The Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10) by Lee Child

The Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10)

Jack Reacher blir indragen i ett kidnappningsdrama som för honom till England. Allt går dock inte allt som han tänkt sig och han begår ett misstag, ett fatalt misstag -Reacher befinner sig i New York. Han sitter ensam på ett kafé och utan att han är medveten om det blir han vittne till kidnappningsdrama. Kvällen efter när han återigen besöker kafeét kommer en man fram och frågar vad han sett kvällen innan. Mannen är säkerhetschef ...

Details The Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10)

TitleThe Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10)
Release DateMay 16th, 2006
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews The Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10)

  • Alp
    Reacher, alone in the dark. Armed and dangerous. Coming back. This is what I call perfection.The Hard Way is my most favorite in Jack Reacher series so far. Just when I thought Lee Child's book couldn't possibly get any better, he has outdone himself once again with this unputdownable read! If I could, I would give it more than 5 stars.Who would have thought that just sitting and drinking coffee would get Jack Reacher involved in the investigatio...
  • Tim
    It's hard to believe that I used to like this character and the writing of Lee Child. This type of story too much resembles most of his latest. Two versions left until I have them all read, but I'm being bored. 2 of 10 stars
  • Abram
    4.5/5It's been a long time since I gave a Jack Reacher novel a five star. Maybe it's because I haven't read thrillers in a while. But still this one was great! I read it in a single sitting. It was all full of twists and turns and people call Lee child novels just action rubbish but I didn't see any action in the novel except the last thirty pages. Reacher novels are getting more and more detective based than a commando one; I love this style mor...
  • Rob
    The Jack Reacher virgin. Reading The Hard Way. Feeling he has to give Lee Child a go, just because every one else has. And his mother-in-law thrust the book upon him. Jack Reacher. Star of The Hard Way. Kind of a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Littlest Hobo. Spends his time being right about everything almost all the time. Except when it's convenient for the plot. Seems to know almost everything, but he's never heard of text messagin...
  • Rob
    Number ten in the Jack Reacher series.Jack’s enjoying a coffee and minding his own business, which is just the way he likes it. Sitting watching the world go by when he sees the most ordinary of events. A man crosses the street in front of Jack, unlocks a car and drives off. Twenty four hours later this ordinary event sends Jack into a world of Mercenary Soldiers and where money is spoken of in the millions. Kidnapping, murder, revenge and gree...
  • Harry
    I'm going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you've read this one, you've read 'em all. If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher's your kinda guy. Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher. Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal/human running aro...
  • Samir
    Actual rating: 3.5 stars.
  • Siobhan
    The Jack Reacher series is probably my biggest guilty pleasure read. I never go in expecting great literature, but I always expect a story that has me curious and excited about how things will play out. It is part of the reason why I take such large gaps between reading each book. Reading them back-to-back ruins the fun somewhat, whereas reading one every few months or so means I get the enjoyment the books deserve.Although the books are immensel...
  • Toni Osborne
    Jack Reacher, book 10Jack Reacher known as the best man-hunter in the world ends up helping Edward Lane, a well-paid mercenary, whose wife and stepdaughter have been kidnapped. Initially Reacher volunteers to help, as the case develops, things prove not to be what they seem. Alarm bells ring when he discovers Lane's previous wife was kidnapped and also during a mission two members of his crew were left behind in a foreign country...what is Lane h...
  • Scott S.
    "Picked up the MP5 submachine gun and slung it over his left shoulder. Then he headed back north . . . Reacher, alone in the dark. Doing it the hard way." -- Lee Child, page 460A sort of routine Jack Reacher thriller seemingly involving a kidnap / ransom with one or two good twists, I think this would have benefited from some editorial tightening to the plot. (At nearly 500 pages, it's still just a somewhat ordinary crime / mystery story.) 'Girl ...
  • Gary
    reacher doing it the hard way this was this first lee child book i ever read and i had to read all of them after that. five out of five stars all the way
  • Book Addict Shaun
    Just brilliant. As with every Lee Child story I have read I am just in awe of how he writes such a multi-layered tale. Something that starts off relatively simple, only to evolve into a gripping and heart-stopping read. The story in The Hard Way I felt was incredibly strong, I did work out a couple of the plot twists but they were all just so masterfully executed and I enjoyed every single page of this book. The ending was probably one of my favo...
  • Maggie James
    It's hard to go wrong with Lee Child - I've not yet read a Jack Reacher novel I didn't enjoy. This one isn't as gripping as some of the others - 61 Hours, for example - yet it delivers everything one expects. Reacher's Sherlock Holmes-style deductions, his effortless strong-arm tactics with the bad guys, together with a fling with a female character before slipping away. OK, so that's the formula for all the Reacher novels, clothed in a different...
  • Kathy Davie
    Twelfth chronologically (and tenth publication-wise) in the Jack Reacher thriller series about a huge man with an even bigger sense of honor who will take down the bad guys.My TakeThis was another intense one. I do love how Reacher withheld and poked at Lane. How he pushed to get involved in the rescue of Kate and Jade. This man does not suffer fools! He already has a tendency to observe, calculate, and catalog and his years in the military polic...
  • Corey
    (Sigh) I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again, I can't get enough of Jack Reacher, I think he's becoming my new addiction, after the end of each book, it just leaves me wanting more, and The Hard Way is no exception!! This time Jack Reacher finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is it the other way around, in the right place at the right time? As he's enjoying a nice day in New York City, he watches a man cross the str...
  • Jane Stewart
    Weak 3 stars. Not as good as other Reacher books. Mostly solving a mystery. Not enough action. But it kept my interest.STORY BRIEF:Reacher is sitting in a coffee shop and observes a man enter a parked car and drive away. Reacher soon learns that this man was a kidnapper picking up ransom money. Lane’s wife and daughter were kidnaped. Lane asks Reacher to help find them. Lane runs a group of military mercenaries for hire.REVIEWER’S OPINION:It...
  • Eddie Owens
    Reacher doesn't just think outside of the box, he takes the box, throws it away and comes up with impossible deductions.The case is solved because a kid's bedroom doesn't have any old toys in it. Yeah, I know, right?Eat it, Sherlock Homeboy.
  • Carol
    The Hard Way is a classic Jack Reacher novel - great pacing, clues are there but you'll miss them until Reacher identifies them, and Reacher puts away a slew of bad guys by himself at the end. Generally, this is a fun read with all the elements you expect. Two things work less well than in a typical Reacher novel though. First, there's no real tension or believable relationship between Reacher and a former-FBI agent with whom he has several conse...
  • CJ Bowen
    Lessons learned: kidnappings are never as simple as they appear. Pay attention when a main character goes to Staples. England is the best place for vigilante killings, but use quiet automatic weapons, because loud ones scare British people. Go to small bars in England - Americans are supposed to buy pints for everyone in the bar. Refrigerator art can be a major plot point. Pokers can hurt. Corollary to the go to the bathroom/your food arrives in ...
  • Stacy
    it was okay, but not Reacher at his best.
  • David
    Do you remember the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon-- Rocky would prepare to announce the next segment and Bullwinkle says "Hey Rock, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat." Rocky answers in disbelief, "Again, that trick never works!" As I started the next novel in my never-ending pursuit of completing this series of Reacher novels I had one of those moments where I wanted to say "Again? Jack Reacher is in the wrong place at the right time Again?...
  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    All Reacher wants is to spend some time soaking New York as much as he can. But as fate would have it, he gets caught up in a case. Edward Lane’s wife and child has been kidnapped and the kidnapper wants a ransom. Edward involves the police and pays the ransom to no end. Then he hires Jack Reacher to finish the job. Is that his best or worst move? Because Edward Lane has a history that Jack Reacher is bound to find out…I love this series like...
  • Nicole
    I really just picked this up for a reading challenge but once i started this i could not put it down. My first Reacher book and i LOVED IT!!!!!I did realize who the bad guy was quite fast which wasn’t what i typically like. The amount of detail in this book was amazing. I felt like i knew everything and was there when it was taking place. The book kept my attention the whole time which is saying a lot since i am easily distracted. This book alm...
  • Jim
    I feel this is one of the better of the Jack Reacher series, the tenth one. I have been reading them out of order, as I pick them up at used bookstores. I don't think it makes much difference. In this one, Reacher is in New York City, a different environment for him than usual, as he is often in the country, in small towns. And, as usual, he gets caught up in a situation. He agrees to help an ex-military guy named Lane get his kidnapped wife and ...
  • Emily Ross
    Ehhh, this was good but not brilliant. Reacher is enjoyable, but this wasn't a massively gripping story or plot. It was pretty much everything you expect from a Jack Reacher novel, only it was a bit more predictable. Even if I don't quite know how I guessed the plot, it is the first time I've managed it with the Reacher novels.
  • Mark
    Back in the day, writers of some merit (i.e. award-winning, popular?) might have been expected not to use, not once but a couple of dozen times, annoying instant clichés like “back in the day.” I know hardly anyone in real life who doesn’t use this expression ironically. But Lee Child puts it into the mouths, with absolutely no irony, of just about all his characters in this thriller; its repetition became so loathsome to me and G while we...
  • Matt
    It all began with someone opening a car door and driving off. Reacher witnesses this innocuous event, paying it little attention while spending time in New York City. When called upon to answer questions about the man he saw, Reacher soon realises that he may have witnessed part of an elaborate ransom payment. A woman and her daughter have been kidnapped and Reacher is hired by the distraught husband to help bring them home at any cost. While wor...
  • Andy
    I quite enjoyed this one (again, the rating is for quality within the series rather than an absolute rating). You know what you're getting, though there was less of the violence this time, more police procedural in nature.However...The twists? Figured them out almost at the beginning, yet Reacher only gets there on page 406. They seemed really obvious too, though I can't say they detracted from the reading.I've not really paid much attention to h...
  • Emily
    Jack Reacher does it again! These books are a lot of fun to read, even though they are a bit violent for my tastes. I love seeing how Reacher's mind works and how he figures out the most implausible scenarios. And he manages to travel without a driver's license, credit card, or cell phone, and only one set of clothing. In reality this would be impossible, but it's still kind of fun. I almost thought this story would end without a lot of details o...