What Have You Done by Matthew Farrell

What Have You Done

Family is not what it seems in this raw, edgy thriller that New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline says "you won't be able to put down."When a mutilated body is found hanging in a seedy motel in Philadelphia, forensics specialist Liam Dwyer assumes the crime scene will be business as usual. Instead, the victim turns out to be a woman he'd had an affair with before breaking it off to save his marriage. But there's a bigger problem: Liam...

Details What Have You Done

TitleWhat Have You Done
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews What Have You Done

  • Darcia Helle
    I'm glad to see that so many people loved this book. I was not one of them.The writing itself is good. I wasn't wowed, but I was entertained, at first.The premise intrigued me, but I couldn't buy into the way it was handled. We have two seasoned members of the police force who immediately decide to lie to and withhold information from their fellow investigators about details of a murder. One even tells the other that they can't trust the cops, wh...
  • Suze
    Very good CSI thrillerLoved this book, my pick of the kindle First Reads for September. This is a great suspense thriller, the characters are engaging, the story keeps moving along.This book would make a great movie, highly recommend.
  • Christina McDonald
    An edgy crime thriller reminiscent of a CSI episode, What Have You Done is an explosive debut by Matthew Farrell. The novel is a cross between a domestic suspense and a hard-bitten crime story, opening with a mutilated body investigated by forensics specialist Liam Dwyer. But soon Liam realizes he knows the victim. And he has no memory of the night she was murdered.As he’s always done in times of trial, Liam turns to his big brother Sean, a bra...
  • Patricia
    The premise was good, but the book didn’t live up to the promise.I got this book as Kindle First Reads and glad I got it for free.I knew I was going to have a problem as soon as the two main characters went "rogue." I just don't like those kinds of stories, and the fact that they were able to do it so easily and completely, and then drag others into it (and they easily fell into it as well) totally turned me off.In addition, there were all the ...
  • Tony Healey
    What Have You Done is a lean, mean thrill-ride of a book that grabs hold, refusing to let go until the last bittersweet pages. I am mightily impressed by Matthew Farrell’s first novel, and can’t wait to see what he cooks up next. Fans of Meg Gardiner and Mark Edwards will find a lot to love between the covers of What Have You Done.
  • Jool
    Wow! Five solid gold stars for this one!!!!! This was one of the books offered by Amazon for first of the month picks for Prime members. I am SOOOO glad I chose this one. If this is the first book by this author (I can't remember if it is his first) well, then we have a lot to look forward to. This was an amazing suspense/thriller/police procedural that will have you straining your eyes trying to read faster and faster. I almost read this straigh...
  • Alfred J. Coscia
    Very Surprising ThrillerNO SPOILERS FROM MY REVIEWS EVER!I really enjoyed reading this book. It was plotted very well, the pacing was excellent, and I was drawn in from the first few pages. The backstory is definitely unique, a very compelling aspect to this well-penned story. It is a tale that I find to be full of depth. The many characters are fleshed-out quite well, allowing the readers to be able to appreciate the many clever twists and turns...
  • M
    My 2.5 Stars Review To Balance The 5 StarsI managed to finish this book by skimming through most of it, and I’ll soon explain why. I bumped up my rating to 3 stars, because it’s a well-written book.If you aren’t a manic police procedural reader, you’ll probably enjoy this book’s twists and turns—including a final corker that I didn’t expect. If you’re a police procedural aficionado and are comfortable with rogue cops, you’ll pro...
  • meheadhurts
    September 2018 Amazon Prime First Reads selectionAnother reviewer made the comment that this was like a CSI episode. I would agree, although not sure I see that as a great thing, as 1 hour crime shows aren't always known for strong story telling and well developed characters, as they try to force everything into a single episode. Some forced, unrealistic dialogue, (especially between Liam and his wife), some plotting issues, some telling vs showi...
  • Christine Lowe
    Very Good Suspense/MysteryI'm so glad I chose What Have You Done for September's First Read. This book is really beyond what I expected. The characters were written with care to make them believable in spite of terrible circumstances. The book opens with a nightmare of Liam's mother trying to drown him in the bathtub. This sets the tone for the rest of the book. The mystery about the murdered woman was turned into something unexpected. The writer...
  • Letha R Warnke
    Intense Twists and TurnsA family affair with torturous, unbalanced and unspeakable dynamics. The scars inflicted during formative years plague two brothers who shine in law enforcement as adults, yet are unable to free themselves from the emotional bondage tied to their childhood. One brother hides his secrets and appears confident and controlled while the other brother strives to hold his fears in check. They have always protected each other, bu...
  • Diana
    Still Shivering!This is an amazing experience, and yes, I am still shivering even after getting to the ending. A scary thought is brought up in this story: is crazy inherited? Two brothers have a harrowing experience in their early youth, and grow up to work in the same police department. A serial killer needs to be found, as one of the brothers is being framed for the murders, and cannot figure out why, or who it is. Get ready for a gripping and...
  • Leslie
    Hmmmmm.....Why would a guy, no longer in love with his wife, with no children, want to reconcile when he truly feels he's found the Love of his life with another woman? Why?? In order to believe the entire book, you have to believe he would want to reconcile with his wife. I don't believe that so that's a problem. So few suspects made guessing the villain fairly easy. Even with a plot twist.
  • Silverymoonlady
    Absolutely brilliant! A must read! Unputdownable!I have not read anything as exciting and full of suspense since the first time I read Patricia Cornwell years ago. By no means am.I comparing them but the twists and turns, you think you have guessed the killer but the plot deepens. It needs Tom Hanks to pick this up to make an awesome movie.I will definitely be reading Matthew Farrel in the future.
  • Mary Dolan
    One of the Best !!Your book is one of the best in this genre I have read in quite awhile, Your descriptions of the town's and places in Philadelphia and NJ was great. Having family members in the NY PD , made it even more.I hope that this book is made into a movie, so many no more people get to enjoy it...
  • Ann M Davies
    Lasting first timerI have to wait another year l, I believe, to read another book by Matthew Farrell, what a brilliant book, scary, fast paced and extremely good to read. Having been to Philadelphia, it took me back to places, which was a bonus. Keep writing Matthew, you are good. Thank you.
  • Glenda
    Wonderful BookThis was a well written, suspenseful, and an amazing ending.First book I read by this author and I wasn't disappointed.Give it a try. It's a nail biter and will keep you on the edge of your seat.I highly recommend it and this author.Keep up the good work Matthew!
  • Abbie
    Twisted tragedyMatthew Farrell's writing had me feeling like I was in a high speed chase driving the Batmobile. What a rush! Could not stop reading this, finished it in one sitting. I would point out that this was my Amazon Prime pick for September. I want to give it six stars. No spoilers here, read it. I'm off to see what else Matthew Farrell has written.
  • Bonnie Holland
    Twisted.. dark ..surprising ...cant put down readOne of the best books Ive read in a long long timeI have been reading this type of book about 40 years and can say this one took me by surprise.....what a devious twisted tale!
  • Eileen Weglicki
    Fast paced thrillerThis book is a suspenseful mystery that kept me guessing until that last few pages. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. This well written mystery that kept my interest until the end.
  • Shelley J Hathaway
    Really Good Thriller!While I liked this book, I felt it dragged & repetitious in the beginning. I fault the editor FOR not tightening up the slow beginning. Without doing a "spoil alert", why would someone hold back learning such awful info. for so long??? I don't think that was
  • Nancy Gold
    Twisty in a good wayWell written. Great twists in plot. You kept trying to figure out motives. Fun because I knew the towns and geography. After this you never want to date a nurse or spend time near water. Worth reading.
  • Judy Alexander
    What a great bookI typically don't write reviews but I had to with this exceptionally great read. The twists and turns were surprising and kept me up far longer than I should have been. I definitely give a rating of five stars. Read it and you won't be disappointed.
  • Samantha Smith
    Really good book!The first time reading this author and I am in awe! Had me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns! Great book & I'm anxious to read more of Matthew Farrell
  • Dr. Simone J. Simone
    OUTSTANDING BOOK!This is brilliantly written with very real,multidimensional characters. I never expected Don"s mother to be a serial killer. especially with her Alzheimer's.You keep writing, and I'll keep reading.
  • DeeAnn
    Almost a fiveI really, really liked this book. It was definitely difficult to put down. I would have given it five stars, but I basically figured out who the killer was right off the bat. Still, it was a great read.
  • bonnie kirchner
    What Have You DoneThis was a great thriller. I really wish there would be more books . This would make a very good series. The mystery and thrills were absolutely great. I highly recommend this book.
  • Stephanie
    This was entertaining and mostly well written. I guessed the twist down to the nose early on in the book which is always a little disappointing, but also comes with the territory of reading a lot of crime fic.
  • Ana
    This book is incredible for one! At first i was a little worried how it would go but after chapter 5 i was hooked and i couldn’t put the book down. It had be guessing what was going to happen next but my guess was never right which i like. I can’t wait to read more from him!
  • Theresa Goins
    Interesting twistsI had my doubts about this book. Even though I figure out the who, long before it was revealed, I did find the twists in this book interesting. This is the first Matthew Farrell book I have read., and it won't be my last.