while, it's still a "meh" from me.
  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    What I love about romance novels are the little reveals, the spark, the moments of vulnerability that allow a character to grow closer to another, and seeing the attraction turn into love. This book didn’t have these things. The pacing was uneven. The best parts were with the hero’s twin sons. Perhaps, 3 Stars is too high a rating. Hmm.
  • Smitten
    Originally posted on Smitten By Books Review blogTimely, moving, and oh so romantic.Guhrke ensnared me again with the heroine posing as a man. Sure I’ve read about heroine’s dressing up as men to sneak into Duke’s homes for journalist purposes or to venture into dens of debauchery, or even to start up infamous gaming hells. But… posing as a man to gain a tutor position? Not lately.Add in a widower, Lord Jamie Kenyon. Sure he’s a lord, b...
  • Gaele
    It’s rare that I use ‘charming’ as an adjective to refer to a book or series, but Guhrke’s Dear Lady Truelove series are simply that. Charming, clever, funny and full of hopeful heart, making them a wonderful way to spend a few hours. In this book, Amanda Leighton is the heroine: well-educated, clever, determined and wholly unique, she’s wanting to be a tutor – but that isn’t something that ‘women do’, no matter how well-qualifi...
  • Zaxs Yacs
    Dear Lady Truelove . . . My twin brother and I need a new mother, though Papa insists he’ll never marry again. Must be nice, brainy, and fond of cats . . . Lady Truelove may be London’s most famous advice columnist, but James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, knows his wild young sons need a tutor, not a new mother. They need a man tough enough to make his hellions tow the line, and James is determined to find one.Miss Amanda Leighton, former s...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Governess Gone Rogue by Laura Lee Guhrke is book Three in the Dear Lady Truelove Series. This is the story of Amanda Leighton and James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon. I have read the previous books and do feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. James needs a tutor for his son and goes forward to hire a man for the job. Amanda's wants to be a tutor and she knows she can help them learn. So if James needs a man tutor she can ...
  • Ariel
    The twins in this book were 100% the most adorable thing ever. I am not one for kids in my romances, but I was glad they were there.The author took a few liberties with historical accuracy, but honestly, I cheered as a result of the ending, so that was just fine. The women disguised as men trope is FANTASTIC, and didn't go horribly awry (partially due to the slight bending of social norms but psshhht, who's counting?)
  • Cassandra
    I love a cross dressing heroine! This was a fun second chance romance for both characters. The author has a real talent for creating compelling characters who are more or less true to their time. And I loved the twin boys who are full of mischief but also desperate for familial love. The whole Truelove series has been fantastic despite very little Lady Truelove in this story. 4.5 stars
  • Sam
    Cute! Been a while since ive finished a romance novel so im glad to get back in the groove. The lady truelove bit wasnt too prevalent but i havent read the others in this series so i suppose itd make more sense then. Loved amanda and the twins and tbh i LOVED how the whole final conflict gets sorted out, especially bc amanda has like, real valid reasons for thinking this wont work. V sweet ending
  • Samantha Brody
    Alas, this was a bit too heavy on the twee & Plot moppet for me—though nonetheless enjoyable romance and family dynamics wise.