We Were Mothers by Katie Sise

We Were Mothers

A brilliant, twisty novel about a missing woman, an unfaithful husband, and the dark secrets that will destroy two perfect families.A scandalous revelation is about to devastate a picturesque town where the houses are immaculate and the neighborhoods are tightly knit. Devoted mother Cora O’Connell has found the journal of her friend Laurel’s daughter—a beautiful college student who lives next door—revealing an illicit encounter. Hours lat...

Details We Were Mothers

TitleWe Were Mothers
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
PublisherLittle A
GenreFiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Reviews We Were Mothers

  • Kendall
    So... I was going back and forth between a 2 and a 3 star for this one. BUT, I've been told that apparently I'm very critical of my books and am hard to please SO... I'm looking at the positives of this one my friends :) This reminded me a little bit of Big Little Lies but unfortunately fell flat to that comparison. But, I loved the neighborhood mamma drama scene here and love the neighborhood gossip! :) If you love the lies, gossip, and drama wi...
  • Carrie
    We Were Mothers by Katie Sise is really more of a domestic drama than anything. It’s one of those that I like to think of as popcorn books that you grab your popcorn and sit back and watch the drama unfold before your eyes as you read. This one really did deliver on the promised twists but a few of those may need to suspend disbelief a bit.The story is told from the point of view of Cora, Sarah, Jade and Laurel. Cora is the young mother to two ...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    1.5 STARSLately I’ve done a terrible job choosing free Prime First Reads from Amazon. My enjoyment of WE WERE MOTHERS was one star, but I think Katie Sise’s novel is better than my enjoyment of it.Told from multiple points of view WE WERE MOTHERS is full of characters I didn’t care about, heavy on plot of cheating and lies and slow to grab interest. The writing isn’t terrible, but never pulled me in. None of the characters felt unique. Si...
  • Marialyce
    2.5 do you love a soap opera story starsMy reviews can be seen here: http://yayareadslotsofbooks.wordpress... “Wasn’t that what mothers were there for? You could rail against them, you could blame them, and you could hate them, but you still needed their love the way you needed water.” Today I have a review for the book We Were Mothers. I have to say that being a mother of four plus this gorgeous cover are what attracted me to this book by ...
  • Darinda
    Cora and her husband host a birthday party for their two year old twins, and things go downhill quickly afterwards. Cora discovers a journal of her neighbor's daughter that reveals a secret. Soon after, the neighbor's daughter goes missing. As one weekend's events unravel, the lives of multiple families are changed. The story opens with a birthday party for toddlers, where Cora has invited family and friends to celebrate her young children. The g...
  • Melike
    Desperately tries to be Big Little Lies and fails. Awful characters, terrible plot and lousy writing.
  • Basic B's Guide
    SO MANY SECRETS!!!“A brilliant, twisty novel about a missing woman, an unfaithful husband, and the dark secrets that will destroy two perfect families.”To be honest I was expecting another suspense novel that would keep my interest, throw a few twists in and leave me forgetting it days later. This is definitely not the case with We Were Mothers.The story is complex and layered. It’s a story about relationships, secrets, love and loss. The t...
  • Barbara
    I struggled this month to choose my free Amazon prime book because there seemed to be several good prospects. I'm slightly kicking myself that I went for 'We Were Mothers' as I found it very ordinary and a bit disappointing. The opening pace was SO slow that I really found myself checking other reviews to see if there was any prospect of it picking up. I would say I was over a third of the way through before it became even slightly interesting. I...
  • Love2Read
    Terrible I felt like I just read a screenplay for a really bad soap opera! It was so bad! I had to skim page after page because the dialogue and plot lines were so far fetched it literally felt like I was in a Days of our Lives storyline. The author has potential but seriously, I feel like I wasted two days on this drivel. Skip this one!
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    At first this gave me Desperate Housewives vibes but without the humor... which then gave me more Big Little Lies vibes... either way, there's a neighborhood full of mothers/daughters/wives that all interconnect in some way or another and boy do they ALL have secrets! Good lawd, did I need a chart of some kind to keep up with all of them.I didn't feel like there was one particular plot line - it did center around one particular thing but ultimate...
  • Amber Myott
    Ummmmm .....I’m sorry to say but this reads like a bad midday t.v movie for me . That’s it !
  • Chris Mara
    Started out rather slow beginning with a birthday party for toddler twins in the tightly knit community of Ravendale. I guess this was the author’s way of introducing us to all the characters (at the party) and their personalities and history. This community is known for its gossip and sure has plenty of secrets. People end up knowing a little bit too much about each other for their own good. One big secret leads to another, and another, and li...
  • Travel.with.a.book
    Katie has best twists I've read so far in this Year, We Were Mothers is such an intriguing and brilliant story that I highly recommend you to read it! It really unfolds different emotions, and talks about very strong present topics! In the novel you'll find family drama, dark secrets of the past, and mother/daughter relationships!.One special thing from the novel is that there are a lot of characters with different struggles, and each of them is ...
  • Wendi Lee
    The cover of We Were Mothers looks pastoral at first glance, doesn't it? There are strewn flowers, and a clean, beige background. But look closer. Are those flowers wilted AND torn apart? Welcome to the world of Ravendale. It starts innocently enough, at a toddlers' birthday party. Yes, twin toddlers. Everyone gathered there has secrets, dark ones, and before the week is over, four women's lives have changed forever.I read a lot of reviews descri...
  • Lynn Perry
    Author Not Ready For Adult Fiction - Should Stay With YA AudienceMy 1st impression when I started reading was that the language was very stilted/trite. As I got further into the story, I became less pre-occupied by the wording, and more upset with the storyline, which I found inauthentic - almost as if the author's motivation was not to create a good story ( or even to make a buck or two)- but to disgorge a bunch of her own personal ideas of what...
  • Lynda Kelly
    Picked this as my Kindle First offering for the current month. It is VERY well presented indeed, I only spotted a couple of mistakes, which is highly impressive. However, if I'm honest, it's quite a mumsy book and story and I'm not a mother, so it wasn't really my "thing" and at parts I tended to glaze over a little because I just didn't find all that side of things very interesting as I have no experience of that side of life and neither have I ...
  • Annie
    Cora and Sam. Dash and Laurel. Jade and Jeremy. Sarah and Clarke. Anna and Mira and Asher. And then there's Maggie. You have to absolutely be sure that you get the characters straight because this is one of those books that is told from different points of view. But the one piece that ties all the main characters together is the death of Maggie. This book started out slowly for me but it builds and picks up steam with each chapter. In fact it pic...
  • Laurie Fannin
    The most interesting character dies 1/3 of the way into the book, then it's just interminabe, utterly predictable and has perhaps the most boring main character I have chanced upon in a very long time. She's just plain stupid which makes reading this an exercise in frustration. All the characters are stereotypes and therefore dull. I do not recommend this book. At all. I sped through the last half (it's also way too long for it's flimsy plot) but...
  • Angela Ford
    Dark secrets This is one of those stories that makes my heart hurt. It’s a cross between Desperate Housewives and Big Little Lies with a focus on the deadly power of secrets. Each woman has a secret and they hold it in until everything explodes.
  • Maxine
    "Twisty," yes. "Brilliant?" no. It was as though I were a viewer, watching from afar, as a story unfolded, never really able to hear or interpret what I was watching. Eventually I would walk away from the scene, without knowing or really caring what happened. In this case, however, I stayed to the end - but I should have left as soon as I realized that I was not engaged.
  • Jessica
    There was not a single character in this book that was believable as a real human being. From the woman who wears the hospital mesh panties 2 years after her babies were born along with her lululemon, to all the psychotic men who don't seem to care about any of their families, this book was filled with contradictory and nonsensical motives and drama.
  • Trina
    We Were Mothers is a brilliantly crafted work of fiction by Katie Sise. From the first page to the last, you’ll experience spectacular, head spinning suspense and twists. Multiple devoted parents in a beautiful town have bigger secrets than meets the eye. They show up to events and discuss the multiple deadly things that can hurt their children like gluten, but fail to contain the danger in their own homes where dark (and sometimes deadly) secr...
  • Cortney Walton
    I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was way better. The characters were very flawed, but interesting. The women were very relatable. Towards the end there were so many things happening I didn’t know what the final outcome would be. Great book!
  • Tracie Payne
    Well the men were monsters, the women triumphed. Not many likable characters here, but oddly compelling.
  • Kelly
    It was an easy read that I finished in an afternoon. It definitely held my interest but in the end it just felt like a LOT relative to the length and substance of the book. I’m not sure how to best describe it...
  • Alexandra
    I was blown away by this book! I expected a fluffy summer read, and instead found myself up all night unable to break myself from the suspense. Not least, the setting of this book reminded me a little too much of the small town in which I live. It makes me think twice about my neighbors and friends!
  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    Almost every single man in this book is a dirtbag. I think the detective is probably the only one who wasn't. The blurb is a little misleading, Mira doesn't disappear until the book is almost half over, so it wasn't quite the mystery novel I thought it would be. More like everyone is harboring a lot of secrets.The book is told through four POV: Cora, Sarah, Jade and Laurel. Cora is married to Sam and a mom to twin toddlers. She's very neurotic, a...
  • Julia
    DNF. Barely made it to 19%. I got this as a Kindle First Reads (or whatever it's called) so at least I'm not out any money, even though I feel like I've wasted my time.Nothing has even happened yet and I'm almost a fifth through the book. Waaaaay too many characters to try to keep track of. Feels like there's a LOT of telling instead of showing.
  • Laura
    This book was pretty much a middle of the road experience for me. I’d have given it three stars but the overuse of exclamation points during the first chapter was off-putting. Instead of sounding like an early thirties adult, Cora sounded like an extremely dramatic preteen.