Pulse by Michael Harvey


Boston, 1976. In a small apartment above Kenmore Square, sixteen-year-old Daniel Fitzsimmons is listening to his landlord describe a seemingly insane theory about invisible pulses of light and energy that can be harnessed by the human mind. He longs to laugh with his brother Harry about it, but Harry doesn't know he's there--he would never approve of Daniel living on his own. None of that matters, though, because the next night Harry, a Harvard f...

Details Pulse

Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
GenreFiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Historical, Suspense, Thriller

Reviews Pulse

  • Tammy
    Taking place in Boston during 1976, this is an edgy police procedural that feels new. It explores the links between quantum mechanics and consciousness. And no, no one understands what that is least of all me. Pulses of energy and light which can be channeled by the mind? Possibly.A trippy tale of suspense, this novel reads like a mashup of Dennis Lehane and Stephen King with a potentially ambiguous ending depending on how you choose to read. I...
  • Sandy
    This is one of those books that must give publishers the vapours. Police procedural? Sci-fi? Mystery? Grit-lit? Well….yes, it is. All of the above. So instead of trying to label it, I’ll do my best to describe this heartfelt & thought provoking read. The first book I read by this author was the fabulous Brighton, a book that remains on my Top 10 of the last few years. This one is very different but similar in all the ways that matter. It’s ...
  • LadyJBookishNook
    Read this for the Library Journal. A little different book than what I normally read but I enjoyed the change.
  • Kathy
    Half in, half out for me. I liked reading something completely out of my zone, but perhaps it was too far out. I think I will call it dark urban fiction.You'll get Boston from Southie perspective; metaphysical "theories" most random; strange police behavior; weird guardian angel figure; unfathomable family dynamics; schizoid theories and ramblings and a whole lot of rough language from cops and street people...ordinary Boston stuff in the 70's? A...
  • Dan Radovich
    I have been a fan of Harvey's skilled writing for years, but this one kind of threw me for a loop. He brings a strong police procedural to vivid life (as always) but with PULSE, he adds some detailed science to the plot. He stays in Boston with this new novel, like BRIGHTON before it; and 1976 comes to life with all it's 'glory'. Daniel and Harry Fitzsimmons are brothers with a past, and when Harry is murdered that past comes to light by the two ...
  • Ron S
    A tale more suited to fans of the show "Stranger Things" than readers of Richard Price or The Friends of Eddie Coyle.
  • Suzanne
    I’m not sure how to review this book; my reaction to it is complex. At times I was fully engaged with the characters and plot; other times I thought it lacked cohesion and made little sense. It is a mystery with science fiction elements that are poorly worked out. Rather than feeling awed by the science fiction, I felt bogged down by it, not my usual response. I wanted both more and less of this tale and struggle to delineate what exactly I mea...
  • Michael
    This is a somewhat unusual combination of police procedural, the supernatural, and certain elements of physics and time travel, which make for a very interesting and educational story. The book is loosely based on the murder of a Harvard football player in 1976 by name of Andrew Puopolo, who the author didn't know personally being four years younger than the victim, but had gone to the same high school (Boston Latin). The book is based in a 1970s...
  • Olivia
    This book had everything I want in a book. It had an element of mystery, a twist I didn’t see coming, a touch of the supernatural, and a little scoop of emotional turmoil as you watch Daniel process the death of his brother. I thought Michael Harvey did an excellent job and I will most certainly be recommending it!
  • Stephanie
    Can't decide if it wants to be edgy and "literary" or a police procedural steeped in science fiction. I feel PULSE would have been much stronger if it dispensed with the pretense and focused on its truly unique blend of genre.
  • Veronica
    A thriller/mystery with a little bit of science fiction/supernatural thrown in. I love Harvey's writing. He's getting better with every book.
  • Brandon Gutermuth
    Cool mystery/thriller with a metaphysical bent. Harvey has upped his game with this one.
  • Joe Jones
    A gritty look back at Boston in the 1970's with a nice sprinkling of quantum physics to spice up this thriller.