Ottolenghi SIMPLE by Yotam Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi SIMPLE

Yotam Ottolenghi’s award-winning recipes are always a celebration: an unforgettable combination of abundance, taste and surprise. SIMPLE is no different, with 120 brand-new dishes that contain all the inventive elements and favour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, but with minimal hassle for maximum joy.Bursting with colourful photography for every recipe, SIMPLE showcases Yotam’s standout dishes that will suit whatever type of cooki...

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TitleOttolenghi SIMPLE
Release DateSep 6th, 2018
PublisherEbury Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Ottolenghi SIMPLE

  • Jennie
    I pre-ordered this book, because Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes are almost always huge successes for me. I like his sense of flavor and some of the surprising combinations he comes up with. I thought this book would be perfect for weeknight cooking. Unfortunately, I find the recipes aren't so much "simple" as "less complicated, sometimes, but also frequently less flavorful".First, the good. I do like that he lays out his criteria and has a SIMPLE acr...
  • Shipshapeeatworthy
    Yotam Ottolenghi is a person who has changed the way people view food. Difficult to categorize, his style works on the premise that food is all about flavour and unorthodox combinations (prior to receiving Ottolenghi Simple I had made one of his recipes from an earlier cookbook -- Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Pomelo and Star Anise -- if this is not an unorthodox pairing, I'm not sure what is! But what I can say is that it was a flavor memory my mo...
  • BrittKay
    Ottolenghi did it again! I have yet to make a bad meal out of any of his cookbooks. This one is even better than the others because the recipes are, in fact, simple. This past Tuesday, in anticipation of Thanksgiving, we made EIGHT dishes! Each one was fantastic. Now I’m hungry...
  • Savanna
    This has my minty baked rice with pomegranate and olive relish, which I make at least once every few months. It's incredible. The majority of this cookbook is vegetables in new and surprising ways. I really love the S-I-M-P-L-E concept. L-- Lazy cooking-- is my favorite, since it mostly involves throwing things into a pot or a pan and let it simmer away.
  • Kim Raymond
    Grosse déception pour moi. Les recettes sont peut-être "simplifiées" par rapport à Plenty et Jerusalem, mais on est loin de la série de recettes one pot permettant de cuisiner du Ottolenghi chaque soir de la semaine promise dans la description du livre. Il n'y a finalement pas beaucoup de recettes qui sont des repas en soi, et beaucoup de trucs qui doivent être combinés avec une ou deux autres composantes pour faire un repas complet. Vraim...
  • Wendy
    SIMPEL staat eenvoudigweg voor Snel - niet meer dan 10 Ingrediënten - Maak van tevoren -Provisiekast - Eenvoudiger dan u denkt - Lui: elk recept kreeg 1 of meerdere van deze labels. Persoonlijk kijk ik hier niet echt (of zelden) naar, ik beschouw het gewoon als een weer erg goed Ottolenghi-kookboek, vol erg lekkere recepten. Én een schitterende cover!Waar Ottolenghi’s Plenty-kookboeken enkel om groenten draaien, staan in dit boek ook recepten...
  • Caitlin Hawksley
    Sections: Brunch; Raw Veg; Cooked Veg; Rice, Grains, and Pulses; Noodles and Pasta; Meat; Seafood; DessertPros: Just. Wow. I borrowed this cookbook from the library, expecting to get maybe a week's worth of meals out of it, but I got two weeks' worth, and I want to keep trying more recipes. Every. Single. Recipe. Was SO solid. Great flavors, great techniques, great challenges. Lots of beautiful photos.Cons: I know the title of the book is "Ottole...
  • Maureen
    I've enjoyed Ottolenghi's other cookbooks, but this one actually is simple. I've made two recipes and friends made two others - all were delicious. I borrowed this from my library, but it's going in my shopping bag. imo, it's worthy of shelf space in my little kitchen.
  • Molly
    I rarely buy cookbooks, but Ottolenghi recipes have proven to consistently be delicious, and this book recognizes that his usual recipes are a tad on the "where am I even going to find that and why does he assume everyone has rosewater and sumac in their pantry" variety. There are some really promising ones in here- and the "simple" method is nice for recognizing that sometimes you have lots of time, but don't want to get a bunch of ingredients; ...
  • Anand Ganapathy
    Simple yet exciting recipes as the title indicates . Brilliant and colourful photos . need to try out the recipes next .
  • Tamra
    As always, very attractive cookbooks from Ottolenghi. But sadly for my location and stage of life, it is more of a coffee table book. I’d give a lot to eat at his restaurant though!
  • Kayo
    I think the title is misleading. Not simple in any way. Disappointing.
  • Lisa Holmen
    Great simple recipes which are 10 ingredients or less. Have already cooked a few of these and love it.
  • Sjancourtz
    A real disappointment. The first few books--Ottolenghi, Jerusalem, and Plenty--were all packed with delicious recipes for beautiful foods. I own them all and use them all, and have rated them Five Stars here and elsewhere. I love them, truly. But this one? I am only interested in making four dishes, and that's because they're much like other recipes from previous books. A lot of dishes use rose harissa, which I don't like at all. Other herb and s...
  • Sharon
    SIMPLE : Short on time, Ingredients: 10 or less, Make ahead, Pantry, Lazy, Easier than you think! Simple.Have all the books except the Sweet as we don’t eat dessert unless out somewhere. They are amazing cookery books and like fabulous reference books to the cuisines mixed therein. BUT often way too difficult and complicated for me, a home cook. Simple is exactly the answer. Amazing approachable and very doable cookery with great ingredients an...
  • Michelle
    Review copy provided by the publisherYotam Ottolenghi’s streak is unbroken: SIMPLE delivers delicious, accessible, quintessentially Ottolenghi dishes for the home cookIn Yotam Ottolenghi's latest cookbook, OTTOLENGHI SIMPLE, the simple isn’t just a euphemism for “everyday” or “weeknight cooking” or “30 minutes or less.” SIMPLE is the system underlying the recipes. Short on time, 10 Ingredients or less, Make ahead, Pantry, Lazy or ...
  • Margaret
    I am completely biased as I think Yotam Ottolenghi is currently the most influential food writer, recipe developer and chef. His name has become synonymous with a style of food that beloved fans instantly recognise. He has, through each of his books Plenty, Plenty More, Jerusalem and now Simple, taken us on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean mostly making vegetables the hero. He has introduced us to delicious ingredients, foods and flav...
  • Robert Hudder
    There is always something to take away from Ottolenghi's books. This one would be good for someone starting out wanting to make decent nutritious food in a Middle Eastern style. The ideas and standouts for me, personally, were: Cauliflower "tabbouleh" (p.46), Pumpkin, saffron and orange soup (p.54), Roasted whole cauliflower (p.94 for the technique), chraimeh sauce (p.104), whole-roasted celery root with coriander seed oil (p.128), Honey and yogu...
  • Linda
    Sinds ik vorig jaar Plenty heb gekregen voor Kerst, heb ik aardig wat Ottolenghi gerechten gemaakt. Toen Simpel uitkwam wilde ik dan ook het liefst meteen naar de winkel rennen om het boek te kopen maar heb ik toch even gewacht of ik dit boek niet cadeau zou krijgen. Et voilà, ook dit jaar was het met Kerst raak.Wat een prachtig boek is dit toch weer, met deze keer de focus op gerechten die op de een of andere manier simpel te maken zijn; snel, ...
  • Valerie
    This book is gorgeous - beautiful pictures, nice paper with lovely font, delicious and intriguing recipes... All the things that suck me into a cookbook. I borrowed this from the library with the intention of purchasing...However, not my style. I prefer to only keep cookbooks that I use frequently, or need as backup (ahem, The Food Lab - swoon!). Admittedly, I'm a simple cook - I love recipes that have 10 or less ingredients (including oil, salt ...
  • Frances Pope
    While reading the Introduction to this recipe book I was initially confused, until I realised that it assumed I knew who and what Ottolenghi is. It expected me to find the idea of a "simple Ottolengi" recipe hilariously oxymoronic. But I got this book as a Christmas present, and have never heard of an Ottolenghi. I am now determined to spend the rest of my life making sure I never find out who Ottolengi is or what he/she looks like. The idea of t...
  • Chris Williams
    Another exceptional cookbook by one of my favourite chefs. I've got Ottolenghi's NOPI: The Cookbook, which is aimed at the 'pro-sumer'/more proficient chef and it's one of my favourites, many of whose recipes are on regular rotation. The same care, expertise and creativity is evident in Simple. This cookbook is great for anyone who likes to cook amazing food but doesn't know how to create their own recipes, or lacks a bit of confidence in the kit...
  • Lucy H
    The latest Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook makes great play of the reduced ingredients list for the recipes.This is possibly daunting if you aren't familiar with previous Ottolenghi books which need dozens of ingredients, some seemingly only available on line or from specialist groceries. SIMPLE has a list of basics which are needed for the recipes, and I have found all of them in local (rural) supermarkets.So far we've made several of the baked rice r...
  • Lara
    Welllll, I didn't really love either of Ottolenghi's first two books, but with the word simple in the title I figured I'd give it a shot. But no. Though some recipes definitely seem less complicated than recipes in the previous cookbooks, they're still too complicated for me! And also, what even are some of these ingredients? Once again, I would love to visit his restaurant and have this food cooked for me. I do not have the time or money or effo...
  • Jenn
    This isn't a book you read as much as you leaf through it, finding recipes to highlight and dog-ear and to come back to again and again. As with any Ottolenghi book, it's beautifully photographed and the recipes are absolutely delicious. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is an "easy" cookbook - there is still time and deliberation included as part of the process, but the results are well worth the attention to detail. I'll be coming back to...
  • Hollis Ramsey
    quite simply, a fantastic cookbook. presentation, photographs, layout, even the thickness of the paper stock are all excellent. but what really stands out are the fabulous recipes. Yotam Ottolenghi is a genius at pairing Mediterranean spices, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and, to a lesser extent, meats and fish, in marvelous ways. his versatility with yogurt -- an ingredient i'm not fond of ... yet -- is amazing. it's an exciting read!
  • Catherine Woodman
    This book is what I have come to expect from Ottolenghi, and also somewhat of a surprise, in that there are new things in here compared to the other five savory cookbooks, and the first six things we made were just spectacular. I use him more for vegetable dishes, which I like to have 4-6 of at a nice family weekly dinner, but the meat dishes also look quite good.
  • mollociraptor
    The recipes ARE simple but the ingredients can be tricky. I feel the za’atar craze has sufficiently took the world by storm though, so it should be easy enough to wrangle the things you need at specialty grocery stores (or the internet). Really anxious to tear into some of these pasta dishes. His use of anchovies, olives, and capers for salt are great.
  • Karen
    Ottolenghi - my new food obsession. This is such a great Ottolenghi beginners book - not too many ingredients but the flavours are fantastic. Though this book is not vegetarian I have been trying to eat more vegetarian meals and some of the recipes I’ve cooked from this book have been delicious.
  • Michelle
    Got this for Christmas. I hoped I would like it--I love all of the author's cookbooks but they are usually too complicated for my life. But this one is terrific and lots of fun and has me thinking of ordering za'atar and preserved lemons and a few things. The book is beautiful and I am completely thrilled.