Legacy of Light (Effigies, #3) by Sarah Raughley

Legacy of Light (Effigies, #3)

The world is in chaos.After Saul’s strike on Oslo—one seemingly led by Maia herself—the Effigies’ reputation is in shambles. Now they’re being hunted by nations across the globe, grouped in with the very terrorists they’ve been trying to stop.With Maia’s resurrected twin, June, carrying out vicious attacks across the world, everyone believes Maia is a killer. Belle has gone rogue, Chae Rin and Lake have disappeared, and the Sect is ...

Details Legacy of Light (Effigies, #3)

TitleLegacy of Light (Effigies, #3)
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Legacy of Light (Effigies, #3)

  • Carrie
    Legacy of Light by Sarah Raughley is the third book in the young adult fantasy Effigies trilogy. Each book of the series builds upon the last with the story picking up shortly after it had left off so this would definitely be a series you would want to begin from the beginning. In the first book of the series readers were introduced to high school student Maia Finley who knew that one of her idols must have died because Maia had been chosen to t...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult / Fantasy / Contemporary*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Legacy of Light is the third and final installment in author Sarah Raughley's The Effigies trilogy. The story picks up shortly after the events of Siege of Shadows. The Effigies are split apart after Saul brought back Maia Finley's twin, June, to use her to make people believe Maia had been attacking the city of Oslo. Belle Rousseau has gone rogue after attempting t...
  • Jaclyn
    Took me a while to get into this, mostly because there were too many references to characters and events I'd already forgotten. But also a lot of it felt like the third movie in The Hobbit trilogy -- battle after battle after endless battle that dragged after a while. That being said, I really like what we learn about the origin of the Effigies, and what needs to be done to stop Saul and the Sect. I loved the last few chapters, where this all unf...
  • Nia
    The Effigies, four girls chosen to be gifted with powers from each of the four elements, are running out of time in this breathtaking finale of the Effigies trilogy. The Effigies must stop Saul from destroying the world, but they are scattered around the world, and unbeknownst to the others, one of the four is conspiring with Saul.Meanwhile, Blackwell, the leader of the Sect, the army that is supposed to be supporting the Effigies and maintaining...
  • Nannette Demmler
    ARC provided by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review. I have really enjoyed this series. The world that the author envisioned is just so interesting and so like our own and yet different. The ending was also perfect and pretty much what I wanted. I was a little worried that it was going to end with everything being wiped clean, but it wasn’t. This world has a long way to go to heal itself, which felt aut...
  • Taylor Berman
    Great ending to a great trilogy!!
  • Danielle
    Its a thrilling race to the end in Sarah Raughley's final book of her Effigies trilogy. The girls no longer know who they can trust with the sect divided in two, and Saul's army is on the rise. They must figure out who they can depend on to fight back as the only hope to save humanity. Its time to scry, to go back to the beginning in hopes of figuring out how to bring an end to the phantoms. Will they find the answers in time? Or will their past ...
  • Crazy4Books
    I didnt really connect with the main character. Maia had good morals, but I would have liked to see her take charge more often. Her role in the story almost felt secondary. The other girls in the group were the ones doing most of the fighting. The group dynamic wasnt as strong as it could have been. I wanted them to feel more like a team. I loved Lake and her supportive relationship with Maia. Chae Rin was a little rough around the edges with her...