Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Sawkill Girls

Beware of the woods and the dark, dank deep.He’ll follow you home, and he won’t let you sleep.Who are the Sawkill Girls?Marion: the new girl. Awkward and plain, steady and dependable. Weighed down by tragedy and hungry for love she’s sure she’ll never find.Zoey: the pariah. Luckless and lonely, hurting but hiding it. Aching with grief and dreaming of vanished girls. Maybe she’s broken—or maybe everyone else is.Val: the queen bee. Gorg...

Details Sawkill Girls

TitleSawkill Girls
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Horror, LGBT

Reviews Sawkill Girls

  • Chaima ✨ شيماء
    Wow. The fact that lights didn't start flickering ominously and the trees weren't shaking and clattering in the wind and gusty voices weren't rattling off the walls and grating my ears while I was reading this book is supremely upsetting and not at all excellent if you ask me... So, what’s this book about? Marion Althouse arrives in the small town of Sawkill Rock with her mother and sister, Charlotte, hoping that the move would lessen the ach...
  • Melanie
    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. “Decades of dead girls. Poor girls and rich girls. Black and brown and white girls. All of them Sawkill girls.” Sawkill Girls is going to be such an amazing, atmospheric, spooky Halloween read for so many. The start of this book was phenomenal, and the first half was five star worthy in my opinion. I just, didn’t love the ending of this, but I think many of you ...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    “Screw that book,” said Val. “It was written by men.” She held out her free hand to Marion. “We’re rewriting it.” First of all, if you wanted to see a Buzzfeed Unsolved investigation into this book, yes, that exists, and there aren't even spoilers. Second of all, this book was a freaking masterpiece and I need you all to read it. Sawkill Girls is a book about not being your parent’s mistake, the deep and long-lasting effects of t...
  • Kayla Dawn
    Okay. That was disappointing.This had so much potential and I actually really loved the first third/half. But it went so hardcore downhill after that.. I don't even really know what to say.It evolved from a creepy, creative story with great, diverse characters to a way overdone, rushed, man hating mess. I was so excited for the female empowerment (and I really really loved all the diversity!) but that quickly turned into painting men as the most ...
  • emma
    It took me two months to read this book.For two months, I floundered through this. For two months, I forced myself through in eight page chunks. For two months, the Kindle for Mac application was open on my laptop, with the ebook version of this existing somewhere among, like, eighteen podcasts and four tabs with Twitter open and a sh*t ton of articles about obscure pop culture tidbits.In short: It took me two months to get through this and I alm...
  • megs_bookrack
    A girl with incredible strength.A girl who can vanish.A girl who burns. There are always three. When Marion moves to the island of Sawkill Rock with her mother and older sister, they view it as a place for them to recover and rebuild. Things have been tough lately. After the unexpected death of her father, Marion is left to hold the family together; a weighty responsibility for any teen. Once on island, it doesn't take long for Marion to realize...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    This is one of those reviews that I had to sit on for a while, because I had so many things I wanted to say about this book, and I just couldn’t quite figure out how to condense them into anything even remotely resembling a sensible length of review. Sawkill Girls is being marketed fairly heavily as horror, but it’s fabulism, too, with a world so gorgeously complex that I can’t ever quite determine if I adore it or am terrified of it. Come...
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Y’all, this book was legitimately terrifying at certain points and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It wasn’t a completely perfect book (hence the 4 stars), but it was so dark and whimsical and dark and queer and DID I MENTION DARK? AND QUEER? Fuck y’all this was so good. SO GOOD!
  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    Little fairy girl, skipping down the sea Little fairy girl, pretty as can be Who is the fellow with the bright clean grin? Do you want, fairy girl, to weave a spell for him? Story When Marion, her mother and her sister arrive in Sawkill they hear about the missing girl, Thora. They hear about the strange and creepy forest full of darkness and danger. They meet Zoey who hates Val Mortimer more than anyone and anything, because Zoey is sure that V...
  • Sana
    Hi. I'm a liar and said I would write a review but I'm too lazy so I'll just say this:There was some bird box type shit goin on at some point in this book and I WAS HERE FOR IT!!! G i r l s came together to fight off evil monsters and developed such beautiful relationships with each other and skakskfjskdjdj it was so pure and beautiful and I love. Also, there's asexual (I think that's the correct term? Or was it ace? I forgot it's been over a mon...
  • Camila Roy ••RoyIsReading••
    RATING: 2.75 rounded up to 3/5 Let me start by saying that I LOVE horror. Spooky, creepy and bizarre is my aesthetic. Supernatural shows are my thing; I can't get enough of them. So, when I read this book's synopsis I was definitely intrigued. Plus, Claire Legrand is the author (she wrote Furyborn, one of my favorite books of the year). As it turns out, Sawkill Girls wasn't for me. I considered raising my rating just for the sake of being polite....
  • Malanie
    DNF @ 50%I just couldn’t do it. I would like it to be known that I tried so hard with this book. But the writing style is just SO BAD (for me)?????? These days….[sad sigh]...I can’t get into the superfluous, kinda forced writing style. When the narrator has met the scientific limit for YA aesthetic, pile-of-adjectives, pretentiousness? It’s hard for me to feel immersed.I think that maybe I should provide an example: “Val’s fretful he...
  • Laura
    This book was so creepy and I loved it so much! Listening to it was such a great choice for me.RTC.
  • Trina (Between Chapters)
    Enjoyed the creepiness, the quick pacing, the girl power, and the individual girls. Got a little weird at the end.Audio: To be fair, the narrator's solo performance deserves 5 stars. She carried it all on her own, doing creepy voices when needed. But I couldn't help thinking the entire time that this book truly deserved the production treatment that And the Trees Crept In's audiobook was given - sounds, music, and actual voice distortion - becaus...
  • may ➹
    nothing will ever match the raw wlw power of a girl betraying an ages-old powerful demon because of her crush on a girl
  • Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd)
    *4.5/5This book is a masterclass in setting up characters and plot while also constantly raising the stakes and writing compelling arcs. I can’t believe this was one book, holy hell the skill involved in writing this.
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    does anyone else feel like YA fantasy has been kinda dropping the ball lately? Because I'm here to report yet ANOTHER one has let me down and I don't know who to blame at this point. “Beware the woods and the dark, dank, deep. He'll follow you home, and he won't let you sleep.” Sawkill Girls is a fantasy horror set on Sawkill Island - where an unusual and alarming amount of young girls go missing without a trace. No bodies, no word, no clue...
  • alana ♡
    Drop everything and add this to your October TBR's immediately.If you like creepy, atmospheric books with badass females that keep you on the edge of your seat then look no further thanSawkill Girls. Earlier this year I read Claire Legrand's novel Furyborn and loved it. From her writing, to her characters, to her world-building I was instantly sucked into the story. So, naturally when I came across that the author was coming out with a new YA Fan...
  • Hamad
    This review and other non-spoilery reviews can be found @The Book Prescription"Beware of the woods and the dark, dank deep. He’ll follow you home, and he won’t let you sleep." To do this book right I have to admit that I went into it not expecting a horror story and by no means it was one. But I was checking GR and searching online and I saw many readers listed it as a horror book but Edelweiss -Thanks for providing a copy in exchange of an h...
  • Lea (drumsofautumn)
    Video Review This is such a strange little book and I had a hard time getting into it. I almost DNFed it, not because I thought it was bad but because I felt it wouldn't be for me. And the setting and storyline really wasn't for me.But at its core this story is about feminism, female friendship, and love and it made me super emotional. “Girls hunger. And we're taught, from the moment our brains can take it, that there isn't enough food for us...
  • Amitaf0208
    3.5 stars. There is a mix of genres going on in this one book. At times, it was exhilarating while at times, it was also frustrating. Overall, I did enjoy the ride and the ending.
  • Jes Reads
  • Julie Zantopoulos
    Claire's writing is beautiful, there's no denying that, but this story just didn't connect for me. Let's chat about the premise of this book: Girls on Sawkill island have been disappearing for generations and island legend warns of a Collector who steals away said girls and does heaven knows what with them...but they're never seen again. Then three girls come into magical mystical powers and battle a deep dark evil that only they have the power t...
  • andrea caro
    First of all, I want to give a very enthusiastic thank you to Julie for sending me this ARC. Not only was this one of two most anticipated reads of the year for me, she also left in her tabs color-coded to thematic elements in the story so this reading experience was kind of incredible and revolutionary for me.Now, onto the review:This book is spooky, queer, feminist, and full of women and I loved it. This story follows around several points of v...
  • Bark
    “Theirs was not a world that was often kind to women.”I read the Sawkills Girls for the Goodreads Ladies of Horror Fiction discussion. Sawkill Girls is the story of three teenage girls who come together to face an ancient evil. It’s also about friendships and families and duty and the daily aches and pains and confusion that teenagers face.Marion, her sister and her mom have relocated to Sawkill to start a new life after the death of the gi...
  • Gemma ♕ Books_McCoy
    Sawkill Girls has been on my shelf for so long and has been on every single TBR I put together since in October. I’ve given up on TBRs. I always fail!I really enjoyed this and I flicked between the audiobook and the physical book. The audiobook actress was very, very good and she really gave each character their own voice. She put so much emotion and nuance into everything. Brilliant. The story itself is something that is really up my alley. I ...
  • Karima chermiti
    Actual rating : 2.5 starsWhat could I say about this one, I don’t know, I’m deeply confused? I can’t seem to be able to make up my mind about this book and honestly it’s annoying me. This book belongs to that area when I don’t love a book and I don’t hate it either, I feel no attachment to it and yet it’s stuck on my mind. But to be fair, it’s stuck in my mind because of all of the weird shit that was happening and wasn’t proper...
  • Aqsa (On Hiatus)
    3.5 Stars? Beware of the woods and the dark, dank deep.He'll follow you home and won't let you sleep. This was my first horror book, and I really wanted it to be a 5 star read; or at least reasonably good since this is the one genre that almost never attracts me. I guess the credit for that goes to movies which almost never scare me. The prologue was quite interesting and in spite of my doubts, it pulled me right in, then all that rush suddenly...