The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1) by Signe Pike

The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1)

Mists of Avalon meets Philippa Gregory in the first book of an exciting historical trilogy that reveals the untold story of Languoreth—a powerful and, until now, tragically forgotten queen of sixth-century Scotland—twin sister of the man who inspired the legendary character of Merlin.Intelligent, passionate, rebellious, and brave, Languoreth is the unforgettable heroine of The Lost Queen, a tale of conflicted loves and survival set against th...

Details The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1)

TitleThe Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland

Reviews The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1)

  • Sean Gibson
    There’s something magic about the past.I don’t mean the recent or immediate past, mind you—as the late, great George Carlin once noted derisively when talking about one-hour photo developers, “You just SAW the f@cking thing!” (Kids: physical photos used to be a thing; just take my word for it.)No, I mean a past beyond living memory, a time that can only be evoked through a combination of copious historical research and vivid imagination...
  • Mellie Antoinette
    “War is not about victory. War is about survival.”This book was vividly amazing. Equal parts Outlander, Camelot and Game of Thrones, the characters are vibrant, the settings surround you and the story draws you right in. There were many a moment I felt like I was sitting on a hill learning from Cathan or in the yard training with the knife father gifted me all those moons ago. “In times such as these, when the people need a hero, so are suc...
  • Sh3lly
    Toni Frutin is a voice-over GODDESS. I can't believe she hasn't narrated more books! Seriously. AUTHORS, take note. Hire this woman to narrate your books! She has delivered an exquisite performance here.Review to come.This story takes place in the beginning of the middle ages in Europe, when Christianity began to spread and overtake ancient Celtic religion (the druids). It's the origin story of this guy you might have heard of named Merlin:But th...
  • Patti Henry
    An extraordinary historical page-turner. Pike brings a creative eye, unique voice and immaculate research to the world of historical fiction - the people and lands of this novel will not leave me. The Lost Queen is more than a book; it is a profound experience. Languoreth has emerged from the mists of Scotland to assume her rightful place on the throne where she belongs.I can not tell you how much I love this book -- I devoured it; I dreamt about...
  • MeaganCM
    So I heard that the next book doesn't come out until 2020. Sooooo I'm just going to write a recap and write important plot points because I am not going to reread this book. So this isn't a real review. (And I'll probably spell all the character names wrong since I listened to this on audiobook and this will be in be particular order)Brodin (Langoureth's brother) and Elefid (the queen) are having an affair Langoureth's son Rhys is actually Maelgw...
  • Sarah
    I had to force myself to finish this today. I’m happy to report that despite the anachronisms I really enjoyed the last 200 or so Pages... but those first 300.. oh man. What. A. Drag.This is about the man behind the myth of Merlin... more specifically, Merlin’s twin sister, Langoureth. Set in sixth century Scotland, we watch Langoureth grow from a child to a teen, and eventually an adult.I want to start by saying the “romance” in this boo...
  • Margaret Sankey
    Now that I can no longer re-read The Mists of Avalon, and because I really liked the Sarmatian take on the Arthurian legends embedded in Gillian Bradshaw's Island of Ghosts, this is a very promising new series centered on an interpretation of the Arthurian stories originating in Strathclyde above the wall rather than Wales. Pike uses the freedom of a novel to reconstruct from a handful of mentions in historical documents, the life of a 6th centur...
  • Thea
    I wanted to like this so much. It has great reviews and I love me a good woman-centric Arthurian legend. But I deeply disliked this book. Deeply. I won't say I hated it, because that's a bit strong, but I have a clear memory of getting about 80% of the way through and getting so worked up I had trouble falling asleep. First of all, it's too long. It's a lot of book in which nothing much happens besides the same repetitive tropes you get in of the...
  • Christine Spoors
    This is now one of my favourite books ever. I am so happy I found this book, a mix of Celtic folklore and historical fiction all in a book set around the Glasgow area in central Scotland where I live?! It's basically the book I've been searching for for years. If you're a fan of books like Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier then I definitely recommend.This book begins in the year 550 where we meet Languoreth and her twin brother Lailoken,...
  • Janelle | She Reads with Cats
    This magical, historical tale, which is the first in a trilogy, had me glued to the pages. The setting is vivid, the characters vibrant, and the writing is beautiful.Set in sixth-century Celtic Britain, now known as Scotland, the story revolves around Arthurian lore, specifically Merlin. We follow Languoreth and her twin brother Lailoken, who we later know as Merlin. The story begins when Languoreth and Lailoken are ten years of age and have just...
  • Melissa
    This book left me with pretty mixed feelings. First, the good: it's a pleasure to read something set in this early medieval period- a time that can seem so obscure- which really does make it a living, tangible, vivid place. The scenes of festivals in particular are wonderful: you are right there with Languoreth, smelling, seeing, and feeling all the magic, darkness, light, and nature. There were some inaccuracies that bothered me, given the autho...
  • The Lit Bitch
    I only needed to see this book marketed as a cross between Outlander and an Arthurian legend and I was immediately excited about reading and reviewing this one.This book is a debut novel and what a debut it is! I was blown away by the story and you need to immediately move this one up on your TBR list, the hype for this book is real. I was torn between devouring the book to find out what happened and slowing down because I didn’t want the magic...
  • Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard
    So this is my literal definition of "Samm's historical fiction trash"I am GA about medieval Scotland and taking maybe real/maybe fake characters from old history and just fucking with them. It's a thing that needs to happen more and doesn't. Taking the potential real person that became the mythical "Merlin" and then giving me the POV of his twin sister who got married to a King who would then fight her brother...YASSSSSSIt's definitel...
  • Susan Johnson
    I have been a fan of historical fiction since I first read Katherine by Anya Seton in high school. The catch is finding good ones that transport you in time and make the time period come alive. This is one of those. I felt like I was in Scotland in the 550's with young Languoreth, daughter of a minor queen. This captures the Merlin legend that the author proposes actually happened in Scotland. Her twin brother is Lailoken, later known as Myrddin....
  • Shomeret
    Signe Pike decided to re-examine the Arthurian Mythos when she learned that a man who appears to have been the historical Merlin had a twin sister. A novel focused on Merlin's twin sister would certainly be covering new ground. That's why I agreed to review The Lost Queen by Signe Pike when the publisher made a review request. I received a digital ARC from the publisher via Net Galley and this is my honest review.Languoreth is not portrayed as a ...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Languoreth and her twin brother, Lailoken, are the children of the king, but things aren't entirely happy in their household currently as they just lost their mother. Their father, being a 6th century king, is often gone for long periods of time, so the children find themselves at home with their tutor as well as druid who often takes care of them. One day, Languoreth encounters Ariane, a Wisdom Keeper, who pledges herself to Languoreth. This is ...
  • Maddie O.
    I received an ARC of this book via netgalley but all opinions are my own.I thought this was a fantastic book. Everything about it was superb- the sense of place, the characterization, the writing. I thought the author seamlessly blended her use of real historical events and knowledge with the places where she got creative to fill in the blanks. I cannot wait until the next installment!
  • alexa
    oh worm. i was promised arthuriana. i did not receive or indeed find any worthy arthuriana.the lost queen promises to be a feminist retelling of the arthurian myth, from the point of view of languoreth, the sister of a druid who could be the inspiration for merlin. i longed to love it.however. the novel itself is uneven and lacking in nuance. languoreth is so distant and thinly drawn; her emotions are completely inaccessible. she's too polished a...
  • Crystal King
    It's a big book, it's a debut, it's a twist on the Arthurian legend, and it's a novel that really needs to be on the top of your TBR pile ASAP. THE LOST QUEEN follows the story of Languoreth and her twin, Lailoken (later known as Merlin). Sixth century Scotland comes to life in vivid color under Pike's pen. She artfully delivers up rich, colorful characters that you deeply care about and will want to follow not just in this book, but in the other...
  • Judy
    My first book finished in 2019 is a wonder of romantic historical fiction set in sixth century Scotland. I first came to know of Signe Pike eight years ago when I read her lovely memoir Faery Tale, wherein she went on a journey to honor her recently deceased father as well as to determine whether or not fairies are real. That endeavor led to her continued research on Celtic history and folklore. The Lost Queen is the first in a trilogy about a Qu...
  • Huck
    4.5 stars
  • Rebecca
    Strong start to a fascinating trilogy which has it's roots in Dark Age Britain. Eagerly awaiting the sequels.
  • Julie (A Girl and a Book)
    **4.5**I just randomly picked this book up from the library and I'm so glad that I did. The writing is beautiful and the story was so compelling! Such a great read **4.5**I just randomly picked this book up from the library and I'm so glad that I did. The writing is beautiful and the story was so compelling! Such a great read ❤️
  • Stacie
    To say that I devoured this book would be a gross understatement. I read this book in record time and am left sitting here, wishing that I had much more...from this author! The story itself was utterly incredible. The plot moved at a quick pace, with the story building upon itself seamlessly. The characters however...oh my goodness, the characters. The characters were created so beautifully. They were complex, human, raw, emotional and ...
  • Unabridged Bibliophile
    AGHHHHH!!!! So good!! Definitely in the top 3 that I have read this year and I have read some absolute killers. Please, Signe don't take 6 years to write the next one. I need to know if Maelgwn is going to be ok. Like, I honestly might cry if he doesn't make it and I don't cry reading books.
  • Christine
    Pageturner historical fiction. For fans of Outlander and Camelot - really well done and immersive.
  • Suzie Shatarevyan
    You know a book is that good when you can't stop thinking about it. First in a trilogy. Books 2 and 3 haven't been written yet, how am I to patiently wait? This is not exactly a book review, just me gushing because it's the type of book that enchants me. Beautifully written, well researched. And now I dream of going back to Scotland. Thanks to my colleague and friend, Tiffani, for giving me this book. She knows exactly the types of tales that cap...
  • Gaele
    There are no words.....this is possibly the best historic fiction based in Arthurian legend that I have read in a very long time. Taking the unusual perspective to tell the story from 'above the wall' in Strathclyde, the story mixes intrigue, bloodshed, power games and philosophies in ways unexpected.Langoureth is a complete character - human, flawed, contradictory and utterly palpable, and she's influenced by the history, myths and superstitions...
  • Lorraine
    1st. I had immense difficulty putting this book down. 2nd. It is superlatively written and researched.3rd. The lost queen is a true historical figure. 4th. Her twin brother is connected to Merlin! Signe Pike’s The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen #1) allows the reader to enter 6th century Scotland and The Kingdom of Strathclyde where in The House of Morken reside 10 year old twins, Languoreth and her brother, Lailoken. Their father is high chieftain/...