Misadventures with a Country Boy (Misadventures, #17) by Elizabeth Hayley

Misadventures with a Country Boy (Misadventures, #17)

***MISADVENTURES ARE STANDALONE ROMANCES THAT CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER***Brooke Devereaux has a lot she wants to escape from: a career she never asked for, a future she doesn’t want, and parents who’ve only ever seen her as a business opportunity. But in her desire to experience life, she quickly realizes she’s lacking in one very important skill—how to survive on her own.Former soldier Cole Timmons is an expert at running away. Whether i...

Details Misadventures with a Country Boy (Misadventures, #17)

TitleMisadventures with a Country Boy (Misadventures, #17)
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Misadventures with a Country Boy (Misadventures, #17)

  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Oh wow, Misadventures with a Country Boy was a little beauty. I had so much fun reading this.ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I see a new misadventure book I get super happy because this whole series of books are amazing. I just had to read it. Cole and Brooke were fun characters to get to know. The country boy and the music star. The sexy man and the beautiful woman both of them brought together by accident ends with an incredib...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    The misadventures books might be completely stand-alone, but this one had a lovely treat for us who have read Misadventures by Elizabeth Hayley! We got an epilogue to Blake and Gavin's story!!! Isn't that great? It was a good end to a book which I enjoyed. I wouldn't have minded an epilogue for Brooke and Cole's story. I would like to see what these two were up to a few months or years later. I have to admit that this wasn't my favorite story in ...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Misadventures with a Country Boy by Elizabeth Hayley is book 19 in the Misadventures series. This is the story of Cole Timmons and Brooke Devereaux. This book is a standalone book. Cole is a former Army man who knows how to avoid things he doesn't want to face. While on a trip to visit his friend he stops for gas but picks up Brooke. Brooke is the opposite of Cole who is a country boy besides ex-military. Brooke comes from a family who is very we...
  • Amanda
    [I received a digital arc for an honest review]Misadventures with a Cowboy by Elizabeth Haley is an enjoyable addition to The Misadventures' series of standalone novels.Brooke is running away from the life her parents want for her. A life in the spotlight where every one will know her name. It's easier to jump on a bus and remove herself from the situation than tell her parents no. Stuck at a bus stop she finds herself throwing caution to the win...
  • Tiffany
    Alright, alright, alrightttttt. Cole and Brooke. Possibly my new favorite Misadventures couple. We’ve got two people running from what’s wrong in their lives and coming together to find what they were missing. We’ve got mystery, adventure, drama, and just an overall captivating mix.Cole, our steamy main man, is fresh out of the Army, on a journey to visit his friend in Oregon, when he runs into Brooke at a gas station. Brooke, well, we don...
  • Amy/The Little Bookworm
    Name’s Cole, but I am fond of nicknames.Cole is out of the army and needs to change in his life, what he didn’t expect was to run into a woman at a gas station in the middle of Kansas while on his way from Georgia to Oregon. Brooke is struggling in life and needed to get away from her overbearing family, she is stuck in Kansas, can’t get a car, when a handsome stranger comes to her rescue.“You think I’m charming?” “I also said I thi...
  • Cassandra Hyden
    Wonderful new misadventures book! Overall it keeps the reader interested and the story flows. The main characters have great chemistry and there is plenty of heat. Cole is a country boy that’s traveling for a trip to see a friend and Brooke is a city girl that’s trying to get away from a situation she’d rather not deal with and fate brings them in each other’s path.
  • Fran Zoch, LSoR
    Cole and Brooke are the one thing they each didn't know they needed in their lives, she has a life she really doesn't want and he is a loner who has ran all his life , when they meet up their walls slowly start coming down and they couldn't be a better fit
  • Logan Hr
    This book was a ride for sure! very likeable characters and story! I always enjoy the misadventures books!
  • LaKeisha
    Followed the country boy on his Misadventure and loved it! What a ride!