Summer House by Nancy Thayer

Summer House

Thirty-year-old Charlotte Wheelwright seems to have at last found her niche, running an organic gardening business on the island of Nantucket, thanks in large part to her spry grandmother Nona, who donated a portion of land on the family’s seaside compound to get Charlotte started. Though Charlotte’s skill with plants is bringing her success, cultivating something deeper with people—particularly her handsome neighbor Coop—might be more of...

Details Summer House

TitleSummer House
Release DateJun 7th, 2009
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance, Audiobook

Reviews Summer House

  • Laurie
    I got this book for free at a shopping event in New York. I figured I'd give it a shot. First off, what does an author need to do to get some decent editors? I mean, seriously. This woman has written how many books and her publisher can't hire people who know how to copy edit? Typos GALORE in this book. Very distracting. Also distracting, the fact that the book takes place in present day but for some reason all the dialogue feels as though it was...
  • Marla
    I listened to this book and it was hard to get into at first. There were so many different characters it was very hard to keep track of who was who. I almost gave up on the book. But I'm glad I didn't. This is a really good book about family dynamics and how families have lots of secrets. Not all of them are bad. I enjoyed this book.
  • Kathleen
    The traditions of Boston Brahmin life on Beacon Hill and Nantucket, the access to education, career and life style, set the framework for this novel. While there are a number of extended family members who revere the inherent code of this life, a handful have not. Thus, it is their story, the 90 year old matriarch, 60 year old daughter in law and 30 year old granddaughter who face life-changing challenges and find their way through them.The grand...
  • Sarah
    I read most of this multigenerational narrative, and initially felt it had the makings of a great summer read. Sadly, I just couldn't get through it. I found the switching between the grandmother, mother, and granddaughter's perspectives to be clunky. The secondary characters were flat; maybe they rounded out a bit in the final quarter of the novel, but they came off as too black-and-white. The book doesn’t have a particularly good or original ...
  • Tiffany
    Originally posted on novel Summer House follows three generations of strong willed Wheelwright women as they wrestle with decisions that will change their lives. The story starts off with the youngest of the three generations. Charlotte Wheelwright has always wanted to impress her father and make him proud, but so far she feels she has failed. Charlotte did not enjoy the family business of banking, and ...
  • Laurel-Rain
    With a title like “Summer House,” this book could be just an ordinary beach read. But Nancy Thayer has transformed this story from light to deep in her multi-layered family drama.The Wheelwrights of Boston, with an ancestral summer home on Nantucket, have traditions and a legacy; many who have married into the family have striven to live up to both with some difficulty. From the current matriarch Anne (Nona) down to the contemporary Wheelwrig...
  • Lynn
    A nice summer read about a dysfunctional family with a lot of family drama. Told from the perspectives of three characters, Nona (Anne) the 90 year old matriarch; Helen, her daughter in law; and Charlotte, her 30 year old granddaughter. Each brings something special to the family, and each has her secrets. All the characters are wonderfully portrayed, even the nasty Grace, who you just love to hate. It’s always great to revisit Nantucket, which...
  • Pamela
    I have enjoyed Nancy Thayer in the past, but this book was just plain boring. Could hardly wait to finish it up. All selfish characters, and I didn't enjoy any of them. I found myself not caring what happened to any of them after about 50 pages.
  • Elizabeth
    A great story with a lot of family drama. A story about a very enmeshed family with secrets, betrayal, jealousy, but also unconditional love and forgiveness. An entertaining read for sure.
  • Jill Wallace
    Great summer beach read. Predictable in some ways but unpredictable in others. Great characters!!
  • Teresa
    This is a story about family .... cranky, good, bad, crazy, controlling, jealous, indifferent, young and old .... your family if your family! Anne Wheelwright is turning 90 and her whole family is going to help her celebrate. Whether she wants to celebrate or not! Anne, or Nona, as she is affectionately called by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren sold her home in Boston when her husband, Herb, died five years ago. She decided sh...
  • Laura
    Summer House is the tale of three generations of women who are all vacationing together with their families on their Nantucket retreat. Nona is the 90-year old matriarch of the family and remembers back to the days when she first met, feel in love with, had to separate with her husband during WWII. Her daughter-in-law Helen is facing current troubles with her husband Worth and their three children. Helen’s daughter Charlotte has started her own...
  • Peebee
    This wasn't as bad as the other Thayer book I recently read, Beachcombers, but there is so much good chick lit (with the beach chick lit practically its own genre) out there these days that I don't need to read any more Nancy Thayer. As a former Kansas City resident I can appreciate her shoutouts to her former hometown, but the overwrought predictability and unlikeable characters that abound in her books I cannot deal with so much.These sentences...
  • Andrea
    I enjoyed reading the twists and turns of the Wheelwright family (and it made me think that maybe my own family isn't so crazy after all). This book shows you that although a person may seem to be "perfect", he or she most likely has secrets from the past. The story is told from the different viewpoints from three women from differnet generations of the same family. I found it interesting to read about the forties from Nona, the grandmother. I fe...
  • Desiree
    This was a bizarre read for me. It vacillates between clunky and genius. Really... very strange. The sentences and dialogue can be so overwrought, but certain passages are priceless. I liked it overall, but definitely didn't love it. I suppose anyone who grew up going to the Cape in the summer would appreciate this book, or anyone who likes nice chick-lit fairly-cerebral-romance stories, and family dramas... the characters were largely well-drawn...
  • Maureen
    Oh wow...this book was not my favorite. It was so wordy, I found myself skimming pages and ready to toss it. I did read the first 100 pages, 10 from the middle, and 10 from the end...Huh...I thought it would never end. The story concept was good, but the author dragged out each character so long...I got bored and frustrated. Not sure I would read another Nancy Thayer..
  • Audra
    First, as an avid veggie gardener, this book had me from the description about Charlotte and her organic garden. I was a little thrown at first trying to understand all the characters and which child belonged to which parent...a lot was thrown at you in the first couple of chapters. But as I got into the book I wasn't so overwhelmed.This book had several very good plot twists and one REALLY huge one. Nancy Thayer is a master at writing about the ...
  • Kim
    :] This book makes you feel happy about life and that everything will work out in the end no matter what events and drama and people come your way. It started a little slow, but it was worth it because it helped build the characters and the setting perfectly. Happy to have read this book!
  • Nely
    Summer House is told through the viewpoints of three women in the same family. Nona- is the 90 year old grandmother and head of the family. Helen- in her late fifties, she is married to Nona's son Worth. And Charlotte- thirty, she's Helen's daughter and is residing yearlong at the summer house in Nantucket along with her grandmother Nona. The Wheelwright family is all gathering together in their summer house for what they call "Family Meeting" (a...
  • Elphaba J
    Quando penso no livro A Casa dos Dias Felizes visualizo-o como uma grande árvore, que se caracteriza através casa de praia do clã Wheelwrigth, com uma raiz forte, Nona, que ao longo dos anos observou o desabrochar dos seus frutos muito variados, provenientes de várias épocas, como Helen ou Charlotte, mas todos sedentos de uma única estação, o Verão, para finalmente poderem amadurecer plenos enquanto aguardaram pela verdadeira oportunidad...
  • Mindy Tysinger
    I always enjoy Nancy Thayer and her novels and this is no exception. Great read!
  • Linda
    Anne Anderson- Wheelwright is the 90 yr. old matriach of the Wheelwright family and is the glue that holds the family together. Anne's daughter and son's families visit Anne annually at her Nantucket summer home. She is in good health and has supported her granddaughter, Charlotte in her endeavor to start an organic garden. Anne "Nona" donated 3 acres of tract of land to her for her new enterprise. Charlotte previously had worked in her family's ...
  • Ruth
    Over the years I have enjoyed many Nancy Thayer books. In fact, I think that I have read every one that she has written. The first one that I read was Stepping which my sister passed on to me. I think that she has read all of Nancy's books, also! I did reach a time where I started to be disenchanted with the fact that the main character in her book had some heartaches but they always had money to redo houses on Nantucket and buy new cars and then...
  • Shelby Toren
    Summer House is the story of a single family that stays in Nantucket every summer. This family has so many conflicts, it drove me a little crazy.Summer House is the second book by Nancy Thayer I have read, and I must admit, it was not my favorite. First of all, I could not STAND Grace. She was so rude and disrespectful and tactless. Her daughters were not much better. Many times, I honestly wanted to slap them all, but the rest of the family seem...
  • Jasmine
    This book was pretty bad (overwrought writing, predictable storylines, low level racism and homophobia, etc.) and yet compulsively readable. Glad I got it from the library.The next day, thought of something else that enrages me about this book: when the 30 year old heroine finally has sex with the dude her parents have wanted her to be with forever (and who is rich and works in her dad's bank, etc) they don't have condoms, but that's okay because...
  • Patty
    Why do I keep giving this author another chance? Is it because I so badly want her to be another Elin Hildebrand? Here are just a few problems with this book:1. Over the top drama, all coming to a head at the same time. No.2. Thayer is so obviously uncomfortable and unfamiliar with homosexuality. It's painfully awkward to read.3. and most of all, FLAT CHARACTERS. oh my God, this is Thayer's downfall. - Charlotte: Boring boring boring boring. Then...
  • Jessica
    I love summer stories and beach stories, and am ALWAYS drawn in by cover art like this. But the story itself felt too dated, with language that was just a bit too "old" for me. I pretty much skipped over the parts set in the past, because that line simply didn't interest me (but, ironically, if the whole story had been set in the 40s, the language of the book would have worked better and made more sense). I liked the title character and the fact ...
  • Jaime
    I'm at the beach, and this is, without a doubt, a beach read, which I found on the shelf of our rental. I found the plot to be pretty well uninspired, tilling soil (so to speak, given character Charlotte's proclivities) that's been over-cultivated beyond the point of exhaustion, even for "chick lit." Without spoilers, the most entertaining part of the story (and the writing) comes just a few pages from the end of the book. I suggest flipping ahea...
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    This was a fun read about a very dysfunctional family. Lots of secrets and twists and turns throughout the book. Flashbacks, that make sense of the present..Nona is turning 90, and all the family is coming to the summer house to have a meeting.all the family members were very interesting, the likable grandkids that are a little off-track, and the not so likable kids that are a little high strung.. Let them altogether and what do you get a lot of ...
  • Shauna
    This book was just ok for me. There were some fairly interesting characters, but there was never enough to make me really care about them. I finally got used to the changing narrative voices, but at the beginning I almost gave up--I thought, "oh no, not another character's perspective." Although I never got caught up in any of the happenings, I did finish the book, sort of like watching an average TV movie when you just don't have anything better...