The Infinite Pieces of Us by Rebekah Crane

The Infinite Pieces of Us

From the author of The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland comes a hilarious and heartbreaking novel about coming apart, getting it together—and moving on. It’s just a two-hour drive…Pondering math problems is Esther Ainsworth’s obsession. If only life’s puzzles required logic. Her stepfather’s solution? Avoidance. He’s exiled the family to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, to erase a big secret from Esther’s past. So much for the tr...

Details The Infinite Pieces of Us

TitleThe Infinite Pieces of Us
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Reviews The Infinite Pieces of Us

  • PT
    As a reader there are stories that I devour and love. Then there are stories whose message gets woven into the fiber of my being. Infinite Pieces of Us was the latter for me. With every page I felt the frantic need to jot down a quote or saying (it’s against my religion to highlight physical books). I first discovered this author and her writing with Grover and the gang. In my head and heart, I knew she would never be able to top the quirkiness...
  • Schizanthus
    Content warnings include abandonment, homelessness and homophobia.When Esther’s family move to Truth or Consequences they are weighed down by all of the lies, secrets and judgements they bring with them. Esther’s big “mistake” has necessitated the move and her sister and once best friend Hannah doesn’t want anything to do with her, her stepfather Tom is more controlling than ever, her mother refuses to talk about it, and the family in g...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    1 STARAnother Amazon Prime free monthly book bomb.Esther has a baby and her holy roller stepfather moves the family from Ohio to Truth or Consequences, NM. Esther’s family subtly slut shames her. In NM she meets interesting, diverse friends who help her come to terms with relinquishing her baby for adoption. Meanwhile, younger sister Hannah has sex with the pastor and rather than treating her like a victim, she’s blamed.I know there are famil...
  • Tejas Janet
    There were aspects of the story I liked and enjoyed reading about, and then there were others I really didn't.
  • Kristy
    I quit at 38%. This was just terrible. It was like reading an obnoxiously vague Facebook post...just come out and say what happened already! So much angst, so many try-hard metaphors. I'm glad I got this for free because what a waste!
  • Shari Ring Wolf
    Great book, but......I found it hard to believe parents could be so clueless and care so much about "how things look" in this day and age. No email address allowed? Not leaving the house because a teen is pregnant? Then they changed in a matter of two days? Nah. It didn't ring true.I did love the writing, and the characters except for the main character's parents, who were well developed but dishonest, distateful. The test of the characters were ...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    MY RATING: 2/5 STARSI received a copy from Thomas Allen & Sons in exchange for a honest review. Reader, I would like to let you know that after reading 'The Upside of Falling Down' and 'The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland' both by Rebekah Crane, I knew I found a new favourite author. Imagine my disappointment when I read The Infinite Pieces of Us and it completely either missed the mark or made me angry to the point that I had to put it down and...
  • lynn
    YA fiction? I’m a grandma and I loved this book. So much wisdom, great dialogues, great story, wonderful characters!
  • Virginia Masson
    So. Darn. Good.Fall in love again and again and again. The author has a way with characters that lets you in and keeps you there.
  • Pamela
    Esther has to move from her home in Ohio to somewhere in New Mexico. Why? Because she was a pregnant teen who gave her baby away for adoption. The baby's father is Amit, a fellow math lover with golden eyes, and somehow Esther's family has no clue about the father (obviously, she didn't inherit the math genius gene from them). Esther's sister is mad at her for being the reason they had to move halfway across the country, and Esther is plagued by ...
  • Claire Gillian
    The math part did nothing for me, alas, so all the infinity references and "complex math problem" filler notes kind of lost me. Other than that, the prose was easy to read and it had plenty of deep, noteworthy thoughts, perhaps too many attempts to be thought-provoking and symbolic vs. telling a story, especially given it was YA. Took me a bit to get into it. The beginning was so vague it pushed me away rather than encouraged me to keep reading. ...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    I don't know if I will be able to properly express how much I loved this book, but be certain, I LOVED this book! When I first met Esther, she was suffering a double-dose of broken heartedness. She never thought she would be able to overcome her loneliness and feelings of abandonment, but special things happen, when you find Heaven in a former Blockbuster.• Pro: Esther captured my heart, and I instantly claimed her as one of my own. I ached and...
  • Gerardo Delgadillo
    4 out 5 starsCactus plants, an empty pool, and a lot of sun. That’s how I’d describe this book. I mean, it’s a great story with a John Green-like quality. The writing is gorgeous, and I loved the math-not-really scribble intertwined here and there. The characters feel real until they start to get too poetic. Actually, a better title could be “The New Mexico Poets Wannabes” or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, this is an excelle...
  • Nancy Baker
    I only read the first 94 pages of this book and it's taken me some time to finish those. I'm sure this book would appeal to a younger crowd and I guess I didn't realize it was a "young adult" reading when I entered the giveaway contest. I can't say that what I read was poorly written or not interesting, but it just was not my cup of tea and because I was having to force myself to read a chapter now and then, I decided it was time to close the cov...
  • Jerri Davis
    Excellent Great read. Themes of religion, questions, letting go, seeking, finding, growing, and learning that sometimes the answers aren’t what we want to hear. Definitely recommend.
  • Ann-Marie
    Touching, whimsical, off beat, but not afraid to tackle difficult relationship struggled of being a teen, "The Infinite Pieces of Us" is about what happens to a family that runs from Ohio to New Mexico to avoid facing their problems, only to realize those problems trailed along, and grew bigger. Full of quirky, goofy young people, trying to find a way to be loved in a world that demands conformity to a standard they cannot commit to without losin...
  • Melanie
    Closer to Truth.It moved me in unexpected ways. I do wish there was a Twin Peaks, a pet store and a Blockbuster with Heaven. But I was moved anyway.
  • J. Dorner
    This was an enjoyable book to read, though also heartbreaking. I wouldn't call it a romance book, though there are love-story subplots. It's more of a contemporary YA with social and religious issues. There's a good amount of diversity (lesbian, gay, poverty, pregnant teen, psychic, Christian group, and a mentioned character who might be Muslim or Jewish judging by the surname Kahn). It's interesting how Esther's emotions and mental dealings are ...
  • The Clever Reader
    “I’ve carried this secret with me all the way from Ohio to New Mexico…I was leaving it behind, but that’s not how secrets work. They follow you. Haunt you. Steal your breath when you’re not looking.” Esther has been forced to move to no other place than Truth and Consequences, NM. It’s a sad kind of irony. She carries a secret with her, one that her mother and step-father refuse to speak about. A secret her sister is bound to hate h...
  • Mary
    I got this book as a kindle free read for October. It was okay. It's probably more at two and a half stars. It had a slow beginning, I thought the first 5 or so chapters could have been condensed/cut but once it started the plot was definitely intriguing. I liked once we got Esther and her group of misfits together. It was fun to see them interact and the space they made their own for comfort. I enjoyed her group of friends, Beth was especially c...
  • Maureen Moyes
    I chose this YA novel from the October selection of Amazon First Reads as it caught my attention and looked the most interesting one on offer. I can happily say I really did enjoy this book.This is the story of Esther, her sister Hannah and their mother and stepfather who have recently moved to New Mexico to escape a 'situation'. I liked the character of Esther and felt that the author described the trauma felt by Esther due to the 'situation'.Es...
  • Daniel
    I was so excited to discover this new book by Rebekah Crane, the author of one of my all-time favorite books, 'The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland'. Went in with high expectations ... 'Grover' would be hard to top! I was NOT disappointed! Ms. Crane has an uncanny ability to create characters that I feel blessed to have in my life for the way-too-brief time it takes to read their story. To some extent, I really don't even care too much what is hap...
  • Beth
    Amazon gets me every time ...if you have a book and u can listen as well as read ... i am so there. i need 2 find more these, they just make me smile and i love it. read a little. listen a little ... so so so so awesome!! way cool!! check it out!! i just love that!! I really do wonder why folks always get their undies in a bunch ...when this is an author's' writing they can write whatever they want and be creative doing it. Is this meant ...
  • Lena
    I liked this book. I really did. It was about healing, making friends and even finding love. I loved the quirkiness of the characters (especially Jesús, Color and Beth) and found them interesting and fun to read about (although the author could've dug a little deeper with Moss.).However, there were some things I didn't like so much. First of all: I feel like Esther's stepdad Tom's obvious issues weren't really addresses properly in the book. The...
  • Kathleen
    A quick, entertaining read. I recognize it is geared for young adults and teenagers, but some of the scenes between the main character Esther and her friends are a little dramatic and over the top. What's not dramatic, however, is the reality of shame surrounding teenage pregnancy and conservative families - this was highlighted nicely as the idea that we all have flaws/"truths" whether it's the difficulty Esther faces in letting go of her baby, ...
  • Shelly Hammond
    This book is one that once you start reading you get hooked. The way it's written makes it flow smoothly and go by so quickly! At the heart of the story is one girls (Esther) "trouble" that caused her entire family, mostly because of her very strict belief stepfather, to pack up and move from Ohio to New Mexico to avoid being remembered for said thing (I don't want to ruin it and can't recall if it's mentioned in the book description so just inca...
  • Richard
    Although it didn't grab me as quickly as Grover Cleveland, I nevertheless enjoyed this YA novel about and Ohio teen whose life is uprooted and transplanted to the barren desert of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where she makes new friends and uncovers a true sense of self. Spoiler alert--no single-dimensional parents here!
  • Lisa Konet
    I wanted to like this book because the first half of the book was interesting, so was the main character Ester. I struggled to get through this because the whole book it was like she was complaining the whole time.Almost a DNF
  • Sheralee
    I just love her books!
  • Cindy Wilson
    Such wonderful and unique characters in a very well-written story that made me want to root for the heroine.