Family Trust by Kathy Wang

Family Trust

Meet Stanley Huang: father, husband, ex-husband, man of unpredictable tastes and temper, aficionado of all-inclusive vacations and bargain luxury goods, newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For years, Stanley has claimed that he’s worth a small fortune. But the time is now coming when the details of his estate will finally be revealed, and Stanley’s family is nervous.For his son Fred, the inheritance Stanley has long alluded to would sooth...

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TitleFamily Trust
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Reviews Family Trust

  • leslie hamod
    Stanley is a very successful man. He came to this country poverty stricken, but look at him now! Very rich! As a Chinese man, he has been obstinate, easy to anger. Frightening his wife and children until, unable to cope with his predefined expectations, His wife divorces him.What to do? Mary comes along to rub his feet, cook his favorite food. She is described as a placid cow but she knows it isn't so. This is just the life of a good Chinese woma...
  • Nicole Swinson
    The story starts off by introducing us to the patriarch of the family Stanley Huang, divorced father of two and remarried to Mary who is twenty-eight years his junior. Stanley has recently been diagnosed with cancer and his family must now deal with the reality that his time is limited. The story is told in point of view from each character in the book; Fred the son who is a Harvard Business School graduate who comes across whiney and unfulfilled...
  • Margo Littell
    When Huang family patriarch Stanley receives a harrowing diagnosis from his doctor, his family is forced to confront the reality that he has very little time left. They accept the news with varying degrees of grief. Stanley’s children, Fred and Kate, can’t fully forgive his transgressions from their childhood. Stanley’s ex-wife, Linda, still resents how badly he handled the money she made for them when they were married. And Stanley’s muc...
  • Nancy
    Well written book that she’s trust as a noun and a verb. When a parent is dying, what happens with relationships? I liked the storyline yet it felt a little empty to me.
  • J
    This book is amazing.If you come from a family with no money, this will fascinate you. If you come from a family with tons of money, this will fascinate you too. And make you cringe. And laugh. And yell “OMG NO” in response to some of this wild dialog.Anyway I really enjoyed it, so. Highly recommend.
  • Nicole Wagner
    This is a tough book to characterize, but I loved it. There are so many misconceptions about the wealthy. This book pokes and prods those, revealing that some clichés have merit and others are more complex than one may imagine. The Bay Area/Silicon Valley is sort of a hotbed of new money and hungry business startups, and the story takes place there. This book is ironically funny, tentatively tender, and entirely fascinating.
  • Diane Hernandez
    Stanley is dying. All any of his family are concerned about is whether he has set up a Family Trust and named them as trustees.Stanley is the domineering and occasionally abusive father of Kate and Fred. Their mother and Stanley’s ex-wife, Linda, is concerned that Stanley will leave his substantial estate to his new younger wife Mary rather than their children. Linda, Kate and Fred have romantic issues. The siblings work in the high stress Sili...
  • Catherine
    When Stanley Huang is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, his family must face their life choices. Told from the points of view of Stanley, his two children Fred and Kate, his ex-wife and mother of his children Linda, and Mary his new wife, this is a story about a family coming to terms with the reality of aging, deathand life in Silicone Valley. Linda, has embarked on a new online dating service that may not be on the up and up. Fred, a g...
  • Ash
    This book was well written, and you can almost feel the energy and time put into each character. Each of the characters took on a certain stereotype and explored the inner thought processes of each. This book took me longer to read than most, and I'm sure that is probably because I couldn't relate well to any of the characters as individuals. However, the situations they went through were able to grasp onto me and I felt their pain. Good book! Af...
  • Melissa Rothman
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and was very excited to read this book but for me this book was a rough read I know that the author wanted to introduce each character however I through it was way over done I felt like I was reading the autobiographies of each character rather than a introduction . By half way I got frustrated with waiting to find the point of the book and had to dnf it instead sorry to say the cover of the book which was ...
  • Angela Johnson
    I received this ARC from a goodreads giveaway hosted by William Morrow Books! And here is my honest review: The first thing that caught my attention was this cover. Is it not beautiful? The gold and red contrast in such a gorgeous way and the gold floral design weaves in and out of the text.When I held this book, the best description I could come up with was meaty. It felt thick, it felt like there were a lot of words, a lot of story to tell.I wa...
  • Jenny Lehnhoff
    When Stanley Huang develops life threatening pancreatic cancer, the successful twice married father of two must put his affairs in order. Can Stanley pass on his legacy while his family: Linda, ex-wife of 34 years, Fred and Kate, his adult children, and second wife Mary of 9 years squabble on who gets the fair share of the inheritance? I really enjoyed Family Trust because of its strong character development and its ability to make me think of my...
  • Georgianne Georgiadis
    This book is about a Chinese American family but it could be about any family. Stanley Huang is the patriarch of the family, his wife Mary is 26 years younger, his ex wife Linda, and his children Stanley and Kate. As I read I discovered that each chapter is about a different family member. With each chapter we learn more about that family member and their relationship with Stanley.Mary wants to make sure that gets her share of Stanley estate/mone...
  • Claire
    I received Family Trust as part of a Goodreads giveaway.Family patriarch Stanley Huang has been diagnosed with a terminal case of pancreatic cancer. For years he has reassured his family that they will be taken care of when he passes with a generous inheritance. Now that that time is near, those closest to him becoming increasingly concerned with their features as they face an array of personal and professional crises. Stanley's son Fred, despite...
  • Katy
    Family Trust is an entertaining family drama that reflects on its title as both a noun and a verb. As Stanley, patriarch of the Huang family, is dying of pancreatic cancer, his children Kate and Fred from his first marriage, his ex-wife Linda, and his young second wife Mary squabble over the contents of his will. Meanwhile, their own lives are all imminent train wrecks from finance frauds to dating disasters. Wang expertly navigates family loyalt...
  • Virginia Gavin
    I love,loved,loved this book!Funny,sad,poignant-you will find yourself drawn in to this family's story.I'd give it 10 stars if I could.One of my favorite books this year!
  • Valerie
    First off I was sent this ARE by Shelf Awareness (I think) and it is not due out till October 2018.I enjoyed the read with a glass of wine in the evenings but it is not a book I rushed to find out what happened. A good tale of a family trying to find its way and all but it just didn't grab me.
  • James M
    Got an advance copy of this book. Really entertaining but also very intelligently written. The writer develops characters really well and draws you into the story. Lots of different threads that intersect in unexpected and funny ways. Loved it!
  • Nanette
    If this novel were written by someone who wasn't Asian, I would call the book racist. Unbeknownst to me, Asians are apparently obsessed with money and status. Perhaps the book was intended as satire. But not being familiar with the stereotype, it hit me wrong. Having said that, the story does have a couple of interesting twists at the end. Not one I'd recommend.
  • Abby
    I enjoyed every minute of this book.This story touches on the Chinese family dynamics and culture, sibling rivalry, frugality, friendships, morality, biracial relationships, myths, superstitions... and pokes humor at every angle. It's like an expose on what happens behind the scenes in a real upper middle class Chinese American family.I loved the biting humor that the author injects into many scenes, and it made me laugh out loud many times. I lo...
  • Chaya Nebel
    The first quarter of the book dragged, and I had to convince myself to stick with it in the hopes that the plot picked up. It is definitely a character-driven novel, as very little actually happens over the span of the book. The author delves into the minds of each character at length, at the great expense of action. In addition, because each section delves into the psychology of a different character, if one character's section ends with a sort ...
  • Michelle
    Stanley is dying. Stanley has not been a good man. He has a bad temper. He was a bad father and a bad husband. As he learns he is dying, his ex wife Linda tries to get him to update his will. She doesn’t see Stanley as particularly smart and she is afraid that he will fail at this too and that his second wife Mary will get everything.Ironically, Linda is the reason Stanley became wealthy. She was smart and savvy enough with investing Stanley’...
  • Toni
    Set in California, this is the story of the Huang family, Chinese Americans living the dream. Stanley and Linda married and had two children, now grown, Kate and Fred. Linda divorced Stanley; he remarried. When Stanley is diagnosed with cancer he wants everyone to "play" nice and Linda wants him to put his millions in trust so his children are secure and it all doesn't go to his new wife, Mary.The store revolved around the will in the story. One ...
  • Patricia Baker
    received advance reader's edition to read and reviewinteresting story about Asian family that centered around Stanley and his reported money. Stanley has long been divorced from Linda, now married to Mary who is on the lookout for a comfortable life once Stanley is dead. He just learnt that he has cancer and Mary caters to him in the hope of extending his life until she gets a new will signed by the same time his daughter finds out her hu...
  • Jane
    Thanks to Wm. Morrow for this ARC.I wish I could have liked this more. I really enjoy family books but this one was not the best. I found the whole family whiny and the chapters were long and drawn out and very technical when it came to Kate & Fred's jobs (siblings). They all come together, including Stanley's ex-wife Linda, when he is on his death bed. Mary, his current wife seems to want his money, which we come to find out, he had nothing in t...
  • Eugenie
    I enjoyed the way this book slowly revealed each of the characters in this story of a family who's patriarch is dying. The ex-wife, Linda, is the strong matriarch whose adult children don't seem to appreciate her capabilities. The female characters in the book are ultimately the strong ones who come out ahead in life after putting up with socially accepted customs for a good part of their lives that make them not quite happy. The matriarch and he...
  • Marisa Claire
    A story about wealth (perceived and actual) in Silicone Valley and whether you can fully trust the family (see what I did there) youre born with and the family you choose. While some parts seemed verbose and other subplots could have been more developed, I did overall love this book. I loved how much I hated Fred. I loved how much I wanted to smack Stanley. I loved how much I was rooting for Kate.The plot of Family Trust is what The Nest wanted t...
  • Jan
    After Stanley Huang is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the Huang family flock to his Silicon Valley home. Some come to lend support, others come to secure their inheritance. Stanley has boasted for years that he is worth a small fortune. Now they all want a piece of the pie.This is a look at both family dynamics and the Silicon Valley culture. This is an enjoyable family drama. It is filled with great characters and will bring you to tears when...
  • Jennifer Wrage
    Note: I received a free copy of Family Trust from have to admit that this is the first book I haven't completed in dozens of years. To be fair, the topic of Silicon Valley inner drama is not appealing to me. I found that the characters were not well developed and I had difficulty identifying with any of them. There was a lot of detail which I didn't feel developed the story. It just didn't engage me at all.
  • Cortney LaScola - The Bookworm, Myrtle Beach
    I wanted to like this book, I really did. I've always been fascinated by Asian culture, and family drama is usually something I eat up, but Family Trust left me unfulfilled. My biggest complaint was the characters... they were all miserable, unhappy, and totally unlikable. At the end of the day, I just didn't care what happened to any of them.