This Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil, #2) by Emily Suvada

This Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil, #2)

Cat thought the Hydra epidemic was over, but when new cases pop up, Cat must team up with an enemy to fix the vaccine before the virus spirals out of control in this thrilling sequel to This Mortal Coil, which New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman says “redefines ‘unputdownable.’”The nightmare of the outbreak is finally over, but Cat’s fight has only just begun.Exhausted, wounded, and reeling from revelations that have shaken h...

Details This Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil, #2)

TitleThis Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil, #2)
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia

Reviews This Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil, #2)

  • mith
    i have no idea what happened in this book but a lot of it was wild so i guess that's something. suvada does not fail to keep readers on their toes, that's for sure.
  • Madison
    Absolutely stunning. This Cruel Design is the epic second book in the This Mortal Coil series and it is every bit as incredible, well-written, and addictive as the first book. This Cruel Design lived up to every expectation and high standard set by its predecessor. Fast-faced and intelligent, This Cruel Design ramps up the tension and the stakes, introducing new characters and pushing the boundaries on everything once thought possible for genetic...
  • Siobhan Bejr
    I thankfully had the amazing opportunity of reading a proof copy!In 'This Mortal Coil' I found that Emily's biggest issues was the random input of things into the story. Often things that were needed to make everything work but put in like a last minute resort with no tactic of blending. While having an amazing story line and wicked plot twists, it had been on the verge of being too complicated and almost having too many 'out of left field' twist...
  • Genna
    Sweet Jesus, that ending! I’m screaming._____________________The wait for this will probably kill me. LOVE this cover design!
  • Maxine
    In a future where everyone has technology embedded in them, a virus had wiped out much of the population. A vaccine had been discovered to stop it but now the virus has mutated. Eighteen-year old Catarina (Cat), a brilliant coder, and her friends are in a race to find a permanent solution to the virus before a powerful organization enacts its own solution.This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada is one unputdownable YA scifi read. It’s a well-written ...
  • Sarah Hollowell
    This was such a wonderful, exciting sequel. Second books in trilogies can often feel like they're just a bridge from one book to the next, without having much identity of their own, and they can drag because of that.THIS CRUEL DESIGN? It did not do that. It's a fast-paced book and once you get to a certain point you can't stop reading. Or at least I couldn't. There were so many revelations and twists happening, but they didn't feel overwhelming o...
  • Clephiro (The Book Coven)
    I firstly want to applaud the author's work on the science in the book. The best science fiction happens when the science fiction could potentially be the technology of tomorrow. A lot of the concepts related to genes in the book are based on areas of active research in the science community So I'm definitely impressed by the author's development of science concepts in the book.The writing was pretty solid, the only issue I really had with the bo...
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I liked This Cruel Design a lot.  It starts off right where This Mortal Coil ends.  If you haven't read book one yet, you probably don't want to read my review.  Cat, Leoben, and Cole are recovering from everything that happened at the end of book one.  Cat is training to fight with Lee.  I really love their relationship and Leoben might be my favorite character after Cat.  They are found quickly by Dax and they go to Cartaxus.  It is fou...
  • Lydia Hephzibah
    honestly i'm not 100% sure what just happened. this book was a lot more confusing than book 1 and it didn't blow my mind nearly as much. there were times that some really good twists seemed to get absorbed in everything else going on. still good and leads into a promising 3rd book, but not as grwat as i was expecting
  • michelle (magicalreads)
    4.5 starsum wowrtc
  • Kristen Ludwigsen
    Could not keep this down!! I cannot wait to hold the hardback in my hands and read it all over again.
  • Beth
    1970-01-01 that I've recovered (somewhat) from my book hangover, I can say - WOW. This book is awesome. There will be a longer, more complete review coming from!
  • ClaireEva
    4.5 ⭐ 4.5 ⭐️
  • Leah (Jane Speare)
    These books aren’t perfect. But they are creative, smart, and fast-paced, and there will definitely be a third one! Talk about cliffhanger last lines...
  • Bella (Cheezyfeet Books)
    This book was sooo good. I found it quite complicated and a bit confusing sometimes so that’s the reason for only 4 stars but it is such a great sequel! Can’t wait for the next one now 😱
  • C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
    Holy shit. Amazeballs.Full review to come
  • Elbie
    More science! More twists! More people exploding! I don't know how Emily does it, but she wows me every time. This time around, the world is even more intricate, and the character development is even deeper. The prose is beautiful, and the plot is tight and complex. And that ending will make you want to throw the book across the room.
  • Hilary (SongsWroteMyStory)
    I received a copy of this book from Simon & Schuster Canada through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.So when the opportunity came up to request this book, I actually thought it was something else, and the second of another series I'd started a while back. It was only when the approval came through that I realized my error. Oops. Thankfully, a friend had read the first book, and was able to give me the overall idea of what had happened i...
  • Teri
    The first book in this series, This Mortal Coil, was one of my most captivating reads last year.  Any books involving genetic engineering?  Yes, please.  I was so excited to receive an ARC of This Cruel Design, but also cautiously optimistic that it would live up to my heightened expectations.  No worries - it more than delivered, and is just as addictive as the first book.I  had no trouble falling right back into Cat's world, but still appr...
  • Gemma McGee
    This Cruel Design is a masterpiece of storytelling.  It melds action, technology, romance in a dangerous apocalyptic world.The tension and stake are higher , the pace faster in This Cruel Design, technology is pushing boundaries you would never thought of. The twist will take your breathe away and make you thing double check what you have read. As the leading lady Cat is a fascinating, she is strong, intelligent and is trying her best in a bad ...
  • Mary Hlavacka
    I really enjoyed this book! It was a very interesting take on a dystopian future that ends with a setup for another book. I did feel a bit confused when reading the book when it came to understanding how the panels and codes work to have effects on the characters minds and bodies and their abilities to hack into software. I spent quite a bit of time being confused when reading this, although I can’t really blame the book or author for not readi...
  • Patrycja
    I need part 3 right now!!!!Just, as predicted, I couldn't put down this novel. I don't know how author is doing it, but she makes it impossible to stop reading. There are so many unexpected turns in the story. The whole concept is so genius and the series is so brilliant! I love the writing style, the characters, the whole story.I need more. And I need it now!(I won this book through GoodReads Giveaway).
  • Joanna Szabo
    My mind is too blown to write a proper review, and I'm probably also not skilled enough to write an intelligible but spoiler-free review—but I'm very, very pleased, and I can't wait to hold a beautiful finished hardcover in October.
  • Caitlin
    This book never stops its full blast forward, never a dull moment. Character development happens while things blow up :) Cat is a smart, gutsy MC I can't get enough of. Love the gene-hacking, coding, and the science behind the science fiction.
  • Katie Smith
    .....what just happened!?Review forthcoming
  • Breanna
    I was under the impression that this was a duology, so those last couple of chapters really had me going crazy 😂 RTC!