Crazy, Beautiful Love by K.L. Grayson

Crazy, Beautiful Love

There's a fine line between love and hate... Tess Walker is game for anything—except world-renowned photographer Beau Allen, the guy who inadvertently sent her life into a downward spiral. It has taken Tess years to find herself and become a person she can be proud of. Now Beau is back and making a play for her heart…a play she’s not sure she wants him to make. The more he pushes, the more her walls crumble, and Tess soon discovers that hi...

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TitleCrazy, Beautiful Love
GenreRomance, Adult, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

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  • Tracy ♥️♥️ Book Cravers Blog ♥️♥️
    As always, a solid sexy read by K.L. Grayson. I love when characters interconnect in a series; it's like extra epilogues! Tess and Beau we adorable together. I will admit to be being a bit irritated at the lack of communication. And then I realized, that is real life! I have done the same thing. Wanting to speak your heart but not wanting to be vulnerable, just in case it isn't reciprocated. I also really liked that the angsts was not heavy or pr...
  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    A fun, heartwarming, crazy, beautiful love story! I love enemies to lovers stories. Despite Tess’ dislike, she couldn’t deny the chemistry, attraction and swoon-worthiness of Beau. 😍As these two are circling around each other, getting to know each other, the good times, the humor, the unwavering friendship becomes something neither can walk away from. I love Beau’s support of Tess... with her business, with her heart. Tess had a rough ti...
  • Amy
    There’s nothing more exciting than seeing that K.L. Grayson has a new book coming out. Her words and beautiful storytelling have a way of captivating me and leaving me begging for more all at the same time. So, of course, when I heard Crazy, Beautiful Love was coming out, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!Crazy, Beautiful Love follows the story of Tess and Beau. Tess’s life has been anything but easy. Unbeknownst to him, Beau contr...
  • Nicole Smith
    4.5 StarsI love this series so much and this was a great installment to the series. It can be read as a standalone, but why wouldn't you want to read the previous books in the series. I instantly fell for Tess and Beau. They sucked me right into the book. I literally couldn't put this book down. Tess and Beau have a ton of chemistry. It gets pretty steamy between those two. This story has light and funny moments, but it also has serious punch you...
  • Karen
    I am a sucker for a gal whose life has been a struggle and she's pretty tough in spite of it. Tess is that gal. Beau is a wonderful guy. It's sweet.
  • Sheri
    I love when you think a book is going to go one way and it goes another. That's what happened with this book. I thought what happened in the past was one thing, but it turns out being something else.Tess Walker runs a floral shop in Heaven, Texas, and struggles to make ends meet. She took over the shop for her grandmother, but is happy to be back in her small town. Her best friend, Mo, is getting married to an Allen, and one of the Allen brothers...
  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    This story is an amazing roller coaster ride that will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. I could not put this book down for nothing when I started it. I first started reading it in the car on a ride then I could not put it down and I finished it that night.Tess is a strong character that I loved because she was real with herself and she knew when she couldn't handle things and did not lie or try to fake it. She w...
  • Lisa
    Crazy Beautiful Love 4.5 StarsTess Walker is the flower shop owner in Heaven Texas. She has a past that she has not told her friends about and is not so sure she wants to. However when Beau Allen comes home for an extended visit, they may complicate things.Beau Allen is a handsome world traveling photography, he is great at what he does, but when he comes him for his little brothers wedding, realizes how much he seems to be missing out on.I absol...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author and Give me Books***3.5 StarsThis was a quick read, and one that I really enjoyed. And, before I get into my review, a quick read is not a bad thing. I am not saying the book was short, or not developed, just that it was a smooth read, there was not a lot of angst, and I was able to just enjoy.I liked Tess, the way she was trying to put her life back together and I loved Beau, how attracted he was to her, and why he ...
  • TheGuideToRomanceNovels
    This is my first read by this author. I purchased the paperback because the BLURB really caught my eye & I was super excited to read it.Mo & Clair's best friend Tess has always been like family. She knows she isn't blood but has never felt or been treated any different. When Beau comes back for his brothers wedding, he is confused at to why Tess gives him the cold shoulder. (IDIOT!) How can he forget what he did years back where it left Tess not ...
  • Britt Franks Red Hatter Book Blog
    Every time I get to read a new book in this series I start out thinking that no way it can get better than the book before. But K.L. Grayson raises the bar with every new addition leaving me in awe. Crazy Beautiful Love is exactly what this book is, crazy beautiful.Both Beau and Tess on their own are characters that I adore, but together they are phenomenal. Tess with her sass towards Beau that hides a heart full of generosity and love and Beau w...
  • Thuy Taylor
    Beau and Tess have always felt this attraction to each other. While Tess fights it, dislikes him, has an attitude towards him when he's around, Beau is curious about her. He fights his attraction and want to know more about her, but in the end, his curiosity wins out.Poor Tess, she's had a rough life. She's made a good life for herself, but keeps her heart locked up because she's been heartbroken with her heart in the care of family. She has this...
  • Tanja Kezmic
    I'll be honest and say this story let me down a bit. The storyline has so much potential but something was missing for me and that is why I'm giving it a -4*!As individuals I really liked Tess and Beau. She's been through hell and managed to pull herself up. She was strong, funny with a beautiful heart. When thinking about Beau I can't help but find him sweet. And maybe that was why the chemistry (for me) never reached that sizzling hot levels I ...
  • Jill M
    More Allens? Hell yeah! I was so excited for a new book by KL Grayson! And man she didn’t disappoint with this one. Can you say swoon worthy? These Allen brothers keep getting sexier and swoony with each new book.I devoured this book. It was sweet with a whole lot of sexy. Beau is a smooth talker just like the other men in his family. He’s an alpha male with a sweet side. He’s more than the famous photographer. Tess is a reformed woman with...
  • Sarah
    Fast, easy read featuring one of Mo’s best friends (Tess) and another Allen brother (have mercy!)- Beau. I think that Tess is one of the heroines that I’ve most related to- she’s been burned by a tough life and has to be independent and closed off to get by. She’s emotionally unavailable. Beau is always traveling for his work (photographer). When his brother’s upcoming wedding brings him home for a short period, sparks fly. I loved the ...
  • Shameca Smith
    I think I say this every time Kirby releases a book, but I think I have found my favorite couple!! I honestly feel like Beau and Tessa need another book or two because this story just flows so effortlessly that I don’t want it to end!
  • Erica
    I absolutely love this series, I eagerly devour each new addition to the series as soon as possible.Introducing another Allen, Beau.Yes he's as sexy as you would hope, he's not perfect, makes mistakes but Lord is he hard to ignore!Tess we've met before, she's Mo's friend, flower shop owner and for some unknown reason she absolutely despises Beau.Beau is a contract photographer, he goes where the job is. Hasn't been home in quite awhile but when h...
  • Kaitlyn
    Tess and Beau have stolen my heart, right along with every other character in Heaven, Texas. I love these characters and the family in this book and I can’t get my hands on them fast enough! Tess and Beau are perfection! I couldn’t put them down and had to know what happened. Right to the very end I was flipping the pages as fast as I could. Another outstanding book by Ms. Grayson. And I totally can’t wait for more!!
  • Kerry Fletcher
    Gah! I love this series so much! I love the family feel it has through every book. It's amazing!The illusive Beau has returned home for his brothers wedding. He's decided to take a break from his work as an international photographer because he realizes he's missing his families lives. Tess has been brought into the Allen fold by Mo. Family dinner every Sunday is a must until one Sunday the only Allen Tess can't stand returns. She blames Beau for...
  • Up All Night With Books
    A bouquet worthy 5 stars! Review by AngeliqueLate Night ReviewerUp All Night w/ Books BlogWhat a catch! K.L. Grayson caught me off guard in this sweet and wonderful story. Crazy Beautiful Love is part of the Dirty Dicks series and tells the story of Beau and Tess."If this were a romance novel, I’d swoon."It is! And boy did I swoon!Beau Allen travels a lot for work. Being a well-known photographer who goes into the heart of the action, he’s in...
  • Sarah
    I have loved this series up to this point and was ecstatic when I found out we were finally going to get to know the elusive, absent Allen boy, Beau. So much had been made of him and with the exception of a few glimpses at who he was through other’s perspectives, I had no idea what to make of the nomadic brother. I was also very excited to learn more about Tess and her highly guarded past. I was not disappointed with Crazy, Beautiful Love, and ...
  • Books Laid Bare
    A wonderful engagingly romantic read that took two thoroughly honest and down to earth characters and gave them the opportunity to find their happy ever after…but was it as easy as it should have been?Well. Where would be the fun it that?? The author delivered and rounded story that brought so much to the table that it kept me totally entertained.Tess owned a flower shop and in many respects keeps herself to herself, she has her friends and she...
  • Megb
    Tess Walker is a mess, she has had a hard life and she is determined to pick up the pieces and make it better. It’s a long journey but she knows it will be worth it. She owns a flower shop and she’s struggling but she is making it work. Beau Allen is a contract photographer, he’s always gone where the job took him and he’s loved all the traveling and meeting new people, but he recently went on sabbatical once he realized how much he was m...
  • Christina Triplett ribaya
    Tess walker has a pass that her friends don’t know about. She has taken over her grandmother’s flower shop. She doesn’t have the money and luxury that her friends do. While her friends are settling down, she is just trying to hide her pass, while planting roots. Beau came from a great well off family. That has Sunday dinner with each other. Beau is a famous photographer that has taken a vacation to come back home, to Heaven, Texas. To spend...
  • Cierra McCauley (Cierra's Corner)
    Beautiful! Grayson has delivered another heartwarming read! Crazy, Beautiful Love is the fourth book in the Dirty Dick's series. although it is a standalone novel, I recommend you read the series. Finally, Tess's story is here! I always loved her character from the previous books. She stole my heart early on when she adopted Simon! Beau was a pleasant surprise. We haven't gotten a lot of background on him before, so I was excited to find out his ...
  • Ashley Jasper
    I think this is my favorite book in K.L. Grayson's Dirty Dicks series! And yes- there are glimpses of the other couples from the series sprinkled in the pages of Crazy Beautiful Love. I liked that Tess and Beau's journey was a bit emotional and rooted in pain and forgiveness.Goodness had Tess been through a lot. Things that would've hardened a lot of folks but her heart was still tender and compassionate. As evidenced by the kindness she shows to...
  • Tiffany Johnson
    3.5-4 stars, sweet, sexy, and a HEA! Tess has had a chip on her shoulder when it comes mention to Beau Allen for a while. Beau's been away from Heaven doing his photography gig travelling the world for years so why does she seem to hate him so much? We get the low down on Mo's friend (and owner of Simon, the mouthy bird she took in from Animal Haven, lol) delving into her past and finding out makes her so closed off. She's not actually a stranger...
  • Donna
    4.5 starsI absolutely love this brilliant enemies to lovers story. I fell in love with the characters and the background of the story really, really made it that much better that the norm. I laughed a hell of a lot through this book. But there were dark parts to it that made me really upset and really not knowing how to deal with the emotions it caused. The characters as I said we're brilliant and although there has been previous books that came ...
  • She's a Lip Biter
    4.5 starsI absolutely love this brilliant enemy to lovers story. I fell in love with the characters and the background of the story really, really made it that much better that the norm. I laughed a hell of a lot through this book. But there were dark parts to it that made me really upset and really not knowing how to deal with the emotions it caused. The characters as I said we're brilliant and although there have been previous books that came b...
  • Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
    4 StarsWho gets excited when KL Grayson is releasing a new book? ME! This girl right here! And let me just stay that I have loved every single one of these stories in her Dirty Dicks series. The Allen family and all their big craziness won me over with Mo and Rhett, and my love for this family has only grown as each sibling falls in love. In the latest installment, we get the long lost sibling returned home for a much needed break. Beau is world ...