Blended by Sharon M. Draper


"You’re so exotic!” “You look so unusual.” “But what are you really?”Eleven-year-old Isabella is used to these kinds of comments - her father is black, her mother is white - but that doesn't mean she likes them. And now that her parents are divorced (and getting along WORSE than ever), Isabella feels more like a push-me-pull-me toy.One week she’s Isabella with her dad, his girlfriend Anastasia, and her son Darren living in a fancy h...

Details Blended

Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult, Fiction, Family

Reviews Blended

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    4 stars So, DO NOT LET COVERS DECEIVE YOU! This has such a cute cover that it leads you to believe it's a light and fun book. It's not. This book had some serious discussion topics in it from divorce, to racism, to police involved shootings. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book. Draper is an amazing writer. But.... this was essentially the middle grade The Hate U Give. I think it's perfect for that parent or adult who wants to discuss t...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    I wanted to love this book, but it fell short for me. I also tried (very hard!) not to compare it to The Hate You Give, but even when I put that book completely out of my head I still felt this was a 2-star book. I do applaud Draper for taking on the subject matters here ("blended" refers to being biracial *and* having divorced parents). However, it proved to be too much subject/topic for one book. The "issues" in the storylines "competed" making...
  • Dee Dee G
    I need an extra 5 stars. This book just about gave me a heart attack towards the end. It has everything in it from divorce, race to police brutality. A must read for young and older.
  • Alexa L
    I just read this entire book on my phone in one sitting in a hotel room in Japan while my husband snores next to me. It’s phenomenal. Obviously Sharon Draper is a queen, but this book was all kinds of epic. Emotion jumps off the page, and she mentions my favorite ice cream in the world, Graeters, and Jason Reynolds, who is one of the best people in the world. Don’t miss it this fall, thanks to Edelweiss for the early copy!
  • Leigh Anne
    I really liked how Draper addressed important topics and brought them down to a middle grade level. With that being said, I think there too many important topics to give each one the attention they deserved.
  • Jesseca Evans
    Okay, for starters Sharon m. Draper is probably my favorite author. But, this book was not good. What type of book is this? Is it about a girl with divorced parents? A mixed girl and her daily struggles? A girl with school problems? A book where the colored characters get harassed by the white ones? A book about a girl with two lives and two identities, but in actuality she is the same girl no matter where she’s at? How about a book where the p...
  • Susan
    As an adult reader, I felt there were too many "issues", but I don't think that will deter the intended audience for this book. What I thought was the strength of this story was the way Draper writes the tug of war feelings Isabella struggles with pertaining the separation/divorce/remarriage of her parents.
  • Sheila
    At first I was excited to read this book, as I am a big fan of Sharon M. Draper’s past bestsellers: Tears of a Tiger, Forged by Fire, Out of My Mind, etc. But Blended turned out to be a big disappointment. There was just too much crammed into a book that just meandered along. There was unexplained drama between Izzy’s parents - why do they hate each other, exactly? - that made the whole divorced parents angst thing seem ungrounded. Then there...
  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    Isabella is torn; her mom is white and her dad is black, and they have gotten divorced, leaving Isabella at her mom's one week and her dad's the next. Isabella is more than just being caught between two homes, though. She is caught between two cultures. What is her place? How can she react when her black friend is victimized? As a fellow black person? Or a white person?Blended is a book that will deeply resonate with children today. Sharon Draper...
  • Heidi Burkhart
    Draper just writes one outstanding book after another. I have followed her for years and bought all of her books when I was a librarian. This book is just perfect for middle school students. Top notch!
  • Cheryl
    Important ideas poorly developed. Everyone fills a role and does things that the explication of the discussion points requires them to do, but most of their behaviors are implausible, especially for the cast of characters sketched here. Stereotypes abound, nuances are absent, and threads are dropped willy-nilly. I'm sure better, less simplistic. richer books are available....
  • Janssen
    I really enjoyed this one (although probably not as much as Out of My Mind).
  • Laurie
    Interest Level: 3-6Do you ever feel like you don't belong? Are you torn between two divorced parents? This is eleven-year-old Isabella. She is struggling with living one week with her dad, his girlfriend, and her son in a very fancy neighborhood and the next week with her mom and her boyfriend in the average house that she grew up in. It is a constant weekly struggle between these two parents who fight over her all the time. The other issue Isabe...
  • Josh
    It pains me to give a low rating to a book by the wonderful Sharon Draper, who has written so many good stories for kids and teens. The premise of this book seemed relevant for so many kids who deal with divorce and split custody arrangements, as well as identity struggles from being biracial, that I was looking forward to reading it and sharing it with the young people in my life.Having just finished the book, however, the story just felt out of...
  • Casey (caseydillabooks)
    This book is about a girl who is blended in the sense that she’s biracial, and who is in a blended family as her parents have divorced and met other people. Isabella is at an age where she is coming to comprehend racial tensions in society and has to process it all, and it gets quite intense — Draper doesn’t guard 11-year-old Isabella (or readers) from the violence and ugliness, although there are plenty of moments of love and joy as well. ...
  • Shari
    This is a hard book to rate. I really love Isabella’s voice and the authenticity of the portrayal of middle school. The book could use some editing. Draper threw every possible issue into the book ending with the big one. I just talked myself into taking away one of the stars.
  • Renata
    LOVED this contemporary realistic book and think a lot of tweens will find it very relatable, while others will find themselves gently learning about micro- (and macro-)aggressions. Izzy/Isabella is a really engaging narrator.
  • Adriana (SaltyBadgerBooks)
    2.5 I wanted to like this a lot more. And maybe I would have if I had read it and not listened to it. The narrator's voice was a lot older than a 11 year old should sound like.The story was good, except there was so much going on. I felt like it took away from the book. I liked the initial conflict of being blended, and I liked the family conflict. But then....(view spoiler)[ but then she gets shot AND her black friend finds a noose in her locker...
  • Erin
    I had thought I would enjoy this book a lot more than I did, but instead I felt I was slogging through it more than anything. Isabella's parents are getting a divorce. She is now moving between two houses and two different sets of rules. She's trying to find a balance between them as she also tries to figure out who she is and where she falls. Knowing this was a middle-grade book, I did expect it to be different from my usually reads and I don't ...
  • Jill Williamson
    I really enjoyed this book. The author did a wonderful job of getting us inside sixth grade Isabella’s head so that we could understand what it’s like for a girl who has a black dad and a white mom. And what it’s like to live in a family after divorce when you are forced to bounce back-and-forth, one week with mom and one week with dad. This is a great book for kids to understand and relate to what kids go through with both interracial marr...
  • Heather Jensen
    Blended is so good on so many levels. I love the point of view of young woman caught in the middle of divorced parents and the toll it takes on her. Sharon M. Draper once again creates a character so real that Izzy/Isabella will live in my heart for a long time. Draper also explores viewpoint of a a child growing up with a black father and a white mother. Isabella is never sure where she fits in, asking her father "Do you think people think I'm B...
  • Jeimy
    I enjoyed reading this book, but I fear that it tried to tackle too much: racial insensitivity, being mixed race, being caught between angry parents after a divorce, and police prejudice against people of color. Ultimately, I wished the book had treated each of these topics in a more nuanced way.
  • Caroline
    This book was so good. It totally should win the Newbery!
  • Sara
    I loved this book!
  • Christine
    I loved this book! A perfect exploration of family ties and race for 6th graders.
  • ❄️abbie❄️
    This was such a good book! I loved how it ended just how the beginning started. It's gives you a definition on race, and how you should treat people.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Cecilia
    Just. Amazing. WOW.
  • Zoya
    I loved this book and I highly recommend it
  • alisha
    Loved, loved, lived this book! The dialogue was natural, like how normal sixth graders would talk and it covered so many different topics all at the same time.