Not All Dead White Men by Donna Zuckerberg

Not All Dead White Men

A disturbing exposé of how today's alt-right men's groups use ancient sources to promote a new brand of toxic masculinity online.A virulent strain of antifeminism is thriving online that treats women's empowerment as a mortal threat to men and to the integrity of Western civilization. Its proponents cite ancient Greek and Latin texts to support their claims--arguing that they articulate a model of masculinity that sustained generations but is no...

Details Not All Dead White Men

TitleNot All Dead White Men
Release DateOct 8th, 2018
PublisherHarvard University Press
GenreNonfiction, Feminism, Politics, Writing, Books About Books, Sociology, Gender

Reviews Not All Dead White Men

  • Colin
    A cogent, readable defense of the field of Classics from those who would appropriate, or rather, misappropriate, our studies for the promotion of foul agendas in service of white nationalism and the "Alt-Right" . . . a must-read for anyone in the field of Greek, Latin, and Classical Humanities!
  • Jackson Hager
    A very good read. While the focus was primarly on how the far-right and /r/redpill communities used classics to justify their horrible views on gender, I thought Zuckerburg's book in general serves as a good entrance into understanding the confusing and horrifying world of the "manosphere". One point I particularly enjoyed and agreed with was Zuckerburg's final argument that just because the classic texts are at best problematic when it comes to ...