Zoey's Zany Life by Mikayla Lowery

Zoey's Zany Life

With a perfect twin sister and friends who have everything, Zoey Song can't catch a break from quirky mishaps and hilarious accidents. Trouble follows this mischievous redhead everywhere. Can Zoey find a place in her world where life isn't unbearable? Let's just say, sixth grade becomes quite the journey from self-loathing to self-confidence.

Details Zoey's Zany Life

TitleZoey's Zany Life
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherCharlie's Port

Reviews Zoey's Zany Life

  • Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages
    Read my full review at https://blackwords-whitepages1977.blo...This is one of the cutest books that I have read in a while and I really enjoyed it. I love stories that children authors write.The characters were amazing!! Zoey is the most adorable, funny, caring, and innocent sixth grader I have ever met. Everything she did, I could picture this silly little red head doing. The things this character did and thought made me remember the days that I...
  • Allwyn
    Great book! Love seeing work from such young authors!! Would definitely recommend!!
  • Zachary Houle
    When I was a kid, Canadas Gordon Korman was kind of like a God to me. Here was another kid (ignore that he is a decade older than me) who was publishing novels. As the story goes, Korman wrote his first novel in school in Grade Seven. He was supposed to write a book report, but he didnt like the books on the list so he instead went and wrote a novel himself and then wrote the subsequent report on his novel. If memory serves me correct, Korman onl...
  • Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    Lowrey truly captures the essence of a quirky, sixth grade student in her Zoey character. It may be because the author is a kid herself! Lowrey was born in 2005 making her 13-ish. The Zoey character is definitely likable and the reader forms a connection to her. The humor Lowrey injects into the story is awesome. Zoey can't catch a break from all the hilarious situations and predicaments that follow her.  The story line is a fun roller coaster f...
  • Sarah
    Zoey is a riot. If its not one thing, its another with her. She cant catch a break. Mischief seems to follow her. The author does such a great job keeping this story light, funny and interesting. Its so inspiring to see such a young author bring a great character to life. Looking forward to more from Mikayla Lowery. Zoey is a riot. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with her. She can’t catch a break. Mischief seems to follow her. The aut...
  • Mary Claire Branton
    It is astonishing that this book was written by such a young author. The characters are hilarious, endearing, and Zoey is a riot. Most pre-teens will relate to her frustrations and mistakes. Many life lessons to be learned and such a super fun read!
  • Kristen
    This book was fun. My 11 year old daughter & I both read it for our in house book club. We had a good time discussing Zoey's antics and the differences between Zoey and her twin sister.
  • Csimplot Simplot
    Excellent book!!!